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Will you provide content optimisation as part of SEO Audit?

Yes, we provide content optimisation. SEO content audit or content optimisation is when you analyze your indexed content on the domain to check if any content needs improvement or if any out-dated content is present then revoke or discard it as it would be a dead burden on the site shoulder and dragging it down to the depth.

Content optimisation is done by collecting all indexed URL’s using google analytics, screaming frog, google console, XML sitemap, and then doing a content audit of all these URLs’. Firstly, we will check if your content is receiving organic traffic and if not, then there is something wrong with your content strategy, content type, or distribution. Check your content uniqueness by premium Copyscape. Your site should not have duplicate or thin content as it is strongly despised by google search engines. Your content should have optimized titles, meta description, and focus keywords density in a set limit to improve your content visibility. It also helps you to interlink your content by adding internal links and make sure your most important pages get the most links. Check your content backlinks and more backlinks don’t mean it’s beneficial as links should be of high quality rather than poor quality bulk links. Your website page speed should be high and content should be super optimized for the mobile version. You can check page speed through google page speed insight.