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Lukasz Zelezny is the head of organic acquisition at, a UK based price comparison website with offices in London. Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this watch video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

Are you deaf second? We are on the air now. Okay guys, we’re having Lucas Julia’s knee today or maybe I’m not exactly right to pronounce his difficult, difficult name. But are you all here for 3 today? Is the first webinar for this year 2016. And okay yeah, okay and

And so we haven’t started yet. We wait people tend to be late and hopefully we’ll get more people to see us. So lukesh is doing second webinar with us and he’s kind of he’s everywhere. Yeah, I open the computer and I can see him straight forward in my Twitter and my Facebook in just everywhere. And I’m pretty sure I have been using even an enemy fraction of it and

He is just everywhere. So it’s very interesting how he managed to do all of it and to make a brand out of his his own name as what he told us last last webinar I can see people Gather in. I can see we have more people. Okay we haven’t started such everybody who just joined us. We haven’t started it yet. We just just charging with waiting for more, more people. Okay, let’s check us out. How does it sound look Ash. So thank you very

Much for introduction. You pronounce my surname. Very well. That’s the first thing. Yes, and you said that I’m everywhere. Well it may look like that and I’m really kind of a proud that you see this like that. But what I want to mention and all this worth to mention it is that today on this webinar I’m going to share a couple of Secrets how to manage social media the way how I’m managing

So you can do a lot but in a very short time because of automatization. So I hope everybody will find this useful and interesting. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it would be useful and interesting and I’m asking audience array. No. Okay, we’re doing it on Hangouts. We have been doing it on Hangouts for for some time and probably our regulars already know the score. So if we have people with

Camera and microphone, who wants to join us here in a green room as they’re out there, told us it a green room.

Oh, yeah. Okay, somebody’s join us. Okay, we can see our first visitor. Hi, how you doing? Can you speak or we just just gonna no camera. Just picture. Okay, never mind. Uh-huh.

Yeah, yes, no. Okay, okay. Well whilst and I miss his attention weeks. We can have more people here. If so if you want to ask question at the end,

Okay. Um, can you hear me is not great. So if it’s real sticky, okay, you can use. You can use a chart in inside and out.

Okay, around your sound is not great. So I had to mute it while you still can use. Use chat inside inside shunt to ask questions and everything. Okay guys, I we have more people who wants to join us here. Who’s good microphone camera and wants to answer question. Just let me know on comments just to write something to mean code.

Okay, so

Whenever you’re ready, we can start with a webinar. Okay? So I guess we almost ready if we have brave people to join us. You’re welcome Ram. Yeah, I mute you not because I don’t like you. I love you very much but your songs is cranky, but you still can use a chart which you already use and type your question. And I’m pretty sure Lucas will answer.

All of them at certain point. Okay guys, I guess it was all all hitting up or heating up is done and now, okay. Now look Ash, I can see you, you already fine, it’s all yours. Thank you very much once again. And yeah let me let me start. So in a nutshell, my name is Lucas zelezny. I’m working for a company called you switch in.

London, United Kingdom, and I’m here for two and a half years. We are price comparison website, great company, great people to work with. I am responsible for online organic acquisition, so that means mainly a CEO but also a bit of social media and so on. And so they I wanted to talk a little about social media for geeks. It won’t be a webinar for with basics.

Would you rather Advanced geeky nerdy stuff? Let’s start from this, lovely screenshot. I believe everybody likes KLM. I like this company a lot. It works. That’s that’s obviously Airlines. KLM Works prices are affordable and so on and so on. That’s why I took this example, one day I saw this article on E consultancy. That was November 2014. We may

25 million per year from social media. Great amazing. Very motivational made me feel like I told everybody it works. Social media works so well, but there is a downside of this article. Mainly, this article doesn’t answer any question, how they get there. What kind of tactics, what kind of strategy they had? So today I wanted to talk a little about this kind of bits and Bobs. This kind of little things that you can implement

In your kitchen in your bedroom, whatever you want to do to be successful, social media, first of all, Frankie and Benny and Waller. So I wanted to share this because again, a little of about Airlines I’m traveling a lot across the globe because of the conference’s. So there will be a couple of examples like that. This is how I

Engage a Big Brand Frankie and Benny, it’s a network of to chain of restaurants, which is selling amazing scrambled eggs before flying to a conference to Reykjavik. I went to London Luton Airport and I ordered my lovely scrambled eggs. Then when I asked for a bill the waiter bring the bill and Road. Thank you. There was a Frank you handwritten on the bill. I found this really nice, really honest. And I wrote

To eat such a simple on his gesture to write. Thank you on the resume. Thank you. Frankie and Benny’s hash. I love it. I’ve been very surprised because the street started to circulate quite well and obviously been retweeted by Frankie and Benny, what does it mean? 43,000 people. So my treat because this is that was the number of followers, those days that been following Frank and Benny, then I flew to wreak havoc, I had a

Great time there. Great conference in Reykjavik and when I was coming back, there was lots of rain and I was flying with what our and I saw that these people there in Reykjavik Iceland, like, people were working very hard to make us happy to make sure that we will fly without delays. And, and just, I’ve been overwhelmed how hard they were working. Similar story took a photo, I put some filters, I uploaded on Twitter and I wrote how our just wanted to say thanks Yuri.

We’ll have a really amazing ground stuff and cabin crew, professional and friendly. Same story that was retweeted by what we’re very shortly and almost 4,000 followers. So my treat now that was this kind of I was this kind of nice follower who was sharing lots of love, lots of, thank yous, but there are other types of followers on social media and you can find them across all the networks Twitter, Facebook

Linkedin and so on and so on. So I wanted to show you a seven, the most popular types of social media fans. First is a quiet follower, quiet follower, everybody of each of you is a quite follower of many Brands. We just following this brand because we following nothing. Nothing major. We just sometimes reading their tweets, the messages, they Facebook status, but there is no much interaction.

So characteristic heard about your business, not necessarily a customer doesn’t really harm, your social media presence.

But to engage create pools, quizzes, visual content, images video, strong call to actions

Okey-dokey we back. Thank you. So type to Casual like er and Casual like her is like next-level after being a quite follow. So characteristic is quite simple connect with your brand because of past experience once friends to see them as a source of good recommendation and boost your social visibility and you should

Identify casual Lakers people who likes you sometimes people who share a little of love because these people may be very useful if you bring them on next levels or to engage, develop a creative and engaging posts, describe popular products, or service asked to reassure. And I wanted to mention, there is no slides on this but I’m teaching is on my workshops. There is a tool which can help you to find.

Usual like her or engaged people across social media, like Facebook or Twitter. Mainly this to this tool is called commune dot, it community and communed. IIT will see some common. I can even stop for a second and I can try to open this bear with me. You should be able to see this.

The brothers that what I’m talking about? And yeah, I bought this tool recently and India is a very good tool and and I recommend to everybody

So now we have casual like then we have Bill seeker and I am a deal seeker of Amazon. So I wouldn’t wear Amazon t-shirt. I’m not a worshiper of Amazon. It’s not like I love this brand and I’m saying like, oh, Amazon is better than others. No, nothing like that. I just go on Amazon because of simple reason is cheap and reliable and quick. The string things.

So characteristic make everyday, Patrice indecision care about value of a loyalty, follow social media to stay up-to-date, help Drive New cells to your business. Yes. And what I want to say it is that this characteristic applied to everybody who is a dear secure and is going on, Amazon on is going to eBay. I’m sometimes making everyday purchasing decision before going sleep on my mobile. I’m on Amazon America. I will buy this.

Duck. I don’t even need to open my laptop help engage offer deals of a promotion and, and special offers for existing customers. Yes. So again, you need to identify these people and software’s like Community would help me very unhappy customer, which sometimes are unhappy and we, I was once on happy when I was flying to India, the flight was canceled, and I had to

Stave 24 hours and then the airline’s took me to India but back because we are living in Europe, most of most, or whoever is living in Europe. You need to know that for long-haul flights. You are eligible to get a compensation of around. 500 euro, what does it mean? It means that this money is waiting for you if flight was canceled 24 hours or for 24 hours. So I was unable

Get this money for around two to three weeks. And then I wrote a post on Twitter and mentioning my case and mentioning this Airlines. And I asked about 20 friends to read with this that problem being solved the same day. I received an answer, the checks are on the way, so that’s the power of Twitter and that’s the power of unhappy customers.

It shares negative experience. Expect fast response and affect your online reputation. Yes, affect your online reputation. And now how to engage monitor, your pages, monitor, your brand name, mentioned respond, professionally and quickly. There are tools. We will tell our tell you later to monitor your pages and brand name, like, brand24 or brand, watch or talk Walker or Google Alerts, that tools will help you to see what people are talking about.

To announce the internet type 5 troll. I don’t expect people to be a troll that people who are listening to us, to be a troll. But I need to mention about these people, trolls are trolls, trolls aren’t customers, but maybe a customers and they are, they have strong opinions on personal issues. Okay? And how to engage, don’t engage, don’t engage with trolls. Keep cool hat. Avoid responding, don’t fit trolls, everybody you

Going to troll troll is winning.

Cheerleader, cheerleader is person who likes, comment, Sherry, or your past use mobile devices and tree every contest in promotion, drives committee growth and awareness, very strong type of user person who kind of worship your brand, new, kind of love your brand, who been casual, like, er, and then somehow converted into being a cheerleader and how to engage, well,

Create a Content that is worth cheering mentioned, that person that person personally, in your post. They love it and make him her feel special, okay? It’s like kind of like, like, like like your kind of a friend long long-term friend. You really want them to feel special and finally loyal fun. Loyal fan. I am a loyal fan of Apple. Yeah, I like this and it’s not only like this. I just

Need to have Apple phone and I cannot work with any other phone. I need to have my MacBook. I have, I need to have my Apple watch and I need to have my iPod. So if I would like to create a characteristic of myself, I recommend you to family and friends. Yes, I recommending apple to my family and friends provide constructive criticism defend, you against angry. Social media fans. Actually apple is not very visible in social media that they are strategy. So I cannot defend them but obviously there is

Lots of people and lots of Brands where people are loyal fans, and they defending his brand how to recognize recognize your loyal fans and a word with kids and mentions. There is a tool called semrush. I really like this till I am a loyal fan of tool and how to engage well Award with gifts and mention, I’m always receiving some little gifts from from some ranch and that’s very kind and they always mention

Link me whenever they can, I’m doing the same, I’m mentioning them. And yeah, we leveraging each other audience and we working like a team mate so when we know this. So now let’s go to seven popular types of social media messages. So first with a share and the construction is simple, read the news article title and then very important via a doll for at source and maybe a hashtag. And let me show you how

It looks. This is the article your first three steps after receiving a manual penalty. And this article has been written by Neil Patel and there is an image. There is a title. There is output by oh and we obviously know that is from search engine Journal. So when I’m going to share this article, this is the way how I will do your first three steps after receiving a manual penalty by at Neil Patel.

Then is my own shortener is Elena, dog, link /, and then via SE Journal, hash SEO and take a look, what’s going on? We have new Patel and say a search engine Journal mentioned here. Why? Because Nepal is an author and search engine Journal is the source where that was published down there. You can see reaction 3 likes one retweet including web Pro expert. I’m doing this webinar for so I can say like that was pretty.

Just so you can see all these elements I mentioned on the previous slide.

And also, there is the last marker in the corner, is what we call location. So, I am using London as the location. So I believe more people around. London can see this post more often to Second type of message is solving problem. So for example, construction is wondering how the idea the other find solution here URL and the same author source.

And this is an example wondering how to better manage your infrastructure. Check out the solution from at Tom top of the Luca and there is a link IBM dot 0 /. And again, nice engagement people are tweeting people like and this post and how to post. Look like you can see on the next screen. This is how the post look like manage your cloud in connection with IBM Service delivery and so on, and so on, and Louis as a killed, the Luca and losses.

Deluca was mentioned in the previous tweet, questions, construction is like, is, how, what are the other? And this is a funny post, from Piccola Pepito, is everything expensive or I just pour obviously percolo Pepito, is like a legend on Twitter and he had 15,000 read tweets than thousand likes. And on that stage, it works like a Snowball Effect because lots of people see this post even

If it’s not following him, then after so many retweets, a fraction of this rate which will generate nice, additional followers and question mark is important because we want to make sure that people know that we are asking about something.

This is another example of question. That’s when we were going with my wife to Liverpool or from Liverpool to London. And I asked me, I bought her a minion and I asked High virgin trains parole and me we would like to know the cost of ticket. Liverpool London for typical minion.

Well, it was funny post and what I did I received quick answer from Virgin which was they can travel for free but would need to sit on your lap if gets busy and we had 52 retweets and five and seven likes so well, just funny possible, Photon also lots of Engagement.

Another one is red with additional comment. So construction is I agree at the author original tweet and here is another example, from Neil Patel, said Garden. Say Seth Godin says, content marketing is the only marketing left. I agree. And then shyam subramanian retweet this saying, like, Artie Neil Patel. And then, the original tweet, fifth example is a lot.

Tweets, construction is very simple, right? Whatever? Use word love, and write, whatever just mention word love. So, this is again, an example, dingoes love running on three, lakhs for some reasons, three photos, word love and third in. Right with 79 likes. Love is a magical word in social media. Another example, I love hash were so always good to be here with Peru zelazny and on the bottom read tweets, three like,

Five. Finally stopped the numbers. Did you know the idea the other and whatever? Is in this? You can put whatever whatever you want. This is a very nice. I mentioned this conference in Reykjavik. So, this is a tweet. Did you know, ninety six percent of icelanders are on in the internet. 70%, use social media more than half, believe in elves. 37 read tweets, 12 like,

It’s mainly a tweets went from people who were participating or IMC wreck of internet marketing Conference 2014 in Iceland. So, very clever, Craig posted this right before the conference in in Reykjavik and because people came at morning and that was already circulating. He gets so many Retreats, very nice example of nice posts.

For example, from my account, I took this infographic that are never sleeps and India and this is like one minute of internet for comma 1 million, Facebook likes, 1 comma, 7 million in free, Instagram like Instagram likes and so on, and so on, I took partly what was an infographic. Finally motivational quotes and cut motivational tweet, which is using infographic. So you can see the magic is with

Take listen, responsiveness National nutrition nutrition patient through sharing and so on and so on. And you can see the Sphinx on this infographic which is ten super powers of the world. Greatest, social media marketer and another one language of good manager. I’m proud of you, I trust you. What do you think? How can I help? I was wrong. I’m sorry via. And that was the original owner who I found this tweet on sixteen that we

It’s nine likes pretty successful Twitter. So let’s concentrate on Twitter and ignore. First of all, I want to mention you that you need to remember about about security. So Twitter allows you to put to second two levels of two levels of logging, so you will get a message message on your mobile with a code.

And you need to enter this code pretty useful. Because remember, that your Twitter is important, and you also using this to lock into third-party third-party applications. So, make sure that your Twitter is secure, lead them on my account. So, my account looks like that. Pretty standard I’m using paint to it. That’s the Tweet, which is on the top of your timeline and what I’m using in this

Street is simple. Visit my LinkedIn profile and send invitation. And there is a link to my LinkedIn profile. Need my email use SEO as well as new quickly hash in hash of be that took that two tags are working. The way that hash in is reposting. What I wrote to LinkedIn, hash FB is reposting. What I wrote on Facebook? I’m using geolocalization London, again, link to my LinkedIn profile and I joined March 2011 of this account.

All right. Now, HootSuite is the first software I wanted to mention, it’s amazing software. I love the software a lot, and a little, how I’m using this and think about this, there is HootSuite and hook lat who played is a part of HootSuite, which I will mention a little more about. So this is an example pinned to it from semrush. And you can see that that was information about the world webinar. We had

So, social media week with my Carlton Lucas listen, I am am Clary, and there is a link to the webinar and that’s it. Yeah. And on the bottom, you need to see that there is additional Mark, that normally doesn’t exist is this little ol from Hood? Suid? Why I see this older? Because I installed a Chrome extension called Hood lat. So

First, I need to create account on my HootSuite and then create a hotel and then install a cutlet extension to my Chrome, and then I will see this and I can click this like an integral part of Twitter. And when I do this, then I can see this whole threw it in the window. And from the drop-down menu, I can choose networks. I’m going to use. So I choose Twitter and Linkedin. Twitter, this is important. In this border.

Five characters left and 570 characters left to the maximum of LinkedIn. My suggestion is if you posting the same message to networks, try to keep the lowest limit. So, in that case, try to make sure that you don’t go above 140 characters because that way, you can, be sure that your Tweet and your message on LinkedIn will be presented the right way. And nothing will be cut it. There is a couple of icons so you can order that attachment you can add localization.

Image, if you’re tweeting from London, maybe it’s good to mention that it with in from London and then three buttons how to schedule post later and post. Now let me start from post. Now, post Now doesn’t work. Pause now does work exactly like you would tweet from Twitter. You click and it’s going automatically on your Twitter post. Later means that you can decide when you would like to post this. Do it is nothing but scheduling and then

You have very clever of function function which is auto schedule, who did got a built-in algorithm, which will try to put this post on the timeline where they think it will be the most beneficial for your followers. So in other words that the highest number of followers will see that post. So when I click the middle button, post later, I could choose the day. I could choose the date at the time. And of course, I

Choose email alert, which I don’t recommend because if you post a lot of messages into your calendar and you will start getting lots of confirmation that that or this tweet was sent. And then you click schedule and voila, that’s it with Sweden who tread obviously exists on iOS. So it looks this way I can show you. You see in the middle, there is HootSuite and the website semrush that’s a price plan.

The price table and let’s say I want to share this to my networks with HootSuite. So I just need to expand the down menu and click on squid suit. And what I will see, I will see something which is relatively similar to what you see on the desktop version. So you can see a little of semrush pricing yet the picture. And then I need to choose networks, so I choose one network and I choose

When to schedule again Auto schedule, or schedule works the same way, like I show you on the desktop version, clever way to schedule messages. Now, I wanted to go into tactic because I don’t want you to listen, only about the theory. Now, I’m sharing, how I’m doing this, by my way. So think about this. This is my calendar. Couple of messages. Colors means that different configuration, so, green May means

Twitter, only and brown men means Twitter and Linkedin. And red means Facebook only. So this helps you to understand where each message will be posted. And think about this Friday, there is quite busy, 18th of September, was this a special day? Let me think, of course it was. Why? Because that day, we had bright on a CEO in Brighton. In UK, it’s a great conference. Lots of people I was

Pleasure and honor to speak twice last year. So this year, unfortunately, I couldn’t attend because I was too busy but I wanted to be visible kind of virtual. So what I decided I scheduled a couple of tweets every half an hour to hold a on Twitter using hashtag brightness here. And what I was tweeting was not exactly what people are saying on the conference because I was in there. So

So I couldn’t be the first one publishing news but I wanted to post something engaging which will be more or less relevant to our audience but not very strictly relevant. This is an example of the Tweet, how we did a screen shot in 1983 and there is also a shin has brought in a CEO. Take a look 19 retweets 31 favorites. Prettiest the left side so cold

Laptop is what we would use 25 years ago.

And again hash brightness here Niner eight weeks six favorites. Great that was working pretty pretty well. Finally yrf is the best Planet hash in her brightness here because we have Wi-Fi and 26, retweets 33 favorites. You may ask me. Okay? If I would like to do something like that, what I will find what hashtag is used by, what conference there is a website called line. And this website is director of conferences. So after being successful with brightness here, I don’t another with PMI London. The hashtag is PMI LDN. So brightness, use in September PMI. LDN is in October and yes, I just scheduled the same way and that’s a nice tactic even if you are not on conference, you can engage people who are not anyone conference.

Because they frequently observed this tack.

Well, I hope that works with who’d LED not only works with Twitter. It also works with Facebook Pinterest, Instagram, Google Yelp, flicker, Google Maps, and YouTube. And just to give you another example, I will show a little, how it works with YouTube. The Prodigy Wild Frontier. I like a lot The Prodigy as so, I just found this new video and I was like, wow, it’s amazing truck, I will share this. And I saw that

Bottom. There is a hoodlum. Next to the shutter button, is the standard share buttons. There is a cutlet button. So I click this and like before you can see The Prodigy wild from their official video, YouTube yet, Ian, and yeah, that’s it. You can post up to schedule and post later,

Hootsuite is that’s why I’m using HootSuite and not buffer. I like this apps that are available inside the hood. Sweet. So here are two verses right relevance Pro? And the second is resonance. I’m using both of them. So resonance helps me to find what is important. What people are reading? What is very popular specific day about growth hacking and right? Relevance Blow from East tracking everything.

Is specific to social media topic, quite similar. But right letter relevance Pro is also tracking conversation when resonance is only tracking the Articles. So you can see that in resonance 23 marketing tactics that cost time not money, been very popular at that day. I was taking screenshot and you can either read this because probably something important to read or try to understand

What makes this article so popular or do lots of other researchers that would help you and your website be more visited, a result via Twitter So you can see that from August to October I grow by around 5,000 followers. I think this is pretty nice Brussels, especially that recently. I was doing

Audit of my Twitter account. And it seems like 98% of the followers are real active followers. So, we talked a little about Twitter. Now, a little about LinkedIn, LinkedIn is like Holy Ground for me. Holy Ground of my spectrum of my of my social media platform, my music. So

First, this is the LinkedIn post blogging platform with this is a built-in blogging platform for LinkedIn and I’m using sometimes to post some articles. And here is ten ideas that you can use to generate blog, traffic and interest, 9700 45 visits 54 likes 13, Commons results. Less in less than a month. And I was happy like this guy there in the corner of like, wow, that works. But how I get there. So

Production on the bottom of the article, I put a call to action and you can’t embed any code except of YouTube, but you can do a screen shot and make this as a picture. So I took a screenshot from Eventbrite where we were selling the selling tickets for a workshop and I posted this on the bottom and wherever you are, whatever user was clicking. In any part of this picture was redirected to even right where they could buy tickets.

Engage with headline. There is five rules to follow. So, remember about using Tech lighting objectives, like amazing adorable second numbers of our listicle so-called mystical. So remember about this top five top ten things, 12 things and so on but don’t go too crazy, don’t do Thousand and One things and so on and so on. I remember when I was going to Budapest and I wanted to say to find online what to see in Budapest and I

Like things to see in Budapest and there was first article Thousand and One things to see in Budapest this weekend and I was like, seriously, that’s probably the whole list of things you can ever see in whole you life in Budapest. So make this list digestible, okay? Number three, make it catchy. So I remember I was born in Poland, and I remember when I was on Facebook, and there was a very famous article,

That was circulating for weeks 17 things. You should know. Now 17 things, why you should not go to Poland. Now, it’s like what seriously, that’s that’s a really bad. They shouldn’t write something like that. I clicked and what I saw it was kind of, like, link bait, it was kind of a trap because it was like, very beautiful photos and comments that are opposite. So, for example, Poland is very

Need and gloomy. And there was a beautiful picture of Sunny Day and beautiful landscape and so on and so on. And so on 17 photos, like that BuzzFeed was pretty successful practice. Another thing make it catchy, I remember when I found bus food, this, 30 seconds videos showing how to do something with the food. And I remember the one, as an example, there was strawberry

He’s this middle part of the strawberry. You had to remove put inside vodka with gelatin, put this back to the fridge for a couple of hours removed from the fridge and you had yummy jelly kind of shots with vodka, 30 seconds video, very catchy, very compressed material, it was like 10 minutes video. So I found this very interesting State, the benefits, make sure that people know why they’re going to read for example.

Can see top three things you should know, which will make blogging easier. Our top five things that will make your website faster and be specific because people don’t like to have this fluffy socks. So go to the point.

And here is a couple of examples. How you can generate this kind of engaging headlines. First is done by portent content idea. Generator the second one is done by HubSpot, Vicki, what we search engine marketing, execute about search engine marketing. That government is hiding during must read articles about search engine Market marketing. Why we love search engine marketing and you should too the worst advice we ever have heard about search engine marketing.

And quick tips about search engine marketing and so on. And so on, I recommend you after this webinar, to go on portent to go on HubSpot and start to play with these tools because it’s really amazing and quite funny and engaging with companies like, I mentioned my block on my linking pulse is my personal opinion, my personal view. So I want to make this little person, so I’m using my photos.

As the thumbnails sometimes on my holidays, like in the top left corner, when I’m in front of Taj Mahal. Sometimes when I’m speaking in the conference, what is worth to mention? It is like I never had a ability to paint but I have my Apple iPhone that I mentioned and I’m loyal fan of this Apple iPhone. And I know couple of application which Can Do Magic. So this is a standard photo but you can do.

Very simple. Kind of an HDR. We can see a difference. And this is a fake HDR. Obviously, don’t buy two schools. One is snaps it. And the other one is PS Express by Adobe, so stops, It Is by Google and PS Express. Is Photoshop Express by Adobe, then you can do half tones and you can do this kind of iconic style when you have article ready, then you can start engaging.

I’m with viral content Buzz, so viral content. Buzz is very, very powerful platform and this is how I’m using this we can you need to feel couple of fields URL title and description. So you are always linked to my LinkedIn article title is what ever title should be posted and description will be used on Facebook. Then I choose three categories traveling because I have lots of people who are travel bloggers web design and SEO.

Social media and finally whoever was playing World of Warcraft and know that there is an internal currency. And you can say that in viral content Buzz, every game player is getting 500 coins that can spread across his projects. So here you can see. I placed a hundred thirty hundred thirty coins hundred 13 credits

And this credit will be used to promote this post and I choose allowed to Twitter. Allow people to tweet a lot of people to like, on Facebook, however, I didn’t choose Pinterest because I found this not relevant. I didn’t you StumbleUpon, because StumbleUpon is working in iframes and Linkedin dozen allowed you to use iframes and finally read tweet me. So I know that people are sharing people who using viral content, Buzz are sharing link.

To my article after a couple of days or a week, maybe I see this and that was really impressive 33 to it’s 47, Facebook, messages and zero, Pinterest, zero, StumbleUpon was like, wow, that’s amazing. So I’ve been really excited to start using this. These two and this is how

Link to article look like because you need to remember that using this tool allows you to promote your content but also give you ability to provide other people content when you’re doing this. You earning this credits and you can use them later to promote your own content. So here is another example and you may ask so how it looks on the Twitter or Facebook when your post pin.

Posted. This is how it looks. So we have 10. Ideas to generate block traffic and interest VC, B, dot b. Z is a shortener from viral content Buzz. Thanks to this, you can see number of visits, and Artie, Lucas zelazny, and you have to, um, name on the bottom. So we see we see viral content. Buzz shortener is here. My screen name is here and obviously virally

It is on the bottom. So we do user dial marked who tweeted, I didn’t know this user, he is just a viral content, Buzz user, his audience retweeted my post. So I’ve been able to reach diamont audience. So you not posting this to your audience, you posting this to audience of somebody. This is how the same post look like on Facebook. So malleable media posted the same and

Can see that thumbnail is different stream, different weights, so make sure that you keep your interesting part of the message inside in the middle part of the picture because the edges may be cut differently, we need to go deeper. So, another toy is but summer and when I try block ideas traffic, I saw that my, my my article was first, but then I saw. So in a nutshell what buzzsumo is doing it?

Showing you articles sorted by number of shares on five, most popular, social media and social media networks. So I saw that blogging mistakes, traffic and content ideas written by Daniel Sukhoi second. And then we have Bill flitter, time-saving blog, post ideas to buy small business owners. What I did, I exported Twitter users, who shared a link. And then I started to engaging saying, like, oh,

I saw that you liked articles about blogging about optimizing blogging and so on. And so on, I wrote one maybe you’ll find this interesting but obviously I wasn’t doing this manually. I just created a CSV file that I that was containing all the messages and I uploaded this to HootSuite. And then every day there was two messages for next couple of weeks. So, every user was mentioned

Leveraging followers with just unfollow currently is called crowdfire. What is crowdfire crowd, virus little application on your iPhone and Android, which will help you to start sending Auto auto automatically direct messages on Twitter. I know what you think, direct messages may be annoying. I know, I know, I know, but obviously they works. That’s the other side. So this is the polite way. I’m how I’m doing this. Let’s connect on LinkedIn, search with LinkedIn. Lucas Lesnar go.

Because there is no green tea from London, so you can see that there is not even a link. But everyday hundred maybe 200 people from all of my followers. New followers was receiving this kind of message on direct message and you can believe me or not. But this is the results between June and November. I had extra 3,000 LinkedIn followers and think about this on LinkedIn. There is very little, a number of fake accounts. So this

People are real. These people are following me and I’m still using this strategy to leverage, so, whatever whoever is following me on. Twitter also is getting message that. Hey, thank you very much, but I’m also visible on LinkedIn. Follow me on LinkedIn. If you want

I mentioned tracking brand, so talk Walker, brand24 fresh, web Explorer and Google Alerts. I would like to mention brand24 because I am the alloy like this software, the most. So, my name and surname like you hurt on the beginning is quite unique and quite difficult to say, look Ash zelezny. So it’s a benefit because there is only one Lucas there is no, who is doing social media and SEO and I can treat my name in son.

As my brand. So as keyword, and this is the configuration of brand24, I just added, look, as well as new look, as well as new workspace, without space, with Polish characters. Because we in Poland, we have this kind of crazy characters like wood or so. I wanted to make sure that every kind of way. People are saying my name online will be considered and this is what I saw. This is the first quarter of 2015.

95 mention 45 from Facebook. Mm from Twitter 9 from blocks zero and forums to from new 6 from video and other unspecified 548 and you can click let’s say on video and you can see that links to specific YouTube videos and you can go there and see what people are talking about you or blocks and so on and so on. But one day I was shocked like that because one brand24 I saw something that really surprised me.

And I will show you a screenshot. This is an article from I business dot, are you? I don’t speak Russian. I can understand quite well, but I cannot speak and I cannot read because the letters are different than the Latin. But you can see in the that what is this? Someone took my article translated this into Russian, put a link to my LinkedIn profile and wrote, and my name in the Latin letters. Thanks to this blunt 24 win, able to find my name, and let me know that I

Hey there is I business dot. Are you block that you may be interested to see and maybe you will be interested to have some interaction with these people. And this is the power of ground 24 and Grant tracking overall because I also been able to find some mention or Indonesian website and and languages. I have no clue how to even read but I can always try to contact people and say thank you. That’s our results. After a couple of weeks 13 likes

3:38 shares, five comments, 275 tweets, five, Google Plus and 236 shares.

So I also don’t like great link building for LinkedIn, eight external. Backlinks to referring domains to referring a piece and to from to subnets. And what does it mean? It means that this to referring IPS being from totally different, like totally different areas and there is an unanswered questions. First of all, organic links works because I was not doing buildings. But Victor unanswered question is if I would

Post this article on my blog would I have the same number High number of external backlinks, or maybe this is the magic of LinkedIn. And that people trust so much LinkedIn. We are quite short of time. I don’t know if we have still 10 minutes. If, if there is okay, I will be continuing. No time. No worries used Twitter, feed. Twitter feed is something which like the name is saying Twitter feed. So using RSS feeds

To post on your Twitter timeline. This is the example how I’m doing this. So I have feeds from search engine journal and every 30 minutes there is a check. If there is new article, if there is a new article that will be posted on my Twitter, I don’t have always time to post but articles from search engine journal and others are quite relevant to my audience. So because of that I am using this.

You can set up hashtag like search engine Journal hash in harsh SEO has said and this is how it looks after being posted. So harsh, search engine journal. What? They don’t tell you in school about being an entrepreneur by Lara, Kim who been voted personality of the year, in us such personality of the year. And what is nice Lottery is using his own name screen name in.

In Twitter, Twitter tags, there is T name and T cards. So because of that when Twitter feed automatically posted on my wall, Larry known about me that I shared his article where he, when able to favorite this. His his Avatar is visible there on the bottom and you can see that I had to read tweets to favorites. So after a night, I’m always open

Being at morning, my Twitter. And and I’m checking this messages which been mostly retweeted or favored by other people because that simply means that it’s something important I should probably read

Cross-posting, like I mentioned, this is the example. Happy Friday from London Bridge. Everybody hash of B and that went automatically on Facebook because of the problem.

I had no time to have my own website but I have a tool called paper lie, which I’m paying about nine dollars a month and that works similar to Twitter feed. So every 24 hours it’s building kind of a newspaper based on the sources based on the RSS feeds I selected. So he was like monk feet and smart. You are profiler done sharp buzzsumo and so on search engine were to click see.

This is how they look like. So you can see that it looks pretty much like alleged website, but obviously this articles are just links to the original articles. The good thing is that the website is working and is gathering backlinks one day when I will have a time, I will start my own blog and I’m sharing links automatically to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and that’s our statistics after a couple of weeks again. So I had

628 visits from referral 289 from direct and so on and so on 1270 17 visits. And now you may say this is very low number maybe as maybe not but this is 1200 visits, you can potentially have or you don’t need to have if you want open a website like that very little effort and lots of people using this paper, really one of the last people I want.

Mention, we have 35 minutes is if this then that is Holy Ground of automatization. If there’s done, that works, very simple way. If something happened, then do something. And I wanted to show you a couple of recipes recipes because this is how they call this. So if you tweet from search for hash SEO, then add user to list for Luca zealousness. So if someone will post something with hashtag SEO, it will, this person will be automatically added to my list and my list.

Name could be my friends, people who posted about seo seo friends but instead I’m using the list us call to action. So the name of the list is visit w-w-w, dot the resident of the UK, okay? So the name of the list is indicating people to visit my website, another recipe. If new popular technology article on the New York Times and post a tweet to Luke has a lesson. So if there is a technology article that already

Going to popular, then it will land on my Twitter. And this is very interesting recipe because it very selective on the popular article. Not every article will be posted to your timeline. Another one, keep a list of people who whose tweets you have favored. So you can build lists based on list of people tweets. You personally favorite. Another one, if new tweet by Lucas that

Has need, then create a link post on your Tumblr. I’m not using Tumblr that much, but I’m visible there. So, you can see that this is automatically, taking whatever, is posted on Twitter and placed on my Tumblr.

And finally I think this is the last recipe. I wanted to say this is to lock time so look how much time you spend at the how work office. So if I am in specific area based on GPS location, then one line or on Google Docs and Google spreadsheets documents will be added and I can see when I was coming to office and when I was leaving office and I can based on this measured time I spent in office at home or at home.

And the last chapter, this is the guy I could look like him. If I wouldn’t start doing Fitness and Fitness in social media, that may not sound like a good deal, but it works fantastic. So, first of all, when I decided to do a little more Fitness, I bought this weavings pool. So X, that’s the name, and this is nothing, but a device, which in measuring your steps like Fitbit or like, even like your phone.

And I started to measuring this, and I found this very engaging because I had the numbers, and I had, I could start sharing this online. So I started doing starting lots of application. Except the waving. As you can see, my fitness, my pirate RunKeeper Map, My Fitness Pal, nutracheck, and so on and so on and so on. And finally, when I saw this numbers, I wanted to start sharing this with my audience. So I started automatically

Please. This is a RunKeeper, which looks really cool on Facebook, because you have not only how much distance you run but also a map with the route where he was running. Yes. Oh it’s not only motivate you to share with your friends but also motivates your friends to be visible. As you are visible then I went a little even more crazy. I bought this weight which works body scale. It works on Bluetooth.

And everything is aggregating on your iPhone. And you can also start sharing these parameters on your social media. I am not, but I could and take a look this is the chart. How, my weight started to going down from 93 kilo, 285, pretty motivational. And this is not my New Year resolution because I started in the middle of 2015. So finally, I built this

Recipe recipe if yesterday activity locked for Lucas the resident post a tweet to look as a lesson. So if my weavings account man received some data from the devices, I have then post this on my Twitter and this is how it looks. This is how the recipe looks if yesterday, activity looked for Luke has arisen in post a tweet and now you have the recipe. Exactly. This is the view how the recipes looks like. So or there are ingredients.

In this grey fields and it’s like on measure at. So that’s the date. I travel distance in miles behind, this will be a distance to number of steps and elevation in meters. That will be also converted into a specific number CC weavings RunKeeper Nike, that’s our three accounts on mention in hash into posed is automatically on my LinkedIn. And this is how the Tweet looks. Like, on August 28, 2015. I traveled 7 comma 33,

Three miles took twelve thousand four hundred fifty, five steps elevation 46, comma 16 meter CC weavings RunKeeper Nike hash in there was one great read and one favorite. So Twitter to destroy. It was a little engaging and motivational for other people and this is all I prepared. Just one minute after a Time. Thank you very much for your time. Thank you very much for listening.

I would like to mention that if we have a Polish people, visit social media dot PL. That’s my new website. I’m just creating it’s only in Polish at the time. If you would like to stay in touch with me, I am on LinkedIn. I am on Twitter. I’m on Facebook, my name is Lucas, Lucas is Allison a, and that was a pleasure to be with you guys. Okay guys, if you have any questions, you can type

Up them. Well, unless book done we will join with join with both on. Join us as your colleague actually lukesh, but his formula Thief. Are you stocking used to be polished? It seemed that’s that’s correct. That’s correct. Okay. Okay guys, if you have any question Gathering them type them in a web page and the comments and I will

I’ll read it for Lucas, Lucas. I have a question to you. I you said you, you said you Apple, Apple, support, apple, fun and everything. But I know you just recently bought a Android phone. Why should I buy you? Did bought it, it was on your Facebook next. There is this. I didn’t I received this as a gift. There is a story behind this. There was 50 people across London, selected by

My Nexus and these people received a package which been kind of this high-end VIP package. So 50 people, receive this mobile is for free. Very good mobile, very good mobile. I cannot say anything bad about but it’s still difficult for for switching. So I didn’t I didn’t purchase this. It was more like a gift. Okay. So it was so difficult to switch it on. It’s still off. You haven’t seen

Well, yeah. Well, I was still using this. I have right now to mobiles and I’m impressed how well is integrated with Google Docs? Well, you know, it’s very, very easy to. I think it would be my work phone, but for working and all the other activities, I still will stay with my Apple. Okay, Bogdan any time if you have a question, you can switch your microphone on.

On and shoot, okay. If there is so far no question, I’ll ask another one. Okay, you mentioned tons of different different, social media, and networks and everything. Half of them are never here. They both, I have to admit, but you haven’t mentioned one. I knew which one Cora. Okay. What about or do you do Cora? Is it any good? Well, well, the I think,

It’s perfect. It’s personal kongfu. Yeah, so everybody got paid. It’s like you have your own Kung Fu. Someone got own Kung Fu are on kickboxing and this is like a way of being visible on social media. I mentioned LinkedIn, I mentioned Twitter, I mentioned Facebook. Yeah, I’m on Facebook, I’m on Instagram on. Oh, I’m on Pinterest, but my main core is Twitter and Linkedin. Obviously, I’m not using Korra, but

I know that is powerful and lots of people is using and someone may say, like, you know, what forget about Twitter, Twitter doesn’t work, go to Instagram and Facebook because engagement is higher. So it’s a personal choice. I think it’s better to concentrate on three or four maximum, maximum 2 and 3/4. That’s like super maximum social networks rather than being trying to be on every yes.

Some will obviously Twitter works for you. Okay. You don’t do core fine. No problem. Okay, both done. Do you have any question? Yes. Is that interesting questions? Hi. Look at you gonna do him any good? Yeah, okay. Question is very serious about total social media, networking marketing, as you know, people in social media or they like more fun content. Yeah, something more fun to relax to read to share with friends.

But problems if Brands go to social media, people don’t like to read something about post codes for try to sell them to push them. Oh, I see the problem. People. Like fun and brands have something to sell. Yeah yeah and I’m working now with all my projects on type of context like mixed together,

Bostwick setting but looks like in fun type or I don’t know what you can say about this. Well, that’s that I can say that there is like variety of tone of voice as you can have. Let’s say you have company XYZ and they are two profiles XYZ, which is a main profile and XYZ support, which helps people to solve the problem, the tone of voice on the XYZ support will be very honest, very polite, and

Redirect in the way to solve the problem when the XYZ is more about grunt creation, and it can be like, you mention funny. And so on, and so on social media doesn’t work the way like, okay, buy this buy this buy, this buy this buy this, you need to build rather a story around the product, a story around them, the brand, a story around the ecosystem recently. I saw that there is Eurostar the train which is true.

Dialing from London to Paris under the tunnel. And they are not trying to say like a buy the tickets because are cheaper know, right now. There is something like they have a discount to go to Belgium from London and how they promoting this. They want you to take a photo of chocolate because Belgium is famous about the chocolate. Pause this with a specific hashtag. So you see they’re like, if you have selling train tickets,

Here, the whole messages are spinning, like a little away from this core. Because when you starting to be really into current saying, like buy tickets, buy tickets, buy tickets, and so on, and so on, and so on. So that’s frequently doesn’t work.

And it’s time to thank you. Yeah, for very good question. Okay. Do you have more questions? Okay I’ll check if we have questions on our website and it looks like no looks like no okay guys if there is no

Yeah, sure, sure. Twitter is top social network. Why I think a couple of reasons because he’s available from mobile very easily is a very condensed form is very quick is very you know like Snap the fingers like you know and because it’s open. So this privacy I know that you can hide your

For you. But majorette of people is very open. Also is kind of a code of conduct kind of a standard that every company is trying to have Twitter just proactively dealing with some problems or dealing with some, some complaints from customer. However, when I’m in Poland, people are like, oh, Twitter is not a poet as popular. Well, not yet. But think about this.

We had in Poland to at least two networks, which been twitter-like, but in Polish language, and they collapse, nobody’s using nobody was using them anymore. Everybody switched to Twitter or like either or Facebook. I think Twitter would be more relevant because they’ve been like, you had exactly like copies of of Twitter. It would be the same. Like, for example, people would stop using VK and when we switch to Facebook, which probably won’t happen, because

Russia is very specific market. So what I’m trying to say people switch to Twitter, Twitter is still not as popular as it could be and it’s not as popular as in UK. But it will be there sooner or later it will be done. But now, as you can see, in Ukraine, for example, a lot of Twitter accounts using too much spam too much mass following techniques to get new followers. Because first of all, teachers are so expensive, second not everyone can start.

Us on Twitter even if you have money anymore. So muscular it was in the one the way, but young social media managers, they don’t think what they do. They following everything everyone sometimes, you can see very funny situations and some brand following you. Yes, yes, so you see you mentioned AdWords adverts? So yeah, well that’s another story because you can launch adverts. Only when you have positive you want.

Have sooner or later positive on why you cannot you cannot like that. Yeah and but when you going with Organic reach they will be trying must techniques because they want to build kind of a community. They will be. They want to justify their roles as well. You know, there is mix of reasons why they doing this. What about Google+? I’m not a fan at all. I’m not a fun. There is too much, you know, there is too much.

Call, it looks like a cliche of Facebook to me, you know, Twitter is, you know, that Twitter is different LinkedIn is different. Facebook is different. Pinterest is different and Google+ is like Facebook logo passes Union. Well, it sounds like, you know why? Yeah, I also was thinking about something like you about Google Plus, I want to start to work in Google+. I have, I had, and I have another project. So some projects on her Facebook with her

Our second Google+ and Instagram and Google+ the most higher engagement. We aren’t even more well off. That’s the bomb. You can Google Plus no ads at all and in Google indexing posts on Google+. Much more High girl from Facebook.

Especially is, under if under poster is activity, people pressing plus 1 people share, or people or people comment, yes, we know will be, that will be kind of like a personal thing as well because, you know, II can’t I’m not like water, I’m not a fan of Korra but I am agree with you more. You know, it can work for you gentlemen’s. I am I need to eat a great to have a conversation with you, but unfortunately, I need to I need to run.

Otherwise my wife will be fine upset and yeah, we can afford it, we can afford to upset your wife. So thank you very much, Lucas. Thank you again was very engaging. So, we become, what will you have to escape? Okay guys, thank you, thank you very much. Thank you very much, that was a pleasure to meet you. Okay. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you everybody. Who was with us to do tonight? It was a first first webinar of this year first, but,

But not the last check. We have plenty of webinars one on the Google+ as well. So check it out. And thank you everybody. And everybody have a good good night to the tonight and people who lives in in. You create will have a Christmas will very soon. Okay, thank you very much guys. Thank you and goodbye. Bye bye.

I’m not a psychopath.

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