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They were informed these people about the product and they’ve been pretty, pretty successful, so simple, but so successful. And the downside I was looking for a long long, long time to find something. So, some cons and okay, I found one, you may get some irrelevant job offer. I have this problem sometimes.

So now as you as you remember, the description of the of this webinar, we will be talking about popular types of media funds. And let me start from quiet follower everybody here is quite follower. Yeah, we following quietly, lots of Brands characteristic heard about your business, not necessarily a customer doesn’t really harm, your social media presence and how to engage with this. These people create some pools quizzes, visual content, like I mentioned images video and obviously Strunk,

Call to action because you won’t convert this quiet followers. You want to transform them from quite followers to customers, casual like her. The level above quiet, follower connect with your brand because of past experience want Frank to see them as a source of good recommendation and boost your social visibility how to engage the developer creative engaging posts describe product popular product or service asked to share because these people are

More likely to be sure your content finally the deal Seeker. I believe that there is lots of deals occur around there on the other side of the camera who is watching me right now. Am I the deal? Secret. Absolutely, I am. And I am when I’m thinking about myself as a deal scam, I see a Muslim. So Amazon is not a brand that would wear a T-shirt and I would be like, yeah, I love Amazon. Amazon is so cool. It doesn’t make any sense but I like the Amazon as a deal Seeker. I’m going there because

Cheap, because it’s fast and because his trust trustful and probably ten other reasons. I’m going there because it’s working on my mobile and because I can buy something being in the bed, you know, multiply of reasons but I don’t feel like super big love to this brand. Okay, he’s just I’m seeking deals. So characteristic makes everyday project in decision care about value of a loyalty. This is what I’m saying. Care about value of her. Loyalty follow social, social media to stay up-to-date, help Drive New sales, to your business.

How to engage offer deals, promotion special offers for existing customers. Okay? So identify hit them because they are important. Now, unhappy customer like I mentioned with my flight arriving, like this guy. I’ve been unhappy once maybe a couple of times in this year but not very often during generally trying to keep myself up characteristic. Shares negative experience expect past response. They always are on patient. They all

Want a response in next 3 minutes and obviously affect your own right online reputation. Now, the question, how to engage monitor your pages, monitor, your brand name mentioned, we will tell about this later and respond professionally and quickly, okay? And don’t fight, don’t do any online fights because there is a potential risk that it will end up very, very bad. And let me, let me give an example.

What if this fight will go public? What if this fight will end up on Forum, on or read it? You will never eat. You will get into Christ’s here. So I’m Molly calmly and try to fix the problem as good as quick as possible. Amazon is actually very good to deal with unhappy customers. Very often. They send a replacement for free and even if someone may play with them, it’s still like kind of the cost of keeping this brand. So,

Troll. Okay. They exist, they exist. You know, this, what don’t fit troll so yeah, online troll exist. It isn’t a customer, but maybe, and obviously, they got strong opinions, especially on person, personal issues. They may not referring to your company, not to your product. But to you, you personally, now, how to engage, don’t engage. Okay, don’t engage. Keep cool. Had avoid responding and don’t feed the trolls.

Because every time you responding to troll them, the troll is winning.

Type 6 cheerleader, like comment, share your post, use mobile devices, entry every contestant promotion Drive committee, graph, and awareness. Yeah, so this is like super happy customer who love your brand yet, the idea, and how to engage create content that is worth cheering mentioned. This person personally in the post making feel special, make him her feel special. So again identify these people and make them feel special.

And finally loyal fan, a mile oil fund. Yes. I know that it may be a politically not correct but I am a loyal fan of Apple. I love Apple devices. I have up, put in my backpack, I have upload my desk. I have MacBook iPhone iPad and I probably will buy. I watch and the the bit iPod. I just love this brand and Rec I’m recommending to my family and friends obviously provide constructive criticism. Yes defend

Sounds angry social media fans. Sometimes I’m generally trying to avoid any arguments online, how to engage, recognize your layout, fun and Award with gift and mentions. So like, with chili there, but here are also gifts. So now I would like to talk a little about this kind of practical stuff on Twitter. First of all, to level of login, yet to security

So generally I am using two stage of log in here. So every time I’m trying to look in the message on my mobile, which is coming with a code, I need to enter that is Extra Protection because I care about my Twitter, it’s important. Okay, it’s important because remember that your Twitter using not only for accessing Twitter but also for third level application. So technically this online hygiene to keep this.

Clear and clean is very important and that’s my profile. I change this recently little but there’s a couple of elements I wanted to tell you about. So think about this, we have this in the green box, we have this pint to it. So what does it mean? The street is always on the top of your timeline and I have visited. My tweet is like that, visit my LinkedIn profile, and send invitation / in. And there is a deity. Meet my

Email use SEO at Zeal as Nico UK and there is hash in her Chef be. So when I was posting this post, it was automatically went on LinkedIn and Facebook. I posted this post, it is tweet 5th of March and what I’m trying to do, everybody who is visiting my Twitter, my Twitter account. See this post on the top. There is a potential chance that they will not only become my followers but also friends opening. So I’m trying to leverage this audience

Come on. I’m trying to leverage audience of LinkedIn. Using my Twitter and reverse as well. Yeah. So you may be shocked that I’m giving my email there, but hey, this is only an ally has. So as you, add zelazny cocaine, that is redirecting. All the images, I redirected to my my physical email and I don’t afraid about spam right now. I don’t receive much spam. If I will be probably, I will change this image.

Male. Why I am including email, very simple answer. Because if there is someone normally in on LinkedIn, you have two three types of connections. First one first level second and third level. So if I and you are not friends but someone is our common friend than you are in the second stage second level. But if you are in the third level, you cannot add me without giving my email. So because of that I am including my email.

Even people who totally don’t have any common friends with me. Still can send me an invitation. Another thing I’m adding that I am based in London and I’m adding link to my LinkedIn profile. Once again, that’s important because some people are using external application and they doing some targeting and they using location physical location. So I want to be included because sometimes something important maybe missing and and

One more thing, there is also my Biome which sounds like conference speaker, head of organic, you switch UK all for SEO and so on and so on I am quite direct not nothing like super funky, funny. I’m not trying to be fun in my biography. It’s only 140 characters. So I feel it’s fair to be honest in this piece of text. So now let’s go to HootSuite and hook like I am using this to

Software’s with passion. So, once again, this is another example of the PIN to tweet. This one is from semrush. When we had similar webinar in September and you can see on the bottom that there is something different than a normal. So what is there? You have forward. You have read tweet, you have favorite and you have this little old icon. This little. Oh icon is because I installed. Whoo.

Outlet plug into my Chrome, and when you do this, then this plug-in automatically is adding own icons on some websites like on Twitter. So obviously this icon is clickable and if you click this you will get the Tweet into a pop-up window generated by Chrome browser and there are all the settings you set up in your HootSuite. Yeah, so first of all, take a look, you have the same

Tweet that you saw on the previous screen and you can choose networks, you want to post to and there are three buttons Auto schedule, post later and post. Now, there are different way of posting and I will tell you a little about this right now. So first of all, I need to choose which, which network I would like to choose. And you can see that I have Twitter, Facebook, Facebook page, LinkedIn, and so on and so on. So, for this example, I choose Twitter and Linkedin automatically on the

Autumn. There is this icon of Twitter 25 and Linkedin 570. That means how many extra characters left until the limit. Yeah, so obviously I mentioned that Twitter is 140 characters so 25 characters left. However, LinkedIn approve, much much, much longer posts, and there is 570 character. That left. My personal suggestion is always much the limit of the shortest. So if you posting on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin together,

Who is much 140 collector characters, or less because then you have a warranty that this post will be presented as the whole on all the social media networks. Yeah. And we have also ability to attach picture. We have ability to decide what is the physical location when you are on desktop, you can decide what is the physical location of the Tweet. So if I’m sending something in my mother tongue, which is Polish

I’m always choosing were so. And if I’m tweeting about London about the, if I’m putting in English, then I am choosing red frequently. London. Ask my location. Yeah. And then obviously, I mentioned Auto schedule post later in post now, so with the difference is very simple how to schedule. If you click out a schedule, then HootSuite is trying to find an optimal way to post this tweet.

Okay, so there is an algorithm behind and based on what you have already scheduled and what is the performance historical performance on Twitter and probably million other factors taken together is giving HootSuite ability to say, okay, this post should be posted in two days about 925 because we think that this is the most optimal time. Then you have post later, this is the same way but you deciding you scheduling. Where when

This post should be released and post. Now, this is exactly right now posters when I click this button, so talk to the scheduler. Scheduler is very simple. You need to choose day and you need to choose a time. And obviously, you can take email me when a message is sent avoid this option. Otherwise you may get if using HootSuite with passion like me, you will get your email very cluttered of thousands of thousand.

Mason from suit. So I’m always on ticking this option. Okay?

Hootsuite an iOS, lots of people is right now, rather than using desktop. Obviously, he’s using iPhones and Android smartphones and so on and so on Dust. Could see HootSuite and hoopla that exists on mobile devices. Absolutely. Yes. And now I would like to stop a little, again, a screenshot from semrush. And I have here a couple of icons and you can see between Evernote and Linkedin in the middle. There is no telling what will happen.

We’ll put.

So you can see that this page become in this pop-up and the, the design is a little different, but works the same way, you can see that hundred and two characters left and social networks, I selected one, I’m sorry, but someone is typing, I think we need to choose mute.

Who is typing there? Okay, nobody’s typing anymore. Great. So so hundred and two characters left, and I choose one network and schedule schedule. Now, so I could go to the scheduler again. Like I could choose the day and the hour, I think it’s much cleaner on life. And to be honest than on the desktop version, how to schedule schedule. And but that the behind the core with behind this, you Excel.

He works the same clever way to schedule messages so they can look at this. This is a screenshot from from September and 18th of September Friday. You can see that there is much much busier than no money and you may ask what was 18th of September 2015? Does anybody know, three, two, one, that was a bright and a CEO, Tada. So I couldn’t be couldn’t attend this.

This brightness here, I was speaking to times fantastic conference, but this year, I couldn’t, I just sent my team. And I wanted to be like spiritually, social media, Lee active, but obviously like, you know, you you need to do other studying you are working. You are busy. You won’t be remembered to post every half an hour something. So I built a list and I will every half an hour. One post, which not necessarily strictly about as your Brighton or brightness you, but it’s somewhere.

Round. It was about engaging. Okay? And now I will show you a couple of examples. So this is one of the example. How did we, how we did a screen shot in 1983? Hash in hash brightness here? So, all the people who are on rightness, you’re using Twitter. What following hashtag hash brightness you hash in is only because I wanted to just go automatically on LinkedIn. That’s my second time and then you have this photo and take a look, what happened, 19 read, tweets, 31 favorites.

Pretty amazing result. Yeah, another tweet the left side so-called laptop is what we would use 25 years ago. Harsh brightness here and again 9036 favorites, pretty good. And finally, why Earth is the best Planet hash in has brightness here and obviously because of the Wi-Fi and you can see 26 retweets 33. Favorites once again it wasn’t purely about this guy.

That or this presentation was good. I wasn’t there, I don’t know. And if I will be taking content from other people who already been there, I will be second. I won’t be I want. I will be just rebroadcasting, I won’t be animating. Okay so because of that I choose a slightly different approach slightly different topic and this is what I know.

And now you may ask me who look as I would like to do something like that, where I will find a way, what I will find this. All these hashtags regarding to conference, there is a website laying and this is a an example 29th of October 230 of of October, there was a conference called Performance Marketing inside, London 2015, hash PMI LDN. And what does it mean? That means that 29th and 30th. There will be lots of tweet with hash PMI,

The end because this is the hashtag of the conference. And again, middle of September, I could schedule another list and I would be very, very visible on Twitter. Even not being there physically, and if you would ask me, okay? So what are their website, could let works with. So I’m answering Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Yelp flicker, Google Maps, and obviously, YouTube. That’s our websites that hook, let is looking if you, once again, if you have a

Chrome. Then you will see a new install couplet and you have HootSuite in created account. Then you will see this little icon in some places on this website, which icons you can see here. I have another example, how it looks like on YouTube. So please take a look here that Prodigy Wild Frontier. So The Prodigy Wild Frontier great track, amazing truck and I just was listening this with passion and I saw that. Wow, hoopla

Is even on YouTube. So, I clicked and Bam, I had once again, this pop up at, you know, from previous slide. So, I could publish my, my Wild Frontier favorite dead Prodigy video on my channels, but HootSuite is not only a couplet that’s are also apps and I’m using right now to they cost me they cost me unfortunately, it’s about like three or four pounds each every month. So it pumps extra one is

Right relevant Pro and the other one is resonance. What’s the difference between them, right? Relevance Pro and resonance are kind of similar. So they are showing what is right now. What bus is around the topic so on the left side right relevant Pro is tracking and topics around social media topics around the the the main topic, the main focus is social media. When the resonance is following everything about growth hacking,

I could add more but obviously that will cost more. If I would like to add more categories and the difference is like in resonance, you can just see articles and they are sorted by, they are actually not sorted, but there is a rich. So again, this is kind of value how popular article is and this value is calculated by Rollins behind lots of factors Yeti, ideally and right. Relevance blow Pro is doing the same but also aside of articles.

As you can see conversation about social media and so on and so on. So you can jump into conversation. If you have something interesting to say, there is an interesting conversation going for a couple of hours and you’re just jumping there and saying like hey I think my opinion is different or something.

I’m results via Twitter, and it’s counting the number of followers. You can see from August to October from Thirty, thirty four thousand to forty. One thousand having pretty, pretty excited and happy because you know, I think this is a great result. So now couple of things about linking I wanted to share with you. So first of all Linked In polls, Lincoln pulse is a blogging platform, a part of LinkedIn. I’m using right now to write.

Articles, these articles are man’s my personal View, and my personal.

Personal opinion about online marketing about do, lots of fruits of topics SEO, social media, paid search and so on. So this is an example of article 10 ideas that you can use to generate blog traffic in interest. So where is this doctor less than a month? Nine thousand, seven hundred forty five visits 54 likes version. Commons, I was literally happy as this guy during the corner, but how I get there. Let me, let me go step by step. So first call to action on the bottom of the article. I just placed this call to action and

He had those days. Those days, I have this workshop with a company called monk fit and we wanted to sell some tickets. So on the bottom of the article, I wanted to embed this kind of form from Eventbrite where, the former Mossad, but I couldn’t because it was LinkedIn, doesn’t allow to embed any code except of, Maybe YouTube and Vimeo on SlideShare. So what I did, I just do, don’t a screenshot so this what you seen them in the Border,

Is a screenshot and that was an external link to even bright. So when someone was trying to click anywhere was really the to even bright and could could buy ticket engage with headlines. There are five rules and following titillating adjectives. Amazing, at the rubble that that words are working very well online numbers or listicles top. Five top ten twelve things to do something that’s very catchy. But again, don’t go too far because

Last last time I was going to Budapest for a weekend and I wanted to find what I can see in Budapest. So, I typed with the saying, Budapest in Google and the purses result was thousand. And one thing you should see in Budapest this weekend and I was like seriously. So seriously like thousand one things. I will probably one had a time to see like five or maybe ten maximum and you giving it up.

Thousand one, but that’s probably everything you can see. So there you didn’t make your homework, you didn’t select this. And I just closed this article and I want to article which was like five things you should see in Budapest during the weekend stay. So remember about this, make it catch a state, the benefits and be specific. And again, don’t chase, don’t chase, like crazy disk, click to rate, and all that things because, you know, it’s good to be catchy. But you can see where the other side of the coin, how the other side of the coin looks like,

If you want to be too catchy than you starting to use celebrity names, for example, like Emma, Watson really did? It dot dot dot. And there is a little photo of Emma Watson and you are like did what and then you’re going to click this picture because you think that there will be something she really did and there is like a 4X or create account on bingo casino you know and and you are like oh my gosh yet again I just been catched up by this kind of super catchy.

So keep keep keep balance because it’s also important. And then headlines, I used a word search engine marketing and as the core word, and I used to generated generators important in have spot. So for example, 5 secrets about search engine marketing, the government is hiding 13. Must read articles about search engine marketing. Why we love search engine marketing and you should too and so on and so on recently buzz buzz feed,

Created very catchy title on Facebook. I remember when that was months ago, circulating all over the walls of people, the title was once again, I was born in Poland and there was 17 things. Why you should never go to Poland. I was like, what, that’s not that bad, and I went there, and I click this link and there was like, this kind of finest opal and is very ugly and beautiful photos of Polish mountains. Food in Poland is not very tasty.

Then a plate of fantastic. Fantastic. Beef or pork? I don’t know. Chicken, I don’t know what was that. So and I was just laughing and obviously I shared this and no loss of my friendship, very successful bite, I would say and lots of probably lots of traffic. So a little of controversies is always good and thumbnail. Engage your thumbnail. Because like I mentioned these articles are my private opinions. I’m using my thumb nails though, like 27?

Social media, marketing, mistakes to avoid. That’s why photo you see. I am more interested with my Twitter and I found them Taj Mahal, but sometimes it happens. Sometimes, it happened. There are also photos from conferences. I’m trying to make this look like a personal. I’m trying to be as much personal as I can, and I had no skills with a graphic design. I have totally, that doesn’t exist. So because of that, I have my iPhone and I can install some couple of

Funky cool application and do like this, for example, fake fake HDR. That’s a snap seat and PS Express application. So this photo looks much more juicy across if there is like lots of timelines. And this one is much more stronger. Looks much more, I would say heavier more visible and there is more clicks abuse. And you can do even like a

Mix there is application called Hearthstone, iPhone app. I think Android also have something like that if not half on how Stone then you will find something similar. So now viral content buzz when they when the Tweet was, when the LinkedIn post was ready, I decided what how can I promote this LinkedIn post so this is viral content buzz. You can tweet greetings to add VCC bus. I love this platform is amazing platform. So generally there is a

There is, there are, there is lots of people, lots of users behind quiz using this platform and you need to add your blog post and other people will start sharing this on own channels. Simple as that on this screen, you can see URL to my LinkedIn post title 10 ideas to generate blog traffic and interest in description. The following ideas provide the idea they had and then you need to choose what categories you want to place this equal to. So I choose

Is SEO and social traveling, because lots of people who is following these travel bloggers and web design. Because I think this is relevant, then project budget 130. What does it mean? Every month? You have extra 500 so-called credits which are points and this point you can allocate into different products. Different post, some sort and how it works when someone is sharing your post, you spending credits when you sharing someone’s post

Earning credits simple as that. Then I choose a platform Twitter and Facebook obviously, Pinterest, not, because I didn’t found this irrelevant and StumbleUpon, I didn’t take because StumbleUpon is using iframes and that means that LinkedIn want allowed to be present, LinkedIn block iframe. So if you’re trying to open LinkedIn page under the iframes, you may not be able to do this and then RT lukash zelazny. So, every time the Tweet been tweeted through viral content Buzz.

Then I will get a notification. So after some time there was studied retweets 4047 Facebook, post, and obviously Pinterest stumble upon zero because I didn’t choose these two platforms and how their post look on the viral content. Buzz side. This is how it looks. This is an example, how to use Pinterest to increase traffic and grow your business. And you can, I can as a user posted on my Twitter on Mom on my Pinterest or on my Facebook. Another example. Eco-friendly inks the month.

Projected to rise Yeti idea and how it looks on the other side. So what will happen when the post been published on social media? So, take a look on this. It’s a user called the dial marked biomart posted miling. I just show you before on Twitter, so you have 10 ideas to generate block traffic and interest. And then you have a VC B, dot DL / move. It’s like a viral content, buzz shortener. And obviously, they mentioned

We automatically party at Lucas is a lesson so you can see this line through b. CB SS, don’t worry about this, it’s because I’m using also SEO Quake, so I can see that this link is no following doesn’t participate in a seal and on the bottom you can see you can see that there is this kind of a virality. So dial. Mark got own followers. And now because he tweeted this, some people who doesn’t follow me, but dial marked can see,

My posts and can interact retweeting or favoriting? Yeah so that’s the element of virality created by viral content Buzz, one more thing viral content, Buzz, shortener allowed you to track number of visits you when you log into viral content, buzz after a couple of days, you will be able to see how many clicks was on this link.

Then this is how it looks on Facebook, the same post. And you can see that the descriptions much longer because obviously, this is Facebook and think very important things to think to, to remind, make sure that the interesting part of the picture is in inside the picture in the middle part because different social media trimming different way. So sometimes it’s more rectangle, some days more square, but the inside middle part, will be always visible. So, I’ve been quite successful because the message I have so much.

There are some ideas about how to generate blog traffic and interest on the picture is still visible. No matter that it was trimmed.

We need to go deeper buzzsumo, Viola content. Buscema, may sound similar, but that’s are two different platforms. Buzzsumo generally is like, Google is like a search engine but it’s showing you results based on shares on social media, based on the four, five of the most popular social media platform, Facebook, shares LinkedIn, shares, Twitter Pinterest, Google and I type the keyword block ideas traffic because I was thinking, like, I wrote article 10 ideas that you can use to generate

Traffic and interest. So blog topic ideas will be something relevant to my article. What I discovered you can see that. The first result is a My article because there was already the highest number of shares 514. But then that was not about making me proud of this that this exercise was to find other similar articles and then people who shared links to these articles. So when I found I found blogging Stakes traffic, and content ideas by Daniel’s cocoa. And

Time saving blog post ideas for the busy small business owners by Bill fit free time and you can see that the first the second article. So the Daniel saw Scott Co been shared 119 times on Twitter and the other one 123 times on Twitter. So I could export list of the people who tweet links to CSV file and then do something very clever load this list.

Back to HootSuite with some message. For example, hey, I so that you like reading about block traffic, maybe my article, you will find interesting and there is a link. So you have about two or three hundred people you can tweet and you can build this Catalyst, and obviously, make sure that your scheduling maximum two, three posts like that a day, no more because then you will see that you losing followers because your Twitter,

Timeline looks a bit spammy. Another to just unfollow AKA crowdfire right now is create for crowdfire. So, every time someone is following me, there is Auto auto message sent to this person. And you can see here, let’s connect on LinkedIn when you, for example, you never followed me before you just followed me and then you getting this message, let’s connect on LinkedIn, search with LinkedIn, you can visualize knee, or Google.

Carson has degrees from London. Those days, I wasn’t using links because it was impossible to tweet link but right now it’s allowed. So we can use links to your profile to your website, to registration, to your webinar, whatever you want. You just need to make sure that people are following you. One day, follow you, they will get a message. And so this is my results after a couple of months from 2,000 to 5,000 and remember that on LinkedIn nuts.

Last year. Right now I am close to 10,000. People are linked in. Remember that on LinkedIn, the amount of fake profiles is very, very low. So, I’m from this, if you take this, 5,000 followers, probably 99% are valuable real people. I mentioned about bracket Grant tracking. So there are softwares like talk Walker, brand24 fresh, web Explorer, and Google Alerts. I am personally using brand24 with passion and think about this, I

Will be folded up. I’m treating myself as a brand. So I’m doing lukash jealous and as a brand and now what does it mean? Obviously my name and son is quite unique. There is not many. Luke has a lesson on the planet. Probably, maybe one. So I can track whole internet whole online and environment and see where I was mentioned. That wouldn’t be possible if I would be John Smith went to England. I was thinking to change my name to a

Archibald Smith. But right now, I think this is a blessing to have unique name and Sony because it’s much easier to track. So this is how I set up this software. Look, Ash is a lesson a wave without space with Polish character without polish characters. So there are five different way how people can write my name and surname. Yeah, and after configuration of the couple of that’s actually first quarter of 2015, you can see that. I was mentioned.

575 times across. I would say, internet, if that doesn’t sound too, to self-important and Facebook 1745 times, Twitter, almost 2000 block, 9, x news, two times video six times and the other unclassified 548. And you can obviously go deeper and can see, like, here I have news, I have videos in there was something from work, search, they don’t an interview with me on brightness, you

You and there was a round table that I gave. So this software catch this. And what I can do with this well I can generally go online and ask these people who wrote about me or who should something go, thank you for sharing. Maybe we can start working together, maybe I can do something for you and so on and so on. And one day I was like that will actually working with this buzzsumo because what I saw was really shocking. So this is my article.

Translated to Russian and by people from a business dot are you and I can speak Russia? I can speak. I understand Russian quite well, but I cannot read so because they used my name with a Latin alphabet and rest is in Cyrillic, I would never have discovered this probably and but you know, because of my brand tracking brand24, give me the game does link. And I was like very, very pleased to see myself on Russian portal so what they did

Did they not only translated this article? But they also use my photo and they use link to my LinkedIn profile. I was pretty happy that it happened and I feel very grateful. So again I could get touch with this guy’s into like oh wow, thank you very much. I just found that you used my article translate this, thank you for your time and thank you for speeding in my my ideas. My concept across internet especially in the language that I cannot write award.

Because I cannot ride Russian. I can just speak and and track results. After a couple of weeks. I had 13, like step ehrs five comments, pretty good. I think 275 tweets, Google+. I’m not a fan of Google. Plus I will be honest with you guys so I can promote, but not much, and obviously LinkedIn 236 shares. So, I’ve been pretty happy about this trestles and finally a CEO. So I

I generated ate organic backlinks to LinkedIn to my article, from to referring domains. So again, I was pretty pretty happy to see this links and there is unanswered question, what would happen if I would post this article on my blog? Would I get this links as well? Or maybe people started to link to my article because of this magic of LinkedIn brand. They feel more that it’s something more trustworthy more.

More honest and has more value. Yeah, unanswered question. Maybe, one day I will do research, no time, no worries. There is a Twitter feed. Even now, my Twitter is probably busy because there are some Feats that going out to matically on my Twitter. So, here is an example. Search engine Journal is very SEO oriented website, and I’m using their Twitter feed to post every hour, or every, two hours, and something.

With special hashtag like search engine Journal hash in hash SEO harsh say, and this is how it looks such and Ranger. Now what they don’t tell you in school about being an entrepreneur by Lara Kim. And there is a link to article and this hashtag you. So on the settings and what happened, like because Lori, who is who won this year, us per search personality of the year. You will search Awards. So

Because he used his own milk in the title. So when the Twitter feed posted automatically, he was mentioned and he saw this. And on the bottom there were our Retreats and favorite, you can see that there is a photo of Larry who gave me a favor it. So he definitely know that I posted and there is also David from from analytics a CO and some read tweets and so on some. So during the night, you may see that there is like about five tweets like that. And when I’m waking up in the morning, the first thing I’m doing

Looking how many retweets and favorites? Each one has because if there is some retweets and favorites, I’m thinking oh hold on my 40,000 followers, were thinking that this is something important, they retreated, they favorite. Maybe this is something. I should spend some time to read. So I’m looking here across both. Obviously, I mentioned hash in happy Friday from London, Bridge. Everybody hash FB. So in that case,

Ah, Chef be amusing to post automatically on Facebook. Yes. So this tweet will and also on Facebook Paper lie. That’s another software I wanted to mention I have no time to create my own blog, okay? But obviously, like, I can, I can try to have a Blog and there is a distinct called paper lie, which will create blog for you. So here you can see sources. So tweets, mentioning viral content, Buzz SEO, Smart TV,

Friend searchmetrics, you’re a profiler. Buzzsumo click the + and so on and so on. That’s are my sources of particles. And then this is how the website generated by pearly look like. So that’s our feeds with a little of description and every link when you click, you will be redirected out to the original source. So it’s not really for indexation. It’s not really to get organic traffic but you can still get some referral traffic and social media traffic and I was promoting this paper lie.

A newspaper on my Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn. And after some time, this is how I end up so referral, traffic 628 visit direct, then social organic, very little and in email very little, and you may say, is it worth? You’re not. It cost me $9, but it’s 1270 visits I could have. Or I’m not necessarily could have, I think for nine dollars and it’s growing obviously for nine dollars. I think this is a great idea, especially that I’m guttering backlinks.

Swell and there is a subscription model so you can subscribe and so on and so on some there is an added value and it’s it works automatically. So I don’t need to put my hands of this. I’m using this for almost a year.

Another tool before we finish. This is a tool called if this turned out amazing to. So it works this way, if something happened, then do something and I would like to present a couple of receive recipes. And so for example, here is if new tweet from search for hash SEO, then add user to list for a deadly crash zealous. And this is how the receipt look like. So whenever Twitter, whenever if this did not find that way,

Hush SEO. The username needs to be added to a list and the list name is called, you can call the list, whatever you want my friends, my followers, people who follows me but I am using the name as a call to action. So I’m using visit w-w-w dot cell, as in Duty and another, another sip. If new popular Technologies article on the New York Times, then post a tweet to cars Ellison. So whenever there is a popular article that’s very important.

The word popular. So not every article is going on my Twitter because that would really make this busy but only the article which are popular and will land on my Twitter timeline. Another, keep a list of people whose streets you have favorite. So whenever I put a favorite on people that that people are learning to my list and another one, if new tweet by Luca, She’s a Lesbian then create a link post on your Tumblr blog. Yes. Oh,

Over there is a tweet on my Twitter, then Tumblr automatically will get this posted on. My location is not count on Tumblr. Finally, look how much time you spend at a homework. So if I am in the array of my job, then there is another additional line in Google spreadsheet added. And I can see how long I’m spending time in office, when I’m late, when I’m not late, sometimes I can see that. I was like, 10 minutes.

It’s in my office at Saturday at night and I’m like, that’s probably an error. And then I figured out that I was going by taxi at we can and I was passing near my office. So this is how sensitive these two is finally Fitness and social media. I just wanted to mention a little because I could end up like that, but social media really saved me and, and I get into fitness because of social media. So first, no time, no excuses. I bought this little

This band from livings, which is counting my steps measuring my pulse and how I’m sleeping. And then I started to install applications, like this one, which is measuring my steps. This is the waving supplication, then I get really mad. I started installing all the fitness applications, like RunKeeper MyFitnessPal, my fitness MapMyFitness, but my ride running everything. What I could nutracheck and so on. But why I did this because there is lots of this element of sharing on social media. So,

So I can show you like, for example Iran what 6 kilometers I burn 532 calories bum, it’s going on my Facebook and I found. Well, this very engaging people are very motivational but I also found that I buy my, my think I’m doing motivates also other people, so then I about moving the body scale. So this is the body scale, which is measuring your weight and pulls.

And other things and it’s automatically giving this data to your iPhone. So it’s very very handy because you don’t need to write this down, you just stepping on this and automatically all the data is going to iPhone on the cloud. So even if you, if you would lose your iPhone, the whole data is on the cloud and you can see how successful I was from 93 kilo 286 kilo. I think that’s a very, very good result and I’ve been pretty happy about myself and they want

You are asking me how you did this. I was like dude, this is because of social media and they’re like what it’s like come I will show you

And there is a recipe recipe, I set up as well if yesterday activity looked for Lucas isn’t and post a tweet to look as the lesson. So it looks like that on measure up when the measure of is an ingredient containing. I traveled distant miles took number of steps elevation in miles, and then I’m doing CC, Withings RunKeeper, Nike and Hashem. And this is how the tree looks like on August 28, 2015, I traveled 7 comma. 23. Miles took two,

Thousand four hundred fifty, five steps elevation 46, comma, 16, metres CC, weavings RunKeeper Nike Rush In And one Retreat, one figure. It’s so again, there was kind of Engagement. So that’s, that’s all I prepared for you. I just finished once again, I’m very pleased to be here. Thank you very much ICU monitor for opportunity and and yeah, and and I hope we will catch up soon.

In Romania. Next year, I believe when I will be there. Do we have people there?


Yes, I’m back. Oh, I don’t know. Hello, yes. Officially I’m back, thank you, thank you very much. Look, as it was very nice to hear you. I must say I did learn some new things for myself. I’m a bit of a newcomer to the true world of social media so I’ve been asking my notebooks taking notes. Seriously if there are any question hopefully people are going to

To share them with you. Now, if not, we always have the hashtag of our webinars on Twitter so people can come back to it and we can either, you can see them or we can let you know.

Absolutely, absolutely. Just checking it and maybe maybe if people can maybe book and send you this questions and you can build a list and then I can also give answers. It’s, you know, up to you, that would be great. That would be great because I was just checking it. And I received some emails from some of the registrants that were telling me, they had problems registering because of the worker delays. So, they were truly asking if they can get the

Yo, and if they can send you the the questions afterwards. So, when I just wanted to ask, did you record this? Yes. Yes. It’s a recording session. Lovely, lovely. So so, yeah. I think this is the power of Technology because, yeah, whoever couldn’t attend. Didn’t can join us on recorded material? I’m just realizing this because I was telling about your women are to a friend of mine on the other coast in the state and he was

Saying that I should be sent him the recording because because of the time zone difference, it’s truly truly something to to be happy and blessed and realize that you’re you’re enjoying this age, you know? Oh yeah. Definitely definitely apparently people are a bit shy tonight so I see no questions. Yeah, just checking that but again I won’t keep you any longer. Thank you though. Very, very much for your help. It’s always happy.

To have to Specialists and people who dedicate their time and their passion to this domain, it’s nice to feel the same, the same Vibe when it comes to social media and everything online again. Thank you. Thanks everyone for attending and taking their time to learn a bit more. I can tell you for sure that we have some of our colleagues in the office is going to be very excited about this idea of you getting motivated into a more sport oriented

Style. It’s definitely something that people with this sedentary. Aspect of their life are going to appreciate, and it’s definitely a way to get involved in different aspects of your life through social media definitely definitely. So so I have my bicycle there waiting for me, I’m cycling. No home. Yes. Oh yeah, you are doing your part of the job.

Yeah, and you can imagine how much money you can save, living in London with a bicycle bicycle is like a blessing because transport, you know, it’s the problem not with buses or undergone, but you may fall into this kind of buber or taxi behavior. And then is a problem to stop doing this because you think, like, all this is so easy peasy. But then it is a slide. Yeah, yeah. I do have to say that the same. I’m lucky though.

Every now and then I get the chance to visit family in the countryside. We always do like Outdoors activities and that’s really really nice balance through the city life. So perfect. So I would love to stay but I need to absolutely. Yeah. Thank you very, very much everybody.

Next year.

Roots. You know that my sucked upwards. I’m very confident about your wish okey-dokey perfect. Then I won’t keep you any longer. Thank you again, very much and have a lovely evening. Until the next time, everyone just enjoy your time and get ready for our next webinar by. Thank you very much. Take care for Best Buy.

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