The Complete Guide to Esty SEO: How to Rank Your Etsy Shop Higher in the Search Results

Etsy has become one of the largest marketplaces on the internet. According to its Seller Handbook, it attracts nearly 100 million buyers yearly, and roughly one-third of those buyers are returning.

Just because you launch an Etsy shop, however, there’s no guarantee that buyers will see it. Etsy is a competitive marketplace, with many sellers vying for the same buyers. You can sell custom, high-quality products on Etsy at unbeatable prices, but you’ll struggle to succeed unless you can attract buyers to your Etsy shop. By performing a little search engine optimization (SEO), your Etsy shop and product listings will rank higher in the search results, where they attract more buyers.

Complete Your Shop’s ‘About’ Section

Complete the “About” section of your Etsy shop for higher search rankings. When new buyers land on your Etsy shop, they may refer to this section to learn more about your online business. You can use the “About” section to convey the story behind your online business. It supports up to 5,000 characters of text as well as photos and a video.

To edit the “About” section, navigate to Shop Manager and click the pencil-shaped icon next to your Etsy shop’s name. The “About” section is located near the bottom. Creating a detailed “About” section will encourage higher search rankings for your Etsy shop.

Optimize Your Shop’s Title for SEO

Etsy shops support a title. It will appear under your Etsy shop’s name. Search engines like Google and Bing may also use the label when ranking your Etsy shop.

Hire SEO Consultant

In its SEO guide, Etsy recommends using a custom and descriptive title. Etsy shop titles are limited to 55 characters. Using no more than 55 characters, create a brief description of your online business. The title should mention the type of products you sell. If space persists, you can include your name or your online business name.

Add Relevant Business Links

When performing SEO on your Etsy shop, don’t forget to add relevant business links. Links are valuable to buyers. They can point buyers in the direction of other websites that are relevant to your online business. You can update your Etsy shop with links to your online business’s website, Google Business profile, Facebook Page, Twitter profile, and Pinterest profile.

Links are placed in the “About” section. You can add links by navigating to this section. 

Offer Free Shipping

You can attract more buyers by offering free shipping. In 2019, Etsy updated its search algorithm to include free shipping as a ranking factor for product listings. It now prioritizes product listings that offer free shipping. Etsy ranks them higher than product listings that only offer a paid shipping option, giving them a “FREE Shipping” label.

If you’re worried about the cost of free shipping cutting into your online business’s profits, you can offer it with one or more paid shipping options. You can offer free standard shipping, for instance, while allowing buyers to pay for faster two-day or overnight shipping.

Earn Inbound Links to Your Etsy Shop

Inbound links will help your Etsy shop rank higher. Also known as backlinks, they originate from an external domain. Any link pointing to your Etsy shop from a domain other than is an inbound link.

Search engines use inbound links to rank pages, including Etsy shops. If your Etsy shop has a lot of inbound links, particularly those from relevant sources, search engines might rank it higher. You can earn inbound links by producing and selling top-notch products. And when communicating with buyers, encourage them to share your Etsy shop with their friends and family. If buyers enjoy your products, they may link to your Etsy shop from their social media profiles or their own websites.

Offer Excellent Customer Service

Offering buyers excellent customer service can improve your Etsy shop’s SEO performance. According to Etsy, sellers who respond to inquiries within the first 24 hours are 400 per cent more likely to generate a sale than sellers who take longer to respond. Etsy realizes buyers seek responsive sellers, so it ranks those sellers’ Etsy shops and product listings higher.

Customer reviews also affect Etsy search rankings. Etsy recently confirmed that customer reviews are one of its most significant ranking factors. After purchasing a product from your Etsy shop, buyers can leave a review. They can select a star rating and write a text review about their experience. Positive reviews encourage higher Etsy search rankings, whereas negative reviews can have the opposite effect by lowering your Etsy search rankings. You’ll receive more five-star ratings and positive reviews by offering excellent customer support.

Improve Listings’ Quality Scores

The quality scores of your product listings will affect your Etsy search rankings. Etsy uses an internal formula to assign a quality score to product listings. It considers the title, description, photos, tags and other elements of a product listing. The higher a listing’s overall quality, the higher its quality score will be.

Use All 13 Tags

Etsy supports up to 13 tags per product listing. Using all of the available tags can lead to higher Etsy search rankings. Your product listings will appear for more search queries, resulting in more traffic to your Etsy shop and more sales.

Tags are keywords that describe products. They can contain a single word, or they can contain multiple words. When Etsy processes search queries, it will look for product listings with relevant tags. If a product listing has a tag that matches the buyer’s search query, Etsy may rank it. Therefore, using all 13 tags per product listing will encourage higher Etsy search rankings.

All tags must be relevant. Etsy prohibits sellers from adding irrelevant tags to their product listings. Tags are also limited to 20 characters and can’t contain symbols other than the trademark and copyright symbols.

Etsy SEO centres around optimizing product listings and your Etsy shop for higher search rankings. You can achieve higher Etsy search rankings by completing your shop’s “about” section, optimizing your shop’s title, adding relevant business links, offering free shipping, earning inbound links, offering excellent customer service, improving your listings’ quality scores and using all 13 tags per product listing.

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