In the content marketing world, content syndication is a strategy that has been used by many businesses to promote their content.

Content syndication is when an article from one site gets shared on other sites. There are many reasons why content marketers use this strategy and it’s worth understanding how content syndication works if you’re planning on using it for your own business or blog.

Content syndication has become an important part of modern online marketing strategies, with some even claiming it’s just as important as SEO!

What Is Content Syndication

Content syndication is a content marketing strategy in which an individual or company shares content on their website with another publisher. The content may include text, images, videos and other forms of media that can be used to create a new piece of content. This content will have the same message as the source while being customized for the receiving site. In return, this creates more traffic back to your site.

How Does Content Syndication Work

Because content syndication is used to drive traffic back to your site, there are several ways this can be carried out.

The first step is creating a content distribution list by finding blogs that have similar content or readership as you do and expressing interest in sharing content with them if it makes sense for their audience.

After compiling the proper contacts, start reaching out one by one asking if they would like to share your posts on an ongoing basis. This should include what type of post they prefer (opinion vs fact), how many times per month you plan on sending content over and any other pertinent information about yourself which could help them form an opinion on whether or not working together will be beneficial.

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If accepted, content syndication can be a great way to drive traffic, increase social engagement and build your brand.

Why Should You Use Content Syndication

  • Content syndication can be used as a marketing strategy to boost content exposure and target new audiences. Content syndication allows you to share your content on other sites, increasing traffic back to your website
  • Content syndication is the foundation of any content marketing strategy, but it should never replace blogging or social media updates because these are more effective for engaging with customers in real-time. Instead, content syndication provides additional opportunities that give an immediate reach into other channels where engaged people are spending their time.
  • Content syndication provides content exposure to new audiences
  • Content syndicated is shared across channels where people are spending their time instead of only one channel like social media or blogging. This increases the reach into different types of customer groups that may not typically engage with your brand via social media or blogging (e.g., older demographics) who spend more time using search engines than engaging in social activity online.

When Should I Use This Strategy For My Business

  • You can use this tactic when ever you want to increase your sites ranking, this tactic works very well with websites like Facebook and Twitter because there are so many users who regularly use these sites as their preferred source of news and information. It will take some work but by applying good SEO tactics we should get high-quality backlinks from reputed sources which in turn would also improve our website ranking.
  • Content syndication is a great option to use as content marketing because it will increase the chances of getting our content in front of thousands or even millions of people.

Steps To Take When Implementing A Content Syndication Strategy In Your Marketing Plan

  • Evaluate your content – when sharing content, you need to decide what type of content is worth syndicating. Make sure it’s relevant and will add value to the reader in some way.
  • Create a content calendar – plan out recurring posts that are going live each month or quarter at a minimum so people know when new content is available from your site(s). This also creates a good opportunity for promoting syndicated content through social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter where people can share links with their connections.
  • Share consistently but don’t overdo it – It’s important not to flood all of your marketing channels with shared content because this could lead people who follow you on these platforms to think they’re being spammed with content that’s irrelevant to them.
  • Make sure you’re clear with the content owner – it’s important to get approval from any content owners before sharing their work because they may not want certain content shared outside of their website or even syndicated on your site at all for competitive reasons. You don’t want a content owner coming after you months down the road and charging back ad revenue if something wasn’t done properly, so take the time upfront and be as transparent as possible about what type of content will be published and how often it’ll go live on your site(s).

How To Get Content Syndicate Partners, Services And  Sites.

Examples of sites that are content syndication partners include: LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, SlideShare, Pinterest, Tumblr and some paid sites you can use include Content. ad, Taboola, Sharethrough, RevContent

  • Once you have identified some potential content partners begin by pitching your ideas via email – remember to keep your emails short and sweet!

You can also contact smaller topic-specific directories or social media platforms for content syndication opportunities. Consult with your marketing agency before pitching content ideas to maximize results!


Content syndication is a great way to get your content in front of more people. It can be used as an alternative marketing strategy, or it could just be another tactic you use alongside other strategies like social media or pay per click advertising.

You don’t need any special skills to start using this strategy for your business; all you have to do is find the best platforms and networks where your content would fit well so that you’ll gain exposure with minimal effort on your part. Start by looking at sites like LinkedIn Pulse or Medium which both offer opportunities for writers who are interested in content syndication, but there are many different places out there if those aren’t what suits you.

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