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Thank you very much for the introduction. Yes, I came back from Milan and

I’m quite sad because I bought like half of kilo of coffee and I lost the signal playing. So if anyone have a kind of contact to EasyJet and maybe know something about my Lavazza, please let me know. My name is Lucas, a lesbian, you know, it’s been 15 years in a CO I am I’ve been since like a kid. I was born in Poland so you can recognize my accent potentially 10 years. I’m living in London, but I was born in Poland, in small town and I was worried.

Music. And I wanted always to be a kind of a DJ I was really into German base. You need to understand that Joint Base was a huge thing in Poland. In the sense, like, if you was listen, drum and bass, the newest cool guy in UK. It was more like a mainstream in Poland was very Niche and I wanted to play gigs and I wasn’t from a small town so I could no chance to go to crack of or were so. And I built a website and then I started to thinking how to get the traffic, that was 2000. There was no Google

X. I just figure out how to track the traffic and so on and so on. And so on, then I figure out that unfortunately parents doesn’t want to pay your bills for rest of your life. And I was thinking like, okay let’s me, retired from drum and bass a little and switch into a sea of full-time. So I moved to England, 2007, and after a couple of In-House, roll, finally. I found my dream company which is used, which all right. Now a part of zpg, so zoopla, Monaco UK and home track.

Property software group and we all are under zpg and you can imagine you switch is a price comparison website. A big thing in UK and there are lots of competitors, lots of different Industries. So because of that it’s a very, very challenging and competitive market and me and my team. We need to learn every day. We are in very good position because we have lots of interaction with supplies your team as well. Right now after money acquisition, we also

Have interaction with money SEO team. So it’s really really educational, really challenging and I love this every day and today, I just wanted to bring to you something. Maybe a bit geeky, three tactics that you can literally take home, an Implement into your business. Has something that we invented, something that we discovered, something that you may not find a lot about this online reading, search engine land, search engine Journal, but I feel this is where the added value is. So let me start,

This is the tactic one, the snapshot approach to keyword research and this is imagine that one day in August 2012. I joined you switch. I pass the interview. I’ve been the happiest man on the planet but I was also the most stressed man on the planet because I quickly wanted to deliver and this is my approach to quickly deliver to make the line manager that the boss of me of myself. The person I’m reporting to believing that. That was a good decision that SEO is working.

Well, that it was worth to bring an SEO in-house. So anyone is using such Matrix as a software Riser and we have couple of people. Whoa, nice choice. Searchmetrics is cool and searchmetrics a lot of function. I wanted to focus on one. Major one, which is showing the keywords. I already rung. Obviously, you can do the same with Google search console, but such Mighty giving you much more because it’s giving you search volume is giving you red.

Corresponding URLs every time you thinking about keywords, you need to think about corresponding URLs. What do you are? L, is triggered by this keyboard. And when I, when I, let’s say joining the company, this is how it looks. I’m just simply saying like, hey searchmetrics show me where you switch is ranking in Google co uk today and I’m getting bunch of keywords

It looks nice but he’s not perfect. Mainly because there are some key words that I already drank one. So I cannot be better than this.

Technically, because I will go later to another tactic and I will show you that maybe you can even be better than one. And also, there is lots of keywords that belongs to third-party brand imagine if give Gaff, it’s a brand name of the provider. If someone is typing in Google, give Gaff. I know that there is lots of search volume, but you know, the traffic rather is dedicated to give Gaff people want to see give up sides. So it’s not a keyword. I should be bothered.

So there is a built-in filter and I’m filtering. The simple way I’m saying, show me keywords that are ranking between position 2 and 10 and The Surge were is less than 20,000.

Or 1,000 to 20,000 and I’m getting something much more. Interesting, lots of generic keywords, best Simoni Dale’s loan, but credit iPhone 5s gold energy comparison and so on and so on and so on. And what is even more important? I have lots of data regarding to search volume regarding the position. And also, these keywords are pointing in two different, URLs, different products. And this is very important that we not focusing on one product, and we doing all the efforts on the one product. And we,

Forever and ever and sometimes it may not work you trying to attack different parts of the website and even if one or two products is too competitive today that you cannot rank, the other one are going up. The traffic is going up and you can sleep well.

So now think about this, what is this? This is a organic distribution model of click-through rate, a simplified simplified because you can easily challenge me and say, Lucas. I don’t agree that on the first position, the click-through rate is 18.2%, and I will say, you know what, you’re right, because this is just to show you a thing that it’s significant different to be first or second and there is not much difference.

If you are seven, eight, nine or ten, why I’m saying about this, because it’s very important to try to fight for the first spot in Google search results pages in Google Search terms, and that is a mob, which is standing behind this

So now let me go a bit deeper.

This part is really flat between position, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Ten. There is not much difference in Click to, right?

But here is a sweet spot and now let’s take a keyword best Sim only deals with got 18,000 841 searchers.

In Google co uk, and let’s do a simple math. Let’s use this 18 person and let’s try to estimate the traffic.

If we would be on position to, we would get about 1893 visits, if there would be no PPC here.

If we will be one, we’re position 1, we will get 3294 visits. That’s almost double that 1400 visits extra in the month time and now imagine if you start replicating this optimization over and over and over and over on other keywords, the impact is tremendous, we talking about not thousand, we’re talking about hundreds of thousand visits.

So how I’m preparing myself to this task. I’m just creating a simple table in Excel position, 1 to 10, with click to rate and I’m building kind of a matrix 1, Matrix, I called traffic index. The other one I’m calling chopping index Max. What’s the different traffic index is that aggregated metrics, which is combining position, click to rate, and search volume of keywords right now.

Ti Max is the scenario. If I would be first on all the keywords, I selected and finally, the most important tid. So the difference between what would happen if I would be there on the first pot and where I am right now. So this is the difference and this is how the spreadsheet looks like I’m using a lot conditional, formatting. I love, colors.i, love colors.i.

You know, I probably that’s why I love the co because I was never that good with math, but I always was like my granny when she was 88. She bought a book for kids to mouth and nose like granny what you doing and she’s like always it’s math was fascinating, but I was never good with the numbers was like, all right and I am a bit like my granny, I always wanted to play with numbers but again like, you know, SEO is giving me this fur balance between being more about linguistic side and a bit about math. So, I’m using this and

See, back in the day, people are using search volume and saying like Okay, search volume is highest and so on and so on. And so on right now, we’re using TI difference. That’s The Sweet Spot. That’s the aggregated metrics and think about this. It’s like, you have T.I difference, which is giving you imagination about the potential, how much traffic you can learn. And also you’re talking about keywords, which already are ranking in top 10. So on the first results page of Google, so there is already traffic. This is

Like you have a window and you open the window a little. And now you need to open the window even more to get more fresh air, which is an etymology for traffic. So if you sort this by search volume and TI div, that the lists are a bit different and obviously, you know, I just really, really, really want you to say, you know what? That was very useful. And I know that on the screen, it may look a bit geeky. So there is a link.

Zealous in the UK / snapshot, where you can download the spreadsheet. It’s the last name, not zalenski, not sell any, but zelezny it’s difficult Sunday morning, my mom can spell it, but if you go there you can. You can download this and you can add your keywords. You can play with your search volume and so on and so on and so on and so on.

So that was tactic one and then optimization when you selected these keywords and you know, the corresponding URLs, what then will happen you need to optimize an optimization is kind of a simple process like you was doing back in a day. So modify title tag at strong, tag into some phrases that you want to rank on modify, alt tag of the images that are there. One that can be a bit new for you, make sure that the file name of the picture of the images that using on the

These pages are descriptive. So if let’s say you want to rank on keyword holidays in Egypt and you have three pictures on this page, don’t use 1, 2 3 dot jpeg. You know, because Google don’t know at all. What is on this picture, how Google is better, and better to understand what is in the picture. But if you will, right holidays – in – Egypt dot jpg, holidays – in – her Gada dot PNG.

That works much better.

Additional paragraphs with text. Make sure that you not writing content for sake of writing, make sure that

The content you wrote describe the problem answered the best way on the problem that people may have. I know that back in the day there was like, you know what, we need that, 300 Pages, 300 words, we have a freelancer in Philippines, who can write this. You know, I have lots of respect to these guys who are writing for freelance but you need to have an Insider and I will tell you like a new switch for example. The only the only content that can be written by is the content written by in

Was copywriters, I have one freelancer and you know who he is and ex-employee because we have a ton of voice because there is lots of legal requirements because you need to know the product you writing about, and so on, and so on, and so on. So, it’s not that easy to say, hey, I will take a freelancer to write and if you may ask me, okay? Look, uh, so what would be the ideal length of the content? I would say, at least a thousand words at least, and I know it sometimes sounds

Alice, especially for someone with the journalists background. Why we should write thousand words. That’s ridiculous. I know, but one guy from Google said to me, you know, you are not anymore in the position to negotiate. You just follow, or you are not ranking.

And he was right. This was actually the answer in Poland on the ASCO conference about penalty where, what if the penalty was Google set up penalty and it was not fair and the guy was straight Falls. Like listen, you are in any position to negotiate. You just need to fix, even if you feel like this is not fair. So, unfortunately, this is the rule, the same. Like title tag, should be 60 characters and meta description 160. So let’s follow this. Finally headers. One H1 very important, not to not treat.

Zero just 1 h, 2, H, 3, fine. You can have multiple internal links with keywords, so make sure that your page is internal linking between each other. There is amazing. Plugin for WordPress. Anyone is using WordPress professionally. Rise, your hand. Okay, we have lots of people, you know, WordPress is sometimes not the best because of the pagespeed bad. Lots of things can be sorted by plugins. Remember that there is one plug-in which is called SEO smart links, you can load a

List of keywords, you can allow the corresponding URLs and will start automatically linking between Pages, that’s very, very useful because you decreasing bounce rate and you increasing the page per second page, per sessions that user is performing every visit

When to use this tactic, when you starting working on organic performance, when you are stressed, like me in 2012, when you want quickly to deliver for website with established history, unfortunately, that may be a bit difficult to implement for a new businesses.

But for everyone who got like a bit of History, you can find rankings and you don’t need to use some searchmetrics, you can use semrush, you can use sis tricks, you can use spyfu, you can use H chefs to get this data. I showed you.

And when you quickly to prove a serious worth sometimes organizations like you know we had this guy who was doing a CO but we don’t believe it it doesn’t work anymore and I’m like you know the vessel is a bit like with Mick Jagger and we are Rolling Stones. He’s always saying like this is our last concert and there will be five others which will be. Also last every year I can hear SEO is dead and the next year I can hear again and again and I’m here with you guys as an SEO technically, so probably is not that yet.

Conclusions dealing with keywords that already ranked leveraging quality traffic if this keyword trunk, if Google is saying this keywords can run. That’s probably you leveraging, quality traffic, you utilizing multiple URLs. If 1 2 5, 10 URLs doesn’t rank, fine, don’t worry. Others will be ranking because you need to replicate this model over and over every day 20 keywords.

At least and you playing search engine game, you just following Google, you taking Google as your advisor.

And delivering quick results. So that was tactic one now tactic to is Gap analysis, it may be in some point a bit similar, but overall, it’s to find a gap between your website and your competitors. So your competitors is the best source of information observing, what they are doing. It’s amazing because they also want to achieve good results. They also have a team. They also have people who are working there very hard, and

And you have right now access to so many tools.

So, this screenshot is from Tool called semrush. Anyone is using Summers, raise your hand

It’s nice and 1111 advice. Don’t worry to use two, three tools that are doing, potentially the same work. Don’t worry to work to to use the same time. If you have a budget, some, our search metrics and spyfu and sistex, because you can export keywords all together and then you can have a wider wider spectrum of all the keywords that you want to rank on.

So this is the example, you taking Telegraph, and you, taking independent anything, show me where this key words are ranking together in Google KOA Kai and you getting like a bunch of random key words like Facebook, YouTube daily made, but you can go deeper, you can say, Okay, I want to see independent and Telegraph and keywords that contain Scotland.

I love Scotland. I’m going to Scotland once a year at least Caledonian sleeper or by flight just to Highlands just to chill out and you can see so many topics here

Which are related to Scotland election, in Scotland, Scotland, independent pain patron, saint of Scotland, and so on, and so on.

So let’s switch back to you switch, I can say, show me common keywords where you switch is, ranking and competitors.

I won’t be mentioning competitors right now, but I can see, very simply that there is something about mortgage mortgage insurance mortgage calc, and so on and so on.

And I can see that. This is what are we missing? Content mortgage calculator. This is a tool. We should probably write article about mainly because

You switch is not ranking on this and our competitors are. So you can go today and open semrush and select. Show me my website, and my competitors and where we know, drinking and they are ranking, and this is the order I’m sending to our copywriters

So, I’m saying, right me a Content, would you say 800 words where my URL will be / tools, / mortgage calculator, where title tax is given when the meta description is given. When H 1 h, 2 is given they know everything. They just need to deliver a Content that is written by someone who is an expert in our company. So I would rather I would rather

Wait, if my copywriters in-house are busy to deliver this to this, this content rather than go outside and say, like, hey Freelancers, can you can you deliver 800 words? Anything what you want to write about mortgage calculator, because I want to run now, did that doesn’t work anymore?

And they sitting in the writing,

And finally tactics tree, which is dealing with Unser boxes. And this is the answer how you want to run, what would happen if you want to rank above position 1. It’s a relatively new thing and you need to have a process if you want to make this working. Well, so what is answer box? Anyone knows? Raise your hand? Featured snippet? Yes, that’s our this results that Google is choosing to put above the normal organic results. And this is an

Ample, what is a smart meter and take a look. We are, I don’t have a laser but we are here. Smart meters in the answer box. And we are here in the organic results. So we are securing two spots. And if I would go to Upper Floor and say, you know what? PPC guys can you put and campaign, then we would secure three spots, it’s like a win-win situation. You have pain, plenty of traffic. And if you

Remember this click-through rate distribution model where I show you 18%. This one got, like, sometimes 50% there is tons of traffic. Unfortunately, there is the other side of the coin. No, magic. There is no magic trick. No magic HTML tag. No magic thing to rank their. The only thing you can do to say to Google Google. I don’t want to rank their, but why would you ever do this? Some people are saying, like, oh, I don’t want my content.

Show there. It’s like, it’s like 200 words, 200 characters, maybe 300 characters, your page is much bigger. If someone will see your page here, will definitely click.


Now, how we, how we dealing with this? We have a huge process so you can see that this smart meter is a new kind of gas and electricity meter. This is taken from our website. Smart meter is new kind of and gas electricity meter.

Fine. But first thing I can recommend you, it is you simple English. What does it mean simple English? You know, Google is using AI to decide which website is the best to shoulder and googly eye, whatever we would say is not as good as human. So to make Google AI to understand what you writing about, you simple English and you know it’s easy for me who who is native polished.

There’s 10. Maybe, what simple English means, but for native people who are english-born. If you, if you would like to, to understand better, what simple English May sounds like in Wikipedia, if most of the popular articles is written in English. And also, in simple English, that’s this English that six seven grade kids can properly operate, that’s probably English. I’m using right now, you know. So so simple English and then you, you just, you just

Writing the answer and Google is like, okay spot-on, we will knock down the other guy and we’ll put your website up.

Another example, what is dual-fuel? Anyone knows what is dual fuel? Raise your hand when you pee into Gas and energy provider the same Gas and energy provider. So people are always asking what is dual fuel and we answering this question, the best way to our Jewel. Fewer simply means that you receive gas and your electricity from the same energy supplier.

Honest, direct simple.

And that’s also exist on our website. And you can see that this text wasn’t taken from the top. This takes was taken somewhere from the middle. So again, Google is deciding which paragraph is the best to take.

How to bake be there use, we were doing a million tests and we still got very fuzzy answers but we have some answers. So first heading and lists that may help you to be there.

Heading and paragraphs.

So makes make simple paragraphs, you know, no more than three four sentences, use H1 H2, H3 tags,

Make sure that you using developments that may help.

Make sure that images are using proper alt tags and proper file names.

And then keyword that are featuring in this answer. Box can rotate even daily basis. Don’t take this as granted. You may be there today. Tomorrow, you might not be there because either Google decide to change this or your competitor become smarter.

So important elements page, title, meta description page, URL, H1 H2, H3 H4 tag, and all these P, lists bullet, lists numbered lists, and so on. And so on,

But the most important is how to find keywords that fire answer box so you can guess you can write shortbread, recipe anyone in like shortbread? Like yes Scottish thing you know I love I love should be. Yeah I could talk a lot about Scotland. So shortbread recipe and take a look. The photo being taken from BBC. The tax been taken from BBC One are it’s here.

Champions League groups. A group is here and is taken from the BBC sport, exactly in the same format, so the formats can be different.

Finally UK water rates again use which we have a photo, we have a nice text and it’s taken straight from our website. Now we have a nice method

Of finding these keywords and less nice method of finding these two are the nice method is simple. You’re going to semrush any typing, a competitor that is sharing keywords between you and you sharing keyboard between you and them. Very important thing. You can appear in answer box predominantly if your keyword is ranking in top 10 results, the organic result. If you’re acting somewhere on page, two, three, don’t be bothered. You first need to push this keyword on the first page, then you can

Think about answer box.

So I took BBC as an example, this is a screenshot from semrush. Some of you already said that he’s using and there is this box. And in this box, this is this line which is featured snippet line.

And we know that 0.42 eight-person of all keywords that semrush found BBC ranking on is firing this answer box.

Now simple muff, 3 million 700 thousand keywords multiple by 0.04. 0.48% eight is seventeen thousand. Seven hundred sixty keywords a lot and you can put any of your competitor and if keywords that they are ranking in answer, boxes are keywords that you are ranking in top 10. Go for it. Check how they wrote this check, how you can be better. What else you can write to make your website in google eyes?

Be most appropriate to be an answer box and your traffic I promise you if I’m wrong just call me and say like you guys you was wrong, you traffic will Skyrocket, your traffic will Skyrocket.

And and then there is less nice method and I just choose food because I love food related websites and I will show you how to do this a bit geeky way, anyone knows software called URL, profiler rise, your hand.

Okay, we have one person. Okay, so some something new, something new. So I choose for keywords that I definitely knew that they will fire answer boxes, but then, I will verify this with you. Are profiler and this keywords. Are you, as you can expect, they are food related how to bake a cake, how to bake a pancake, how to bake potato and how to make a sweet potato.

So questions, now I’m taking this keywords and I am converting these keywords into URLs that will fire the specific. You Landing, the specific search engine results, page of Google and this is so simple. You just you just need to add HTTP / – Google qk /. Search question, mark Q equal that keyword

Okay. Q equal that keyword, if you want to be super purist, you can replace spaces in the URL to person, 20, but you don’t need to do this. And then you loading this URLs into your url. Profiler, and then you need to do a magic. Here is a custom scraper. You see custom scraper and this custom scraper need to have this data. So this is the CSS selector.

What the CSS selector says to 2 Euro, profiler USA. This CSS selector says every time.

You will provide that layer will find the CSS selector. That means that there is this URL and that URL will be pulled to the spreadsheet. If answer box doesn’t exist, you will get empty data. If answer box exists, you will get the name, the address of the competitor or your website, which is ranking there.

So I scrape this and take a look.

This for You, original URLs and I have a data.

The data in every case there was some data. Vicki, how Food Network BBC and see sweet potatoes and now is a big time to check if I was right. So take a look first result. How to bake a cake. Do you see this? Vicki, how is ranking in answer box? Second result, Food Network is ranking in answer box on keyword how to bake a pancake.

Do a third keyword how to bake a potato or how to make potato BBC and my most favorite example how to make a sweet potato www. NC sweet potatoes website, full about only about sweet potatoes

Yeah. And that way you can go and check on not only your website but also your competitors.

So when you use answer boxes, when you’re dealing with establish website and when you’re dealing with industry leader, when you have a situation that you know, you achieved almost everything and you saying like what now you know, we are so much demanding on the search volume, if there is no search warrant and we don’t have more traffic, you know, if you’re targeting only UK for example, yeah, but there are answer boxes. You can start fighting for answer boxes and get even more traffic. And finally, the conclusion

And from this part is refreshing, content is always good. Even if you fail, even if you won’t be able to achieve this answer boxes, you will be refreshing continent pages. That will definitely bring you up in the regular results. Answering question that customer may ask. Yes, you want to answer question that? Customer make us because this question predominantly are firing answer boxes and then you playing again, the search engine result game.

So you following Google, you treating Google as your advisor and then couple of results when I was implementing this on different verticals, you can see how the visibility was going up, that’s are different shapes but it really works. And then finally my favorite, my private website social media, dot PL, which I’m very proud of because I acquired such a great domain and you know, sometimes I’m writing during and fortune in Polish but yeah. And listen.

I wish that you can take this home and apply and achieve this result and sleep well because your website is so much of a performing your competitors. So that was me. Thank you very much. Let’s be in touch.

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