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For the past 10 years, Lukasz has also found time to share his wealth of industry information with SEO aficionados the world over.

Whether you catch him in the flesh, on a webinar, or at one of the many digital events he guests at, his words often justify the cost of the admission alone. Speaking at between 10 and 20 events and conferences each year, he admits his style is that of a no fluff, zero BS speaker.

Where Lukasz differs to many spotlight-hungry speakers is his relentless passion for the topic. He avoids all the expected self-promotion over pure delivery of what every audience wants to hear—how to create opportunities and deliver real change.

“People love to listen to people with passion. Both of my parents were teachers at various points of their careers, so the transition into speaking about what I love seemed quite organic.”

He has travelled 75,000 kilometres in a single year to spread his knowledge, the techniques and strategies that make him unique, as well as diving into the tools that he uses, and precisely how he uses them to achieve the best results from every opportunity.

As a premier digital marketing specialist, Lukasz is a great addition to any line-up—and a fabulous draw for audiences looking to glean something special from his vast experience of successes.

Spanning the length of his career, he has spoken at the few of following events and conferences like Brighton SEO, ClickZ, #DMWF, Iceefest, SiGMA, SMXL, UnGagged, Wolves Summit and more.

To stay updated on where he’s speaking next and to catch one of his talks or lectures, check back in with us for regular updates.


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В індустрії є багато претензій, що гарантують перші позиції в пошукових системах, яких ми всі бажаємо для нашого бізнесу.

Хоча ніхто не може давати таких обіцянок, SEO.London має перевірені системи, які забезпечили зростання органічного трафіку для маси своїх клієнтів і партнерів. Ми знайдемо нову аудиторію і свіжий трафік для вашого сайту, а також визначимо, як націлити їх для досягнення найкращих результатів.

Існує так багато різних способів атакувати кожен куточок вашої взаємодії в Інтернеті; чи не варто проконсультуватися з експертом, щоб визначити, які з них є найбільш вигідними для вас і вашого бізнесу?