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As Google continues to modify and enhance its Search offering, SEO simultaneously morphs into a more complex and daunting task. Within the vast array of digital marketing service providers, it can be hard to find a partner for your business that you can trust to deliver. Here at SEO.London, we recently joined B2B platform Clutch to streamline that decision-making process.

Having solidified our ranking as one of the top SEO firms in London, our plan is to leverage Clutch to distinguish ourselves as a top SEO firm in the UK.

Our founder and CEO, Lukasz Zelezny, seasoned conference speaker and UK/EU Search Awards judge, is particularly interested in the value of using a ratings and reviews platform. Leveraging his well-tested intuition, he sees a wealth of untapped potential in terms of the benefits that SEO.London can gain from working with Clutch.

Recently, SEO.London received a review from a local client. The organization, which operates a day camp for children, hired us to revamp their website and bolster their SEO capabilities.

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Holiday academy review

It’s clear that our client appreciates our services, and we’re glad that we have the opportunity to continue this partnership. Few things compare to the sense of fulfillment that we get when reading comments like this:

“Thanks to Lukasz and his work, for the first time we’ve sold out of spots in our day camp for the summer. He has substantially optimized our site performance, and our Google rank has been fantastic.”

– Ruth, Founder of Holiday Academy

We received another case study review from one of our partners at Harvie and Hudson, a UK-based menswear retailer.

For this project, we’ve been able to transform comprehensive market research into tangible results. Our client’s site is now better equipped to rank highly on search engines, and our ongoing support catalyzes growth in traffic, revenue, and lead conversion.

We greatly value the feedback that we receive from clients, especially when their words are both positive and encouraging:

“Lukasz understands and has a genuine passion for SEO, which makes working with him an absolute dream. I’m always fully confident that we’re working together towards the same goal.”

– E-Commerce Manager, Harvie and Hudson

Review from

Harvie & Hudson review

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Aside from the core ratings and reviews platform, Clutch offers two other websites to assist companies with buying decisions. On one of these sites, The Manifest, Clutch utilizes a unique research methodology to categorize and display service providers from a variety of different industries. We’re proud to be on The Manifest’s list of top SEO firms in the UK.

You can also check us out on Visual Objects, a digital portfolio site that is owned and operated by Clutch. We’re planning to expand our collection of work samples, and we hope that you’ll consider being a part of that process!

Feel free to schedule a call with Lukasz if you’d like more information about our work. We look forward to hearing from you!

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