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So, guess who I found here in Bulgaria at Varna, Lucas after 3 years. Since our last meeting in Brussels, I think, at the you come in, in the meantime, to travel the world and he became one of the most appreciated authorities in the SEO game.

There is a story behind, I was a musician, and I wanted to play drum'n'bass. I was leaving those days in Poland where I was born and because I was in the small town, I couldn't get bookings to Big clubs in the bigger town. So I've been on the website. That was way before Google analytics. There was some kind of exotic tools to track traffic but yeah, I just started reading about this. That was early 2000 and this is how it started. Then my website started appearing on the

Words that I wanted to run for. I started generating traffic and then the booking came and I was thinking like well this is cool game. So let me keep music on the side and that will be my hobby and SEO will be my job.

I wouldn't say that there is anything that frustrate me there is only like challenges. I look on the challenges. You obviously need to be constantly top on about algorithm changes. Google is changing this even more frequent and we remember this couple of years ago, competition is higher and higher because more and more of the people is coming into this industry in of SEO. So I would say like, I need to be even more focused and

Be more spot on rather than frustrated because if I would be frustrated, I would probably stop doing this. Let's start doing something. It's something else.

I would like to give your audience a couple of things that they can really take home and they can Implement first of all keyword here, oh, that's an amazing piece of software that can marry data from search console and Google analytics together. So you can start tracking your conversions, 3 Commerce and you can know what keywords really are delivering this growth. The second thing I will be talking to us today about is a gap analysis, right now, you have semrush for example which can perform

This for you, but you can go much deeper. You can start doing Gap analysis, based on categories. So what categories? Your competitors have and you are missing. And based on this, you can start influencing a business owner to get into areas that they were not thinking to get in. So, for example, you may have men's clothing e-commerce platform. That is performing quite well, but the competitors are performing better. Why? Because they are also in the female fashion and Europe.

Client is not. So you may say like listen that's the good moment to to start talking. If we should not go into the female fashion as well. Because there is a huge demand and I have another another client which is in the gaming industry to demand around Games should Define. What is your content strategy? Not a Content strategy first and then trying to rank trying to get traffic rather you need to reverse that process. So I would say these two things that keyword Magic

Cured a hero and GAP analysis. That is something that I would recommend to go with four last year. I was working on my own as a consultant and this is super exciting. I just left my full-time job where I was working for six years as an SEO director. Right now, I'm an SEO consultant predominantly working from home. What excites me the most is that I can work pretty much from every place around the world.

Old, I'm going in December for two months to India, where part of my family is from. I will be there working, I will be there, enjoying the weather and yeah, this is probably the most beautiful part of the industry be operating that you can be independent from the area that you are working from. I have more and more discussions these days I remember this questions 10 years ago

Somehow we're serving click, you know? And I again, I can I can imagine why main reason why surgery voice search is so strange to replace the typing or kind of happening. Is that when you using voice search, you removing a lot of privacy, everyone can hear what your top ten. Everyone can hear what you're saying to the device. When you're tapping your behind the kind of cutting. So I am quite

Skeptical. If I can say like that little boy search and I know that the Young Generation is more likely to use voice search. But again, I don't feel that there is any threat for my role. It's just a on. This stage is just a kind of gimmicky gimmicky thing that maybe we'll pick up in the next 10 years.

Old experiments about links. Lot of people are saying that links are not that important these days, but I'm actually doing lots of experiments around this area, trying to reuse the expired, domains trying to repoint Links from pointing to my social media profile, and we point them to my website. Everything, what I'm doing around links is telling me that links is links are still a very, very important factor.

Absolutely. Yes, absolutely. Yes, you know, this arm is era. When when pumping links was giving you a good traffic is already in the past. I think you need to think much broader. So we need to think about specifically, who is your audience. And for example, gaming industry is a good example, when you are offering games to play on Android

You probably will not be ranking on generic terms, which are the game titles and there's nothing wrong that you are not ranking. There you me, we know this that why? It's like that. The challenge is to explain this to the business owners that listen, this is not a PPC, that you can spend ten pounds at click and you will be ranking. There, this is a CEO in this much, more complicated than PVC and needs to, to feel make you thinking much more strategy.

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