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Hello, everyone and Welcome to our search web search metrics webinar called content optimization and SEO in the center of your digital strategy in 2018 and Beyond today. I have a really special guest with us. My name is Svetlana ustinova, chime team lead of SEO, Consulting of searchmetrics digital strategies group and our guest is vikash. A Lesnar who is online from UK with us. So,

It’s give you a microphone because you can present yourself and tell us a bit more. Although I believe, most of the people are really familiar with you and your work with in SEO industry. Thank you very much for having me today. Thank you very much for the introduction and thank you very much for joining us. My name is Lukas zelezny. I am working currently, as director of organic acquisition for zoopla Property Group, a zoopla property group is a big company that owns

Zoopla owns, you switch a price comparison website, Monica UK and plenty of other companies. I’ve been there for six years before I was in plenty of other companies here in London. And yeah, it’s been an exciting Journey for last 15 years on the market, in the industry side of this. Some of you may make me on some conferences, I’ve been in Europe

Ben speaking in a UK as well in Asia. And also, I’m very proud and honored to be a member of the judging panel for UK search Awards and European search Awards. So, this is me in a nutshell. Thank you very much for having me once again, thank you for joining us. What question I would like to say that. You’re also one of our speakers for our searchmetrics Summit, right? That’s correct was amazing conference. It was amazing conference in

I’m speech from you. So I would like to say a few more words about the organizer of this webinar, this is the searchmetrics digital strategies group. It is a group of integrated consultancy and our team of data scientists strategist. And marketers have been focused on unlocking, the mysteries of online performance since 2005, when the company was founded, what we do in digital strategies group, we are doing strategic Consulting, SEO Consulting and content marketing services.

Is and you can see some of our really nice clients that work with us. And now we are getting back to Lucas and his first tactic regarding content, optimization and SEO for digital strategy in 2018. Thank you very much. So as an introduction I am you know some of you may know I am very often trying to share with that in these something that

Will be very easy to implement something that you are. After this presentation can take to your office to your home, wherever you working from, and you can implement this. And today we will be talking about content most of the time but also touch WordPress will touch a link building. And I really hope that after this presentation, I have 90s 92 slides for today. So I hope that right after this presentation. You can say like, okay, let’s implement this.

Let’s see, the outcome. Let’s see, the impact. So let’s start. The first tactic is finding low-hanging fruits with search console and I have no doubt that most of you is familiar with search console. Especially the new search console, which is a very, very powerful. Still a bit underrated tool. And right now, I just wanted to touch this tool a little more and share with you how I am dealing with data that I can.

I gather through search console. So, obviously search console. This is what we are going to talk. And right now we can see a couple of keywords that belongs to my personal website Zeal as needed UK. It’s a very small website. I launched this some time ago predominantly about my conferences. A little more is in the blog. But obviously, there is plenty of keywords that are very long tail, that my website is already ranking,

Or my website is ranking and receiving clicks. And if I will export data from search console as such, I will always get no more than 999 Rose. There is a limitation and some people back in the day, we’re thinking that this is all the data that is there. In fact, there is much more and I wanted to share with you a way. How you can pull much more pretty much all the data from search console. So,

So, you need to link your search console with your data Studio. Some of you may be familiar with data Studio data series, a very powerful if still free tool provided by Google and how to do this. So first of all, you need to go to data studio and find the right connector. In this example, the right connector is obviously a search console and then you need to choose the right property as you can see here on the screen on the

Left side, you have plenty of properties that belong to zealous in. The UK, why am I doing this? This is quite important. If you have a big website, it’s a good practice to add multiple different folder as separate properties. And I’m doing this like that in use which you switch it up. Come is a price comparison website and you through, I have a plenty of various different products. You can even think about you switch that cam as multiple businesses under the same domain.

Main, we have / Broadband /, credit card, /, mobile /, gas and electricity /, ah, home insurance, classic car, insurance, and so on. And so, on each property is a separate. Each folder is a separate property. Thanks to that. Imagine that something is not going, right? We have a problem of indexation. We just started to see that the number of pages started inflating. We can easily identify which section

Need our attention when we have this granular view. But for this example, obviously, I am adding as well as needed UK house. So the main website to search muscle and to date a studio and I’m choosing which table, I want to operate with. There are two available side, Impressions, and URL Impressions and then Google Google data studio is giving me high information. What? Metrics and dimensions, I will be importing and I’m saying

Okay, data Studio, that’s great. I want definitely to import that, and I’m doing this. And in the next step I need to choose. I need to start building my report and obviously, this presentation is not at the moment about how data studio is working. And like I said, it’s a very powerful tool so you can, you can start playing with this tool and you can discover more and more, can I jump in to say something about data studio? Just for

People who may have dubs, is it too complicated to use it? Actually data Studio provides connectors from the beginning and one of them is connected to Google analytics, so you don’t have to know coding to be able to connect, right? Absolutely. Absolutely. That’s a very fair point. You don’t need any coding knowledge. And then you choosing table and you building your table with all available Matrix, and you have four clicks side

Our Impressions and average position. And this is how our export look like you have again, very similar way toward you, so in a Google search console. However, if you look on the bottom of this table, there is no more 999. Key words there is more than 5000 and this is pretty much all the keywords because you connecting through API. That’s are all the keywords are there and on the first slide.

Of this tactic. I said low-hanging fruits. What does it mean? Low-hanging fruits, pretty much you walk, you will start working with a keyword that already our ranking. There must be a reason why these keywords already ranking Google somehow is figuring out that this keywords are relevant to your website. So now, your task is to identify which of them will be the most prominent and push them up and

We can export these keywords to CSV to excel which I’m doing. And again, this is the same view in Excel and we have keywords, or queries clicks impression CTR. And the positions there is one thing that is thank you. There is one thing that is missing. Obviously, every time you thinking about optimizing keywords, you need to think about a power query and the corresponding URL. Yeah. So,

Is a software that I’m using to very quickly. Scrape the, the corresponding URLs. It’s called a key Rancor and I can load all my keywords to acupuncture. So I’m creating project. I’m adding zelezny wks domain. I’m loading all the keywords and then when I am ready, I’m pressing. OK and IQ Rancor is scraping and now I can export this again to Excel and do a simple vlookup to match. The corresponding queries with corresponding urls.

And now we have a full picture and we could start working straight away. However there is one more step a very easy step. Let’s do a pivot by URLs. So let’s group all the keywords per specific URL and this is the group the first group. So there is a HTTP status Checker. I have a tool, I have a plug-in on my website which is giving people a visitor’s ability to check status of the URL and that’s

Are the keywords? That’s a triggering that page. So I used for example host check at 2200. Okay, and I already have some clicks there. I have already some Impressions. I already have a nice CTR but somehow the position is for and now is the creme de La Creme of this tactic to go to dive deep in this page and start optimizing this page to make this keyword or a couple of more that will select higher. And obviously that’s

A relatively simple part, you just need to think, what can you make around this page to make this page stronger in terms of that phrases? Maybe write a ditional paragraph, may be optimized, headers modified title tag out some internal Links at some external links and so on and so on. And so so that is what I call low hanging fruits.

I would say it’s much more than low-hanging fruits because we have a lot of SEO s that are not able to export all of the keywords from from analytics first because of our long years of frustration, of undulating, blocking all of the keywords. Then we have problems with search console and with this easy tactic, they can see all of the keywords and not only keywords, but collect all of the data related to this keywords. Yes, absolutely. Unlike like you make sure that

Thank you, and like you mentioned before no coding and knowledge is needed in that tactic.

So now something similar to to the first tactic. This is the snapshot approach to keyword research and snapshot is somehow additional tactic, which is kind of in the line of the first tactic I show you. So, for, for this tactic will use one of my favorite tool, obviously a search metrics, and just a little hypothetical story. Imagine that is 2012, and I’m joining.

Used to each. And, you know, my personal approach this year is that I don’t like to give any excuses. I want to bring pretty much immediately the result. So what am I doing? I’m going to to search metrics and I can pull again, keywords, that already our ranking, obviously, that’s a different key words, to what you see in Google search console, but much, much more popular in terms of the search volume and you can vary.

A similar Way, start optimizing your website for that keyword, but we see, you know, when I will type you, I will see lots of keywords that rank on position 1. So there is pretty much nothing I can do to run higher, obviously someone could say that I can try to put them into featured snippet, but we will not be talking about this today, but let’s say that was 2012 and and there was no featured so keywords that are on position. One keywords that are brand keywords so you switch,

Example, shouldn’t be there and then, finally key words that belong to third-party brand. So, for example, we very often been seeing used to drinking on keywords, like orange or T-Mobile, because we are also offering deals from that mobile providers. And again, like when someone is typing orange or T-Mobile, and then that person is rather looking for orange or T-Mobile than you. So this keywords will be excluded. So how am I doing this? I’m doing this, a very simple way.

I’m going to build in filter, which is very helpful feature in searchmetrics, and I’m saying, show me keywords that are ranked below between position 2 and 10, and then the search volume is between 1020 thousand searches a month. So automatically, I’m excluding all the keywords that are either too high on position, one and two low, and that would take too much affords to push them to the top, top three, or top five. And I’m getting a very nice, sweet set of keywords. And what is the

Most important here, it is. That first of all, you have here, this corresponding URLs and keyboards, or keywords, and URLs, you have position. You don’t need to do any scrape. You have search volume and finally, if you look closer to the set lots of keywords, trigger different parts of the website. So if one product is a very competitive and is a very difficult to push this product up in the rankings and gain, gain traffic uplift, you may say

Okay, let’s start from easier product. You can see that some key words here on this screen attracting loans, the other one, attracting gas and electricity. Then you have boiler covers and so on, and so on, and so on. And I’m going a bit deeper. So this is an old screen shot, which is showing something that I called, normalized, click to rate distribution, model organic, and this is from slingshot. And obviously, it’s very easy for you to challenge.

I mean to say like, hey do you really believe that when I rang on position one I have 18.2 or 18.4 percent click-through rate. It’s about something else, it’s about to show. What’s the difference between two ranked 1st 2nd, or to rank 7, 8 or 9? It’s a massive difference in the click-through rate model. Obviously, this click to rate is flu fluid for different phrases, but generally the curve shape.

Tape is very often like that. So it’s not really about to run between, not really to push position, keyword from position to position 5. That is not giving us that much impact. It’s something else. This is our sweet spot. It’s to push keyword to position 3, 2 or ideally position 1 and this is a simple calculation. Simple estimation you can see that a considering the click-through rate 10% on position to and 18.2.

One position 1 and 4 cm only deals there was 18,000 841 searches then we can estimate this traffic from 2000 around two thousand visits on position to two forty three point, two thousand or three point three thousand visits on position 1. So this is additional 1,400 visits to be on position to or to be on position 1 and how I’m doing this. I’m just creating aggregated.

Matrix, which is called Ti we are, which is traffic index, TI marks, which is what I called, SEO Utopia. So when I would be on the position 1 and TI difference, which is TI, Max minus TI, and I’m building a spreadsheet, which is containing these three metrics? You can see that the last three columns, containing these three metrics, and then I’m sorting this spreadsheet by Metric called Ti div. So, the difference between what

I am right now and where I could be, when I would be on the position one and I can see this is how my prioritization of keywords and I know that we have only like what a 40 minutes for today, and that may look a little complicated for you because of that, I decided to prepare for you a spreadsheet that you will be able to download from my website. This is spreadsheet that describe this method. So you can see

See that sort by search volume and sort by T. IDF is different and where you can download the spreadsheet to play with these numbers. It’s my website. The zelezny dot. U k–, not the lenzi, not the Lansky zelezny dot U k– /, snapshot and when you will go there there will be a link to the spreadsheet and as far as I remember, I used Pimlico plumber’s which is a very popular brand here in UK as an example website.

And you will see how it works, and it’s very much, my pleasure, my pleasure. Now, I think that is one of the previous lectures where we had to have our College Felix oil or created a spreadsheet for Branded non-branded keywords. And if you join yours fringes and he’s I think you have a great chance to make really good SEO analysis. Sorry for this.

So right now. Yeah, so going back to this, I just wanted to say one more thing that obviously this is what the added value is. I want people to play with these things because this is where they can learn the most when they playing with this numbers by themselves.

And going back. So when you have this prioritization, then you can go through optimization process and again this is not a rocket science title, tag modification strong tag. Alt tag image file name. That’s very important actually. So make sure that your images are containing the keyword in the final name. Instead of using some random characters, make sure that there is a list of keywords that you putting into your file name. So, for

You know, if I am a conference speaker and there is an article about me on my website and there is my photo. Then the file name is automatically conference, speaker conference speaker, in London dot, jpg. Rather than some random characters or it could be a look at Jesus modification of other internal links with keyword, Rich, anchor. And when to use, when you starting working on organic performance, when you join to the organization, when there is lots of pressure, when someone is saying, like, you know,

No, we don’t believe in a CO and you saying, like, give me five minutes, hold on, you know, for website, we’ve established history of rankings in serbs. So this is not a tactic for a new website, unfortunately. But this is a tactic for website that have some history establish and then finally when you quickly need to provide that SEO is worth. So again like you are challenged by people like who are saying like oh we don’t believe in SEO and you saying like I will prove you

Conclusion you dealing with keywords that are already ranked. So like I said, Google is your advisor, you leveraging quality traffic. If these keywords already rank somewhere, then, definitely you know, you leveraging them up and you improving the quality traffic, you utilizing multiple URLs. Again, some URLs, some products, some sections may be too difficult to make them ranking, but some other will be very easy you playing.

Ng search engine game. So again, Google is your advisor and finally, you delivering quick results. So again, someone is behind your shoulders and you saying like I will prove you, give me like one, two, three weeks and you will see results. So that was tactic to. Another tactic is link building through brand tracking. It’s a very I would say, effective effective tactic not very popular yet, so

Let me, let me show you how I’m approaching to this this tactic. So, first of all, you need to have a tool, which is a brand tracker and we have plenty of right now on the market, we have talked Walker. We have brand24, we have fresh web Explorer, we have Google Alerts, we have brand mentions brand watch and so on. And so, for this example, I will be using brand24, the main reason is that

As much as I like Doug Walker. Unfortunately, I cannot afford that Walker is a very Enterprise level tool and I promise you to show you something that, you know, I don’t like to start conversation from, you know, you need to invest five, ten, twenty thousand pounds and then maybe that would work. Obviously, if you have a budget, it’s good to consider talk Walker as as a brand rocker. But if you, if you are limited on working on a limited budget, then start from brand24 and run 24,

Is a tool that is to, you know, to track mentions and mentions of your brand mentions of your name, amongst your name and sunny. So this is use which I created this project, you won’t believe in 2014. So for 4 last year I’m tracking every day where you switch been mentioned and I can show this to you in a form of infographic as well but this

This is example results from this brand24 to stay on top of your work with Lucas Resnick podcast. So I was invited as a guest to time and I was talking how I manage my how I am managing my time and so on and so on. And then I just noticed on my email alert and I could go back to the article on time come and I saw this, another Wednesday, another episode of our podcasts. Are you ready for another dose of great tips and so on and so on and so on and there,

This intro text, and I just marked that they mentioned my name and surname and then they mentioned the company, I’m working for you and I could go to them and say like, hey time, come thank you very much for having me. Thank you very much for mentioning me. Thank you very much for mentioning you switch. By the way, is there a way that you could make this a link to you and you can even go deeper

Can say like oh you know what? I already posted this on my Facebook and Twitter link to your article, dealing to this podcast podcast, and then you can go into this conversation about link and 9 of 10 times. You will see that this owners of the website that mentioned you will be very happy to link to you. And there is more that you can see. You can see, you know, what are the relevant profiles or you are influencer for the profile.

Or two profiles that influence your profile. So far, you switch example, you may be surprised at Britain’s Got Talent is one of the highest, but obviously last edition of Britain’s Got Talent use, which was the main sponsor of of this audition. And then, you know, even before you switch, I’m always saying that I had this anecdote that, you know, my name is, Luke has a lesson and no one knows pretty much. No one knows how to spell it and I even wanted to change this one’s for

Something like Archibald Smith. So unique name and and very common sunny. But then I noticed, like hold on. When you have this kind of crazy name and sunny then it’s easy to track where people are mentioning you. So I went back to Brand 24 actually I want I started tracking mining first that project I’m showing is from 2013 so it’s five years and I put my name’s with without space with some type of mistakes and so on and so on. And

I’m getting some solids, we’re on the block or we’re on the social media or we’re on Twitter. YouTube Facebook. My name is mansion. And again I can approach and I can ask for a link. And here is another example. It’s actually in Russian, you know, Russian article and there was my name and surname on the bottom. You can see next to my photo is written in the Latin alphabet. And thanks to that. Obviously brand24 being able to catch and I could

Watch these people and say like, oh, thank you very much for mention. And by the way, maybe there is a chance that you could link to my website, one more thing I wanted to mention sometimes you will see that people instead of linking to your website, they are linking to your Twitter or Facebook profile and this is another way to approach them. You know, let’s be honest, Facebook and Twitter have enough links, they will never have a problem with link building and so on. And so on, you can always approach that people

We are linking to your profile on Twitter or on Facebook and say, like, you know what, maybe there is a chance that you can just change this link to my website, another tactic topic research with social media help. So, for this tactic, we will use a tool called a buzzsumo. So buzzsumo is a very interesting tool is the something like Google, that you

Can type a query or a keyword and you will see results. The difference is that these results are based on metrics from social media. So, number of shares per platform. And so that can be number of shares from Twitter or you can sort this by number of shares by Facebook by Pinterest and by Links, and here is the screenshot. And I type the keyword properties in London, as you remember. I am also working for zoopla

So properties in London, and I could sort this by Twitter shares and I could see what topics being the most popular six factors influencing the UK property Market in 2008. That is very interesting article being shared massively on Facebook, and Twitter, but also gained lots of links. And now, the challenge challenging part of this task is to understand why this

This article become so popular. Obviously is the guardian. So it’s a very known publisher in UK the article being written in December 26th, 2017. So just five days before end of the year, it’s a massive hype. What will be next year like and so on? And so on also the title is constructed a very engaging viral way six factors influencing the UK property Market in next year. So, you know, it’s not

And then one factors is not one factor is just this manageable number that makes you curious to read and maybe to share. And what do you know from that? Then you can think right now is November, 2018, so decide, sorry October the December is really on the way you can start right now looking on, buzzsumo topics that mean, that way written. And what you could do, you could write six factors or eight factors.

Rinsing the UK property Market in 2019, and if you will put this, the right moment of time, definitely there will be shares. There will be the shares on Twitter, on Facebook, and on Pinterest, but also links but also links. And this is how it looks on the bus Sumo. And this is the article that I mentioned, so it’s someone can say, like, oh, it’s a bit like a copycat tactic. Unfortunately, you know, on the other side,

The plenty of data which support this tactic. So I’m the last one to say that you should copy this but definitely the first one to say that you should learn a lot. Why these articles become so popular and what we can do to make our article as popular as this. Yeah. And it’s really important to know your competition, whatever you work on inside of SEO or content marketing industry rather than just going alone through the dark. Until you find something that

It works out for your brand and I think all of the tactics that you showed so far and we’ll see the next one’s also prove that you need to work on with the data. This is something that searchmetrics really believes in as well. Absolutely. You know, I think that competitor our competitors is the greatest source of information and there is nothing nothing cooler when you are a second, you just following a path of the of the leader. And obviously,

You want one day to become a leader? You want the one day to take over them? But, you know, instead of like you said, trying randomly things, you may try to do a reverse and engineering studies on the competitor who is leading the market and then find lots of answers. Lots of exciting things you would never think about before. So yeah, we are on the same page. Exactly. So another tactic is a hashtag tracking to find p. R link.

These and I will give you an example from UK, how it works. But obviously, you can replicate this for any other market, and that’s our two hashtags. That’s our creme. De La Creme of hashtags in UK. The first one is called Junior request and the other one is PR request and how it works. I am using application called. If this, then that it’s something similar to zap here, but it doesn’t, that is free and I’m creating

This triggers this alerts. So this is the first alert if new tweet from search, for junior, request social. So, there must be, or Junior request. And what social then send me e-mail at lukesh at the Leslie co uk. Another one, if new tweet from search for Journal request marketing. So, once again, jr. Request is the that the hashtag very often used by journalists when they looking for.

An expert opinion for someone to give some additional comment. So if I’m using a journal request plus marketing, that means that I’m looking for a journalists who said, oh, I’m looking for someone who will give me comment about recent Google algorithm changes Journal request marketing. Yeah. And then we have another one, a very interesting if new tweet from search for Journal, request polish – nail. So I was born in Poland so on

Polish but I know nothing about polishing nails. So I’m excluding nail word because that’s the linguistic thing. And obviously, you know, let’s say there is a brexit on the way and there is a big community of Polish people living in London. Jurors some journalists May right? Oh, I’m looking for someone who is Polish to give me a comment about recent situation on the employment Market Journal request. And I have polish Journal request that alert been

Triggered, and I’m getting email, and this is how I’m configuring Gmail. I’m just putting into the title Line, This exclamation mark Emoji, so it really kind of bling in front of my eyes and I can easily not omit that alert. And when I configured that, then, literally, literally the next day, I had plenty of alerts. And I wanted to show you one. That was a very important one for me. So this is a screenshot from Twitter.

How can Publishers do marketing, better expert needed to comment for article and ebook hash PR request. Harshvardhan request. So we have award marketing and we have a word, June request. And what I could do, I could approach a ribbon fish team and I can say, hey, I had something is telling me that you may need some comments about marketing because they don’t need to know that I have. And if this

They’re not there and automatically they can start working with me and so on and so on, and obviously I can say like, okay and here is a link to my website very often when someone is looking for comments, then that this person is also happy to, you know, to add your link and one more thing that is very important here. There is, there are some platforms that will offer you tracking some hashtags on Twitter for money.

Now, you know that you can easily build something that is absolutely free and work as effective as the paint solution. And this is the screenshot of the Tweet itself. How can Publishers do marketing, better expert needed to comment and so on, and so on, and so on. So that was another tactic. And then finally, at the end of this presentation, I have couple of a very interesting plugins that I’m a big fan of

And this plugins Works obviously under WordPress. And I decided to show you this and tell a little more. How am I using them? Because I feel that plenty of our and attendees may have websites on WordPress or may use a couple of sections on WordPress. So, for example, the blog maybe on WordPress and it’s worth to consider this plugins because they can be like pain.

Painkiller for many problems, you may face during the optimization process and the companies that starts with like a startups or new ideas or maybe blogs, they always start with WordPress because I think it’s the easiest one and installing SEO plugin. I think we have a lot of SEO colleagues. That would agree that working with what’s Fortress is the easiest choice. They can make at the beginning of their maybe SEO or digital marketing career. Absolutely absolutely. And right now,

I am not sure if I will be correct, but 28 person or even more websites is running on WordPress. You have lots of I big examples, like Mashable, for example, and and lots of companies is using WordPress as a section. Block section is running on board present zones on. So yeah, I think that also will be another value. Yes. The first one is one signal, a free web push notifications. So, one is a service that

Allowed you to create push notifications a browser notification. And then you need to install a corresponding plug-in under your WordPress and a p, a p key. And that’s pretty much how it works. And I have here on the, on the left side two screenshots, from my website, there’s a lesson UK that I mentioned and you can see how graduate Lee I have more and more subscribers to my service and then on the other side,

On the left is my little baby. I would call a social media, dot PL, the website that they acquired some time ago and I’m also writing is more for Polish market, but you can see also that gradually I have more and more and more subscribers. I don’t know anything about their email, but every time I’m posting new blog post, a new post, new piece of content, I can send them notification and I can say hey there is a new piece of content.

Tent and you may want to go and read and thanks to that you leveraging, you traffic. So how it works, obviously, you need to go to one signal that concrete account, you will get an API key. And then the app ID, and you need to put these two codes into your WordPress, and then you will see this little checkbox above your editor in the WordPress. So once this checkbox is ticked by default every time,

Press publish, you’ll see something like that. So you can see this little pop-up on Chrome which is in that example, for social media PL and every subscriber is receiving that information. A very effective tactic especially when your WordPress have some traffic and then you will gain this subscribers faster. One thing is very important to say your website should be on SSL, if you want make this

This work, very effect, another WEP WPA, SEO Auto Linker. So you definitely are familiar with Wikipedia and you can see this consistency in Wikipedia some words are linking to specific pages. So every time there is a word London that we’re London, word in English will be linking to English version of a page about London and that is a very helpful for googlebot to crawl your website

But also for a user to be engaged in, click on this links and so on. And so on, think about yourself. How many times being on Wikipedia? You start to Johnny and then after a couple of clicks, you’ve been thinking, like, hold on, how did I get here? And from topic about London, you end up about some. I don’t know, a king of Denmark living in 5th Century, so, or 8th century and so, so you can see how attractive

It network of internal links can be, and this is very easy. Plug-in to use. You just need to load anchor, text, and corresponding URLs. And here is an example. I have just two, but this is just an example. So, I said, every time there is work, Twitter, link this to social media, dot p, l / Twitter, and there is article about Twitter. And every time there is what Facebook link. This to HTTP slash social media. Look PL / Facebook f

Cute. And then I can show you a two pieces of content. They are imposed, but this is not important and there is what Twitter and there is word Facebook and this words automatically will be linked to specific other articles around. My, my service, you can go even deeper, you may want to add some affiliate link. So every time there will be a specific brand name or specific product mention or you know something on Amazon that you

Are trying to become an affiliate that word or a set of words will be always linked outside with a referral code. So it’s saving plenty of time and I can say that, it works very well. Another one, smoosh image, compression compression and optimization smooches, a very very useful. Plug-in is just making your jpegs png’s graphic compressed and when they are compressed,

They loading faster. And generally, your GT Matrix core is going higher and and website, potentially should start ranking better. I don’t couple of tests on GT Matrix. I optimized social media PL and the c word Press PL and I could see a massive Improvement. Once the load time went below one second. And if you have a access to search metrics, you can after this webinar

Our go to search metrics and type social media, dot PL, change the flag to polish, you will see as far as I remember 90% uplift invisibility. So I know that. Thank you, thank you very much. It’s very exciting to see her. Every time there is an update and I think lots of our listeners may have the same. Everyone is waiting, you know, with with a little nervously, what searchmetrics will show next in the next update.

Yes. Exactly. And while what’s updates will bring to us, is it good or bad? Exactly.

So this is as smooth compressor and then the next one is a Gonzalez like Speedy. Gonzales is a paid plug-in twenty dollars I think Worth to invest sometimes and he’s a very efficient plug-in to make your website faster. Yeah I was testing this plug-in many times Works a very interesting way and makes your page load time lower. So generally website is faster and if you don’t want to pay, there is an alternative out.

Demise, some of you may know, very popular plug-in these days out. Optimized is able to make a lot of good things with your website and some of them are optimization of HTML code JavaScript, and CSS, make sure that you are not using too many plugins that are trying to optimize what was already optimized. So this is a bit like you would like to compress something that was compressed before.

Currently there is this limit. And if you starting stunning, multiple different plugins that are to optimize your website, then unfortunately, their load time will start increasing. Then finally, we have a pending on copy sometimes, especially for a bigger website with more traffic. You may see this 10, this trend that people are borrowing paragraph, paragraphs of text, Big Publishers are trying to prevent or trying to use this as a link building tactics. So, every time someone will have

I like the piece of text press right Mouse. Click copy. That will be the moment when this plug-in will attach an original article link into this copied fragment. And then let’s say someone quickly will post this summer on the Forum or own block will not edit this. And there is a chance that this link will be attached and then the last one, a little controversial. But yeah I am kind of using this plug-in with lots of success.

It’s a 4042 301. So I don’t have any problems with 404 anymore because all my 404 are redirecting to homepage. So, a little of story when I acquired social media, dot PL, there was a previous website, there was a lot of Link’s externally pointing to that website, but I only acquired domain know the content. So, my content is completely different. Now, instead of picking up each external link and then redirecting this manually through plug-in, which is called quicker Direct

I rather went to something that is called catch-all solution and I said, okay all 4431 on homepage so yeah you can do tests with this as well. And the last part is a little about the the server the cloud I’m using. So I just wanted to share what setup I’m using. Maybe you will find this interesting. I’m using side ground and just to be completely impartial I know that there.

Is WP engine. Would you also very good? But I just wanted to say a few words about side ground. So I’m using side block because of three level of cache and because of hvm that was available there, but right now being replaced by PHP 7. So so because of PHP 7 that is right now. On side ground, there is no more hvm but you can do some tests and I was doing some tests about H HV M, and then PHP 7,

Terms of space with. So this is the website a, which is, there is lots of to be done because the score is D&D page, load is 0.4. And then I’ve been able to reduce this to 3.1 when the optimization being untouched. So you can see that the number of requests dropped by for only but the load time being massively improved and then the website add another example. This website is website be is lighter but also a very

Slow and lots of requests. And then I’ve been able to reduce these two, three point four seconds. So either, if you have any protesting provider and cloud provider, go to settings and see what is there, in the settings panel, is there anything about caching? Is there anything about I can, or cannot turn PHP 7, and so on, and so on. And then go to GT metrics and do some tests before and after and sitting back.

And if you consistently working on on, on what I said, if you consistently thinking about optimizing pagespeed thinking about backlinks thinking about keyword research thinking about low-hanging fruits, then obviously it’s a very exciting when you going weekly basis to your search metrics account and you can see this amazing encouraging uplift like this one when the website had some blockers. And I’ve been able to

Look this blockers or here when the website consistently was growing up higher and higher, and higher. And that’s all what we like to see. As a result of our SEO or content marketing strategy, right? Lucas. Yes. Absolutely. When you can see something like that, you know, where you are in the right place in the right time. If you cannot, you may need to change a tactic. You may need to start something test, something different, you know, someone said that.

You know, it’s a willpower paraphrase. This it’s pretty naive to to do the same thing and expect different results. So again like if something is not working for you, don’t afraid to experiment, don’t afraid to take something new. Don’t afraid to test something new and yeah, and then and then go to search metrics and and see how is it performing go to search console. Go to Google analytics. Go to your keyword tracker and I

This is my last slide for for now, so I just wanted to connect to the studio. Well this was really a lot of information and amazing ones because I’m going to just relate to this and say to our audience it’s time that you can ask her some questions. We already see a received several questions and of course you can download nice spreadsheet, that look as prepared for for us. And I want to thank you for that.

So we will now jump into our questions that we already received. So the first one says, are there further infos material for the first topic? So topic regarding data studio and how to connect search console and data Studio like you did, okay? So Patrick there will be plenty of online articles about this, but I can promise you that this is so pretty straightforward, just go to date.

Studio on your Google account, open this. And if your data studio and your search console are under the same Google account, I believe you will have no problem whatsoever to connect this, it’s a pretty easy straightforward process. And yeah, it’s only the matter of playing a little with, with this

I would say that there is a documentation from Google site, if you start using Google data studio and lands on their landing page, I think you will find nice tutorial. That will be a good push for you to start as well, right? Yeah, absolutely. All of data Studio. We are so we have. Yes, I’m on your side with this. So, we have another question that says, can you limit internal links per page with WPA? SEO Auto, Link her.

If so, so it takes just the first mention of a word and links to the specific page. I believe that the person who has this question is, maybe worried that this will look spammy and it will end up with multiple links with the same anchor tag and same links inside. Yeah, so first of all, Tom, thank you very much for joining us. I knew that you will be here and that we know each other and the the question. Thank you very much for asking. The question and a

Absolutely. Yes, there are function that limiting this. So the author who created this plug-in being aware of the fact that let’s say if you have one word that you want to link like in my example more Twitter and this word is over and over repeated, you may say like only the first mention only the first time the word is mentioned, link this to the specific page. So and then you can also limit overall number of internal, links from one page. So you can say

Only one time, one anchor should be linked and no more than five links per page. So, yeah. So I hope that is answering. But, you know, you can always drop me an email, okay? I believe this is it for the questions we received at the moment, but I will encourage you to get in touch with Lucas, or get in touch with our searchmetrics. Digital strategies group. If you have any further questions with us, and once again, I would like to thank you really much for joining us.

Us and sharing this valuable information. And I’m looking forward to see you in person in Berlin and to see you again maybe on stage or another webinar that will create with you. Absolutely, that was an amazing time for me. Thank you very much for having me. Thank you very much for our attendees. If you have a time, you can go to my LinkedIn, you can add me, we can still have a chat and, you know, and follow searchmetrics for another amazing webinars.

That they are going to prepare. Thank you very much. Have a lovely day and lovely day for our audience and thanks for joining us for this webinar. Thank you. Bye.

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