The first step to being a successful online business is making sure your website is SEO friendly. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation, which means it’s how you optimise your website so that search engines can find and rank the pages of your site.  If you have no idea what this means, don’t worry! This article will provide some great tips on how to improve your site and make it more search engine friendly.

Use Google’s Search Console To See If Your Site Is Indexed

Google’s Search Console is a powerful tool for your site. You can use it to see how Google views your site and if it ranks well in search results. This is the first step to check for any issues with SEO on your website.

All you need is an email address that has access to the account, click “Add Account”, fill out the form, then click “Verify”. Once verified, select Webmaster Tools from one of three tabs at the top of this screen: Crawl Errors/Inspect Pages/Search Queries (it may be under Site Links). On these pages, there are more links available to expand into specific areas as needed.

Check Your Website’s Loading Time

One of the best ways to know if your website is SEO-friendly, and will rank well in search engines like Google, is just by checking how fast it loads. Generally speaking, a page should load within two seconds on average (but this varies depending on what you are loading). If your site takes more than five minutes to fully load then there’s something wrong with either your hosting company or server settings that need adjusting for speed.

Make Sure That All URLs Are Easily Readable

We often make mistakes while typing the URL in our browser. This could be because we are not too tech-savvy, or it could be that you were trying to type something else and happening typed your website’s address. Either way, a URL should always be easy for humans to read and understand what is inside of it at first glance (without clicking on it). There are many ways to avoid this problem:

  • Use hyphens instead of underscores between words. For example, don’t name a page “about_us” but rather use “about-us”.
  • Get rid of spaces after each word. They cause problems when reading URLs as well as being an unnecessary character, which can lead people into a false sense of security.
  • Use numbers that are easy for humans to read instead of letters and symbols

Try not using any special characters such as !”#$%&'()*+,-./:;?@[]^`{}~@#\$%. This can lead people into difficulty when trying to use it on their browsers because they may have different keyboards that don’t support these characters properly, leading them upon clicking a link with one of these characters being typed incorrectly to be taken somewhere else other than where you intend for them to go.

Analyze The Site’s Content To See If It Is Keyword Rich And Engaging

Analyze the site content to see if it is keyword rich and engaging. What are your site’s main keywords? Is the content on the page well written, informative and grammatically correct?

  • The most important aspect of SEO is ensuring that all of the pages on a website have relevant titles containing keywords (e.g., ‘How to check if my website is SEO friendly).
Hire the best SEO Consultant

This can be achieved through having web crawlers spidering around for these terms at various points in time, which will help them understand what information they should index based on what’s being published by you or others. It also helps ensure that when people search for specific topics related to your business like how to check if their website is SEO friendly – then links back to your site will be found.

Check For Broken Links

If your website is new, then it’s unlikely that you’ll have any broken links. But as time goes on and pages are edited or deleted, some of the links might be removed from the site. If there are a lot of broken links (or too many to count), this will significantly hamper how Google sees your site since they don’t know where these referenced files can be found now. Check for 404 errors in your SERPs by using an error checking plugin such as Screaming Frog SEO Spider to see if any undiscovered problems exist with your webpages.

Make Sure You Have A Sitemap On Your Website That Has All Of Its Pages Listed In Order

  • You can find your site map by clicking on the “Sitemap” link in the navigation bar of most web publishing programs. However, if you cannot find it there, then you will need to create a new sitemap with that information and upload it to your website.
  • You will then need to fill out the title and  description for your site map. To do that, simply go into “Site Map” in your editing program of choice (usually you can find it under publishing or content management), click on edit next to where it says ‘title’ and type whatever name you want to be displayed when someone is looking at a list of all pages available from your website.
  • The description should be filled with information about what this page is linking to, so people know what they’re clicking onto without having to open up each URL manually. Also, include any relevant keywords here as well.

Check  For Outdated Information

 You can do this by opening up your site in Google Chrome and typing “cache:” followed by the URL of the webpage. For example, if you type into the search bar it will show a list of all cached pages from that domain.

  • If an outdated version of your page is shown then make sure to delete them or update it with newer information


To make sure your website is optimized for search engines and that it will get found on the web, you need to use tools like Google’s Search Console. This tool will show you if your site is indexed by Google or any other major search engine in addition to telling you how many pages of content have been crawled so far. You can also see duplicate content on the homepage and elsewhere around the site with this free service from Google.

We hope this has been helpful and you can now check if your site is SEO friendly.

How To Check My Website Is SEO Friendly

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