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Hello guys and welcome to the next episode of detox show. And pray. We have one great International speaker all the way from London meter, mr. Luke has a listening my pronouncing it rightly because you are the best.

This is perfect, that’s lovely, that’s it. So before I begin with the interview and whatever top we’re going to have, first of all and wanted to our audience, that he’s a great guy and Legend. You can say in the field of social media, marketing and field of, you know, personal branding and all those things. So let us welcome, which will you kill. So first of all, I request you kills to tell us about himself, you my audience.

Yeah, try my best. I’m Lucas living in London for last 13 years born in Poland, long time ago. And now, for Last 5 Years, some every year in India in Gujarat because of my wife because of my mother-in-law because of my brother-in-law last year, I was having a pleasure

An honor and privilege to speak in Bangalore on this huge event, organized by sem Russia year, before I had the opportunity to speak in Kerala. So, yeah, I’m traveling a lot and more often in India. I am more happy. I am, that’s a bit. I said, great to know that you’re born and togetherness with India and Indians out there. So before we begin, I want to tell you my audience. That

Fact we also met at Bangalore as in receiving, and I remember Craig, is my very good friend mr. Quick came with nice you guys and he told me about you and then I came to know about you. I did some of the research, a basically. I was talking you it’s all the social media platforms and then I just fell in love with your profile and the fell in the well with in love with the work you have been doing out there. Yeah, Craig is a great guy, you know, and I had almost opportunity to see him.

Yesterday, two days ago, two days ago in Glasgow I was in Glasgow but unfortunately we didn’t catch up but we are still in touch. So yeah, it was great to have him in Bangalore as well. Yeah, exactly. And before I remember in Bangalore, what he told me that when he told me that his wife is from India, and many of his family members are from India, I was kind of big shock and

When I met him, he greeted me with Namaste and I was like, I was really shocked to hear that from an English guy. So that really, you know, a Critic me towards you. And that’s all I will tell you. I will tell you one, anecdote, I was in Bangalore with my brother-in-law. He came from bravura and I came from London. Good job. We had like nice food and then you went on the conference and then moving on the party. And we’ll be like, you know, doing lots of

Bhangra and singing lots of songs. People are like, kind of Korea’s how I know this song, but the word the best part was like some. Some, some people came from Europe. Came to my brother now and ask him like who you are. How, you know, each other and he was like, I’m his brother-in-law. And everyone was like, yeah. But like seriously, it’s like, what do you mean? He’s my brother-in-law. It means that I married his sister. That’s a lie. That’s a lie. So Lucas

If before I begin with more of the discussion, I have seen that you have created yourself a brand into many of the domains out there in the field of digital marketing. So according to you being a beginner, if you want a guide, any of the beginner, what are the top things that one should care? You know, take care of before working on its own personal brand because I have seen you you have been having many of the followers out there on to all of you. So

Social media handles and I was going to going through your website, you have been speaking at lot of the event, you have been traveling around the globe. And so what is the top 5 things? You should you are going to guide to a beginner like me also. Because right now I am also working on my profile personal brand. So what are the top things that you going to write to me and my audience you know, it’s it’s a bit difficult to to give like, you know, recipe for

Our for a brand, personal brand because everyone have own path. Yeah. But there is a couple of elements, I would say are quite important. So the one element is like you would need to stand from the crowd and there is various various ways you can do this. You know it can be true, the way you your clothes like for example you know for me the it’s a part of my branding but also paying respect to you for example right now.

Having me your audience, listen to us and people who are coming for a conferences or when I see my client, I need to dress up, I would never see my client, having a hoodie, and sport shoes. So first a time and you know, paying this, respect through the way, how people look at you in the first place. Obviously it’s a it’s a, it’s a very important not to go too far because then you may start look a bit funny. A bit like

Clone and people will start thinking that this is that eccentric guy. So that’s one thing. The second thing is, you know, to establish personal brand, that means that your personal brand is generating added value to clients. One of the reason is why you have a personal brand and now to to generate this added value value, you need to be an expert in an area and in online marketing and can be a CO. It can be social media and can be PC.

See the affiliate you mentioned, Craig Craig is fantastic expert, in affiliate, for example. Yeah, then I have Pune who was on there, on the conference with us in Bangladesh, he’s fantastic expert in PPC, a lot of people are thinking. If you see, they think, oh, I will, I will need to contact Pune and ask for advices. So there is no way to in my opinion to establish personal.

Brand without having an expertise if you would ask me, I’m working in a sea of for over 15 years. So it was a long journey. We didn’t came just like that one day, I decided that I will wear a heart and and I will go on the stage. It was a long process and I’m quite grateful to God, that, you know, it didn’t go. I didn’t get this too early because we all maturing. Yeah, older. You people are like like, like, like like

Like a good wine, you know, older or a whiskey older than better. If I can say like that, I hope no one is offended. No, no, but older you are more experienced, you have. And if you are clever enough to base on this experienced, then then then then people start to look at you at someone who is not only Authority and expert but also someone who can come and generate added value. I had a fantastic meeting two days ago, in Amsterdam, with one of my client, what?

Great meeting and you know having a day one day workshop is a very challenging thing. You need to prepare a hundred, couple hundred, thirty hundred 50 slides and this is very stressful sometimes because for me even after so many years, it’s not just like that, you know? But I could feel great. I could feel lots of support, lots of excitement from these people, and then, at the end of the day, I could say, like, I don’t something good. So being an expert is, the second thing aside of

Standing outside from the crowd. Then the third thing is like, you know, we’re living in this Digital World, finding an opportunity to promote. When you wrote to me that, that, you know, you would like to have me in your show was like abnormal

Band-aid so many people are across India and not only across India is listening to. So if I can give them a little advice. Has that really big honor for me but also, you know it is this kind of opportunity for me to say hello to your audience and you know say like if you have any questions you know where to find me. I’m on LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. So that would be the third thing. The fourth thing is obviously you need to have presence.

In in social media and potentially him to have a website. That is exactly. And you know for me personally linking is pretty much everything I have Facebook. I have Twitter, I have Instagram, but LinkedIn is a Holy Grail is a creme de La Creme of social media, you know? So that’s the fourth one. And if and if V poem is just, you know, be yourself, you know, try tactical there is

People just try to copy others if I today is that I took me like you guys I’m reading a die and we didn’t get a tire. I cannot be Lucas. Lucas has his own personality. I am having my own person so we can not mix up all of the things. I, I can learn some, of the things from you. I can learn of the, some of the skills. Some of the expertise from you. I can take, I can have you as my mentor. You can guide me all the things, but I cannot be you. I have to be my charcoal exactly understanding.

All these books like people are reading. They sometimes quite often I would say, they reading book of someone like Steve Jobs for example and they consciously thinking that they will be under Steve Job. What does it mean to be another step job? There was only one Steve Job, Steve Jobs and Steve Jobs was Steve Jobs because he was a brilliant mind, but also because of lots of different circumstances that happened in a universe that closing the right time with the right concept, right? Product. You made right people like like,

Steve, Wozniak, and many many, many other things that you are. It’s impossible to make this old as element once again in the same configuration and say, like, yeah. Now I’m another Steve Jobs. So, leave this, I was about to take this tropical social media marketing and you yourself mentioned in one of your point, regarding the link that work on LinkedIn, as much as you can. So, what I have observed is people have

The different kind of behavior on different social media platforms. Suppose, if I talk about Instagram, people out there on Instagram, are showing the behavior of just fun and entertainment and just, you know, sharing the content in a more entertaining way. And if I talk about the Facebook, people are trying to be the as much as original, they can be on Facebook.

But if I talk about LinkedIn, people are seems to be, you know, looking more professional and showing them showing themselves as more professional. So according to you being a marketer or being an influencer, how should you differentiate on all this platform and how should your behavior, your feelings? Your expression should you know, get

Change or get modified as per our behavior of every each and every platform. This is absolutely this equation that has been advising made my mind because in my, I believe in my initial days of what I used to do was I just used to be neutral on every platform. I mean, I was having the same behavior on every platform. Sometimes I used to be very much professional. Sometimes I used to be very much, you know, kind of fun guy, affected me a lot in my initial days.

Do to you. What is the best strategy? You will you give to me and mountains?

So let me start from LinkedIn on LinkedIn. Generally your wall is a is a lead magnet, your time your time. Time time line. Yeah. That’s your magnet for leads and me personally. As a marketeer, I am religiously never approaching with outbound. I’m never writing to anybody message like, hey, thank you for having me. Are you?

For a consultant for someone who will help you with SEO and there is one logic reason why? I’m not a sales guy, I’m a marketeer. If I cannot Market myself and I need to approach with an outbound. That means that I’m crappy Market here. But thankfully, thankfully, you know, I have enough inbounds that are coming through Linkedin and not only to me but also to my website and that is First Step 2.

To prove that you are a real marketeer who could know how it works because you can implement this on your brand on yourself on your bill.

Now, just Facebook just really, I think that the best face about the CEO, for example, and the groups are giving the ability to sometimes catch things faster than if I will be following Twitter or reading newspapers. Yeah, because someone saw something on Twitter and is posting this and then you can click and see and so on and so on and so on.

That’s our stories for me and pretty much. That’s it because I sometimes feel like, if you really want to be successful, to be on Instagram, in many cases, you can see that there are like a pretty models or dancers or, you know, people who are neither dance either model and I’m not pretty. So, you know, I don’t fall into this category, you know.


Well, I was going to our website and Nikki and I just noticed one thing that you talked about, most of the time you talk about Roi that is return on investing but sometimes people do get confused with this term as what is the last, you know, result of the return of investment either. I’m suppose, if I am, if I’m having kind. Okay, and he has invested

Thousand dollars. I’m taking roughly good thousand dollars are invested and it is up to me and how I need to spend that money on two different platform. I, I can go with the organic marketing. I can go with a paid marketing, that is totally up to me. So sometimes I be an agency owner, I can take the return on investment as I have given. For example, hundred number of leads to my crime.


I have given hundred number of leads to my client, and my client is not able to, you know, convert those leads.

And now I have the concerned advised my client not able to convert because I class what the kinds today think that is there and they are putting their hundred percent might be, there’s some, you know, error or some of the wrong targeting being done by the marketer who Maya file. So clash between both of them occurs and return on investment gets affected from my end. I believe that

The great return on investment. I have given this much number of leads, but Envy isn’t it. Is my clients business to grow that is the to return on. So people sometimes do get confused between these two factors and these to speak according to you what you’re gonna dive to this thicker. So so

When I’m starting working back in the day, I didn’t like to work with Commerce website. I don’t know why. But now I love working with e-commerce website. And the first thing, the most important thing is a proper tracking. Most people, most likely you have most of the clients is either on what woocommerce Magento Shopify. And the rest is, like maybe 10%. Yeah, these three are dominant. I don’t know how it is in there, but at least I’m referring to my customers. My customers are either on woocommerce.

Magenta. And you know, it’s pretty simple to set up on the Google analytics tracking. So you have one step down. Most of the time clients who are coming to, you’re not like completely new stores. So there is some data and now the most important is to start digging this data and I am. The first thing I’m doing is I’m asking customers to install a keyboard hero that way we can see

The data from search console projected in analytics and we can into some point quite accurately track traffic. Not only organic traffic per URLs. But also a perky words. Once you have this, you can not only start thinking about how to leverage traffic, but also how to leverage traffic from the specific keywords that historically been performing very well and that’s another step. Then the next step 8 that I’m always trying to make sure that I have a proper reporting.

Either through data Studio or through Google Google Sheets. So my client can every time go there and take a look, how his shop is perform and imagine right now that you have a shop. The naturally is growing with the revenue. 20% from organic Revenue, 20% year-over-year. What I mean you’re over here January 2020 versus January 2019, February 2012.

20 versus February 2009. Teen, and this is very important to remember because very often the performance is affected by seasonality. You know, if you have a you may not know because you’re living in India. So winter tires are rare. But you know in Norway or in Poland or in Austria, people are buying winter tires because it’s winter is no. And there are different tire personal different for life.

Nouns. And it’s natural that the spike is coming before winter, and during the winter, and that’s it. And then the rest of the year you have relief lat. It’s natural. When, when you dealing with, if you are comparing prices of iPhone, the spike will be when police releasing new new headset, and this is probably around September. So, you know, when you, when you trying to forecast performance of the

Store and you talking to your customer, you need to take on the board. The, the current performance often shops are performing naturally. Let’s say they are delivering 20% growth. So claiming that you will be delivering 20% growth. That is no other value in to say like guessing in three moms will start delivering on top of that, what you have growth? We will start delivering additional 15% growth, do this because of a bee

C and D, you know, simple without any any like technical details if clients really want to jump into the details, fair enough. But you know, going into like, you know, things related to canonical tags and htaccess and all that stuff that will only make confusion if shop is underperforming then obviously, you know, you will not come to gyeom and say like you know, I will make you reach in three moms. You just need to fix. What is what is broken and and

From the client perspective from the client perspective with clients is also important that client and I bet that lots of people who are potential, clients are listening right now. SEO is not someone who will make you rich. It’s not like, you know, you can come and say like, listen here is money, make me Rich. You know, make this performing you know, sometimes you have situations like you have a Formula One racing. Yeah. And someone

Game on this Formula 1 racing to chase the other guys, but except of having like a bullet. He got like a bike now or a bicycle and, you know, you will not be able. That’s are people who frequently are coming and saying, like listen, I have great store and I just launched this and I really need to be above Amazon and you know, like this is the moment like you as an expert. Should start educating and talking about Niche about long, tale about how to gutter Authority and so

On and so on and so on. Exactly, exactly. Exactly. And before I move further, I just want to compliment you that your today, your redhead is looking lovely. And one thing that what made you, you know, weirdest, this type of attire. I mean, you have any past experiences or do it is just by yourself. You just grab this habit. I, I was working back in the day in American company.

On my way right now, part of Expedia and they had a really, really nice process of reporting. And you know this is exactly what I said on the beginning. You know, we the life is the life path is a journey. When we learning every day, that was amazing. One year I was there and I learned a lot, we were using Tableau. There was no that data Studio those days and it was fascinating and the setup also was really cool because we had one SEO analyst was doing all the repairs.

Porting across different brands because they had like brand in France, Branson UK us and SEO managers are ahead of us. He owes we’re only dealing with with it, with an SEO per set. So we’re not fucking with, you know, sending emails with report and so on. So that was once a week call how we doing what needs to be done better and guys carry on. So it was fascinating and and and also the

Tyler. I said that this example, because many years ago, I had a presentation when I was comparing non-seasonal spikes with seasonal spikes, and those days. I was saying that winter tire. If you look on the Google Trend every year there is a spike but iPhone, those days was really unseasonal because apple is releasing randomly during the air and you model so you couldn’t you couldn’t start thinking about yet.

Over here and so on. And so, that’s so you could. What I have seen is when I met you personally, also, you told me one thing regarding that, you travel a lot and I have seen on your website also. Right. You know, we have been busy on to your speak speaking events and and just now that you handle multiple clients also. So how do you actually manage all of these things? I mean, yeah. Just

You’re one person and lots of work on your head. So how you have been, you know, dealing with all of this stuff. Well so

There is two people, one is me, and one is my wife, my wife helps me a lot. That bless her with lots of stuff like admin stuff, and she’s also handing paid advertising. So, if you ever need paid advertising, she’s an expert, and she’s dealing with that. Now, regarding to my travel and regarding my clients, you know, I will tell you what finger they need to turn this to everybody, who is listening to us. It may looks fun from outside, but it’s a very, very hard work.

Understand. I mean I can understand yeah there are days that I’m sleeping two hours and I’m just barely working because it’s so busy. Today was a very nice day because there was not that many calls but normally I’m waking up 7 a.m. and from 7 a.m. as you can see me here in this room, I have called until 6 p.m. very often like that sometimes this door which are, there are opening. That’s my wife is bringing me like lunch or something.

Something here, sometimes I don’t even have a time just to just to go for a little short walk because I have called by coal and and partly I’m grateful. But obviously I need to say that this is maybe not for everybody because you need to work three times more harm than if you would be in in house. I remember those days, you know, I was like, where are these days would, when, you know, when you’ve been in house and you could stand up from your computer?

Go to the cafe, have a coffee cross on, have a friend and, you know, here is like, you know, like, come on quicker, more calls, you know, it’s very busy, but also very exciting and is very beneficial

They actually so you guys you have shared many of the insights. And really I’m quite impressed from the details from the way he have touch every small detail of the things. I have asked you. I mean, regarding the person branding regarding the handling clients regarding the social media marketing, the way you have told me regarding how to work on different of the platforms. I mean that’s was really lovely, really lovely. And my audience is gonna really

Love you. So one thing I want to ask you if you have any sort of training, also I mean if someone wants to get any of the training in any of the domain for do you provide personal mentoring also, any training? Also, yeah. So on my website, which also makes me a little proud, because he’s a cool domain. SEO dot London. There is no, that’s lovely. Yeah.

This is button which is called an emergency SEO and if someone have like a very young Argent situation, you know, that we really need to talk.

I don’t know, penalty happened sudden, drop or tomorrow. They are redirecting whole website because they are merging websites, or they changing domain, and they have a plan. But they still feel a little shaky that maybe something may go wrong. Would like, to talk about then I am, they’re available. Pretty much 24 hours. There is a button. It’s integrated with my calendar. There is, there is a little fee as well, obviously,

But you know what? If I have someone from, from Singapore or Argentina, which is minus 8, or 12 hours then, plus, minus plus 12 hours. And here is like 5 a.m. or, you know, 3:00 a.m., I don’t care. I’m available when I was last week and not last week, last month in Los Angeles, you know, I have the call with my customer and they’ve been like, oh my gosh, because it’s so late there.

It’s probably your last call. I was like no that’s actually my first vote goes from 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. and I was sleeping from 4 or 5 p.m. till 11 p.m. so you know all my watches in the hotel room where I was working. We’re in the UK time zone. Can you imagine this? My dad was calling, like, what time is that? I was like, I don’t know. I can tell you that.

It was great but you know I’m very devoted for my clients. I’m not the guy who say like this week will not have meetings because I’m going somewhere. If client cannot do fair enough, I understand that but I’m for my clients pretty much 24 hours a day and you

What? I love it is when I’m going to India, actually, because India is ahead of Europe. So when I’m waiting waking up at nine o’clock, I can have my Aloo Paratha, I can have Indian chai. I can go to my favorite restaurant if I want and then 2 p.m. or 1 p.m. is morning in UK and I’m starting my work and then I’m working working working the same way like, you know, my mom,

You know, I have a nice room for me and I’m working working working and then there is 9 p.m. I’m finishing or 9:30 and very often. You know, we are going with my brother-in-law to rattray bizarre. Whoever is from Baroda, the nose is amazing place, you know, for a coffee or something like that and you know, and it’s great. So India is ahead but when you are in us and you have called you’re always late, you waking up at night and here in Europe is already like middle.

They are like, oh my gosh so yeah it’s a funny aspect of being a remote remote for insulting or definitely end just now, you told it how much busy you are, and you have a very tight schedule and besides that you gave your precious time and you were available. I mean, the interview was scheduled for next week but I have got some crazy things up in my mind. So I just asked you that you cuz am I allowed in or are you out?

Available for before 8:00. So you just told we can do it today and I was like, sure, oh, come on. I’m really grateful to you. I mean, besides my pleasure, you’ve been partly lucky because like I told you Monday wasn’t that busy I had like window there so it’s like, yeah, let’s do this today because tomorrow, it would be like after 12 calls or something I would be like probably like. Well, you know, and today is March, but lovely. We just want it all

Shorty only in our India and nine. There is Holy. So I see. Yeah. And I was having also some of the plans. So I thought I will. When the last time I got you dueled with meeting with you. I didn’t remember. I forgot that there is Holy and that is also big reason. I told you to, you know, we can do it bit earlier. So absolutely. Absolutely. And you know, like I told you like it’s very much in my heart.

Very important, you know. So would you be playing who? Lean Lenin the strength? Yes, absolutely. You know, we are normally celebrating everything and you know, what can I say? It’s exciting. It’s exciting because, you know, you can, you can discover new things. And it’s always nice to spend time together. And then also, like, last last,

It was December or January. There was this Kite Festival? We were we were there on the inverter Audra looking at that. It’s fascinating, you know, this is really cool. Lovely. So we will see, I have many of the people in my community who know me and I’ve been in touch with many of the people, I mean around the globe and in India also have a great presence with many of the people, so before I, you know, end up this meeting. What

Is the one message and what is the one sort of a small motivation, you want to give to me and my audience out there so that they can learn something from you and can upgrade their skills. What is the one message you want to give to me and Mark? Okay, I’m always saying if you are, are you planning to be in the online marketing industry, that, in my opinion, you will be in the most exciting industry that could ever happen through the history of

Of. Oh, you know, this is absolutely fantastic. You know. So if you have some doubts, forget about this, take the first step, you know, even if you would need to start your career from scratch, it’s never too late. Just go for it. You know, I will tell you like, part of my family like cousins and friends are working, you know, like marketing, because of influence, like, man, you can do this. You can do PC, man, you can do affiliate, you can start.

Doing a CO and right now, you know I’m also looking on the people who started working in Mighty many years ago, right now, they are like head of as Heroes as you’ll directors. And, you know, this is so so exciting to see how these people are progressing every year or two seen that they are changing a role on LinkedIn. So yeah, online marketing is probably the most exciting thing right now to work for and I have difficulty to imagine. If there is anything more exciting than online

Jackie lovely and I will motivate everybody. Yeah, lovely. I mean, everyone is gonna get motivated with the with your kind words and one thing I want to say that India is the next huge Market. Oh, you don’t need to tell me this icons. I’m telling this to everybody, I need to tell between me and you the between you and the 640,000 people who follows you. I have a nosy. I stated in that makes me very

Excited. Because you know and considering the number of people living in India how ambitious people from India and also how open and English fluent speakers and how also diverse India is, it’s like, it’s like, you know, it’s

Like like, like extremely high opportunity and I think lots of people now or sooner or later will be moving their starting businesses. And right, right now, when is this, boom after 20 years from now, they’ll be saying like, you know, I just moved in 2020 when it started, because, you know, where it ended up probably, will be like another Singapore in many places. Another Hong Kong a very, very powerful Tech hub.

That means we do have more many of them. I mean, we have no idea. We have good long. We have been here. I know, I know saying that it will be even more of that. Yeah, yeah.

Thank you so much, you guys for being over here with me and before I go and wrap up this session and this interview just want to say one thing. Thank you again a big big, big thank you and love to you and we’ll see in future also CQB guys can connect like this and one thing more and in fact I am also running my own digital agency. I have team of five and so I want you to meet with my team. Also in future is if there’s possible, I will if you can

Can she get a time out of your Tai Chi, dude. So big, I always find time for India and my Indian friends are so. So, you know, that would be very exciting. Lovely lovely. Okay. So, so, look at me, let me also say, first of all, shukriya, damn Neva. And, you know, if anyone want to have a contact, I hope you don’t mind.

If I will remind them as he ordered London and you can find me on LinkedIn, hell yeah. What what you can do, you can just give me all your social media handles and your website. You want to give, I will put up all of the links into the description and people can just, you know, contact to I9 fact. I will also give in to the I button of the YouTube video, so, please superb. Yeah. Thank you very much and hope next time we will see in the real life in Delhi. Yeah, definitely definitely. We definitely catch up in Delhi soon. Yeah.

Thanks. Thank you very much. And thanks, lots of fun. Greetings for your audience,

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