Best SEO Tips For Dental Websites

If you are a dentist and do not have time to use a computer very much. You may be missing out on one of the greatest advertising tools you could have working for your dental practice.

The computer gives you access to the internet and a host of new possible patients. That is if you practice top SEO for dental practices. The key to doing the best SEO for dentists is to make sure you follow all the SEO rules.

Also, you need to implement some great SEO strategies to make sure your practice is visible and you get more traffic to your clinic. Keep reading to find out how you can implement the right strategies to get a boost in patients when you need it most.

Local SEO For Dentists

One of the most important decisions you can make as a dentist when it comes to using the computer to advertise your practice is to do local SEO. When people need a tooth pulled or emergency dental work, they are not going to travel across the country to go to a dentist they saw online.

They are looking for a dentist near them. This makes local SEO for dentists essential if you want to give your dental practice a boost. One of the ways to do local SEO for dentists is to use Google My Business.

It is not hard to set up an account and as potential clients needing dental work done, your business can pop up on their Google Maps search. They want a dentist close by and this is one of the best ways to let them know you are very close to their locations.

It is easy to do and use and hopefully, your dental clinic will be more visible when you use this option.

How To Do Local SEO For Dentists- Google My Business

There are a lot of dental offices in most cities if they are large enough. To stand out from the crowd of competitors it is a good idea to open up a Google My Business account. Good SEO for dental offices utilizes this and other top local internet tools to make sure potential patients see their offices.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Open up a Google My Business account

The first step is to claim and verify the GMB listing for your dental practice. Then you will need to do the usual account opening details by filling in all the appropriate information about your dental practice. Include the following information:

  • Address & phone number
  • Office hours
  • Dental services
  • Insurance coverage you accept
  • Areas you service

Don’t forget to describe your practice and be as detailed as possible without going into the too much information category.

2. Put content on your GMB account

If you want to rank high for local keywords, then you need to post solid content to your account. This is not a one-and-done posting effort. You need to post at least weekly so you get better rankings.

3. Use great local keywords

These keywords will help potential patients find your office. These can be ‘dentist near me’ or something similar. If you are not sure which keywords you should use, there are plenty of keyword generators on the internet waiting to help you.

4. Have patients post reviews

Word-of-mouth advertising is still the champ of the marketing world. Nothing beats positive reviews and comments by current and former patients. Just make sure the reviews are honest, legitimate, and not exaggerating anything.

Ranking algorithms are finicky and are constantly changing so do not rely heavily on good reviews. Just make sure to have a good balance of keywords, content, and reviews to help you rank better.

SEO For Dental Practices- Content

One of the things that turn most potential patients off from visiting a dental clinic, is reading their content and realizing the dentist is not an authority and does not know what they are talking about.

Your content needs to impress your website’s visitors and have them thinking you are an authority on dental work, you have top-quality knowledge about dental work and its related practices, and so on.

Plus, you need to vary that content between blogs, images, videos, and testimonials and make sure everything is unique. Duplication can be penalized by search engines. The content needs to be original and it needs to be fresh.

Having 2-year-old articles on your website is not going to help your business improve or have your rankings go up. You need to keep adding up-to-date information and content to make sure you get a better ranking position.

One of the drawbacks to writing good content is that it takes time. You may not have the time to write quality articles, but you can hire someone who does. There are plenty of writing services advertised on the internet that can connect you to some top writers.

It may take some time to find those top writers but once you do, you can send them the topics you want written on, the keywords they are to use, and an outline to help them put top-quality content in those articles.

You decide what you will pay those writers but good writers do not come cheap.

One of the better ways to rank after using great keywords and top-quality content is to build a relevant interlink strategy. This is where you write a blog about, for example, dental implants. Then you link to those web pages on your website that talks about your implant service, its costs, who needs them, and so on.

Then the search engines will see the connection between the blog and your services and hopefully rank you higher on their results page. Depending on the services you provide, you have numerous topics to do this strategy.

Just make sure the internal links are relevant to the topic.

SEO For Dental Websites- Be Mobile Friendly

The world of internet users has been changing. There are fewer people using their PCs and laptops to do their searches. Instead, they are turning to their mobile phones to do local and other key searches.

One of the best strategies you can use to rank higher and drive traffic to your website is to have it optimized for mobile phones. The reason you make the effort to have your website mobile-friendly is that in 2019, search engines created a mobile-first indexing system.

This system changed the way all search engines did their ranking work. They switched from looking at PC-ready websites to looking at mobile-ready websites first.

This is a key area you do need to work on as being PC ready is not enough anymore. The reason this trend is happening is that people are discovering that they need all sorts of services at times when they are not at their desks or at their home computers.

Their mobile phones make it easier and faster to get the answers or services they need.

This is another new trend. With the invention of Siri and Alexa, the voice command AI options from Amazon and Apple, and Google Assistant on Android, people are using voice commands to do their internet searches.

If your website is not optimized for this new trend, you may be missing out on some traffic as well as some new patients. To do this you will need to identify those vocal keyword phrases potential patients will use to find a local dentist.

Then they will use complete keyword sentences not just a single word. Your website should be ready for searches that use the vocal command ‘Find root canal dental services near me’ not ‘root canal texas’.

Your keyword searches will have to be adapted to fit this new way of looking for local dentist offices.

One Final Tip

One of the biggest drawbacks to finding new patients or having visitors stay on your website is how it loads and how easy it is to navigate. User experience right now is a key element in getting ranked higher on the results page.

What you need to do is make sure your website is well organized and easy to read, and you have great navigational buttons that are easy to use. Plus, you need fast-loading web pages to make sure the user experience is upgraded.

Some Final Words

When you are serious about doing top SEO for dental practices then give our company a call. We have over 10 years of SEO consulting experience and we can help make your website meet these and other SEO rules.

Plus, while you may not have the time to do all the required SEO work to boost your ranking and your traffic, we do. We are dedicated professionals that offer several levels of SEO enhancement at reasonable prices.

Call us today to see what we can do for your dental website and your practice.

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