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Traffic is among the most important factors considered on any website. Basically, high traffic on your website will result in your brand, product, and service exposure. Some people may opt for paid traffic, but organic traffic is the best. Paid traffic does not stay longer than your campaign, unlike organic traffic that keeps on increasing effortlessly. Comprehending that backlinks have a major role in your websites is a very important thing. Backlinks are important to any SEO strategy. However, countable businesses depend on them to make their businesses grow. You might ask yourself what backlinks are and why you should concentrate much on them?


Generally, backlinks are links from different websites to yours. They are also known as inbound links and are vital because search engines, including Google, use them as ranking signals. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about backlinks, including what they are, why backlinks are important for your SEO, what functions they play, how many backlinks do you need, and various types of backlinks, among many others.


What are backlinks?

Backlinks are created when a different website mentions another website on its site and links to it. It is a way of creating connections that assist in driving traffic to your site and improving its authority using external websites. Nevertheless, if you need a backlink to affect your site positively, it has to be a natural link. Some chances give room for links payment to your website, but this can drastically diminish your ranking or even be banned by google. Maintain earning natural backlinks that will improve your site’s ranking and enhance your domain authority. It is also encouraged to have a few high-quality links that will lead to perfect results for your business and aid in being ranked higher in search engines over many low-quality links.


Backlinks involve two types, including dofollow and nofollow. What are they specifically?

Dofollow backlink:

These are organic links from important websites to yours. They are of high value since the different site supports the content quality on your site, and you never paid for the backlink. Dofollow backlinks are essential to enhancing search engine rankings. Many people want to dofollow backlinks, but some also turn out dangerous. This happens when they are from flagged websites by search engines to be suspicious or acquired through breaking the search engine term of service. Dangerous backlinks can result in your website being de-indexed.

Nofollow backlinks:

These are general tags that instruct search engines to assume a certain link. They are not very valuable and are therefore less popular. Among the most popular sources of nofollow links are social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Nevertheless, nofollow links have some importance to your SEO strategy. Occasionally, they can be of great help, especially from high-profile links such as Wikipedia. Nofollow links from websites having high traffic may help improve the quantity of your dofollow links.

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Backlinks are key to any business since they determine the authority of your sites. Everyone would wish for high domains to appear in more important search results. If you get backlinks, it symbolizes that other websites endorse your content. If Google discovers that many high-authority sites link back to your pages, it will think that you possess relevant content worth a higher ranking in search results for many people to find it. Additionally, backlinks also determine how relevant a page can be. If you are doing a specific subject and authority sites link your page in their content, it shows Google that your page is related to the subject. This process will lead to a better ranking for the particular topic. Apart from the technical aspects, backlinks have several benefits, including;

  • It develops relationships: You generate a chance to build a relationship with these sites by reaching out to the authority blogs and websites. A good long-term relationship with important people in your industry will help grow your business trust.
  • It helps get referral traffic: Backlinks create relevant traffic when it links you to your pages. They will help increment website traffic and significantly increase your page sales.
  • It will assist in building your brand: Having backlinks will assist in authority establishment in your industry. You will earn more backlinks to enable more people to get your brand. This is a perfect way to build yourself as an authority on a subject and acquire additional people to know your brand.
  • It enhances your trustworthiness and credibility: Authoritative and trusted source quality links aids you to be ranked higher from an SEO view and enhance your trustworthiness and credibility as a business.

These links are important to your business since they determine your website’s authority. The high authority domain is important since it aids you to be seen in more essential search results.


You may be wondering about ways of checking backlinks on your website, right? Worry not! You are on the right page. Website’s backlinks can be checked using different tools, including;



This is among the best backlink checker you can ever use in your company. It is a common tool among companies searching for a high-quality backlink checker tool. Ahrefs offers a lot of data that can be important to assist you to manage and to get backlinks. You have to key in a website URL to get information about companies connected to that page. After entering the URL, you will view all links pointing to that particular webpage. Ahrefs also offers more information, including the domain rating and how often that domain is linked to your website. In addition, it enables you to view new, broken, and lost links to your sites. Ahrefs will help you in monitoring your profiles. You will be able to view the growth and decline of your backlinks and the organic traffic that visits every page. In general, Ahrefs offers quality data on backlinks.


Moz Link Explorer:

It offers one with important information that assists in building better business backlinks. You can look for websites links and quickly acquire results. This great backlink checker helps gain more insightful data to generate more efficient link-building research.



This is a perfect tool to use to check website backlinks. It contains many databases of information updated daily. The daily updates help one to accurately confirm their business backlink information. Using SEMrush, you will defeat your competitors in the search results. Additionally, this tool helps one view links that point to your domain and its qualities.



It is among the perfect backlink checker used to analyze your backlinks and for your competitors. It enables you to check the keywords and domain names. It also allows you to search for a different domain and know people linking to those sites. Buzzsumo allows one to get notifications of new links. It helps one have records of who is linking to your business and create a good relationship with the specific people. Additionally, it will enable you to see which pages get backlinks which will simplify the optimization of your strategy to earn additional backlinks for pages that may not perform as well.



It is among the oldest backlink checker tools on the web and offers a lot to your business. If you are interested in monitoring your backlink portfolio, this tool offers much great information to assist you in learning about your backlinks. To use majestic, you need a key in your domain into the search box and proceed from there. Majestic gives much information such as external backlinks, referring IPs, subnets and domains, and backlink history. All this information offer insight into the person linking to your page and ways of earning more backlinks for your page.


Google search console:

This is a free backlink tool that can enhance your site’s ranking in search results. The Google search console helps monitor and maintain your site presence in the search results. Using the Google search console helps fix indexing issues that might have prevented sites from locating your page and linking to it. It also makes you see search traffic data on your site and check how many times you appear in Google search results. You will see what questions generate your website in the search result.



Ubersuggest is a free backlink checker tool designed by Neil Patel. It was created to assist companies in discovering people linking to them and those linking to their competitors. It is a perfect tool for your business if you search for an efficient and affordable tool. With this tool, you will see much insightful information, including domain and page score, the total number of backlinks to a page and nofollow links, referring domains, anchor text, and link type. In addition, uber suggest you carry out a competitive analysis that will aid in finding new link-creating chances and see who links to competitors and not you. It offers a perfect chance to enhance your site ranking in the search result and get more backlinks.


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    Many business owners question how to check all their backlinks because backlinks have a major role in SEO rankings. It may be difficult for a company to enhance its backlinks if they do not know its current situation. It is advisable to know the current profile and areas to improve it. So, what are the simplest ways of finding backlinks on your website? It involves six straightforward steps, including:


    Select on “Links” in the navigational menu:

    Immediately you are signed in to the platform; you will get the shortcuts to very tools in the navigational menu. “Links” is among the tools, marked using a chain icon. Selecting it will direct you to all tools related to your backlinks.


    Go down to “Link score” and “New & Lost” links:

    Link score is the immediate thing you meet when the tool opens. Link score is a single metric that offers you an idea of your competitors’ websites authority. It matches with your rankings depending on how many qualitative links you have. It simply checks on the quality and quantity of the link.


    Select on “All Links” in the navigational menu:

    After exploring your competitors’ Link scores, move to the list having all of your backlinks. Selecting “All links” in the navigational menu will direct you to a page having your links list. After that, you can group and filter them depending on their qualities. One common criterion is to check for your latest links by sorting the table by selecting the “Date” header.


    Select on every link to indicate additional information about it:

    Choosing on every link expands the window and indicates in-depth information about the backlink. For instance, this will tell you if the link is dofollow or nofollow if it’s a regular text link or comes from an image, the anchor text, or the backlink, among many others.


    Transfer your links for Google sheet or Excel:

    Occasionally, you want to separate and group your links more organized manner. Therefore, you can always acquire a compiled list of links by exporting them. At the bottom, the “Export” button enables you to get a CSV export of all your backlinks. This will help select the specific CSV export format that suits you. This can either be Google sheet, open office, or many others.


    Check competitor’s links by choosing their website:

    To finalize, if you want to see your competitor’s links, choose their website at the top of the table. This will result in a table update and show you all your backlinks in the table you used before to see your links. You can also export your competitor’s links and so a comparison with yours.


    What does a good backlink look like?

    You can simply concentrate on acquiring many dofollow links than nofollow ones but do not forget not all dofollow links have the same value. Some may be having high value compared to the rest. How will you be able to tell if a backlink is a good backlink? Below are a few characteristics you should focus on:


    The importance of the link:

    Search engines such as Google and Bing focus on offering value for their users. Therefore, they will always prioritize backlinks relevant to users to increase the chances of people choosing them. The relevance of a backlink applies to the main content and the domain name to a given level.


    The traffic of the website:

    Acquiring backlinks from pages having high traffic will result in more referral traffic for any website. You do not have to doubt this. The more traffic you acquire, the higher the website will be visible.


    Page authority:

    When a website is more established, it will be more authoritative. You also create your website as an authority within your niche by acquiring backlinks from authoritative websites. Internal backlinking can also contribute to page authority. Internal backlinking simply link a page to a different one using the same website.


    Backlink placement:

    How you place your backlinks matters so much. Some backlinks are more prominent compared to others hence carrying more authority. For instance, a backlink located on the footer or the sidebar has low chances of being clicked on, unlike backlinks situated on the main body of the page. The use of various text colours and fonts aids in making perfect backlinks.


    Backlinks are important for SEO strategy, and they can make a large difference for your SEO. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the tips for getting a quality backlink. What do they include?


    Generate content that attracts backlinks:

    This is among the commonly underrated technique. It is often said that content is the major thing in the SEO work, but it’s quite different when it comes to backlinks because it involves more than just creating content. The content has to be of high quality that will be helpful to the visitors and other websites. With this, you will be able to get backlinks organically.


    Ensure you use the testimonials page on partners sites:

    If your partner sites have a page for testimonials or case studies on their websites, you can use that to have backlinks for your website. Contact and give a testimonial or, rather, a case study of their product. They will often fix a link to your site within the testimonial.


    Get involved in listicles:

    The Internet contains the listicle for everything you have never thought of. After registration, you will get daily questions reporters to seek to answer in your email. Responding to a question will earn you a quality backlink. While it takes a lot of time and you will have to give perfect answers, there are chances that you have to get backlink and media coverage.


    Try broken link building:

    It consumes too much time to acquire backlinks. It generally involves getting websites with broken links to content that resembles yours, notifying the writer about the broken link, and giving your resource a perfect alternative. Everybody having a site is aware of the consequences of having a broken link to their website.


    How do backlinks contribute to SEO?

    Backlinks have various impacts on your SEO strategy. To begin with, it pushes more readers back to your site. When you receive large traffic to your website, Google and the rest of the search engines will recognize it. If they discover that users are using your content, they will identify its value and push more up their list of results. Additionally, backlinks contribute to link juice, representing the level of influence that specific link has. When a site shares a link to your website, it shares its juice with you. The much link juice shared by others, the much you will get.

    Websites that have much authority possess a higher level of link juice. A site largely grows when it receives link juice from various websites that will finally increase its Google rank and different search engines. Every backlink received by a website is looked at as an “approval stamp” for Google and other search engines. If your content quality is high, you will receive many approvals of your content if a search engine will share your content with other users if it comprehends that you are offering important, valuable, and interesting information.

    Acquiring backlinks is an essential aspect to consider that will help to improve your site ranking in Google. Nevertheless, do not go for shortcuts and buy poor-quality directory links, comment links, spam networks, and other cheap services promising to enhance your site’s ranking. Instead, publish high-quality content and create relationships with different sites in your niche to make natural, high-quality backlinks from relevant sites.



    In summary, backlinks are links generated on your website linking back to a different website. They can also be referred to as incoming or inbound links. Backlinks are a fundamental part of any SEO that is important to your website’s organic traffic generation campaign. A good backlink is generated from a website having authority and discussing topics related to your website. Normally, you can connect your link-building efforts to those worth it if you are aware of its level of authority. A perfect backlink offers relevant traffic to your website. Lack of backlinks will make it difficult to be ranked in Google search results. Securing backlinks is depended on more value of your links than the number of links you are having. Therefore, you cannot secure magic numbers that do not exist for backlinks before appearing at the top of the search engine results list. It all depends on the level of value the search engine crawlers use in the content you have designed.

    All You Need to Know About Backlinks

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