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Hello again, and I’m here with the first SEO session of the e-commerce growth Summit. I’m here with Luca zeleny. He is an SEO specialist with 15 plus years of experience and social media keynote speaker, at digital related events in London, UK, and Europe. Every year he is actively participating in 10 to 20 events. As a keynote speaker, less this year, I

Additionally he organizes workshops where he is sharing. Tips around these Hills social media analytics. You can see the hands on speaker spending a lot of his time. Keeping up to date with the changes in the technology of online, marketing and tools at SEO dot London, Lucas fence a lot for being part of e-commerce growth Summit. Thank you very much for having me and it’s great to be here. I could see that there. We have so many people around the world, so,

I’m super, super happy to be part of this amazing event. Thank you for having us here. Welcome, this stage, is yours. Thank you very much, guys. Thank you for joining. I can see that right now. I just saw that my logo have a Corona. It’s not the best, the best thing at the moment, but, yeah, I hope you are safe. I hope you are taking care of yourself, and I am going to do all my best to share with you at the moment. Couple of tactics that

You can Implement straightaway in your in your purse in your strategy. So your organic performance should become stronger, so let me start, my name is Lucas the last name and for last two years, I’m working pretty much from that room. You see here, and before I was working in plenty of other companies in London, including

A big one like Thomson Reuters or like zoopla you switch. But yeah, I think what makes me super excited is to help in various different customers around different Industries, my website, SEO London and that’s all about me. So tactic one I wanted to go with is a snapshot, it’s my tactic called snapshot and right now I just wanted to tell you a little more about this.

In a nutshell, what snapshot mean? It is like, you are trying to identify

Quick wins, low-hanging fruits, keywords that are going to perform even better than now. So you operating on keywords, and URLs that already exists, keywords that already Rank. And here is an example. First of all, work to get this key words from, there is no better source.

Then search console and I have here first screenshot that is showing you that I am not using search console. Sorry? I’m not using search console through the normal standard interface, I am rather using search console through API that are connected to data Studio. Why I’m doing this,

You will see in there in a couple of slides, generally in a nutshell. Again, you can see much more data and much deeper, and also, you can just create whatever you works for you. So, in this example, the lesson that UK my other website, I’m giving access to search console and I can start dealing with queries with URLs and so on, and so on, and so on. So take a look, this is the complete table.

Able of queries from specific period and straight away. You can see that on the bottle, I think I will be able to paint. I love painting on my slides. So here you can see that. I have 24,000 160 queries. That’s a lot. And I would not be able normally to export this using normal search console. There will be only one thousand maximum 1,000 queries. So here I have

120 4160 queries and I can assume that’s are all queries that gave at least one impression not necessarily clicks, one impression. And what is also important on the screen. It is that we have here URLs. So we have three metrics Impressions clicks and click-through rate and now we can start prioritizing.

Urls over keywords that you want to start optimizing. So this is how the snapshot looks like in Excel. And, you know, if you’re doing a CO today and you really, really need to know Excel quite well, all the pivot tables, all the operations, number Focus operations everything. You know you must you must know excel in and out. So what we have

When we have queries and landing pages, you can see that this is a bit chaotic. So what I’m going to do, I’m going to do at something that is called double sword. So I will be sorting this data by landing page and then right after my Impressions, and landing page, A to Z and Impressions largest to smallest y, by Impressions. You can also try to sort this by clicks or you can do

This by Impressions and then by clicks or by clicks and then my Impressions, you know, everyone got own Kung Fu. This is one of the many approaches that you can use this data set and I’ll take a look. This is a name gave that I prepared for you. You can see

How nicely impressions are going up to 1 and then the URL is changing and the same story, and then you already see changing, we have all this data in order. And then the last thing I’m doing it’s a pivot. So once again, when I’m thinking about a CEO for me, the most important, sorry, URLs, and then keywords, not keywords, and URLs, and I have first article, find SEO, clients while

Boat and article and one of the key words that is delivering right now, traffic is called how to get SEO clients without cold calling. And I could see that this keyword is not ranking that. Well, it’s not drinking at the moment in top top 10 or top five or top three already performing, but could perform even better, click trading 7.34 another Cleon. Another keyword is how to find SEO clients.

It’s how to get a CO client. You can see that there are impressions are very, very little number of clicks because of that, we need to do some optimization of that one given specific URL, find SEO clients and what that can be start from title tag, headers additional paragraph of text maybe some infographic and so on and so on and so on. And so on and track the position of this keyboard track. The performance of this keyword, you can use a cure anchors

Semrush rank Ranger rank tracker, whatever, you want, whatever you like, but make sure that there is some kind of regime behind how you are optimizing and how you are tracking. So you can say, like, okay, two weeks ago, we don’t have time ization around that one, cluster, five keywords, one URL. And right now we increase our traffic on that specific keywords by X. Another one, SEO snap.

Bishop method. We are just talking about this as you snapshot. Some people were already looking for this SEO. Snapshot 363 Impressions, 9 clicks 2.48 average click-through rate. Not great, not great, maybe not terrible. I love this sentence from the Chernobyl movie, not great, not terrible to 48 but obviously, you know, it could be better. Why? Because again, like this, keyword is

Going somewhere on position 5, maybe eight. And we need to push this keyword app so you follow your data and pushing this keywords up.

And here is an example taken from a Polish website that I own is called social media. Dot PL, quite proud of the domain I have and take a look. This is a screenshot from a tool called saluto when I started dealing with these keywords, that already been ranking before. And here is a, I’m comparing a number of keywords ranking, top 10 between social media, dot PL, the blue one, and the other, the the yellow one, which is social.

Money adult PL. The profiles of this website are a little different because social media is more about courses, but you can easily see the moment when I acquired domain and the domain was not performing very well. Then I started doing content marketing and then finally, I don’t Slap Shot. You can see how fast number of keywords started going up because you’re not only making the same keywords that you are thinking about ranking higher.

Fire. But you also attracting potentially more keywords that you will not run kill before. And this is traffic just to be fully transparent. Think about this. You can see that what I’m showing here is pretty much organic traffic, so I’m not trying to make this up and we have here sessions. So I have, I had when I was doing this, then the screenshot I could around 10,000

Sessions a month, maybe maybe not 10,000 where I had like once 10,000, and then couple of times around seven, eight thousand. But on top of that, if you add other sources, and there was like easily above 10,000 and you know, this is traffic, which is very easy to achieve just with a little smart way of thinking, about about you, or your keywords, and your existing content.

So as a conclusion, use keywords that are already running quite well. So don’t think about any other keyboards, go to search console, find keywords find what URLs there are. They are triggering and that’s it. You leveraging quality traffic. If you ranking of position 5 or 10 or 15, that’s already a signal that you’re ranking quite high. So Google is thinking that you are relevant to that keyword

And you playing Google game using Google as your advisor.

So that’s that’s an option as you like think Amber to is keyword magic tool. And if we thinking about cured magical then obviously that is a part the tool built into of sem Rush sweet.

Now I really like keyword magic tool is like a very very well-designed keyword research tool and I wanted to show you a couple of ideas. So sem rush like I said, I bet, I bet that many of you is already using this. Maybe you never had a chance to go and see how I see em rush. I’m cured Magic Police working, but first of all, let’s stand for a moment here.

So we have keywords by intent and you have like very often this kind of pyramid, and this kind of the division by awarness interest consideration conversion. Yada yada yada very often that is only a theory. The practice is completely different and it doesn’t work like that when I’m thinking about about delivering quality traffic, I’m thinking about the green and the gray area. The green area is where I

Can show my skills what I can help the business when I can make some business owners, really excited and happy about seeing that SEO is working, and the gray area is something that doesn’t directly apply to me. It’s retention and Advocate. Yeah. And if you’re thinking about this green area, then you can easily see that there is potentially lots of keywords which contained how why? What? Where

And so on, so on especially how. And now I wanted to step back from SEO and remind you, Simon sinek, Golden Circle. Start with Y. So we had this this presentation available online and Simon sinek is a great guy and he was saying, like, Okay, start with why when you when you thinking to open a business when you thinking to create an

Why. Why why? Why why? And this is great. However, today we are we need to put ourselves into the mindset of our potential customers, not intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. Now the company owners so how the potential customers are thinking potential customers are very often thinking problem problem. Problem solution, way how to do this, how to do that? What to do? What to

Do what, why? Maybe it’s not that that popular. And when I was showing this to my friends, they were like, yeah, it’s quite philosophical question. So take a look. This is my SEO, Golden Circle. And now the size of the circle is presenting demand y, then what? And then how. And I have two examples, I wanted to show you. So, obviously start from how, and this is the first example of

Very good, very good, keyword based, and the database content marketing HubSpot. And if you, if you look closer, then they are ranking on over 1 million keywords and then 149,000, keywords. That’s our keywords with how then walk and why summer at the end.

Another example, Shopify, 1 million, keywords over 1 million keywords are ranking and then how, then what, and then why?

And here is like organized conference even we can we can take this like an example. And you can see that there is how to organize conference, how to lie under, I organized a conference calling meeting, people will always be using how and I have no doubts that we have major in t of people right now, around the whole world that are at least billing you all, if not three or four languages fluent and you can you can do an exercise and you

Start writing in your language words. How equivalent and you will see if you have an access to me. Work my magic to how many times people are starting searching from how. And you can see that there is something like keyword difficulty in semrush keyword magical, and I was thinking, what is the keyword with a very high search volume and very

Low keyword difficulty. Actually, that was a great exercise is a, how to cook, how to cook broccoli. But also, you know, everything about cooking is also a very, very easy to run. So, if any one of you would like to create a website about cooking broccoli, then then obviously, you can go straight away and you will get lots of traffic. I don’t know how you monetize this, but that’s another story and take a look. This is this is the, as an example, how to cook

Paulino and 1600 searches very big demand through the whole year. The trend is pretty much stable, you can see here and keyword difficulty doesn’t exist. I bet there is also no adverts. So yeah, this is just as a little digression and now, take a look this keywords credit card. So, imagine that there is a company that is coming to you and saying, like, can you do

You know, a Content marketing around credit cards. What would you do?

You try to find questions.

And you would try to find this questions problem driven questions so you can see how to pay off credit card, three thousand, six hundred searches keyword, difficulty doesn’t exist, how to buy Bitcoins with credit card 1600, cure difficult, doesn’t how to cash back credit card works. Again quite nice demand, no, no keyword difficulty. So that means that this keyword

Relatively popular and there is very little competition around them and again because this keyword start from how then the amount of clicks and the click-through rate overall will be relatively High because someone is writing how to do this and that and you know that because he wrote that there is a lot of intent behind

Now we’re going into SEO, tactic number three, links and social profiles. And obviously some of you may think like what he’s talking about links from social profiles, links and social profiles. So I’m not talking about linking to your website from social profiles that will not give you a benefit. I’m talking about something a little different, you should check to 9, how many website is potentially linking to your Twitter to your LinkedIn to

Facebook or to your LinkedIn company to your company on LinkedIn, to your company profile on Facebook, your company profile on Twitter and you may see that there is a plenty of links that instead of pointing to your website they are pointing to your profiles on social media and what to do. Then you should potentially try to repoint these things. So pickle, take a look on this. This is a shielded London when I launched this. It was a new website and I was

Like, okay, I need some links. What? I started, I started from my link, so I wanted to understand how many links right now is pointing to my LinkedIn page to that page. You have URL on the bottom. It’s /i n, /i co-manager London. I kept this like that for years because also that helps me to rank a little in Google. Then once I had this, I

Okay. I want to read Point links pointing to my LinkedIn. So they are pointing external links pointing to my LinkedIn profile. I want them to point to my website and I used Majestic Majestic And yes, take a look, what happened

I just said, show me backing profile for that one specific URL and I saw that there is 141 backlinks from 20 domain a lot and that’s are quite good domain, citation flow, trust flow nonzero. So that’s are not like some kind of scrapers and I started digging deeper and I saw that. Okay, to my profile, I have linked from the resin. Okay. But then site visibility

Co in for a DPL promoters and so on SM Excel time camp and so on and so on. So what I could do I could go here is our Motors of my friend Lida and I could ask if there is a chance that aside of my LinkedIn profile that there would be a link to my website. Another example, this is a key Rancor, a very good prominent tool that is checking your positions in search engine results.

Pages in serbs and you can see that I was using this method also for the other website, I have sellers in UK. So there was linked to my LinkedIn and I ask if there is a chance that I can have a link to my website so sometimes people are replacing this link to LinkedIn, sometimes they are adding both ways are great. You don’t need to worry about links to your linked, linked into your Twitter and so on, you just want to have some links.

Each of your website to your company website, to your private website.

And then I started were going deeper I could see that. Okay there are some links pointing to a CO dot London. I have here, 11 Innings from 11 different IP numbers that’s overall 2020 links from 20 from 11 domains and so on. And so on, I could see that I’m growing here and here so it’s going the right direction. And then I started going deeper, I was like, okay, so what about my Facebook? Are there any links pointing to my Facebook?

Yeah, I found two domains. And then I went to Twitter and I almost get like a heart attack. Take a look here, hundred sixty four, domains were linking to my Twitter account. Again, I really appreciate that but it would be better if half of them would be linking to my website. So I could approach all the owners of this web sites that are linking to my Twitter and asked them politely. First of all, say thank you but also has been politely

There is any chance that this also looking to my website and then finally my private Facebook account. There were also some links I could try to refine them. So why does it work so? Well, you must know who is linking to your social media profile. It’s easy to switch link. It’s taking like literally five seconds. It’s relevant your LinkedIn. Twitter and Facebook very often are relevant to what is

On the website, it’s kind of organic and it can save tremendous of time doing this tactic to, to build your links as your tactic number for pagespeed. So here is

Very, very quick and very sweet and very crispy advice. You can see here is SEO, WordPress PL and screenshot from GT Matrix. A a 1.6 load seven requests try to make sure that you are doing everything around your performance that that touch page speed. And what I’m saying here, obviously, it’s a very specific example. I know there is no gravity, no images almost and the number of requests is 7,

But, you know, initially this website wasn’t that, well optimized. So, I was optimizing this doing a lot of stuff around. I wanted to make this website as light as possible, and always if using the T Matrix, make sure that you’re going to waterfall and you checking what website is loading their sometimes, you can see that there is plenty of scripts that you was using back in the day and you’re not using anymore. One of the greatest example.

Is a hot jar. Whole jar is great too, but unfortunately, people are installing hot jar and then forgetting about hot jar and hot Jerry’s permanently there.

If you’re using hunch, our fair enough. Stay keep it is valuable. But if you’re not using remove it, if you’re not planning to use Facebook campaign, remove Facebook pixel, are you really do? You really need to have a share buttons, share on Facebook, share on Twitter, share on LinkedIn. Are you do you really see benefit? Or this is like the destruction, get rid of that, make website, as light as possible.

So here is a shielded London. You can see that. I have much more much, more requests here. But again, like a page speed and load time is relatively low and I am also here on green. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s okay.

So as a recap remove all share button, all external scripts script, you don’t need even more, do you need discuss? Do you need all that stuff and so on and so on, so on so so yeah. And then enabled gz you can take this code from whatever you whatever you want. And then finally install optimized, if you’re using WordPress this is one of the best plug-in Adam.

Not to use these other one WP, Ty Pac and couple of others. You can test this. But you know, again this is all about your personal thankful, install short pixel, make sure that your images are optimized correctly, that they are compressed correctly, that they are load as fast as possible.

Perfmatters another plug-in that you can go with install and test is a paid plug-in but is removing all the crap that you really don’t need.

And then lazy load, lazy load. So images are loaded, the moment when they are in the viewport as pit kit, you can also test speed kit from back end. I had a very good results on some websites. So, again, is a paid, but there is like a trial and there is a, like, a minimum amount that is for free. And the last one is optionally Gonzales. Make sure that you’re not installing all of them together because they will start fighting.

Between each other and your website will start slowing down. I don’t know if I have another 2 minutes if I have I just wanted to very quickly go with merge strategy so I don’t hear that. Someone is cutting it so probably I have. Yeah lovely so what are you feeling? Yeah merge merge. What is merge? Strategy is a very simple strategy that if you have a situation like I had with one of

Of my client, he had blog, I recommended him to move everything to slash blog /, move everything under the same domain. Obviously, you know, he said that he don’t want to go to block, he want to move everything even to the root folder. So I was quite concerned, I was like, oh my gosh, that would be a bit chaotic will move all the Articles from blocked into the root folder. But we did this and take a look, what happened. This is a screenshot from such metrics, he absolutely skyrocketed.

Look at that with his performance and knowing that I had another customer who had a very old website job Board website and then I not, and we were trying everything we could to save traffic, but he was losing losing losing and then we noticed that he got the forums on sub domain and this forms had lots of links. This forums have lots of authority but unfortunately sitting on separate subdomain. So we moved all the forum’s inside the folder forums and you can

See here how it is. This is pretty much when we redirected boost and then it started slowing down. But the still way above where we initially started. Yeah. So you can see, where is the benefit of moving. Everything. Under the same domain results, here is a duck shop selling power tools. We were implementing here Gap and snapshot. You can see how nicely

Revenue is growing 2017 versus 2018. The red is 2018, and blue is 2017. This is the protection. That was the prediction, 2018, 2019 and along donbass jewellary shop. You can see nicely. When we started doing a lot around content, the blue one is my my customer how he took over the the leader.

Of the industry and this is screenshot taken from semrush and then finally another one. That’s, that’s an animated explainer videos. And you can see that the light blue, that’s my customer. And then finally, when we started implementing all the strategies that I said to you today, then this is where he is and this is where his competitor is. That was pretty much on the same level before we started. So here,

So that was mini licorice, a Leslie. I’m on LinkedIn, I am on SEO, dot London. And yeah guys, I just wanted to conclude saying the thank you very much for having me. Stay safe be careful and I hope that soon sooner or later we’ll catch up. Also with some of you in the real life, on some other conferences. If if anyone has questions for Lucas, you’re welcome to add them on slack. Lucas, thanks a lot.

For joining us. And yes, they saved their in London. And for you out there, Theodore Munoz says the Sea of Grass, rocks and viral. Oops, he’s expecting you in the next session.

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