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Many tools on the market want to embrace everything about SEO. Such tools are naturally needed, but there are also tools specialised in one narrow function. One such tool is

SEOWind is an application that aims to bring SEOs (especially those responsible for content) and those who create content closer together. SEOWind is a tool that makes it easy to create a content brief. The brief is created with the help of the SEO and then passed on to the content writer. Thanks to the brief, the writer can provide content that shows up higher in the search results, delivers more relevant organic traffic, and naturally converts better.

The briefs focus on several easy-to-digest but critical aspects of the content, such as the length of the article, the number of headers, and, based on results from the top 10 of Google, what should be in those headers.

SEOWind uses AI to create catchy and unique title tags and meta descriptions.

In addition, it has such unique features as retrieving related questions from ‘People Also Asked’ and the Quora forum.

How SEOWind works step-by-step:

Do SEO research in seconds

Type in a focus keyword, and SEOwind will analyse what ranks in Google. We will provide you with headlines, secondary keywords and questions you should include. You will also receive a recommended word count, a number of headlines and images.

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Quick outline builder

Use SEOwind Outline Builder to turn your research into a comprehensive outline.
Make it clear to the content writer what the article should be about.

Take advantage of AI

Want to be even faster? Take advantage of SEOwind’s headline suggestions. Generate a title and meta description powered by AI.

Share the brief with the content writer.

Once you have a brief ready, share it with your content writer. You can use SEOwind shareable links to the brief or export the brief to gdocs.

Finally, it remains to generate the brief by feeding it to the content writer via a link or as a Word or Google Docs document.

The benefits of using the SEOWind app

Save time and money. Don’t waste time digging through tons of SEO data. Get the basics of SEO in minutes rather than hours.

Increase organic traffic. Make organic traffic a sustainable source of leads for your business every month.

Streamline your content creation process and achieve your website traffic goals every time.

I highly recommend taking a look at this tool

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