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How to get your first Co client? That’s the very common question. People are asking how to get an SEO client first, as your client, first of all, I can tell you how not to get a CO client and second of all, you need to ask yourself. If you are ready to get an SEO client and serve what SEO client may have may need. So, first of all, all the forms of

Cold emails, all the forms of cold calls. That’s a really, really bad ideas to approach in the SEO areas. I know that in some other areas, they may work for SEO, which is a very customized, very specific, very tailored service. That’s not very good idea to start bombarding, random people and random companies, especially, you know, so-called decision makers like head of

Digital or CMOS with offers about doing an SEO. Why? Because these people first of all, receiving plenty of this kind of emails daily. So why would they ever respond on your one? Second of all the best results, you can get other ways, which I wanted to share. So how to get clients for SEO? Your first client for a CEO? First of all. First thing first, you need to be

Didn’t that you can deliver because sco is quite, you know, often have a bad name because of many people who thinks that. Well, I see a simple. I remember I met once a guy who was saying like, you know, SEO is like a sea otter is no wrong, or right, answers. I was like what you talking about, man? So it’s so, so yeah. First of all, you need to have knowledge to deliver and if you spend like two years in an agency, that’s great.

Stay there for maybe another two especially if you are in your mid or late 20s, get better get more and learn from people who are longer in a CEO. You know it’s like a seos are like good whiskey older, more expensive, single modes. Now the second thing is that you ideally you want to get your clients through, couple of other ways that will convert way.

At our first thing is recommendation, recommendation from other people who know the client and who knows you. And there is like informal conversation between them or you really want to do something with your organic search. I know that guy who is ABC and works there and I met him or I was working with his colleague or someone, you know, especially in big cities, New York London.

You know, Capital Cities Amsterdam, you would be surprised how small the cities are so recommendation, referrals. The second thing is, you would like to generate some kind of, you know, I would say Buzz. Maybe this is not the best word but you know some kind of like you know, folk of intrigue about who you are. I was reading this guy’s article.

I saw this guy at video, I I know about him because he was on the stage or she was on the stage on this conference last year and so on and so on and so on. And that will make potential customers who are just started thinking about a CO2 approach you to ask, hey, do you have capacity? Would you like to talk when this is the third went on the first Contact. That’s someone who want to be your client is approaching you rather.

New approaching that person. That is much much closer to win that that deal and make this happening. Now obviously, you know, I don’t want you to think like, oh, yet another Bullock’s advices. You can do lots of proactively, you can try to go with your website, try to even if you’re not planning to be a consultant in next 5 Years, start building your website now

Now, and if you listening to me and you are like 18 or 17 or 16 years old, and you are still in college, build your LinkedIn. Now, start collecting contacts now, because when you will be 22 or 24 or 25, you will have already a brilliant database of potential people who you can start trading. Maybe not only about the CEO, maybe some other reasons.

So it’s never too early for LinkedIn.

Now, when I was 15 years ago, trying to find my first customers I started using gum tree. I know that it may sounds funny right now but those days there are was relatively. Okay. There was still lots of kind of this kind of dodgy deals especially when he was trying to buy a car or something. Oh my God, I wasn’t buying car. I don’t even drive because I don’t like despite from the fact I have a driving license

I don’t, I don’t drive, I don’t like driving cars. This is not my cup of tea and that’s it. So Gumtree, you know, you could present yourself there. There was not that many CEOs, probably you could still go there, maybe couple of other websites, even fiver would be good if you respect yourself. So you cannot start offering SEO for five pounds but you can at least start offering something, which would be a minimum, like, hundred two hundred, three hundred,

And you know, when someone will meet you closer may start thinking like, okay, I would like to be with you on this monthly basis, because I like what you’re doing. Also don’t close yourselves only in SEO, or I’m only doing link building that can wait, you can do a bit of Maintenance Website, Maintenance together with an SEO and so on and so on and so on. So overall there is no like Golden Rule, definitely don’t trust people who are telling you that they will be

Bring you 550 quality leads, that’s a bollocks. That’s a biggest lie ever don’t trust them. Let them run away because the only thing that these people will do will be bombarding, some random so-called decision makers with a random stuff mentioning you, that will be affecting your reputation. All the software’s which are generating leads or tracking, you know, who is visiting your website. Most of them are

Up a crop. And, you know, the only one that I like is Alba cross. And you know why? Because they didn’t approach me and they didn’t set. Hey, would you like to buy our tool? I just came there. I saw this. I started spending also, they have a trial. They have, you know, small account for website, which have smaller traffic. You don’t need to commit for her whole year contract. And, you know, after a couple of months I decided like well, maybe this

Not for me. So, peace. Peace. You know? All fine. And and you can you can probably be a victim of lots of people who are promising. You God knows what there is no such thing. Like somebody will be generating leads for you. If you are in SEO, just make, let’s make this clear. It may work in different different Industries, fair enough, but in SEO, it never works and it will probably never be working. Okay, so you need you

Hard asset, even not your company. Nobody cares about if you are like, self-employed, nobody cares with brand, you have, they want to know who is behind that brand, you know. So, yeah, probably probably, I could help you a little. And remember, you need to spend some of your free time, you know, improving yourself. So, spend some hours on the learning side of your full-time job.

Make sure that you have full time job that secures your bills and secures your your needs, you know, especially like, when I was like, 20 something and I moved to UK. I had pretty much nobody here. So I knew that there are some priorities and there will be a time when I will be able to start moving on my own and that was a Transit transition and so on and so on and so on. So remember about this simple things and give yourself time, you know?

Especially if you are early 20s mid-20s, maybe late 20s, you still have a time. You still have a time try to learn try to observe expand your LinkedIn. Build your website, try to test different solution, even if this is fiber, even if this is Gumtree avoid bombarding, random people with with males and and yeah, and you will see that it will start paying off but start concentrate right now and you will see that it will start bringing back maybe

After a year two or three, but it will. So that’s what I wanted to share with you today. And thank you very much for for your time and see you soon on new videos. And there is a shielded London here here. Yeah, I see. The London. You can visit and my LinkedIn as well. You will find me. There is not many lukesh as well as knees out there probably. The only one take care. Bye.

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