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So my talk today was about effective visits, mainly this is what you call a visit, excluding the bounce rate and the concept of comparison rather year to year instead of month to month. Why like that? Because there is lots of Industries which which present this kind of fluctuation like holidays there is like winter and summer where you have like massive Peaks and then Autumn and

Spring, you don’t have that much search volume, so it’s good to compare year-to-year, rather a 10 month to month.

So I’m working at the moment in you switch price, comparison website is really two years, great company and we’re really focusing on delivering fantastic experience for people. So we trying to make sure that our landing pages are delivering what our customers expect because of that. We generally keeping focus on all the aspect of on-page SEO and after this conference, I think we will be thinking more about analyzing

Buck logs and analyzing what’s going on on the server side and we are pretty successful with this the website perform fantastic and I hope that will be like trend for forever.

The best thing about brightness here, I believe is networking. You can meet all these people who are relatively working clothes and everyone knows each other. We are like a huge family aside of this. Obviously a knowledge, you can learn a lot. You can have a chat with speakers and third thing is fantastic exhibition. If you even if you’re not keen to buying software, it’s good to see what’s going on.

They’re what is their new this year? We had some rush. We had link tags. We had lots of other guys, a link risk. It’s good to go there. I have a chat. Maybe there is something what you would find useful for your company.

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