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Salutatorian página, de Facebook and I see first since we are live, she didn’t owe a lot of the ministry of love. When important invited Karen, rivini, petrol Trail on consecutive lyse e. First she whatever. I mean, take my Intel it live by Facebook will show new trick with the spray lukesh.

Oregon each other Spanish. Allah, you or company at dinner? Mara Britannia company accuracy, especially certain comparative, the protrude who was born and below with a lot longer. So look Ash. So nice to see you again here. Hi, how are you doing? Thank you very much. I couldn’t be more happy. It’s like a June tradition. Always Bucharest, always. I see first. Is this your first time, right? Time? Yeah. How did you find it this time? Not. Not the food.

Third time in Bucharest. I’ve been more often referred I see first. Yes, that’s correct. It’s amazing conference. Like I said, last year, we had interviewed, it’s an amazing amazing event. Lots of new things, fantastic speakers, fantastic audience, and I feel kind of like at home, isn’t it getting better and better? I think it’s class for itself, you know, it’s one of the best Festival I could ever attend. And, you know, I’ve been in a

The under on the front page of I see first 5.0 everybody. So happy. Oh, speaking of that. We should share with live feed, you know? Yeah, I just did right now School. My friends. I will do it right away just a second. Meanwhile, maybe you can tell me a few things about what you’ve got from these two days of festivals here. What was the new? What was interesting for you? Yeah, I, you know, I

Why I’ve been on couple of speeches and one of the most important for me, it was the phrase which been said, do things that you think you cannot do. That’s amazing. Very inspirational and also the people who have here stands. The VR said is absolutely amazing. I just ask these guys, how much it cost I want to have a VR set as soon as possible. It’s amazing way to relax if you have noise.

Selling headphones and beautiful ocean. And you looking on that, you know, on the ocean like you’ve been diving, that’s that’s pretty awesome way to relax after work. So following this line do things that you think you cannot do, where will that take us? Where will that take the the the technology? You know, I remember when when I was a kid and it was impossible to for a computer to recognize handwritten text

Is that if that was impossible for a computer to recognize a face, has all these things are so natural right now. And we know that this is cloud-based software switch can do AI, which for us is normal, but in 80’s and 90’s, we lots of people were saying like, oh it’s impossible, you don’t you need to have such a powerful machine and I think there were some people that came and they’ve been like not bothered about the fact that it’s impossible and they just they just deliver it. So you know, it’s great to be here because

It’s this place where you can see what’s new. And like I mentioned this VR, I had right now before your interview with you. It was amazing experience. I didn’t ever expect that, it can be such an amazing thing and getting back to what you do on a daily basis. Of course, you are a price comparison website. How do you do it? Like, I mean, what, where is the fight in? Getting the client? Is it really?

We too have the lowest price of all or what is it? I think it’s a mixture of the brand. It’s a mixture of the content. And, you know, the the the the value proposition we have extremely good copy writers, who are writing a very, very small. Very, very high level content that answer people questions that can give suggestions and so on. And so on people who are working in-house people who are writing in house because we

People who are expert and my background is an SEO, but I’m always saying that, you know, there is no SEO. Silo, SEO is across all channels, so the content must be great. The technical aspect of the website, must be great. There is lots of new things that came right now in an SEC Arya, like an accelerated mobile Pages, the mobile first experience and so on and so on. So, you know, it’s a mixture of many, many things which gives this what people, what our customer

Act together with the with the evolution of Technology. It comes a change in the audience as well in the audios habits. For instance. How do you do to keep track of those habits and to see how to Target the right? Customer at the right moment. Yeah, that’s that’s a very good question. First of all, the tests may be tests for example, that’s absolutely that the creme de La Creme.

Of finding the right way to approach customers. Everything. What is related to mobile, and not only mobile website, but also apps which giving extremely good user experience. And that’s also measured by lots of analytical aspects behind in the background that maybe not are not visible straight away and lots of tests and then you know, like all these new technologies that are just coming watches VCRs and so on and so on, who knows what we’re being told.

Two to three years right now, we’re trying to be on, on the on the spot with data analysts and data driven decisions. And from the customers stand, should we be afraid that maybe one day guys, like you would know anything about well about us about what we want, what we like, what we need and so on, I think, you know, we are somehow on the same side in the era of artificial intelligence.

Genzyme sometimes thinking how long I will be needed to do what I’m doing. Obviously, you know, AI. Artificial intelligence is smart and smarter, you can see how much Facebook relying on this how much Google relying on artificial intelligence, lots of things like featured, sympathy the Snippets that appear above the organic results when you asking questions to Google then Google picking up the websites that are answering the the the questions the best way and promoting this on the top

There is kind of artificial intelligence that can differentiate between a good and not good answers. So yeah, you know, I wouldn’t worry about this because at the end of the day you’re getting extremely good experienced and highly targeted, you know answers highly targeted product and that’s good. I think because he’s spending less time looking for things but obviously it’s kind of human is thing that sometimes we afraid a bit of the

Ecology I wouldn’t worry. I would rather observe because it’s very exciting period right now. And finally look, Ash am I gonna see you next year too? Well, that’s question should be asked to the organizers, but I would really love I would really love today. I had a presentation about social media, which was like a continuation of the previous year presentation. I had a full room of the people and we had amazing atmosphere, you know, lots of love, lots of lots of reactions because I like to have a real

Action with the with the audience. So yes, please keep fingers crossed and I hope we will catch up next year in Bucharest. Thank you very much, lookout for being here. Thank you. Thank you very much. Let’s go ahead of anyone for this court in Consulting with that.

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