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Hey, Lucas welcome. When you deliver the further or my right? Lucas a pew, pew. Natalia can get Tara. You are you completely how many time in here? 10, 15, 12, and 1 month in Italy? And one month in England. My English. Stop it here. Okay, okay, windy. Well, I was trying to count, I think I’ve been tens of times as a

Excel Milan, two times in Verona, then a couple of times for holidays Venice Rome. So yeah, I’m pretty much like couple of times in Italy and I’m not trying to like be nice, but it’s one of my favorite place to be. I know. I know why wine? Girl. Okay. Okay.

Excited about spending time together. And by the way, I think about this, we are here during the Saturday. They don’t mind to spend their own private time and come here and, you know, be together. And I think this is beautiful and that mean that says a lot about commitment. Okay, sweetie. As what you talk in accion low about your speech just in two minutes.

Absolutely. I’m always trying to make sure that the people who are coming on my speech, they are leaving after 15-20 minutes and they will say like, oh my gosh, that was very useful. I can go home and I can implement this straight away. So like most of the time, I was sharing a couple of tactics that they can take home. And that tactics been predominant. Yeah, predominant tools. I try to avoid from the word tricks because, you know, tapes tapes is better exactly

And there is no there’s very little magic about the CEO. There still is but very little. So I was trying to share with my friends from Verona and not only Verona whole Italy. I think couple of tactics that they can Implement in the content. Research content optimization how to utilize tools that are available out there like buzzsumo or semrush the best way. Just one one water. What do you think about the search by voice?

Voice the next thing the Alexia skills is next things to do. You know, I think it’s just a trend of the moment and we return to type on the keyboard. I think it’s a different dimension of search. You still will be using the search as we know because in office, I don’t believe that anyone is if 10 people will start doing voice search the same time on in the bus, then it will not work because you, you you

Making this kind of privacy. However, all these devices like Alexa Amazon. Alexa, they are designed for this different way of communication, different dimension of search. I personally can see also that Google is promoting this answer boxes. I was talking today as a part of voice search. If you asking me, personally I am okay, about voice search. I’m not a crazy fan of it, maybe I will be kind of the technology.

And the trend will force me to be convinced but I’m keeping this on the radar. So we all understood should keep on the radar. I was reading that a young generation of people in u.s. 30% of them is using voice search pretty much only and the kids these days who have an access to iPads or other devices, very often get used to to use voice search. So maybe the whole industry is pivoting. I am a very, very fan of Gary vaynerchuk and he say voice first because it is

I’m sorry, influencer. Multitasking and speed – speed we have more, we want more time and we need speed but what do you think so? Yeah. Absolutely. I can just Echo Gary and say like yes, that definitely save the time. No, that’s no brainer dice. That’s a the time and that makes you work faster, more efficient but

But obviously, the context is behind that. So again, like when you are morning in the train going to your office and there is hundred people around you. I don’t feel that they’re using the search voice. Search will be something that people will switch to. However, you know, when you are sitting in your sofa on your coach or you want to take a taxi. That’s probably much faster. Just wake up and you say what was the weather? Like exactly or you want to listen to your favorite song? So it’s a bit different.

Of the search. Okay, thank you. Thank you very much and it was pleasure to be here.

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