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Qué son las páginas de entrada

Las páginas de entrada (también conocidas como páginas puente, páginas de portal, páginas de salto, páginas de acceso o páginas de entrada) son páginas web diseñadas específicamente para manipular busque en engine indexes (spamdexing). A gateway page modifies a search engine\’s index by injecting results for certain words while redirecting users to another website. Cloaking is used on doorway sites that route users without their awareness. This is often classified as Black Hat SEO.

If a visitor clicks through to a standard gateway page from a search engine results page, they will often be transferred to another page through a quick Meta refresh command. Additionally, redirección may be accomplished via the use of JavaScript and server-side redirection through the servidor configuration file. Certain gateway pages may be dynamically produced using scripting idiomas such as Perl or PHP.

Doorway sites are often simple to recognise since they were created mainly for search engines and not for humans. While a gateway page may sometimes be copied from another high-ranking page, this is likely to lead the search engine to flag the page as a duplicate and eliminar it from the search engine results.

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Due to the penalización imposed by many search engines for employing the META refresh command, some gateway websites either deceive the user into clicking on a link to the intended destination page, or they employ JavaScript to redirigir the user.

Advanced gateway sites, dubbed Contenido Rich Doorways, are meant to get high rankings in search results without the need of redirection. They employ a minimal amount of design and navigation that is consistent with the rest of the site in order to create a more humane and natural look. As a llame a to action, visitors are presented with conventional links.

Within the literature, páginas de destino are often conflated with doorway pages. The former are content-rich sites to que traffic is directed as part of pay-per-click advertisements and in order to optimise the effectiveness of SEO initiatives.

Additionally, doorway pages are often utilised on websites that maintain a blacklist of URLs known to include spam, such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Deviantart.


Doorway pages often utilise cloaking methods for the purpose of deception. Cloaked pages will display a version of the page to humans that differs from the one delivered to crawlers—this is often accomplished using server-side scripting. The server can determine if a visitor is a bot, a crawler, or a person based on a variety of señales, including the originating IP dirección or user-agent. Cloaking will mislead search engines into ranking sites higher for unrelated keywords, while monetizing any human traffic by presenting spammy, often unrelated, material to users. Cloaking is widely regarded to be very manipulative and is strongly discouraged in the search engine optimization negocio and by search engines, and its usage may result in large penalties or the full mudanza of websites from indexación.

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Los webmasters que utilizan páginas pasarela a menudo desean que los visitantes nunca las vean y en su lugar sean dirigidos a una página "genuina" de su sitio web. La redirección se utiliza a veces para lograr este propósito. Esto puede ser tan simple como añadir una etiqueta meta refresh en las páginas de entrada. Un sistema más sofisticado puede aprovechar la ocultación. En cualquier caso, esta redirección puede hacer que los motores de búsqueda no tengan en cuenta sus páginas de entrada.


Una página de entrada rica en contenido debe construirse de una manera amigable para los motores de búsqueda, de lo contrario puede ser visto como spam de los motores de búsqueda, lo que resulta en la eliminación de la página del índice por un período de tiempo indeterminado.

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