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So, scaling up your SEO.

This is my table of content, and we’re going to talk about cooperation with Freelancers and Outsourcing activities. I love working with Freelancers. Cooperation with agencies workflow organization inside the company, SEO tools, which is kind of, like, my lovely War framework. I’m always using, despite from the fact, in which company I am, and finally goals, and kpis and measurement. And before I start, I just just wanted to ask any one of you been recently in cattle.

To Anoka Minnesota when I was speaking, raise your hand, okay, not everyone heard this anecdote, but I really need to tell this. So when I came to brightness, he oh, I had a pleasure to speak there. I meet some guys and they’d be like, dude, you are polish. Yeah, that yeah. You’re going to Poland you doing this, some stuff with this guy’s in Poland for a CEO. Like, yeah, I am. And I’m like, dude, this is different world. This is different world. We just had a one website to do an audit and

You know what? We just opened Majestic SEO and we had no package, that could be able to deal with 15 million. Backlinks was like, yeah, my teacher was telling like if you have a problem take a bigger Hammer. This is our way how we fixing problem. So first of all, cooperation, cooperation with Freelancers and Outsourcing activities. So there are these three philosophical questions. Why do we Outsource? How can we Outsource, and what can we Outsource? So, first of all, why do we Outsource? Because

Price. Okay? Because you are more expensive than they are. If you need to do something on the massive scale, what’s he writing articles and you are alone in the company? You cannot ride over and over and over. How many articles you will write three a day for a day. That’s not enough then skills because you don’t need to know everything and they are the Specialists. Yeah, so some Freelancers, good very narrow, specification of what they are doing, what they are dealing with and they can be very helpful for the company.

Finally time because you are you care about deadlines and they care about deadlines, but you have so much to do and you don’t want to fail, you have in common, lots of things. They really want to be on that line and you want to be on that line. So pick it up, these guys who really want to work for you who respect your deadlines and ask them to help with your job. So how can we Outsource? And this is the biggest question always where we can find Freelancers. One of the website I’m always using is oh,

This cul-de-sac is like escrow for Freelancers. Okay. The prose is like, don’t worry about time and don’t worry about finding clients. Everything is in one place, replace, internal invoicing. Yeah. So there is no worries that you can ask someone to do something, and he won’t deliver this. Or if you are a freelancer, you don’t need to worry about. Okay, I don’t a job and I did not get paid because first, you need to put your money into Autodesk, and others is locking this money and waiting until the

Task is done, then freelancer is getting paid or discharging, some little commission cons, most job, Willow pay job, quite crowded and competitive. Not easy to start. Another one is LinkedIn. I’m I love LinkedIn. I think even Chinese governmental of LinkedIn. This is the only social media that is not blocked. I’ve been last three weeks ago. I’ve been in Shanghai, I couldn’t connect to Twitter, I couldn’t connect to Facebook, which is really paint, and, but I could connect to LinkedIn because Chinese government’s like,

That’s fine that make sense and there is no Potential Threat. So Pros. Professional professionals are there and this is very trusted website cons, maybe expensive difficult to find people open for freelance and considerate for a Headhunters and job agencies. I’m getting lots of emails about like totally irrelevant jobs. Like, would you like to be developer? I was like, no, I have no skills.

Finally, there is digital point and digital point is tricky. Digital point is a forum who know digital point. Raise your hand. Okay. There is few people, I guess, um, you know, digital point. So this is tricky because there is lots of people who are doing this, kind of like sir you need to copy writers, we have 300 copywriters, native speaking English in Manila Philippines, like now they are not native speakers, they are seriously. I’m like now they are not, we can

A test article. I’m like, okay how much $3 over? Okay, write this article and then what topic? I’m like, top things. You should know about Germany. Three hours later. I’m getting this article and the article starts from this in Germany. People speak German. I’m like, no, please, this is not the place and there are no, the people who shoot you who should you work with? But this is the place I found some and I found also Laura my two best Freelancers. So, you know, if you are lucky,

Key. You can find really useful people for your daily tasks. So fragile and then people per hours. This is something similar to Old desk again. Don’t worry about payment, don’t worry about finding clients. Everything is in one place cons most jobs low-paid jobs, quite crowded and competitive not easy to start. Finally what can we Outsource copywriting? Definitely copywriting is time-consuming and we need to find people who will start writing. So let me

Show you an example order which is sending to your freelancer or Freelancers and how this is constructed. This is nothing but table from Excel.

So let’s say we want to write 24 articles about specific location article about Warsaw to Krakow, Brighton, railroads laughs London, and so on and so on amount how many articles 231 whatever word count? 750, I noticed that in Poland is more popular to go with number of letters. In England is more popular to go with a word count. Then you have total word count, which is like you multiply amount by word count. And finally, you have, you have price per word and you ending

Of total sum. And this is grand total 360 pounds disorder and let’s say you have some or you have Laura you have John and so on and so on and you sending him this spreadsheet deadline is 1st August 2014. And they are like, yeah, look, we will deliver this and what is cool. There are some guys and you may be lucky to find them as well who are working on this manager manager level. So they are Freelancers, but they got other guys below and they can split this order. You don’t need to think about

About that it’s just going. Okay. I know that some guys are really keen on Poland so they know lots of about Poland. Some other guys can write about Germany about England and then this guy you contacting to ascending this and then he’s managing all the project. First of August, you getting back articles, written a new paying. And this is very important moment, it’s not always easy with this payment. Ideally, if company working for if giving you access to credit card and

People account and then end of the month, you just saying, okay, this is what we spend this month. For this, this this this, this, and that, and account is like, okay, check check, check. Check because some companies are good. This massive process, like you need to ride the case. Why you want to order and everything is so slow down and everyone is frustrated.

Another example of order, this is more about keywords, so let’s say the same countries, but you saying like, Okay guys, but I want you to focus on flights torso and City break to torso in one article. And again, you have like 750 words, total word, count is 1530 pounds for first order, second order is for Krakow, Brighton, and so on, and so on, and that really works. Then you can use this article whatever you want. That’s your your story. You want this for your website, you want this forever, guess

Blocks you want this for some? I don’t know some other activities but generally Outsourcing this. So then link building I won’t be talking. Much about link building link building is tricky. We know that 90% or more companies that ever suffer, manual actions, that was because of backlinks. So I’m a little something more about this on Workshop, finally. Outreach Outreach is also very time-consuming. Here is another example of

Outreach task find 10 blocks related to travel or general topic and then you getting something like that in return. So, there are like domain example, example, two, three, four, five, and then is topic like travel blog or general Bloch owner email cost of out cost of research. So you paying only for successful delivery, you’re not paying per hours, you’re not paying per project you’re not paying for excuses or for Flowery talks you just paying for something that was done.

So finally, you can also Outsource research and specialized tasks. We were working with one agency couple of years ago. When I was in home away. That was come agency called a position. They were doing nothing but nothing but this kind of stuff related to crawling your website. They had like Custom Custom crawlers and they could tell us a lot of what are the issue about the construction of internal links?

So finally payment model paper delivery perfect. I love this then sometimes sometimes it may be necessary. You’re paying per hours or per project I prefer the first one paper delivery article cost me that amount I want 10 articles, so multiply this by 10 and everyone is happy Freelancers. Know how much they will earn? I know how much do I need to allocate for the budget cooperation with agencies. Personally, I am not very lucky with agencies, mainly because there

Not many good agencies. There is there is few I really respect and I prefer working with them on once again specialized tasks. So first of all, understanding weakness and strength, then process begins success, integration revision and momentum. Momentum is the most important when you getting momentum. This is that that situation when okay, you know that website is on the growing path, you can go for holidays, you will come after two weeks and website is still there. You don’t need constantly thinking about this and

You don’t need to constantly worry about the results, but to get to this point, you need to really set up what you expect from the agency. Common mistake is this every month you getting massive report that no one care and no one is reading. And there is like 50 pages book like and they go templates that they just only changing. And when I need to work with agency, I’m like, guys, nobody have a time to read 50 page report, give me like

Before slides, tell me what was done, what we’re paying for. So if my senior manager will come to me and we’ll ask me. Okay, what we paying this Agency? For, I would like this, this, this, and that three bullet points, that’s it. So, working with agencies, specific range of tasks, you really need to to tell them. Like okay, this is what I want research link. Building copywriting, don’t go like okay create me first strategy because that’s very risky. Every agency will come with different outcomes.

Then special task and clear expectation and Report small report, really focused payment model. This one in UK, is mainly monthly contract. So better, make sure that when you sign in this, then you know that you will be happy and you always constantly reviewing what they delivering because you cannot break the contract. If the contract is signed for six months, you rather need to stay with this contract. Otherwise there might be some legal issues

Now, I would like to tell you something about SEO tools. This is like my workshop. Like my framework. I’m always using, despite, from the company. I’m moving to, I’m always saying, like, Okay, I need this, this, this, this, this, this, and that, and I loved this one. When, when these people who are responsible for Budget or telling me like, okay, look, you are the expert. We know that if you saying that the stealth tools are necessarily, we will follow your decision. So, first of all search metrics and semrush, I’m using them, both they are very

Mueller, anyone is using searchmetrics, raise your hand good and some Rush.

So combine this because if you doing export, you can these two tools are using a little different algorithm. The first one is coming first five pages, the second one is cunning first two pages of serp the two to two pages, the first pages of serbs. So if you combine this and you do the duplication in Excel, you will see that part of the keywords doesn’t exist in a semrush and part of the keyboard.

Exist in searchmetrics, if you really want, you can also add spyfu. Then this is the algorithm how I’m dealing with the software. So load each keyword list to excel, use color code, to Define resource and remove duplication.

Brand24 N1 is equal to 24. I think this is a Polish tool. I am using this recently to scan what’s going about me if people are writing something, because I was using before Majestic, but Majestic is only showing you this moments. When there is a link when brand24 is showing you, whatever people will use your name or your brand name. And so on, we using this and we had previously different tool. We’ve been a little too complicated. This one.

Like really simple. You don’t need to have any training. You just going there setting this up and results are coming straight constant content. This is another kind of like freelance way working with with a company constant content is delivering, you unique, written articles, unique written articles. And you can contact your account manager and tell him, like look, we need this amount of articles about holidays in Mallorca holidays in Spain. Holiday is this

Holidays, that the price is a little higher than Freelancers, but if you really need to get lots of articles in a really short period, they are perfect.

English research, obviously, Google webmaster tools, obviously Majestic and obviously HFS. I had some friends who had problem with manual action and how I help them to deal with. This was like I was exported the backlink profile from all three tools like web search metrics and then doing the duplication because none tools is able to show you how profile of backlinks the funny things was that we might Dixon and we met guys from HHS in Singapore and we had beer together.

And they both agreed that this method is arrived. So you know if there is another to like open site Explorer and search metrics which is providing backing profile, you could also stick this tools here and you will get like, massive, massive full picture, maybe 90 percent, or 90 percent. 95 percent of backlinks that are out there for traffic tracking and data. Extraction, obviously, Google analytics. Any one of you is using Google analytics pro version, lovely.

Lovely, lucky people. I had no pleasure to use this. I had pleasure to use omniture discover, which is fantastic in terms of doing granulation in data. So you can really really down deep dig down and see how many people came one o’clock from the specific region of England. How many people came from from I love silly, or I love Jersey or descend that it doesn’t exist actually in analytics on that level analytics canvas. Fantastic tool.

Want to plug this to analytics and pull some data to automatic process on page optimization. I love accion most, there is this a CO grader so you can pick up keyword and you can pick up URL corresponding together and you can tell ask this on page grader. Hey, how well, this keyword? And this corresponding URL are optimized, is there any Gap that I can feel? And I can put something extra like H1 H1 or all talk.

Or I should I modify title tag meta description whatever to get better grade screaming. Frog obviously this is a crawler which is on your local machine. Great for midsize website, not as good, for big websites, because you probably end up without resources, without memory on your local machine, as your Clarity, another fantastic platform, which delivers your lots of data about your website regarding to optimization regarding to

And regarding to traffic. So this is like everyday platform. You can use every day is quite expensive, quite pricey but I would say very popular in u.s.

Finally, a few slides about goals kpis and measurement. So this is this kind of pyramid where you can see that. The numbers are always going down. The biggest number is always page views than session than visitors effective sessions, conversions and conversion rate. My priority is always effective session and conversion. I don’t care that much about conversion rate. I don’t care that much about page views about session itself because this Matrix may be very often fluffy. So what is effective session?

Effective session, our session without bounce rate, you excluding bounce rate and you getting something I call effective session conversions. Obviously, your goals, whatever you said, conversions, right? I’m not using because, you know, 50 % conversion, rate means nothing if you have to visit and you have like, you know, one conversion. So this is like how I’m dealing with a data on a monthly basis. Let’s say this is year 2012, and we exported sessions bounce rate, and we calculated a

Active sessions excluding from sessions, the percentage of this bounce rate and you have months and then what you doing you exporting next year, next? Yeah, and now you can compare month-to-month yearly basis. What is your graph? So in the last table you have like, okay in January 2013 we had seven is 67 percent more sessions than in January 2012. However, effective sessions went up by

The eighth person. Okay, that means that the quality of traffic was higher. There is this tricky month of May 2012 – 2013, looks like we had the less visits but hey, the effective sessions again are above 30 person. Let’s say 30% is our goal, okay, so who cares that sessions on? Sorry the wrist and person, so who cares that sessions went down by 3% when effective session. So this quality traffic rise up

Up. So finally you can take this year of here session and effective session graph and you can plot this on the chart. Yeah. And you can see that the the green line is your effective sessions, the the blue line is sessions and when you put Target, you may see that mainly all the time except of May, and except of July and little October mainly you’ve been above Target. So everyone is happy.

Finally, you can do this different way, like showing absolute value so you have sessions and effective sessions. The green bar, represent effective sessions, the blue bar represents session itself and you can see something really strange here on this chart. So mainly session been quite flat, nothing happened, there was no growth, but if you see the green bars, the green bars are going slightly up from from from from

I’m June. Yeah, from June. And now you may ask why, it happened what we’ve done with our website, so, plot bounce rate on the other axis and you will see like, okay, the beginning of the year, the bounce rate was stable around 50%, but then we started optimizing over and over, and over, and over, and bounce rate start going down. So, when you going with this chart to your boss, anything like Luke. Don’t care about sessions care, about effective session because we doing great job. Me and my team we doing all great job.

You have watched more quality traffic, everything is going up. You have much more conversions because I bet if this will be a real situation, your conversion will go up as well.

This is another example, how I’m pulling the data week, 19 of 2012 week, 19th of 2013, and you extracting again, visit that was visit before now it’s session. So don’t be confused, bounce rate and when you plot this, then you will get something like that. Yeah, sessions went down by 28 percent. But again, this is not a full picture. The full picture is when you remove from these two bars, what we call Bounce rate or bounced visits.

So now you can see that effective is it went up by 26% and this toxic low-quality visits went down by 70 percent, seventy two percent. So this is what, what we want to achieve yet. This is what we want to wear. We want to get and the most important part in. This is just to give like a little explanation to your line manager, to your Senior Management. So, they are fluent with this. They understand why you’re doing this this way and why?

It’s more valuable to present this effective session than sessions itself.

That’s it. Thank you very much.

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