When existing in the market, it is important to analyze all the forces that affect your business on a micro and macro scale. Thus, it is extremely important to understand and analyze your competitors. Professionals often conduct the process of competitor analysis. It is the process of understanding their key business strategies to have a thorough understanding of who you are competing with. It often gives good insights into how you should plan your business strategies. This is exactly how most industries function, where competitors learn from each other and try to advance and engage in healthy competition.

It often becomes tedious to gauge in a competitor analysis all by yourself, and this is exactly where a competitor analysis consultant comes in. A competitor analysis consultant helps your business find growth opportunities and also helps in keeping an eye on the movement and processes of the competitors. This is exactly how an effective competitor analysis works while giving key insights into the various methods and processes followed and executed by your competitors. You can hire competitor analysis consultancy UK to know more about competitor analysis and how it works for the benefit of your business.

What is an amazing purpose of competitor analysis?

The purpose of a thorough competitor analysis is to gain anything insightful from the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and have a thorough analysis and comparison of your business and your competition.

  • Recognize flaws – Understanding your inherent weaknesses and liabilities is key to having a successful business in the long run, and this helps you enhance your business strategy.
  • Scope for improvement – When you understand your weaknesses and learn from others who have been successful in a particular industry, it gives you a lot of scope for improving and developing your strengths.
  • Attract more Customers – If you can have a thorough understanding of how and why your competitor is doing well in the market, it will help you understand how to keep your customer attentive and aware of your brand. You might be doing everything right but missing out on the fine-tuning to keep up with the competition.
  • Develop your competitive edge – Hiring a competitor analysis consultant will also give you enough insights. It will help you grow so that you might turn out to be a great competition for your competitors. This will also help you achieve a competitive edge over most other incumbent players in the industry. The professionals of competitor analysis consultancy will help you gain the right insights so that you know what your competitors are up to!
  • First Mover Advantage – Having a thorough analysis of your competition and your macro business environment helps gain a first-mover advantage over most other competitors in the market as you may be one of the few who are doing a thorough competitor analysis and moving ahead in the competition. Hire the right competitive analysis consultancy UK to always have an edge over your competitors and stay ahead of them!

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The importance of comparing your business with your fellow best competitors

Before doing a thorough competitor analysis, you need to understand who your competitors are and what exactly they have to offer. The right competitor consultancy will always ensure that you are leading among all your competitors. The best way to determine if how business is your competitor is by asking the following questions:

  • What are the services that they are providing?
  • Whether the two of you are targeting a similar audience base? 
  • How close are they operating to you?
  • What is the scale of the business?

It is often not difficult to recognize your competitors, but you also need to understand the different types of competitors you may face in the market. There are three main types of competitors:

  • Direct Competitors – Direct competitors are all those businesses that offer the same products and services your company provides. They also target the same market, have the same customer base, and have similar goals and objectives of profit and growth. These are competitors that are directly in line with your business and its objectives, catering to the same audience and selling the same products as you, and following a similar distribution model.
  • Indirect Competitors – An indirect competitor is almost like any other business that offers direct competition to you in the market, but the long-term objectives are different. For example, you might be in a soap selling business. Your indirect competitor is mainly a business that focuses on consumer health care and hygiene. They might start a new line of products like soap and body wash and may become competitors to your business and products.
  • Substitute Competitors – Substitute competitors are other businesses that offer a product or service to the same customer base as you, but the products inherently might not be identical. They might have a substituting effect on your product and thus becomes a competition in the long run.

How Does Hiring A Competitor Analysis Consultant Help Generate More Profits?

A competitor analysis consultant is like an Angel in disguise for almost every business that thrives in a very competitive market. They can tell you exactly what you need to hear and have a reality check of where you stand against your competitors. This, in turn, will give you insights into how to efficiently organize your business strategy to maximize profits and generate more leads for your business. Competitor analysis is crucial to know the drawbacks, industry trends, and patterns in any given market, and a consultant can guide you to make decisions to overcome your flaws and drawbacks.

  • Increase In Market Share – If you are a business and are trying to exist or survive in a market and gain market share, a competitor analysis can help you multi-folds increase your awareness reach and help you generate more sales in the long run. You need a competitor analysis to understand the biggest and smallest players in the market and the ones growing at a good speed to understand where you stand and know who you are competing against.

It’s almost like playing any other sport where you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses that govern your competition. That is exactly what helps you to clutch on your competitors’ weaknesses using your strengths. Go for the right competitor analysis consultants UK to ensure that you get only the correct information related to your competitors. This will help you to make the right plans for your business.

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  • Increase Visibility And Brand Awareness – A good competitor analysis will help you understand how and where you stand in the competition, and not only that, it will also help you understand how well your brand is perceived by the audience that you are catering to and also help you exist and strive better in a market where you might face coalition from various other competitors as well.

Increased visibility and awareness of your business will help you churn out more numbers in the long run and also help you understand the various spheres where you can reach out to generate more leads.

  • Help Become More Viable With Products Offered – A good competitor analysis will also help you understand that whether your products and services are at par with the competition in the market and how exactly you can gain an advantage by leveraging your products and services and making a difference in the customer experience and diagnosing a need-based system to understand your customers better.

Any company that understands the customers well and can cater to their preferences by developing and designing products or services that help cater to their needs better than any other is sure to succeed in the long run and beat any competition in the market.

  • Reduces Costs In The Long Run – While a competitor analysis consultant might require a lot of costs to be borne in the short and medium run, eventually the benefits of the same can be understood and felt in the long run when your company can sustain better in the market and reach a higher group of audience.

The return on investment you get after hiring a competitor analysis consultant is usually more significant, and it makes sense to bear these costs to help your business grow. You need to see it as an investment and not as a cause that you are bearing in the short run to give it the value it deserves.

  • Keeps You Up To Date With Trends And What Works In The Market – It is extremely important to keep up with the trend and patterns of the market and understand customers’ buying behavior. While you might already enjoy a good amount of market share, why not delve deeper into the market and capture even further to generate more sales and almost create a monopoly for yourself and your business.

But to do that, you will need to give top-notch quality services and products to your customers to gain trust. That is exactly why you need to understand the behavior of the market that you are operating in, and that will help you also gauge better with your customers.

  • Going Ahead Of Competitors – While you might want to do whatever it takes to get ahead of your competitors, you need to understand where they’re standing first. A good competitor analysis will help you do exactly that and also give you a head start while launching products or even launching campaigns, for that matter, to generate sales.

It is always stated and known that the first-mover advantage is a big advantage and is often not given enough importance as it should be given. This is why you need a good competitor analysis consultant to show you what it exactly takes to be better than your competitors.

  • Is A Way Of Carrying Out Internal Control – The jargon and internal control mechanisms that consultant can provide is significant and can help your business stand out from the rest in the competition. A competitor analysis consultant can also compare and tell you how exactly to proceed with your research and development on a particular product or service that you offer.

It is not only that the competitor analysis consultant tells you all about your competitors but also tells you how and why you are running ahead or lagging behind and how to capitalize on that opportunity to become even better in the business environment that you are operating in.

  • Helps In Better Business Strategizing – When you hire a consultant of any sort, your whole business strategy undergoes a change or alterations that are good for your business. You need to note that consultants are who they are because they exactly know how and why to accelerate a business and reach its truest potential. To engage in a great business experience, it is often heard that a good environment check and an internal check are necessary to grow and diversify in the business world.

A competitor analysis consultant will also help you understand your business strategy and compare it with your competitors’ business strategy to check the various ways in which your business can capitalize on the strength and address its weaknesses to emerge as a better player in the market.

  • Increase Leads And Generate More Sales – All the factors coupled together that are mentioned above can help in increasing leads and generating more sales. Sales are not just turning out numbers or making sales but the entire process of researching, developing a strategy, and catering to a perfect customer experience to gain trust and sustain in the long run.

Sales also include understanding how and why people choose your product over your competitors. That is exactly how healthy sales machinery works almost in any industry. And to make a good impact in front of your customers, you must make your product and brand service stand out from the competition and add intrinsic value to the customer’s overall experience.

  • Gives A Transparent Picture Of Your Business Standing – While using metrics to understand your business, you might be off and out of tune and not want to accept reality. But this is exactly where a consultant of any sort comes in to give you and tell you what you need to hear to grow and sustain the business in the long term period a competitor analysis consultant will give you a transparent picture of your business standing and help you understand truly who you are and what identifies you and your business and helps it stand out from the competition.

In the business world, everything works in such a way that good transparency coupled with a great business motive and objective help sustain businesses in the long run and gain customers’ trust. In the ever-changing and dynamic business world that companies operate in today, it is extremely important to understand where you stand and the bigger picture in front of the business, and the various opportunities a business should grasp to make sure that they sustain and can-do better business and hold ground for a long time.

Questions That Need To Be Addressed By Your Competitor Analysis Consultant

When hiring a competitor analysis consultant, you need to have a prepared questionnaire to understand your business’s creditworthiness and where you stand now, and how to go ahead in the future to gauge better business in the future.

Questions About the Product: Asking questions about your product or service is extremely important as they are like the blood of your business and what you have to offer to the public. These are your intrinsic business offerings, and they need to be foolproof to appeal to the public.

  • Are the products different or similar to all the other products in the market?
  • How is your positioning, and how exactly it stands against your competition?
  • Do your products have unique selling propositions over the products that your competition has to offer?
  • Are you using the correct description or keywords to focus on the various parameters that your product offers to the customers?

Questions About the Brand: A brand name is like the unique identification you gave your business, which is exactly what helps you stand apart from everyone else in the competition. Here are the questions you should ask your consultant about the brand:

  • Does your brand have the same audience base as your competitors?
  • Who is the audience that your competitors are targeting?
  • Is your brand relevant in online search engines?
  • Does your brand have quantifiable awareness and visibility?

Questions About Marketing: Marketing is like the soul of any business. No matter how well your research and development team is, the marketing team needs to be even more efficient in creating campaigns to reach out to the customers in the best way possible. Here are the questions that you should ask your consultant about the marketing strategies in your business:

  • If the business uses the right channels for marketing the products and services?
  • Whether you should use social media and your competitors are also engaging in social media to create awareness?
  • If content marketing channels and media should be used to promote your product?
  • What campaigns are the competition running?
  • What kind of content is needed to cater to the public and appeal better to the mass?
  • Is it better to replicate some things or develop new strategies to pitch your ideas?
  • What tone of voice should you use, and how is it different from your competitors?

Questions About Technology: The technology and research and development of your company are equally important, as stated above, to design the best products and add value to the lives of your customers. These are the questions that need to be asked to your consultant:

  • If you are using good websites to promote your content?
  • If your competitors’ websites are better than yours?
  • How speedy are your web pages, and how it stands with the competition?
  • If Should you use backlinks other such mechanisms to create more reach?
  • What other systems of online marketing your competition is using?

Questions About the Customers: Your customers are the most important factor in your business and fact in any business for that matter because, without sales and numbers, it is useless to carry out any business activity. Here are the questions that you ought to ask about your customers!

  • How will your customers’ engagement fit your brand?
  • How well do customers engage with your competitors?
  • How do your customers communicate with your competition?
  • What sort of content does the customer respond better to?
  • What are the various platforms that you can leverage to engage with your customers?


In conclusion, it can be said that hiring a competitor analysis consultant will help you more than you can imagine. Every business needs to understand its flaws and strengths that it can capitalize on. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to understand the customer requirements and keep up with the latest industry trends. This can also differ from industry to industry, but almost any industry, for that matter, needs to have a competitor analysis done at least once a year.

In most industries that are always changing and dynamic, you need to have new innovative methods to expand and thrive your strategy. The importance of a competitor analysis is often neglected, but analyzing competitors is usually not all that hard. It can help generate a very effective marketing tactic to make sure that the business matches up with the competitors and efforts of most incumbent operators in the industry.

If you too are looking for a Competitor Analysis Consultant in UK, then do get in touch with us. We would be happy to help you.

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