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Refreshing SEO expert

Lukasz is committed to creating 40% organic traffic growth, but consistently delivers more than that amount. He knows SEO principles well, so we were beyond happy when he came and trained our in-house team. He also did quite a lot of work on our blog which helped improve our rankings substantially on high-value keywords. He’s able to offer guidance for strategy, but can also execute the small services himself. That’s refreshing to experience.
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Lukasz is awesome

Lukasz is an extremely knowledgeable SEO expert and the only person I recommend to my clients for this type of service. I have seen his work achieve amazing results in ecommerce and he’s a true pleasure to work with.
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Couldn’t have done without Lukasz

I would highly recommend Lukasz’s services for optimising your SEO. Lukasz has helped us tremendously with strategising and implementing our SEO efforts, and we have seen some amazing growth because of it. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone with more, up to date, SEO knowledge.
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