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Hi everyone. Lucas listen here and that is going to be a tutorial about SEO Gap analysis. I will be explaining you quite fast and very this kind of crispy, way because nothing is more annoying than the tutorial, which is taking 30 minutes, and these faffing around. So,

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I have to scare you K and there was lots of question more like when last time I prepared a gap analysis in Polish language. So I wanted to share with my English speaking people friends and and and listeners. A bit of how we can do this in English. I have choose co uk and I’m going to UK Market. This is summarized, by the way, and you can see here, lots of keywords and you can see lots of competitors. What we are interested in our competitors.

Here is list of competitors. We are, which are sorted by kind of similarities. Obviously, you can go with common keywords between them and so on and so on plenty of other things. Now, the first question is, why we doing a gap analysis, Gap analysis, is something taught answer a question. Where are they ranking? They, I mean, competitors, and I am not, okay, so what are the potential pockets of

And or group of keywords that I with my website could rank because of other players in the same industry are ranking. So it’s a perfect way to find a topics for a new content that you want to run. You want to write. And this is what this video is about today. So, imagine situation that you joined choose co uk why I choose choose K, okay? Because this is like a price comparison website and as some of you know me, I was working for many years

In this industry, predominantly a new Switch. Choose go UK, and we have couple of different price comparison websites. Here we can choose from them. So because I know quite well this industry I don’t need this but if you don’t know industry, if you’re working with a new client you can always use organic competitors in semrush and that will answer the question. So now we’re going into keyword Gap.

And I have choose go. Okay, that’s me. And now I can type. For example, money, Supermarket money co uk go and compared the, and we comparing this. And now I will make this bigger because some of you may watch this on a mobile device. So I really want you to be able to see what I’m going to do here. So this chart is a

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Sweet thing. Here it is showing us what are the key words that overlap so that two or more players are using them simultaneously. Let’s step back from this and let me use here as someone that is completely off this. This Market, let’s say eBay, okay, if I UK is not price comparison website, what will happen?

Take a look. This is eBay. And obviously there are some overlaps. But generally this guys who you who we talking today about price comparison, websites are here and eBay is here, completely two different players I can put, for example, search engine land.

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Dot-com, which many of you probably is reading and take a look, what’s going on here? Search engine land is to and other price comparison. Websites are here, what does it mean? These guys? And this, all guys are using completely different set of keywords. Let’s go back. I had here, compar compare the So we going here, we have here, a nice chart if I will put Mouse here. I can see that.

Twelve thousand keywords are this one? That makes all of these five players ranking in Google co uk because I choose here, United Kingdom desktop that the database is fresh, the CPC currency GBP, but I’m not really about keywords that we are ranking all together. I’m about keywords that my website. In that example, choose co uk is not ranking, and other guys are ranking.

And ideally, two or three or four of them are ranking together on the same keywords because this is a strong signal, which is saying like, hey, this guy is your competitors are ranking on this. This, this, this and you are not. Something is basically wrong here. So,

We could export this to excel but we have here untapped unique all keyword, so we can take untapped 245,000 keywords and will not be able unfortunately, to export all of them because my business accounts Amorous business account only allowed me to export 50,000 but this is more than enough. Trust me more than enough. First thing you can see on the top, there is plenty of yours. Like Lloyd’s not with son.

The mud check speed test. Okay, some of them are great generic like mod mod, check or speed test but some of them like Barclays nation’. Wait white, our brand keywords of the third party website, we definitely don’t want to consider Santander as one of our key word. So I recommend you to go here and say I want to include only keywords that search volume is less than a hundred.

Thousand or maybe even 50 thousand.

And the same way include sorry, include keywords with volume greater than hundred. So between hundred and fifty thousand. Let’s see what will happen from 245,000. I have 98 thousand keywords, and

That’s, I think he’s. All right. They are sorted by search volume so I can click export and I can click to take them to excel, but I can do something more. I can add here and say, one more condition exclude keywords containing compr the market and exclude. Keywords containing compar go compare, that’s our brand of

Name of my competitors. So I will not be trying to make a seal on this keyword and obviously there is a debate and we can get into this kind of money is generic so we will skip it and we could try to run on money Supermarket. But then probably guys from an export Market would call us and say like hey don’t be don’t be evil and so on and so on actually that didn’t change much. There is still 98,000 keyword.

It’s so compare the market, maybe we can do this. Like spices. Maybe more people is typing with spaces, money Supermarket, apply.

19200 keywords. Okay, fair enough. So export first 50,000 sorted by volume untapped, that’s very important. Okay, I have this key words here, I’m opening them and I will see huge amount of data.

That is meaning. Nothing until we want. Do some clever stuff here.

Okay, so that’s our keywords again, if you are using mobile device.

Feel appreciated. I will do a big Zoom here so you can see this. What’s going on here? We will also block here pans and yeah we have nice sexy spreadsheet. Now what we can do next, as I was showing you in the Polish version we can apologize version of this video. We need to add 3 Matrix much average priority. Much is telling us how many competitors

Simultaneously. Our ranking on keywords from column, A be here, is obviously choose click. OK, and we know that choose co uk is not something that will be ranking here, because we intentionally selected keywords, that choose. Koke in this, hypothetical example, working for choose KK is not ranking and we’re looking for keywords, were other guys. So money Supermarket money. Could you take go compare and computer Market? Our ranking to

Weather. So countif.

This is 0, if I would do this like that, I have three competitors that are ranking 0, and this is not what I’m looking for. I’m looking how many competitors is ranking, not how many competitors is not ranking? So we can reverse this, we know that there is four competitors for – countif. And we know that on the, this keyword First Central, there is only one competitor that is ranking and in fact is money Supermarket on position 6.

Let’s say we will put here 10, 11, 12, and we have immediately average. Sorry that should go into. Not average, it should go into much. So it’s going here. Yeah, we have March 4. So four competitors is ranking simultaneously. Now, observe common column H, I’m removing this put in 0 then much is three. Much is too much. Is one now of

Each we don’t match because we don’t want to calculate average like that average ranking of competitors because that is going to be like nonsense 1.5. So what like we have one competitor that is ranking on position 6 but because other competitors have zeros then we have 1.5 average position bollocks. So we have here much much one. So what we need to do we need to summarize.

Sighs, this competitors ranking and / much. And so, once again, we have here average, six because we are summarizing rankings of our competitors. Yeah. And dividing by the number of competitors that much here. So let’s say go compare jump into position 3. So 6 plus 3 is 9 divided by 2 is

4.5 and then the prayer priority priority is calculated. This way, search volume divided by average ranking square plus search volume divided by average ranking Square X.

Cost per click when we have some number I will get there slowly search volume is 49,500. Now if search volume will go down to 20,000.

Automatically priority is going down as well. Okay, hunt that 1672 and it was 4138. So if search volume is growing, then automatically is inflating our priority. And that’s a correct. What about average is? Average number is going down, so the average ranking of the competitors is closer to position 1.

Then the priority must go up.

You see?

And then finally cost-per-click cost per click can be zero but that doesn’t automatically mean that keyword is crap that we shouldn’t use this keyword. And the whole point was in this formula not to make priorities 0 when cost per click is 0. So if cost per click is 0, obviously private is going down but we’ll never get 0. And if cost per click is 10,

Then obviously we have 15,000 here. So it’s inflated. Yeah. So in a nutshell priority is an aggregated metric. That is taking all of these three measurements so it’s volume average ranking over competitors and cost per click. So knowing that we going to populate this into every yeah, down there, fifty thousand keywords. And now there is the last step.

The last step is to sort, and me sorting this by much.

Largest to smallest. And then by priority in immediately, By Priority largest to smallest. And after a couple of seconds, we have a beautiful, beautiful spreadsheet that is telling us not only about keywords that we are not running, but also about products that maybe we should consider to bring into, yeah, because of our competitors. So, think about

This match is for, and it will be for a long, long time, until will reach number three. So there is three competitors ranking and then two competitors ranking simultaneously and then finally one. So if we know that there is four competitors ranking on keywords in column A, that means that probably this keyboard are very, very, very beneficial to rank or potentially, it’s something like competitors that I choose are operating in this area. So, this is

A strong signal to consider, maybe to bring this product, it’s beautiful. When you are using an e-commerce and your competitors from e-commerce area, maybe I will record another video after this one. And I will choose some eCommerce website and you will see that there are, for example, men, men’s clothing, or jewelry. And you will see that there is plenty of products or categories of products that these guys are ranking on and their website. I choose is not wrong.

Obviously, Worth to mention one more thing that when you have your website, you can reverse this process and find keywords that only you run key. And none of the competitor is Runge, but this is obviously not the scope of this video. So when we have this, we have this sorted and now we can go back here, we can add one more column, and we can say, Okay, I want to have topics here, and let’s say, we will choose here at filter and we will try

To find something like a pattern. So what we have here we have, let’s say, a homeowner loans, pet insurance debt, consolidation, One, Insurance quote, let’s drive an insurance or maybe, let’s try with some some other products like, yeah, mainly that there are insurance. So it tells me that choose co uk doesn’t run that well or doesn’t

Sell insurance is at the moment, when other guys are, and you can see how competitive this area is because like, for example, health insurance money Supermarket is number three money coca is number five. Go compare is number 6, and compare the market is number one. So all of them are ranking top ten what we can do, you know, my, the CEO makes a like, listen look us, but we are not really Keen to jump into insurance. This is not our cup of tea.

No problem. Sir, do not contain insurance.

And take a look and he’s done. Okay, okay, okay, okay. But also, we don’t want to deal with with, with loans. So, the cool thing is, guys that here you have URLs of competitors. And this is beautiful. This is addition that been implemented to to semrush recently. So, what we can say, we want to remove from this analysis. All

Urls that money Supermarket is ranking on board loans and we don’t need to worry about keywords anymore because that will be excluded and now take a look. We still have some some loans so we can go into the next one. Wait, I just need to doesn’t contain loans. Yeah.

And yeah, and I think that is more than enough. And now take a look income protection, critical illness, cover and so on and so on. So maybe we can go here critical illness. We see some pattern here so I would like to do one thing contain illness.

Let me see, my Excel is not listening to me, like, I would like illness

Okay, and not take a look. What’s going on here? March 4 4444. We have at least here 13 keywords were much is four. So four of these guys are ranking together. Simultaneously on keywords that are in column A and then immediately starts keywords were three of them are ranking sorted by priority and also take a look. What’s going on here? Hardly hardly, you will find any keyword.

That is having a CPC 0, rather, you will find a plenty of keywords that are extremely expensive. So that’s another signal that you really, really, really want to be there in organic results. So knowing that knowing that we can go into topic and we can potentially mark them as critical illness

Yeah like that. Okay, they are marked critical illness. Now, what we will do here will say, okay, what else we can do is see any pattern here. What we can see here can, oh, this is brilliant. Can I can, I can I get a mortgage? This is beautiful. So, what we can do we can say, Okay, ton of reset filters.

And now, I want to make sure that my key word begins with. Can I

And also,



And there is plenty of questions that often competitors again, like four of them are ranking together and this one I will Mark. As can I mortgage that that is only like a for me to remember what this topic will be about. So when we are about questions, I would like to type right now. Let’s reset this. I would like to right now questions, with how

So contain, how

And there is business insurance life, insurance, maybe maybe we don’t want, insurance doesn’t contain insurance.

And again like you see some some of the skewers we already have tact so we can hear say like, okay, make sure that they are blank here so we didn’t use them before. How do credit card work? This is beautiful. Okay. So we know now that maybe we should write another guide, which will answer all the potential questions with how and credit card.

And take a look how credit card and we can go here and we can mark all these keywords. There is about what 20 maybe maybe less. Maybe more 19 keyboards. Not bad. So we have three articles right now and what I will do a finally. I will go here and now we’ll do one more thing. I will just try

To show them all the topics that we selected during that session and take a look what we have here, we have critical illness, can I mortgage? How credit card? So, we will sort this right now first by topic, then by much largest to smallest. And then bye-bye priority largest to smallest and take a look how beautiful that piece of spreadsheet.

We’ll look like we have super sexy Gap analysis. Ready. We are obviously ready to send this to our content team and take a look. We will copy this like that. And obviously, you know, there is a big big, another topic we are opening here. How to write yet, what to write and you know does it mean that I need to use all these keywords or not and so on and so on.

That’s completely different topic to cover here. We will not be talking too much about this here. Obviously, you can write 200 words, answer for each of these question and you have, you know, can I mortgage? There was 19. So let’s say 20 words 200 words per answer. That’s 4,000 words. Solid article, you may want to slice this. You may want to skip some and so on. And so on Next Step, you can

Here let me let me show you can I mortgage? This is it. Yeah can I mortgage so what we can do we can try to take this and we can try to copy this into another another sheet and we can try to see if there are any other any other words keywords that we should use. So we going back to some rush, we going to keyword magic tool.

And me, typing can, I mortgage

And to all key words, there is 8000. So I will try to narrow this can I? And we’ll take this exact match and then we will take Advanced filter include keywords, mortgage mortgage has any keyword

Still 7,000. Guys, how much can I borrow mortgage? How much mortgage can I get? And so on and so on and so on and so on, and so on. So maybe we can say, Okay, Advanced filter I want only search volume from one from let’s say, 1,000 to 1 million or 10 million forever. So now I’m getting 13 keywords

And I can export them and I can try to see if any of them, we missed in previous set, so we don’t research based on our competitors, but our competitors may not rank on all of the keywords that are there in UK Market, according to semrush. So let me take this here, we have this topics here and now we will see if any of them are missing.

So, the simple vlookup

And yeah, this to we have the rest, we don’t have

So we could add them here and we could also add them like that, can I mortgage? We could also add here before I will tag this like that. I will do another thing. Topic. Source Gap.

And here is keyword.

Magic tool.

And some of you may think why I’m doing this. And then finally, let’s say mum October 2020.

And here is, can I mortgage as well? And now take a look when we have something like that. Again, for mobile users, I will make this bigger.

When we have something like that, we can easily say that what we can see here that keyword. And that’s tagged one tack to tack three and you can copy this. Let’s do a paste, switch, tabulators for for commas, and if you go to keyword tracker in, sem rush, for example, then it will

Fully loaded everything. Like the first is a keyword and then you have tagged one tuk-tuk-tuk tree and you will be able. Then to go, let’s say, if you will preserve this kind of logic behind. So tuck one is always topic. Tattoo is a source that trees when you decided it created this. This, this article, or maybe tack for tack for can be, you know, James because James was a Content writer who wrote that. Then obviously,

You will be able not only to track your words, but also measure the efficiency of all these things. So let’s say was Gap. Performing keywords from Gap. We’re performing better than keywords from keyword. Magic to is James better content writer than Lucy or was it October when we secured more keywords than in November and so on, and so on, and so on, you know, sky is the limit here. But, like I said, from the beginning, I don’t want to have this.

Tutorial too long. So let me finish here and let me wish you great time. You will spend with keyword research and with an SEO and if you have any questions there is a CO dot London. Look as the Leslie and you can find me on LinkedIn or just type and you will find me take care.

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