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It is contradictory that private investigators’ eyes need more visibility for potential clients to find them, they also need invisibility to do their work correctly. It is a difficult situation to be in but does not worry, there is an SEO for private investigators industry that straddles this delicate situation perfectly.

The key will be to find the top private investigators SEO services that can get your service in front of the right people while keeping it hidden from those you do not want to know about your work.

The reason you need to hire good SEO for a private investigators company is that you need to spend your valuable time in the field, not doing SEO research. The following information should lead you to the right places to look for such a company.

Why do P.Is need a private investigator’s SEO?

One of the main reasons has already been mentioned. Your time is too valuable to spend behind a desk doing research for keywords, content, and more.

Another good reason is that the time when people go to a phone book and use the yellow pages to find a private detective is over. While the Yellow Pages still exist, they are not as good as the old phone books.

Plus, people are using their phones, laptops, PCs, and other electronic devices to find a private investigator that offers the services they need. You have to reach the potential client where they are and that location is on the internet.

Good private investigators SEO companies can optimize your website so that it is seen by more people which in turn, brings you more paying clients. That is a big help when work slows down.

Also, a good private investigators SEO consultant can narrow your search for clients down to where you filter out the bad non-paying ones and find the better-off people who can afford your services.

Reaching that target audience makes your agency more lucrative and able to pay all of its bills.

Private Investigators SEO Companies Help You

The private investigation field is complicated. There are a lot of mitigating factors most people do not know about that impact your agency and work. Solving these issues takes up a lot of your time.

So do SEO research and strategies. You may not have time to do both. Plus, you may not know that much about SEO and what is involved. The first thing that good private investigators SEO companies do is take that latter burden off your shoulders.

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They do all the hard work to make sure you have the time to serve your clients and take care of those other factors that plague your industry. Here are 4 key sectors that your P.I. SEO consultant can do for you:

Search For Relevant And Quality Keywords

This is an important task for without those keywords many potential clients may not find you and go to your competitors. These keywords are similar to the ones searchers use to find quality private detective help.

When they are on your website, your site gets ranked higher and easier to find.

Write Valuable Content

This content is the best SEO strategy you can use. There is a high value laced on it by search engines. You will not have the time to write on different topics as you will be busy working.

The top consultant can do all the work for you and make sure the content is top drawer. You and your agency will be seen in a new light and that builds trust and confidence in you and your abilities.

Improve Your Website’s Page Speed

This is important as visitors do not want to wait for a web page to load. A slow-loading web page means a loss of visitors and potential clients. The better the user experience for your clients, the more likely they will turn into paying clients.

There is a lot of technical knowledge involved that you may not have. It is best to turn this work over to a trusted private investigator SEO service. That way you can kill 2 birds with one stone. You get more clients and more time to help them.

They Keep Your Website Updated

This is not about your website’s content although that needs to be kept up to date as well. What this means is that your website is updated to meet the ever-changing algorithms and rules that govern search engine results.

If you run afoul of those your website is penalized and your ranking is lowered as well as your traffic. You could experience a severe slow down in work because of the rule changes.

That is not good for your business or your reputation. Your private investigators’ SEO consultant should be up-to-date on all these changes and implement the right solution before you are penalized.

Are There Any Guarantees Your Website Will Rank #1?

No, and if anyone promises you that it will, then that is the sign you need to move on and find another private investigators SEO company. Their guarantee tells you that they are not an ethical or legitimate SEO consultant and you could get into trouble using them.
There are reasons why no one can guarantee you the top spot each and every time someone searches for a private detective:

Hire SEO Consultant

No One Knows The Exact Google Algorithm

Google keeps this information under wraps so no one can manipulate the system. Anyone who says they do know them is lying to you and you should run fast from their office.

No One Knows When Those Algorithms Will Change

The search engine implements more than one change per day. If the consultants are not working in that section for Google, they will have no idea which changes are being made, when they are being made and how those changes will affect search results.

Algorithms Are Not Constant

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They will be implemented randomly and can appear next week, month or year. That means if you are practising some unethical SEO strategies, you can get caught at any time.

Manual reviews are also random as are the assessment of penalties. There are no guarantees in the SEO industry. You have to pick the right strategies, do the best analysis and make changes when changes are needed.

You need a top SEO company for P.Is to make those hard SEO decisions for you.

How Much Do You Charge?

This is another important topic that you need to watch out for the answer. Those private investigator SEO companies that try to lock you into a long-term contract are not worth working with.

You cannot escape the contract without a lot of hassle and difficulties. A lot of times private investigators SEO services will charge by the project or they will have a retainer service much as a lawyer uses.

The fees for project-specific work range between £1000 and £7500 or more. It all depends on the project and how complicated it can be. A retainer-based service can run you from £500 per month up to £5000 per month.

Again, it all depends on the type of service you want to be performed. Or you can pay by the hour and those fees will range between £75 to £200 per hour. The price you pay will depend on the skill of the consultant or SEO service you hire.

All you can do is talk to the companies and go with the fee structure you think is best for you and your agency. Make sure to discuss what happens if you suddenly cannot pay for their services. Those terms will help you decide if they are a good company to work with or not.

Are You Up To Date With The Latest Algorithm Changes?

This is an important question that demands more than a yes or no answer. Anyone can say yes, but that does not mean they are being honest. But give them the benefit of the doubt if you trust them. With over 500 changes made each year, it is hard to stay current all the time.

Their answer and the way they answer should tip you off if they are being honest, ethical or not. You do not want to go with a private investigators SEO consultant that lies to you.

Private detectives have a gut instinct. Use it to filter out the bad SEO consultants and companies.

Some Final Words

If you are a private detective who wants to use the internet to boost your business, give us a call. We understand your industry and know how to create and implement top SEO strategies that help you.

Our company has over 20 years of international success. We have a proven track record that should build your confidence in our company. All you have to do is give us a call today and ask your questions.

We will be glad to answer them all and show you are success rate. Don’t delay.

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