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随着SEO行业的快速发展,许多软件解决方案被发明出来以简化SEO专业人士的工作。当今最有经验和需求的工具之一是 排名跟踪器 by SEO PowerSuite. With rich functionality and splendid efficiency, the tracker tool has achieved a significant position in the world of SEO. What is 级别 Tracker? How does it work? What options does it cover? First, we proceed to our full 审查 of Rank Tracker – an advanced 关键字 finder and SERP checker.

什么是Rank Tracker?


级别 Tracker搜索引擎软件 旨在监测该网站的位置在 搜索 引擎并分析其排名动态。该应用程序通过搜索关键词挑选最佳的优化思路,并评估所选关键词的有效性,分析多达10个竞争对手网站的位置。

级别 Tracker by SEO PowerSuite burst into the market around 2004 at the outset of SEO when 级别跟踪 was barely conceived as an idea. In time, new applications for SERP checking and keyword analysis emerged on the 互联网. Despite the SEO market being replenished with new tools, Rank Tracker gained a foothold in its place and proved its worth as a professional tracker tool. Thanks to several proprietary 度量衡 由应用程序、定期更新和反应迅速的支持所促成,这个SEO软件通过提供高质量的服务,与不断变化的SEO环境保持同步。

为什么要使用SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker?

The world of SEO is a flexible sphere that requires SEO professionals much effort to stay afloat. If you have no right tracker prepared, the likelihood of your website ranking on the first Google search result page tends to zero. Why do SEO agencies stick to Rank Tracker by SEO PowerSuite?


  • 准确和快速的等级跟踪
  • 搜索引擎当地 追踪
  • 对关键词和项目没有限制
  • 工作场所的高度可定制性
  • 排名历史
  • 自动排名
  • 执行多项任务,以 免费的
  • 使用谷歌的能力 分析
  • 方便和说明性的报告


  • 需要安装
  • 对初来乍到的人来说功能太多

SEO PowerSuit Rank Tracker概述

The first thing to highlight is that Rank Tracker is a simple yet powerful tool that stands out from the rest of the rank trackers for flawless SEO execution. Nevertheless, some pitfalls might frighten amateurs of cloud-based apps or SaaS 软件,你可以在浏览器中登录并在瞬间访问你的数据。

SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker operates on a different principle. It requires you to download the installation pack first and install the software. Although this feature seems to be a nuisance, it eventually turns out to be convenient. The desktop version lets you store all your data on your PC, which hedges you against memory drains that often happen to web-based tools.


Another merit that makes using Rank Tracker incredibly convenient is adjusting the software according to your needs. Thanks to high customizability, Rank Tracker has become a good assistant for SEO specialists. You can edit the workspace as you like: add or 移除 列,使用快速过滤器,添加条件,定义自定义过滤器,按词值排序,以及更多。每个选项你都可以用你的方式。

开始使用Rank Tracker的4个步骤

For you to quickly get used to this tracker tool, we’ve decided to create a small tutorial on how to get started with Rank Tracker.

步骤1。 在你的设备上启动该软件时,你将被要求创建你的第一个项目。要创建一个项目,你必须粘贴一个你想审查的网站页面的URL。

第2步。 为了使你的分析更加精确,你可以将你的谷歌分析和谷歌 搜索控制台 accounts so Rank Tracker can collect crucial data from them. If you don’t want to integrate these tools, you can always skip this step by clicking NEXT.

第3步。 输入你想审查的关键词。

第4步。 指定审查的首选搜索引擎。这里是两个最常见的系统,但你可以随时添加额外的搜索引擎,针对特定的 国家.例如,你可以为埃及、芬兰或美国添加一个自定义的谷歌搜索引擎。


因此,我们已经完成了设置程序并创建了一个新的项目。现在,让我们更好地看一下一些最 有帮助的 级别 Tracker features.


To better understand the principle of Rank Tracker 业绩 and study each feature in detail, we’ll discuss each software section and its functionality. The main sections are 目标关键词, 关键词 研究, SERP分析,以及 竞争者 研究. 领域 强度报告 作为快速 报告 特点。因此,让我们转到Rank Track功能。


ǞǞǞ 顶部 rank-tracking feature is monitoring keyword positions. The tracker tool scans multiple keywords from about 600 search engines of your choice and gives out the search results with full statistics. The most important part of the tool you will see in the 目标关键词 模块是 排名跟踪 部分,有一个 关键词和排名 报告。在这份报告中,你可以回顾一下。

  • 你所选择的要追踪的关键词。
  • 该关键词在过去30天内被搜索的次数。
  • 目前的谷歌排名。
  • 此外,在任何其他自定义搜索引擎中的排名。
  • 排名页面 URLs;
  • 可见度得分。


要获得更多关于关键词的信息,请按照 排名详情. In this section, the Rank Tracker tool completes a full review of the keywords you specified with a percentage of the keyword visibility, Google ranking, and Google SERP features.

If you have already worked with this project, Rank Tracker will show you the Previous Google Ranking and visibility difference, achieved with some SEO work. To check out the results of your SEO activity, follow the 排名进展在这里,你可以跟踪当前的谷歌和雅虎率(在我们的例子中)以及它们之间的差异。这将帮助你毫不费力地回顾你的网站因不同原因而引起的所有起伏。


For even more advanced SEO 业绩, we recommend you enable the option of recording the SERP history. This feature means that every time you review your site’s rankings for your target keywords, Rank Tracker will record competitors’ page ranking for that query and show you the data for analysis. It keeps a daily, weekly, and monthly change record of your site’s ranking position for you to check any search query at any time.

Besides the SERP history, you can activate your Google account to collect and review 网站流量 data. Thus, you can make your Organic Traffic analysis even more advanced. Also, the tracker allows you to review the keyword difficulty to fetch SERP data and calculate the difficulty score.

ǞǞǞ 排名摘要 is a brief conclusion made by the Rank Tracker after keyword analysis and SERP checking. In this summary, you will review:

  • 在所有搜索引擎中的总可见度的百分比。
  • 能见度 图形 显示你在追踪期内的进展。
  • 你所选择的搜索引擎分配的可见度分数。
  • 关键字排名。
  • 关键字是否向上或向下移动。

ǞǞǞ 关键字地图 也是一个关键词排名的总结,包括 SEO分析, 关键字的难度, PPC分析,以及 排名分析.


  • 该关键词在过去30天内被搜索的次数。
  • 一个关键短语的竞争力。
  • 对关键词效率指数(KEI)的审查。
  • 预计每月的访问量。


  • 该关键词在过去30天内被搜索的次数。
  • 预计每月的访问量。
  • 总数 竞争 某个单词的难度水平。


  • 该关键词在过去30天内被搜索的次数。
  • 关键词的竞争力。
  • 的预期金额 每次广告在谷歌搜索结果中被点击,你都需要付费。
  • 如果在谷歌开展付费点击活动,一个关键词将获得的估计点击次数。
  • 估计每月 费用 某个关键词的谷歌广告按次付费活动的。

Among other features related to the entire 业绩 of Rank Tracker, there is the automation of the checking process. Once you set up an automated tracker, it will perform the tasks all by itself on the set dates and times.

Besides, you can review your site rankings properly by virtually being in different countries. With this Rank Tracker, you can review non-personalized ranking data as if from different countries, thus boosting your SEO activity on local sites.

2. 关键字研究

排名关键词 allows discovering the list of keywords for which a domain is already ranking in Google in the specified region. To rank the keywords, type in the target domain URL and specify the category. The Rank Tracker will show you how many times a word has been searched by users along with KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index).

Besides rank tracking, the tracker tool performs a function of a keyword finder. Here are the keyword finder methods used by Rank Tracker:

关键字的差距 发现你一直错过的有利可图的竞争对手的关键词。有了这个功能,你可以查看你没有使用的排名靠前的竞争对手的关键词。

搜索控制台和谷歌分析 允许从Google Search Console和Google Analytics账户收集有机关键词。你将需要连接你的账户,以便将统计数字整合到Rank Tracker中。

关键字规划器 通过从各种付费建议工具中收集新的关键词想法,帮助审查和总结这些想法。在这里,你需要选择 谷歌广告关键词规划器,谷歌广告--按目标页面,或Yandex Wordstat,然后输入你想获得的关键词的主题,并进行搜索。

自动完成工具 是指通过收集流行搜索引擎和在线服务的自动完成建议来产生新的关键词想法。 


相关问题方法会生成与你的搜索查询相关的各种问题组合,人们可能会在搜索引擎中查找这些问题。你可以选择 "问题自动完成 "类别或 "人们也问",并输入所需的关键词主题。

TF-IDF Explorer允许你找到并审查你排名靠前的竞争对手的最有意义和最经常使用的关键词。你输入主题关键词,就能得到最受欢迎的关键词列表。


关键字沙盒 是对所选关键词的总结,反映了一个关键词在一个月内被搜索的次数、估计访问量、词的竞争力、每次点击成本和关键词难度。


A keyword you’ve selected is far from being in the #1 ranking. To investigate the keyword, you can use the SERP analysis feature to estimate search engine results and how difficult it will be for you to rank.

级别 Tracker allows in-depth SERP data and checks correlations between ranking factors and distribution of positions in organic search. You can choose any search engine to analyse the SERP and check the particular keyword for advanced SERP analysis.

After the SERP tracker completes the analysis, you can see whether there are any correlations between page 信号 和排名的位置。如果相关百分比太高,你需要更多关注你的页面,以打到顶部。




  • ǞǞǞ 域名竞争者 该模块允许你审查与你的目标域/URL相同的关键词在谷歌上的排名的竞争对手。
  • ǞǞǞ 主题竞争者 feature discovers your niche competitors. Specify your topic keywords for the tracker to run 竞争者 研究。
  • 顶页 收集在谷歌中被发现在指定地区和目标设置中排名靠前的域名页面。

要审查你的竞争对手,请在该部分的中间插入竞争对手的URL,添加竞争对手。如果你不知道你的竞争对手是什么,你可以在以下内容中审查他们 域名竞争者, 主题竞争者,以及 顶页 sections. As a result, Rank Tracker will find your competitors and analyze their pages. If you add the competitors to track, it will record all competitors’ organic rankings alongside yours. So, you can quickly review all shifts shown in the results.


Domain Authority is a likelihood of a website ranking high on search engine result pages. With a higher domain strength, your site can shoot up in SERP or even hit the first page.

领域优势 section, Rank Tracker reflects the general domain info: IP, country, and age of a website analyzed. Besides the per cent of the likelihood for your site to hit the highest ranking, you can review:

  • 指数化 在搜索引擎中
  • 反向链接。 链接域, IPs, C-Blocks
  • 社会媒体的普及
  • 网站的流量。


级别 Tracker can be genuinely proud of its SEO报告.所提供的默认报告包括。

  • 关键字排名和可见度. This report summarizes the keywords, search engines used, and the per cent of the site visibility in them. Here you can review the number of words at the top, track the ups and downs in the selected metrics, and rank keywords. For you to quickly review the shifts in the site visibility, Rank Tracker creates a Progress Graph that includes stats gathered over the last .
  • 竞争排名。这份报告看起来很像关键词排名报告。唯一的区别是,它显示你和你的竞争对手之间的比较。
  • 关键词排名(按搜索引擎分组)。它将关键词按搜索引擎进行大组分布,并比较当前和以前的排名,给出它们的差异。 
  • 关键词排名(按关键词分组)。这份报告的功能与前一份报告相同,不同之处在于分组。它专注于每个关键词,并根据所选择的搜索引擎对它们进行排序。
  • 排名历史。如果你想查看每个关键词的能见度的转变,排名历史将帮助你。在这里,你可以研究为每个关键词分别设计的进度图。
  • 关键字研究。这份报告将关键词研究、按关键词组分析的结果和按关键词分析的结果结合起来。 着陆页.
  • 有机网站流量.在这里,你可以审查你的有机网站会话的进展,以图表和关键词列表的形式给出。
  • 领域优势.这份报告整合了关于域名的所有信息:它的国家、IP、年龄、搜索引擎的索引、几个反向链接因素和流量参数。

你可以根据你的订阅计划发布、分享、保存或打印报告。所以。 客户 报告是SEO机构的另一个好处。


级别 Tracker offers three subscription plans: free, professional, and enterprise.

  • 免费版本允许进行排名审查和关键词分析,但不保存其历史记录。不过,你仍然可以审查你喜欢的许多网站,但报告的生成和数据的下载是 未提供.
  • 专业定价计划是该软件的一个更为扩展的版本,价值为$149/年,适合最好的网站所有者和网站管理员。这个版本允许你下载数据,记录SERPs,存储SERPs历史,甚至安排自动任务。
  • 企业许可证费用为$349/年,是为专业优化人员和SEO机构设计的。它是一个具有最完整功能的高级模式。除了一般功能外,它还提供白标报告和自动交付。

Comparison of the Rank Tracker features:


级别 Tracker by SEO PowerSuite is considered one of the most reliable and convenient rank tracking tools for SEO professionals. Here are several reviews picked out from g2.comTrustpilot.com:


SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker is a high-quality tracker tool that can suit both beginners and SEO professionals already trying different SEO tools. This SEO software is accurate, efficient, and, more importantly, constantly improves its 业绩. With Rank Tracker, you can review the rankings, find keywords that will boost your rankings, and perform SERP analysis and competitor research to stay afloat in the ever-changing market. Automated ranking, SERP history, detailed reports, and the ability to send results to other customers make Rank Tracker solution #1 for SEO agencies.



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