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Do you think the importance of log analysis as shifted over the past years? I think Logan analysis is like absolutely must. I am offering this to anyone who can actually provide me lungs because some people cannot become so evil. Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this watch video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

Do you think the importance of log analysis as shifted over the past years? I think Logan analysis is like absolutely must. I am offering this to anyone who can actually provide me lungs because some people cannot become so evil.

You know? Or the problem is that they have not enough logs. Yeah, but I can see that across the whole industry in last five years. There was a massive shift about local analysis, and I think it’s not us. I would say difficult, like some people are thinking as, as it looks, you know, analysis of how for example.

Google bodies, crawling your website. How often how frequently, you know, where are the URLs that Google body strong to open and they never existed. I had many cases like that that Google is trying to open some URLs that never ever existed, you know we were digging down in the web archive back to 1997. Nothing. This yours didn’t exist a mystery but we could block and say like listen to the Google bot. Listen to

It not here. Just here. Just go this path. Yeah. And also the prioritization of the URLs that are the most often crawled as the URLs that could be optimized first and reverse that. Yeah, optimization of URLs that are almost never grown bring them back. Bring them higher. Bring them closer to the main structure of the website. Maybe there are some far far, far away that Google is unable to find them. So, I would say like,

Whoever is doing this as a part of the service, that that means that these people really really know as here inside out if someone would come to me on an interview and would like to join me and would say, start telling me how is analyzing like Google. Sorry server logs, then I would probably stop asking more questions because I would know that this person is a seasoned person who is doing things that

How it should be done. So you think you can make a huge difference in your SEO strategy? And

Do you have any, you know, example of concrete issue? Improvements log, analysis. Can can can can do, yeah. So this is very useful, especially, when you, for example, seeing some kind of custom build websites or wrongly configured cms’s. When there is a tremendous amount of URLs that being automatically created, you know, because people believe that if they will start index

Icing, let’s say, I don’t know. They have shoes, and they will start indexing. The size, the colors, and that the, the material. Yeah, and you have, let’s say, leather and, and some other, and then you have five colors, and then you have 10 sizes, not apply everything, you will get thousands of pages, which are almost the same. And, and then googlebot is entering your page and is spinning in the circle around.

When I was which are almost the same and he’s thinking what the hell is going on here and then you know, we wish you well yeah, you can show this and say, like guys take a look yesterday, you have 25,000 Heats when 23,000 hits from googlebot, was going to this kind of URLs that never been wrong key, why are you doing this try to exclude them? Let’s think about core of the website to Index this or to keep this indexed and keep this ranking better, rather than indexing, thousands of

Thousand Euros, just for sake of indexing.

It doesn’t answer your question. Yeah he does. And I’ve last question about log analysis actually, what advice would you give to someone who like to start to know in the in the log analysis, I would go I would give you advices first try to understand the file structure. What do you really see in the in the log file? Because some people are thinking that you know, that

You only need to have a software, you need to have a software. When you have a big scale of logs, you will not be doing this in Excel. That’s mental but trying to understand what you really see in front of you. What are the state to Skilled some people are especially John Jr? May not be yet, reading about status codes. What are the status codes? What is referring IP number? What is the date stamp and so on? And so on, when you understood this, try to choose a software which is out there that you can

Take sir take logs from the server automatically or semi automatically load them to the to the log analyzer and local assessor will process this and will show you. Okay, guys, here here, here here and preferably this localizers that is saying what would be the next step? Yeah. Turn this into actionable actionable as your insights. Exactly. Exactly. Because you see,

Again, this is about seniority. When you, when you leaving for many years in the industry, you will see log you will see outcome report. And you say, like, okay this, this, this, this, this I know what to do next but the that SEO crap, and I notice this from long time ago is that, although often some people are falling into this kind of nice report tab. It’s like a report and it’s like, oh, take a look, we know this, this, this and then there is this last

Step missing. Yes, we know this. But what next utilize this you need to execute, you need to take next steps. If you know that we’re not ranking on that keyword or this keyword, or this set of keywords, maybe you need to create some content, some tool, some something you doing some next step and the same of Logan is the fact that we see write a report that’s only one step. Then you need to take another to execute this and make a good thing on your website. And then when you will come back and you,

Have also some kpis measurable. Kpis that will tell you what’s going on, you can see that. Okay? We change something here and here is the out.

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