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Power is not and you will get a list of lots of random keywords. So, just to make this a little more consistent. I said, Okay, I want to include only these keywords where money Supermarket is ranking on position less than 11. So first to 10, then compare the market. Same story I want only where they are ranking between 1 and 10. So first page, so we have two conditions. Show me only this.

Keywords where these two guys, two web sites are ranking simultaneously on the first page of the results. So I know that somehow this keywords must must be really relevant to the industry. And then finally, surge worm is less than thousand. Why? Because I don’t want to find keywords, which are brand names of some credit card, providers Bank names, and so on, I won’t rather generic keywords and then I’m going deeper include keywords.

Contain what how when I was doing some research, I know that how or any other equivalent of how in different languages is definitely the most popular way of starting question in English is how in Russia and his cock in polishes. Yeah I don’t know how he’s in Hindi but we can do a test and if you go to check like a big players like Shopify or HubSpot and you will check through sem Rush what keywords they ranking.

You will see that. How is much more popular than what? Or or why? Why is very philosophical? And then I said, okay, I know that go compare is very strong in the car market, so I added what hard and when I get I get one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight very relevant, questions that go. Compare is currently not ranking, and the competitors are and moreover the

Running top 10, you can see that keyword difficulty is relatively high cost per click is zero or close to zero often. So we have a chance to run and obviously go compare is very relevant to and the car industry. So it shouldn’t take much effort to build to build couple of pages or one page, which would contain all these keywords or all these questions are all these phrases and I like predominantly this one, I will try to make this bigger

How does scraping a car affect insurance? People want to know that, or, for example, how to tax a car, just you just boat and you can see that money supermarket and compared to Market our ranking and go compare is enough. So if I would be joining go compare of, or if I would be Consulting for go compare this is my first stop where I would start dealing with and that’s one example and very quickly the second example. So obviously too.

Rivals to Mammoth websites, huge websites, Amazon, and eBay. And what I have here, I said same way Amazon, Clay versus eBay co uk in UK market and I want to see this key words which contain have which are making Amazon ranking on position 11. And eBay is not ranking at all. And obviously, I need to normally exclude

Dude, what Amazon but in this example I’m including word Amazon just to do a little trick. As you know, there is another tool and whereas semrush is a very it’s called keyword difficulty tool. And I can take all the keywords that Amazon is ranking quite high and I can change what Amazon toward eBay. Obviously, eBay doesn’t offer anything like eBay prime or eBay or even prime you, hey, but I can try to find.

If there are any keywords that are relevant to eBay and are written the same way like Amazon. So you can see here that I can, I can create this list and I can, I can try to start dealing with how to become an eBay seller, how to cancel it by Prime video. Probably not, not existing. But, for example, how to get a referent on eBay, and you can see that then many, many times, you may get resolution

Holds that some other web sites are ranking. And eBay is not so eBay should secure that because they losing traffic. So this is pretty much all from myself and now I’m going to give a voice to charmese Jarvis, are you ready? Yep. Hey, hey, guys, first of all, no Moscato, everyone. All my brothers from India.

Today, I will be speaking about a website called clear tax.

Clear. Tax is a website that that helps you file your income taxes, helps you plan, your income is to monetize, all your plans towards financial needs. When the mutual funds, they will do GST is and multiple things.

So, being into SEO, what are the, what are the typical things that should come into my when we start as optimizing campaign? The first thing that comes into mind is which keywords, we focus on which keywords will work for me and the best thing that can happen over you, if you want to compare that with each other, which are the keywords your competitors ranking, or, and you can also nail too.

So when do quickly start sharing my screen and start the real proposal?

Yes. So we’ll be starting with clear tax will covering four different topics. One is the key word. Gap analysis is the keyword difficulty 2 Horas, que él, se analyzer tool and what is the correct position to?

So, something from work creative. Exactly.

Clear. Tax itself angle of this finantial technology, technology platform. Providing solutions for income tax, filing GAC and multiple mutual fund investment.

Typically into three things, one is the word is Esa software. They allow you to file income tax for free and you also get to see assistance in case you needed.

The next light.

What exactly are we trying to cover here? So this is a typical process that we can follow. So once you start the process of optimizing, the analyzer is a gap analysis tool. Then we switch to the keyword magic tool. So the key word gap, analysis tool will help you into things first. Is it will help you analyze all the competitions will help you track which keywords is your compression ranking on and it should work on

Second is the key word. Magic tool is the best tool that you can get in terms of optimizing for new keywords if you want to. If you’re running out for ideas, you want to optimize your campaign and initiate more camp in shenmue more keywords into your campaign. This week news is still thought, is that if keyword difficulty tool, this tool will help you to analyze the difficulty of your overall campaign. For thing that you can follow is the keyword LS is to

Who’s that? You can track the analysis and Racket were rankings. So, by following this process, you can get amazing results.

We’ll start with the keyword Gap analysis. Tool going first.

So first what I’m using here is this is clear taxes organic positions. First thing that I would like to cover here is initially when I started optimizing for Clear tax I would like to see the organic weight. Age to go again in weight is can be identified by two, three things. First thing is, what are the number of keywords that there are four is the number of traffic that they get? And what the computers that they have?

As you can see the graph and it’s very clear possible in clear-text, I had its own competitions on their own market and recently on it is that mutual funds is something that clear tax thought I and should focus on because it’s a new Venture and it’s it’s typically the month’s end for Indians where they file their taxes and stuff. So this is Investment Portfolio. For anyone who is looking to invest Eastern, mutual funds,

Yeah, so fess up wasn’t clear tax. As you can see, clearly computers.

You know, II slides.

So this is the usage of organic traffic with the keywords that contain the, the keywords that contain the word funds funds is nothing, but I want to Target the traffic of keyword traffic that is coming from mutual funds. So first thing here you can observe from the first from the first slide is clear tax. Is having an approximately 370 9 point 4 K traffic coming in month.

From that has the word funded. Very inclusive. Pasta was a special person. Is having a traffic was good hundred 22k.

So this is used by sea and brush organic research to estimate ql traffic. This is the only tool Reagan get this level of detailed information about your traffic.

So what exactly were to achieve your is what exactly is the overall market. So if you see that 6K keywords contributing to clear, taxes to campaign around, five point, five key words that come contribute to Festival has campaigns. So typically it’s a market where you can win. There’s there’s a, there’s a potential for Clear tags to grab on the traffickers, more hundred to K. So how exactly would clear tax? Should start the campaign. So first of all,

They’ll start using the keyword Gap analysis. So again one of us is nothing but it will help you compare two websites and the common keywords where exactly your competency ranking higher for. So previously if you have to do all of these things you need to do a detail, keyword research, then extract the rankings for or both of the keywords, the computers as well. The new a lot of excel works.

Who is that? You will have to analyze that which keywords of a competition ranking ahead of you and then kicking in the campaign. So it’s a humongous task and keyword happiness is following this thing in a pretty decent ways. So if you use this tool, you can achieve all the keywords that are competition ranking for. So if You observe clearly

What I’m doing here is I’m trying to compare isobars, organic traffic, and keyword with clear tracks.

Including all the keywords that has the word fun and precipices organic position where they have rankings is under 10.

So this by doing this analysis, in less than five minutes, I get to know that these are the top, 15 keywords, very clear, tax is not ranking and precipices ranking.

So clearly from an SEO standpoint, if I do scale of my traffic I can do it on a categorical as well. So in this in this nation will try to cover the word mutual funds.

You can do it on terms of many levels, you can have Brenda traffic. You can have normally traffic. You can do it in terms of URL as well. So if you want to do it under the URL, you just need to place. Filters are has already provided and you can, you can typically get the keywords where you compete is getting traffic stop.

So this way, it makes it very easy for the acos to focus on to to focus on the keywords that the matter actually going to the next light.

You can select keyword magic tool. So now exactly we have is the keyword that the competition is ranking for. And I just suggest the keyword tool is the keyword magic tool influence, many loads of traffic if it’s used at its maximum Peak so it can be used in four types. If you’re running out of ideas to add on to order more variations to your campaign, this tool can be really

So with one click save button, it can give you all the radiations that is possible to Target one keyword. Another beauty of this tool is it helps? You Travis accuse. So there are many industries that are dependent on FX use. If you wanted to implement all your fa Q’s, if you want to get more ideas towards questions and stuff you can get using this tool.

So the easy thing that about this tool is, as you can see, just the word called mutual funds. There are format styles that you can use first broad match, second is referral phrase, exact and related. So as you can see, the beauty of it is, you can get keywords. You can get, it’s only, you can get the trend, you can get keyword difficulty, CPC and typically everything about of it, as if we were to get into questions.

Just double the tab from all the questions. As you can see, on the right hand side will give you all the review questions with the volume. So if I were to start, if you want to start optimizing campaign for mutual funds, if you want to get some ideas over, the questions that people can ask, typically you can release from here like say what are the 10 best types of mutual funds to invest with eczema?

There are multiple ways you can use question. If you already have these kind of question, it helps you group all of these things into a particular segment. So if you are, if you wanted to see investment-led questions, just click on that Tab and you can get it. If it were to see any particular company that is doing great. Like say in this example, if I want to see the questions related to is be a I can do it as well as your bank here. So these are the things that you can do.

Coming to the next portfolio, this your difficulty to

Keyword difficulty tool is by far, one of the best tool that can help you identify the lot of potential when it comes to SEO, we Matrix.

And I say, with Matrix thing about, it’s a COS smacap features.

So in this thing, whatever it is, I’ve added the top 20 keywords, we’re clear tax is not clearly ranking.

I want to analyze, what is the difficulty level for all of these keywords. See in the left hand side there. This list of 20 Questions, 20 keywords that are awarded slightly on the right. There is difficulty the difficulty for tracking this keywords will be difficult keywords for sure given the sum of volume as well. Next best thing about this is, you can know that what our, the Ser do features you can contribute to. Let’s say, if you’re driving a block you

In the keyword magic tool, you have some questions that you can write blogs on. And, you know, that this nation is something that sap featured Snippets, or maybe reach questions, which answers anything that is coming on. So you can typically go and optimize those things.

So keyword difficulty tool helps you analyze difficulty and also helps you see the features as if this keyword is ranking on which feature, which keyword is ranking which picture moving on, we have keyword, analyzer to. But analyzer tool is basically, as the name suggests, it’s an amazing tool that shares one view of the selected important keywords.

Multiple use cases for the same and I’ll drive to, I’ll run some of them.

So depending on the level of subscription you can analyze if you don’t know keyword keyword Trends competitions, it’s herv features. You can get top 10 competitors of this tool, basically, what are the keywords that you see in the keyword the magic to land in the keyword Gap to any of the keyword that you’re not ranking or and you want to compare all of these keywords into one thing?

The tool that can help you analyze everything.

Moving to the next thing, it’s called ocean tracking. So now why far will cover a few things? First thing is, we’ve covered the key word gap analysis, tool by users of this tool. You can typically get the keyword gaps where your competition ranking on. Second thing is why using the keyword magic tool? Now you got the ideas as in which keywords you want to emphasize on, I wanted to write blogs on want to do anything on that. Keywords third is the keyword analyzer to

Keyword difficulty to these two tools, are typically used to analyze your campaign, analyze your SEO campaigns, and now it’s time to track your positions.

So to make it easier, I’ll drive online and show you exactly how exactly feels

So to start with the position tracking, you need to add a project here in this humorous tool.

But this project you need to add some keywords ones who adds its as well on this.

So, typically, the best thing about the question ranking of sem, Russia’s I have been using a lot of tools recently to manage my portfolio specifically as well, but the beauty of this store is typically very easy to add keywords from different different sources. If I have to add some keywords or webmaster tools, it’s very easy for you, add some keywords from, from my, from Google analytics from sems itself, it’s very easy for me to see this to see the impact,

So now, coming onto this tool. As you can see, I have added, I’ve already added few keywords, which already ranking to come onto the clear. Text clear taxes portfolio. This here shows you the visibility Trend decimate traffic. The average position that you get from all of these keywords. You can toggle it in terms of however you want Lexie 100. See, one of the top three times of my keywords? I can see it. Drop, I have 31 keywords and ranking in 30. The ranking in

Top three.

Again, it tells its tracking distribution, top three, stop tense. I can segregate in terms of computer, Discovery, rankings landing pages and multiple things. Another best thing about this is I can again. Target rankings up to ten. Geographics, like, if I’m a local computer and sometimes it happens. That the rankings are different from different states. If I were to start ranking on, if I start talking or not, I and

There might be some possibilities that I want to see. My rankings are people are targeting from what people are searching from. Bangalore of people are searching from India or from so many of the part of the Mumbai. Anything like in typically track it

So these are things we can do, typically with, with position tracking overseer of supported by same brush and I will

Lucas to add his contribution to this.


Hello, can you hear me?


Good, thank you very much. That was really, really good. I am big, big, big fan of this, this chart, you just draw. I think that is something that lots of people could learn a lot, especially that, you know, there is so many tools that I see em Rishi suffering and even the first one I, so, that is a very well connected between different tools.

That belongs to the same platform. So I just wanted to ask our listeners or attendees. If there are any any kind of questions you would like to ask charmese, that is the best moment. Let me take on, let me take a look on our YouTube guys, don’t be shy.

If you have any questions,

I know that we have some people from Gujarat which I’m yearly basis. Visiting

So if you guys don’t have any more questions, then I have we have here a question. We are an agency and use a CM rush to track our clients website. It will be great to use this to find gaps in Market to. So, we have this question from Rebecca, I believe. Charm is, would you like to add something on top of that?

Yes, I guess so is the best tool by find the market to analyze all the keywords.

Here’s you can use this tool. So basically, if you have to do a market Trend analysis, you can do it too. So if I were to answer you that in a limited way, you need to use the organic research for portion of semrush, get the keywords that your ranking for get the search volumes as well.

Doing Market Research in terms of rankings, it it sounds like an SEO market share for us. So once you have say fortified typical computer use the keyword Gap tool and identify the overall market share of yours and bi fi, you can see that if you’re ranking fluctuations affect the overall Market or not,

Absolutely. And I think that when you using this aside of just tracking keywords, this is what clients love about working with an agency. You delivering something on top of what client is expecting client, is just expecting you to track rankings. And you saying, like, listen, but we just identify gaps here and there. So maybe we can also give you some advices about content. Very good question. Question 2, how recent

The results are from the database used for the research Charming’s, want to start the interview. Take this, this is a question to how recent the results are from the database use used for the research.

It’s very recent it’s like three days before.

Gotcha and I think maybe going a bit deeper if you would like to know a bit broader answer for this question, which is a great question. I would say that CM Rush generally is very quickly updating I cannot give you specific specific time frame but whatever is going on. Whatever scatting trendy that is very quickly appearing in the ended.

The base of specific countries. Question 3, any Indian audience specific tips? I think this is purely to charms so as far as I know, there’s another best issues that I know that are from India, typically being an Indian, very proud about it. So the insights that I would like to share about an Indian from an SEO Indian, Indian SEO standpoint is, I believe there is a lot of scope and automation.

Even if I were to suggest like say three most important things that I personally do to optimize all of my campaigns I use a lot of APs, I don’t know. Final report him. I use all the way p.m. is available from webmasters from analytics, from each of the things that is available in the market. Third tip will be S, emergency P. Also when it comes to combat the discovery and computer research

I guess by far, if I were to get a market share that, I just spoke for to get them market. Share about traffic trains, how exactly things are moving and by the recent updates that are seeing brushes have is typically very transparent to hunt. All the keywords that Muhammad is the ranking for also for two. So one, most important ability to share is, let’s say that you’re seeing it’s effective or to traffic hike. So, the only thing that you can do

Without an sem rushes, go in toggle all of your traffic reports ranking reports. You volume reports this virtual inputs and everything with the help of a same brush and automation for sure, typically, you can map your hike or dip in traffic. So to make it easier like safer to analyze that if your business is down by 20% or increased by 30%. So what exactly led to this increase? Is it a market increase?

He’s okay with performing gray or is something that is your competence laughing of previously without eyes. See em running. It was very difficult for me to answer those kind of questions and we work in big organizations. So all of these things, contribute to revenue

So typically Automation and using a simulation the best nature, I think that this should be the best information.

Yeah. Perfect answer. I think I can only agree with you. I’m a big fan of apis, especially the one that seemed Russia is providing. But also, I am big fan of the fact that right now, we have a connector that can be used for data Studio, that makes life easier and that’s our this precious minutes and hours that you saving every day. Every week, every month, every year that

Together makes makes a big difference because the one asset that is almost impossible to increase is the number of hours, you can work a day. There is only 24 hours and we need to use them wisely question for after keyword stuffing in. How much time I can track my website.

I’m not sure if I understand the question correctly, after keyword stuffing in, how much time I can track my website, I guess it’s referring to the pivot position things.

Yes, what do you want to start? And I will just give you can track for the amount of tality world. Like, say if you want, keep on adding keywords will help you like it’s not specific to subscription as well. If you subscribe for two thousand keywords you can track on a daily basis. You can tuck it on weekly basis, it depends on you typically and it’s nothing called keyword stuffing is called keyword position tracking. So once who had a key words from say different sources as I mentioned,

It would be the best option like say to add on to the bush and tracking tool. Let’s say you have ideally, you should use it in this way. I would try to talk 50 keywords as bringing me traffic, webmaster tools, the 50 keywords over competition is ranking ahead of out of me.

And top 50 keywords that has there are mostly generate or long-tailed. So making account the good 250 keyword, should shake the whole market share. So this becomes an ideal way like you track your tracking, the most top 50 keywords that get you traffic. The aspiring 50 keywords where you want to rank on the other side is generic sets, which is seasonal and other is long tails.

So, typically we can cover each each of the small respects as well.

I can only add on top of that, the time sometimes preparing a set of three to five keywords, the best-performing per URL. And I’m taking this data from search console. I think that’s a great question, except of, I would suggest to avoid word keyword stuffing because it’s so that is my personal just little little suggestion for Rahul who asked this question, so yeah.

Now another question, how much time it takes to gain earlier round after redesign on the template. So if you want I will start, you know, redesigning template is probably that the lowest risk overall in general. You know, that’s something that should bring your rankings higher because you’re trying to make your website more

Aging. So I would say referring to the previous question when you have a set of keywords that you tracking near are launching new template, then you immediately can see what is the impact on, keyword rankings way before you will see an impact on traffic, but I wouldn’t say that there is there is any kind of time frame, pretty much immediately, we’ll see if you don’t something really really horribly wrong.

Let’s say you included no index tag or you forgot to remove this, allow from across the whole website and you blocked robot, then you pretty much see this immediately. And that’s a great thing, because seeing that keyword rankings dropped that dramatically looking on the sem rush to know that. You can react very quickly rather than sitting for a week or two and saying, like we lost traffic and we don’t know where to start digging.

Yeah, I would like to add on something here. Let me listen. The question first, how much time it takes to gain earlier is after redesign only templates? The technically, it’s the wrong question. Like I don’t mean to offend it, but what I hear is you had some rankings, then you lost the rankings after you read, Ascend the template. So as look, I suggested you can ideally, from my perspective, you should only change

Template if you are very sure about the engagement rates, you can technically track everything from Google analytics so you can do it. If the engagement is not that high, then only, it’s in need to change templates. And you need to be very careful when you can change templates because let’s say I’m a user. Like say, if I have a huge website, I’ve got, say, 10,000 15,000, visitors a day and suddenly day.

Ooh, I see different thing. So changes should be very gradual. It should it shouldn’t be shouldn’t be like a surprise and as Luca suggested be very careful with adding robots playing with it. So it’s typically easy.

Absolutely. So we have more and more questions. So question number 6, apart from blogs articles, what are other ways to add the keywords into an e-commerce website? Charm is your I’m just host here. So, if you want, please start and I will just jump.

So when it comes to e-commerce, there are three four things. First thing is, why do you want to add articles or blogs wherever? But it’s in e-commerce. People don’t read the people come to shop them. Secondly, from a ranking perspective, it depends on which kind of keywords your rack. Are you want to rank on particular products or particular categories? If you want to rank on particular categories? So, the best thing that we can do here is we should try and develop a block.

Which tends to people reading about it like safer to buy if Alexei Alexei a review about anything that you’re selling.

So block is the only option we can add content because adding content on e-commerce, specially to e-commerce stores. Very a lot of categories. It doesn’t make sense and it’s not scalable as well. Like if you have, if I take 10 categories today, it is scalable to write content for every category as well. If we expand it to 10x and go 50 categories hundred categories, so that we don’t write content and everything.

Then the block remains only potion. We can add content and as you can see as you followed the PPT, if you’re running out of options to write content, you should should start addressing the questions. Similarly, you can use the keyword magic to hit some keywords that you want to rank on and you can get some few hit some topics to rank, should write about those. Ideally.

Yeah, absolutely. I think it’s a bit tricky for the content because like you said, products and categories, that’s absolutely a must, but sometimes some eCommerce are selling products that are very seasonal and let’s say, markup is very, very small. So preparing a content is more expensive than the profit on the sale of the product. Exactly, so yes, I know that one of the big hotel provider,

Is using this kind of methodology of you know, translating the the descriptions of the hotel’s only in the languages. When he’s sure that people from that countries are you know, coming. So for example Poland where I was born is a very popular destination for Japanese people who are coming from Japan visiting. Let’s say crackle because it’s yeah this is how it is and then you know people from

From Thailand, or Laos, maybe not so, translating description of the hotels, to Japanese would make sense. But to, for example, tie maybe not that much so I think. Yeah, I think this poor four types of content, like, blogs articles, content, category, and product category as well. Ask some effect cues that that would be good. And then obviously, there is a less SEO oriented content and more into engagement. So, all

Forms of quizzes on forms of this kind of interaction between user and e-commerce. Platform will be will be quite quite interesting but also going to contribute to many new sites. If your, if your Ecommerce, you want to enhance your Brand’s with links as well. So if you have an awesome research piece, you can approach to many of these articles where, when of the news publishing articles.

And they might add you. Yes. And I wanted to mention one more, it is not the easiest type of content, but a very engaging one comparison tables. So, I remember when I wanted to buy a cat and I could compare to kind of types of cat between each other the same way like you would compare to MacBook Pros, you quite awkward but you know you could compare the main main different attributes of a cut. So for example, how long

Cat is living. How much you see things is it friendly with kids or not? Is it losing hers or not? And so on and so on and you had like 10 attributes and you could add her life in three or four cats. And if you have this product, let’s say, you cannot always do this kind of things, but if you are selling, for example, used cars, you can do this. Something that we always dealing with in spreadsheets. And if you would see this compare,

Isn’t able when we buying a car then I could save a lot of time. So this content, I think you have this content very often when you buying electronic stuff from the same family. Let’s say a photo cameras or phones and so on and so forth. Very good question, we could talk and talk about this question. Isn’t it number 7 again, it’s a bit mysterious question because when I’m, when I’m reading, like can we track the social media accounts of our closest competitor is

Assume rush. We need to be a little more precise. When we ask the question because tracking is like whatever you know, it’s perfect. Yeah. It’s like would you would say can we look on competitors doing SEO? Yes, we can but you need to be a bit more precise but I will try to answer this question. So one of the way to track your competitor social media platform is pretty much to to track mentions track mentions and

And sem Rush have a brand tracker so you setting up projects, not only to track your Mansions but also mentions of the competitor. So for example, the you know, if I would be working for Canon and I would like to know what’s going on with my biggest competitor, which is Nick on. I would set up another project and sem Rush which we track were nikan, which is a brand name. It’s not like and dictionary work and that way I could learn. I could understand what people are talking about is the same.

Men where the sneak on mentions are appearing the most? And based on that data, I could jump into my Cannon environment and try to leverage here and there because I can see that Nick on his here. And but charm is pleased at your part to this here. Same thing, like brand, mentions means the most, typical is a signal, how your brand is doing. Second thing that I can add up to us from SEO perspective, not a solution with a guy for sure.

One, is your brand Impressions. How many impressions are you catering to? This is not available with SEO Mirage. But yeah, you can obviously see the number of branded keywords that your traffic is coming from everywhere to track a complete as well. You can see the number of people typing in directly and coming it. Not a social media junkie. So I wouldn’t be able to answer it precisely but yeah, I will add a brand mentions something that you should track and it’s also good form of Link building.

Gocha then we have question. A is LSI keywords mandatory in description or title. How can we use LSI? Keywords is mandatory. Definitely know it’s up to you, if you will use it or not in the title or meta description, I can say that. You know, it’s definitely good to have this knowledge behind but from the other side is definitely good to remember that. You write in for a customer’s not for a search engine.

I personally don’t like when people are using LSI and dividing this words or sentences with pipes. So for example, credit card pipe cheap credit card, pie balance transfer credit card. First of all, it’s repetitive. Second of all pipes are only used by a COS to divide keywords in title tag. You would never ever write a letter to somebody and use pipes. What is this character pipes? How to read,

The pipes, you know, hyphens we have hyphens, which is vertical. Yea, and baibe and pipes is like, yeah. So I would, I would be very careful here and also I would say that title tag have much, much, much stronger impact on your SEO than meta description. However, don’t forget that meta description also should be written nicely and not too long Charming space at your stuff on here.

I say by far, I assume that it’s the most confused portion of SEO. Like I’ve heard many people saying that I write content that is LSA equipped. So I feel, there is nothing like a less. I like Google recently in some of the block also has said that, there’s nothing it called the concept of incest LSI, but let’s, let’s jump into the questions in that using of titles and descriptions. Yeah. Title should be very catchy and it’s a typical art, too.

Cover the keyword as well, as well as the motive of the exact page. So don’t stop the keywords, avoid usage of pipes as leukocyte, sister, and description also should be in par with the titles as well. If you are an offer based company, like, saying, flights that I count, the company that I work for, we generally use some of a coach and stuff to enchant our users to click.

Are you still do that? There are many schemers recently, you can add up to influence the CTS. We see. Title tags is something for ranking description, and other things are only for CTS. So, become very careful in writing description, and there are other factors of schemas you can play with.

Thank you very much. We have another one which is here. Many people saying content is King, but I checked some sides which which are ranking in Google first page using images on how well I can only say this way. Remember that.

It’s not that content only decide on the rankings, that’s one thing. And the second thing is there is something which is what we call competitiveness. Of course, if you will choose remember, one thing every pretty much almost every sentence you write to Google is giving you some results. Yeah. So you definitely find some sentences that that are not very popular and

Google out of Many, Many Factors decided that, okay, this website is with images but can still run. That would rather be a signal that is. If you have a page which is only images based, you can still run. However, you know, it will be much harder to run or impossible to heart and competitive phrases. Instant King. I had this many time since I remember some people are saying, if funding is a king. The lynx is

A queen’s. So so you know remember that this is a mixture of drinks. Obviously, I am quite staying away from this fairy tale story. That when you write interest in constant, people will start blinking to you. It never works like that. That’s much more difficult to get links these days. Remember that, you know, I’m stepping back from the question. Remember that today, people are creating fan pages on Facebook and they are

Sitting on LinkedIn, which is kind of close environment, rather than building on websites. How it was 15 years ago, people are using three hosting’s and they’ve been building websites. Then I remembered that was like, oh, is this kind of tap, which was like links or friends or my friends website and they were linking to each other today? You know, free hosting websites are dying. And the people who really want to build a website, they are aware of a CO and so on. So on, so on. So I would say as a conclusion from my end,

You know, the fact that you have images, you have web pages that ranking with images on the top of Google that doesn’t take tell. And that, that tells very little, you need to dive much deeper, you need to understand the quality of keyword difficulty of keyword, search volume of keywords. And check the links we played profile, not only on that page, but also the whole domain may be the authority of this website is so high that Google don’t see any problem to show them on the table Jarvis.

Absolutely, yes. And first of all, I feel the query that the guy is triggering a step in a little something more imaging. So it’s not something that is contextual in nature. So, I feel if we get to know the query, then you can help. Second thing is it Lucas is content, is I believe, content is still looking, but the word content is these days framed into something different. So content is not something that you ask a Content writer.

Writes a thousand words. Articles in you start ranking. Content is subjective, makes a few. I feel content should be very research-based, so writing a Content formally psych. 10 best things to do in India. So if you find the, if you skip the web will find 10,000 articles writing. The same thing as in top, 10 things are 20, things are 30 things. I feel it’s a very research-based approach when you tend to write about,

Al’s. So your content is still the king. But equation of Link’s is a different thing Luca suggested like if you if you research a lot of things, there is a good possibility you can get links, but it needs to have a lot of consistency.

Yep, thank you very much. And now question 10, which is also very interesting do we need to keep making changes to title and meta description in order to keep the ranking stable, of course, three times a day. No, I’m joking. So think about this. I am the last one to say. It depends because today I sold the meme which was like any question about SEO answer it depends. But now think about this.

And if you have an article about best blogs about travel in 2018,

And we have 2019 to rank high. You will definitely try to change that the title to talk. 2019, even if you’re not changing your content, yeah, you can always say like in 2018 and 2019, the same blocks, being the most popular, fair enough. But people will not be writing best blocks about travel or best travel blocks in 2018. When we living in 2019, there will definitely will definitely be writing best blocks in 2019.

Because of that, there is a fire reason to say that. If you want to rank on top, you need to change your title back and meta description in that circumstances. However, I’m the last one to say, like, you need to change your title tag for sake of changing the title tag, if you want to rank on top, obviously you may see that people somehow starting to use a new terminology that your website cover. I cannot find an example right now, but

Think about this, let’s go back 15 years ago to that would be 2005. Yeah, kind of. So this device is a smartphone. Everyone was saying, mobiles or cell phone today, people are saying smartphone smartphone didn’t exist. So if you had a website which will built in 2003 2004 you would have, for example, all about cell phones and Mobile’s today you’d have all about.

Smartphone and mobiles probably mobile, she would keep but cell phones you would draw. So that would be my answer but charm is please jump on this. Yeah, I guess that should there’s a good strategy behind this that I have to answer in a limited way. So let’s say you have a hundred blocks and as Luca suggested that some logs we rated 2017-2018 2016 and stuff. The best thing is you can add some content in all of these.

Locks update the titles of the descriptions. And if it’s a trendy keyword, then you can typically, like to be new towels. You a very good example. So, India is a Margaret long weekends. So recently, in theater, we have something called long weekends. In 2018, we had a block

We added a lot of new content redirected to a page called 2090 and then we change the title, everything, because there was a lot, there were many long weekends that are coming into any net, 19. So you are usage of title, should be very precise. Again, one most important thing from my mind should be so ranking on one foremost for the most generic keywords and you’re getting traffic and everything. I won’t suggest to change anything play with description if you want to get more CTS.

Play with schemas were to get more serious, but a little lag is very thick. You don’t change it too often when you are ranking already.

Thank you very much for this. So guys, I think we had a tense of it questions. Charm is where they what people are kind of confined. You just to continue this. Very exciting conversation is that LinkedIn? You have some website. Where would you like them to potentially is get in touch? I’m available, link that it is charm has paulla. If you can search on LinkedIn you usually find me. Additionally for the PPT and Shirley

Pass it on to the HTML is guide. You’ll find it on the page itself. Also will share it on SlideShare so you can easily get access to everything. If you have some questions related to the way audited or your questions related to something else that can inhale and contribute to, please feel free to hit me on LinkedIn. I’m also available Twitter as well and so is the name even find it.

So yeah, perfect, perfect. So thank you very, very much. I would like, also to say thank you for all the attendees we have another webinar which will be 29th of August the same time. My guest that will be very well-known aleida Solis and we will be talking about about another tactics that will help your business.

Could have been the CEO game. I’m Lucas zelezny you can find me on LinkedIn. You can find me on SEO dot London. You can also find me on semrush work sometimes. I’m active there as well. Once again, thank you very, very much for for for you your time. Shukriya. And let’s see each other. Next time on the webinar prepared via sem Rush the platform. We all love.

Thank you. Bye.

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