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I think you want to kick-start, Lucas, absolutely a great. So, so let me let me share my screen. You need to enable me rope asshole user user error code on men whilst I, I promise to share, only interesting things, there we go. I’m going to make you the host. You can kick me out properly now forever.

I just before we do kick off because any very quick one. Obviously, we’ll do any questions throughout of The Chopping into the chat or the Q&A. And at the end of see, we’ve got plenty of time. We’ll go through any questions and obviously, we’ll take that from their body. First and foremost, any, anybody that has attended today. Thank you very much, guys, you’ll have a chance to win a free website review, which will obviously be a bit more specific for yourselves. How we can also generate you soon more, so traffic. So, without further Ado, I’ll hand over to Lucas. Hopefully, you can share your

Screen now and I can mute myself. Thank you very much. Thank you very much Rob before you mute yourself. Can you confirm? I can see you. Yeah, I can. Yes we’re in perfect, perfect forecast, snow SEO, tactics a mega webinar today which will be. I hope interesting and will be something that you will be like, wow, so much knowledge.

Age so much info. So much new things I could learn for anyone who was at morning, my session. Thank you very much for joining us here. And I will make sure that this is also interesting. And first of all that this is not like a duplication of the previous session and you definitely made my maybe you can be hundred percent sure but this is not a repetition.

Smarter media, we are based in. Swindon, I joined the team last year, so guys, don’t forget to do to share a bit of love with smarter media on LinkedIn. If you can let your networks know about us, that’s always very helpful and we are very grateful and that’s that’s me as you as you know, but let’s keep this. This is not the most important, right?

Out. I wanted to tell you a bit how I split this hundred and seventy nine slides on page content. Technical enough page that’s four elements which I called SEO elements SEO call this a CO on SEO ingredients that when you blend them properly they will give you the best results and best traffic.

So, let’s start from on page and I will be giving for each section, I will give in couple of tactics that you can Implement. So for example, in SEO, elements on page, we will have three tactics and thanks to that, I believe, what is very important, you will easily be able to understand which moment of the presentation we are how far is to the end and what is the next element?

I love giving this information to my attendees that way because I believe there is nothing worse than an structure eyes completely mashed up webinar. So we are in the first section which is on page and there will be three subsections.

On page. First of three, crawl and optimized with sem rush. So I am a big, big, big fan and sem Rush worshiper. If I can say like that because I’m using some Rush probably for more than 10 years and just to tell you on a personal note, how far back that was when Summers first been introduced? Then I think there was some kind of

Very, very early stage pilot program and then they obviously asked for a money to have an access to Tool and my mindset. And many of my colleagues those. They were like what tools and you need to pay for them. They should be for free. So, you know, we you and a huge awning. And I’m very, very happy to be very close to a CM rush because they leading an amazing too. Now, as you know, there is a messy am Rush.

Did. And this is my audit and what is absolutely fantastic for you as an in-house or for you as someone who is working for your clients that everything here. You see is based on numbers. So you have total score how well website is optimized. 90% we know they had a hundred percent will be the highest then we have six errors that left and we know that we gained two from last Chrome warnings dropped by 6472 and

Notice as my 222. And what do you need to always remember? Is that errors? I think I can. I can paint. I love painting on the on the slide. So a dongs. These guys are the priority you want to have them as low as possible. I will tell you a bit more of what they are. I will tell you a bit more, what warnings are and what our notices. But you can see that Summers is trying to mimic a googlebot

Crawling the web site and is trying to gather as much information as possible. To give you a full picture of how well your website is optimized. And some people are sometimes forget about this and saying like oh this is not important, it’s very important. So errors the mornings. Take a look. This is the number or this is the list of errors and on the other side, this with warnings. What we consider as error, for example, for execs page pages with missing title tag

We’ve duplicated title tags with with broken. Internal links with incorrect, URL format with broken with broken images and so on and so on and so on. So when you know about these things, it’s very easy. Then to put your time into a very, very specific tasks. So you using your time efficient, you are not using your Primal ago. We need to do SEO what next

And this is very important, especially if you are training Junior people, I to my old career, I had lots of situation that someone was joining, my team was very Junior. And then when they were leaving, they were living as managers soon become head of department. So, you know, this is one of this many steps that will help you to structure is how to pass the knowledge and morning’s morning’s, it can be like external

We just are broken. External links are broken. They just don’t have H1 header or that they have a Tron, the other but is the same header as title tag, learn more next to each of, this error will give you a lot of information, how to interpret this problem and what to do next. So then we going into crawl and optimization of such Matrix. This is not essential to use two tools but

But I wanted to make sure that I’m completely impartial and I’m giving you kind of, you have a choice. Yeah, so such Matrix is also providing something, similar errors, warning, notices, and you can see that here. The score is 69, errors is 0. So bear in mind that you will never get the same result, because each tool is collecting these things. Different way. This old, it was performed for a zealous little UK which is my home website and

Yeah, and you can see how overtime number of notices drop. That number of Errors will always keep kept low and only warnings is something that I would probably need to spend some time.

And if you go deeper you have pretty much the same view like you. So with a CM Rush, no errors. So there is no red marks but obviously, we have here warnings which are clearly visible here. And we have here notices, which also are visible and we know what are these notices and if you are really, really geeky and humor, really like to have a perfect website, then you can go with both of these two

Or even three of them. Because on the next slides, I will show you the third one because like I said, the overlap is huge but it’s not hundred percent overlap so it’s not one by one. So for example, there are elements in searchmetrics that doesn’t exist in semrush and there are men in seminars that doesn’t exist in such Matrix. So if you have plenty of time and you would like to be like uber perfect. And you like to take later screenshots and show your friends,

And you want to be kind of a winner during the further algorithm updates, you may want to use both of them. And then the third one here is a deep Crow. So this is the tactic third of Ferb. And if we are here or we, what is the pro first of all? This is a tool that is only the debated for crawling. Your website is doing nothing else, like such metrics and summers are doing plenty of

Things like color actually is doing on the only crawl and you have plenty of other crawlers, like for example, on Crowell or write or even screaming frog, which is a local machine software and you can see that there is 26, issues, different categories. And the most, the most intense are the one that you see here on the screen. This is the holiest you can.

See that there are some some some things again that completely doesn’t exist in Somerton searchmetrics. So again if you have if you have too much time and you really like to go that far, you can use three or more tools, to make sure that everything is like uber optimized. Super top top.

And here is a Pages breakdown, which also is very useful. So I can see what pages are considered to be primary. What pages are known indexable, which is absolutely fine that can be some pages with filters. The fact that so many pages is none, indexable is not immediately saying that something is wrong. But, for example, the number of duplicated Pages, that’s something that I should be, I should be careful.

And what you should take home from that slide is try to avoid situations that you trying to index everything. I had a client who is operating in the kind of DIY, maybe not DIY. It’s more like decoration house decoration and they were indexing everything. All the URLs with parameters without parameters with three, four.

I finally seven parameters and they had like thousands of rubbish URLs in the index and that really works negatively on Europe for eating the website.

And this is like a weekly on page Circle. So crawl then review of progress and prioritization of issue ticketing quality assurance. So as some of you may know, we are working with meat and large and small companies. Sometimes, you know, when we see that our client have issues than one of our person from smarter media is writing a

Carrot and the stick at Islam leading to an in-house team and an in-house team knows where to focus on. And then there is quality assurance and The Story begins. Again, Kroll review, privatization ticket in quality assurance and it’s good to have this rhythm of, you know, five steps week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, pretty much. And you know Friday quality assurance, that’s very safe route.

Other than deploying things during flat Friday. So yeah, if you keep this kind of Rhythm that is also very helpful. And another thing to take home from this section is that some tools are but not every giving you overall score. I personally like to know, overall score because that is giving me this kind of feeling like, okay, I’m doing better and better and I’m going into certain direction or, or

Or not it’s good. Practice to use multiple crawler. Like I said, if you have a budget use multiple remember that the when you are on hundred percent optimization that does not necessarily mean that you will be ranking humidity high. It’s one of the many puzzles that needs to be together and it’s a must it’s not a choice, it’s a mass but it’s not like I will be hundred percent optimized and I will be higher

And that someone who is 80 or 70 personal device,

So next week content here is six subsections, so we don’t own page. Now we’re going to content and we have six sub sections. So we going to snapshot what is the snapshot methodology? Take a look here is maybe it’s not the best quality but you can read probably that we have here. A screen shot taken from such Matrix and imagine that hip a hypothetical scenario.

That I am joining joining you switch and one bring they results high very quickly. So first of all, I’m pulling data and pulling data from search console or I can use like hear such Matrix or spy for some rush. And I’m exporting, this just to understand what keywords are ranking. Well,

And what does it mean? Well, it’s not first and not too low so take a look, here is a filter that is built in.

Function in the search Matrix.

And we can go position to 210. So pretty much a page one and search volume 1,000 to 20,000. Why not hire because higher than 20,000 very often. There are keywords like Vodafone or ee or for example, Nike or Adidas, for different Industries. So you really don’t want to do and much as your for this kind of things because someone is writing Vodafone, then they are looking Vodafone. So

Why would you try to be even some people will say like, oh, it’s good to be second. Yeah, but amount of effort into put to be second right after Vodafone uncured Vodafone is pointless. So we are looking for generic keyword and they are a good generic keywords, popular generate keywords and they very often exist in this range 1000 to 20,000 surgery and here we can see that we have a lot of keywords.

And the top one is based on seem only deals position to loans, but credit position to iPhone 5 as gold position, 3 energy, comparing position 2 and so on and so on. And first what you can see it is that that that table is triggering various different URLs sitting in different folders talking about the different products. So this is very important because because

So you will start attacking website, much broader than let’s focus this month, only on mobiles, and then only on broadband know you are attacking everything Broly, the whole domain. If one or two products are too difficult to go up, doesn’t matter, other products will go. Now let’s talk about City are very often. There is this kind of you know CPR distribution model. And obviously

Very easy to say like, oh, this is not how it works. Yeah, the idea of course, that that numbers are very fluid, very fluid for different keywords also. You can see how old this screenshot is. It was taken like a couple of years ago. I found this online. That’s from the Jun SEO which I’m sending big greetings and year of taking the screenshot was 2011. Then sling shot down another

Another research and they set like now there is no 40% of first. There is 18. And you can, you can find million researchers that are telling you different values, but this is not important. You’re like what? Yeah, this is not important. This is not important. I mean, the number. Absolute number is not that important. It’s more about


So, you can see that this and days. So, for position one, you have so high click-through rate, no matter if this is 40 or 80 in person and on position to you have almost this decreased by 2.

And then, for example, position 7, 8 9, and 10. Here is almost no difference, is almost flat. And here is very, very much like big jump and remember about that. So that is saying as that it really worth to jump to this position one or if we are seven eight, nine ten actually is in position 3 or 2.

So they could have, let’s do a quick math. We have best Simoni deals, which is in position to with 18,800 4041, search volume. And the would take this 18,800 41 x 10 person will get obviously 1893, because there is like 10 .05. So, almost ten of the search volume. But when we are here,

And we’ll multiply search volume by City are from position, one will get 3294 visits and obviously on position one will get more but most is the most important is this you see the Delta Delta between first position and second position is almost doubled our traffic.

So from 1.8 or one point nine thousand two three point, three thousand obviously that is only right to say, if you will be comparing the calendar month of the situation that our keyword is in the first position versus the same calendar month on the second position because that would help us to get rid of all the fluctuation regarded regarding to seasonality and operational positions. And

So on and so on and so on. So it’s like a very utopian example but it’s only to illustrate how big difference it is. If you are in position 3, 2 or 1,

So, knowing that I’m building a table which contain this

Percentages that you saw on slingshot 1810 7 4 and so on and so on and then I’m calculating traffic potential. So TI is traffic index. It’s equal to search volume X CTR from position. So if we are on best Sim only deals on position 2 and we know that the search volume and position on best Semana de la société 1890.

Do let me taking 18 thousand, eight hundred ninety two, and we are multiplying this by position to CTR. And there is a it’s very easy to do the design. This, it’s a vlookup I have an example of the spreadsheet for you. So after webinar you can download then what is T IMAX the IMAX is a utopian situation when every keyword would be in position 1. VC T IMAX is calculated separately for every

Keyword. And this is pretty much search volume multiplied by 18 percent. And then finally, tid, is a difference between t IMAX so utopian versus TI current situation. So this is current this is utopian and this is

Difference. And this is C of D, which means sued. And that is a word that in Polish language, means miracle.

I don’t know where it came from. So, going forward.

Here is a table that been done after the calculation been implemented, we have T.I TMX, the IDF. We have a conditional formatting, so I can see that higher PID is more green and thanks to that. I can straight away identify keywords that I should take care of in the first place. Rather, than looking only on the search bar.

You can see that search volume is sorted like that, but you can see that the that the IDF is it’s working different way. Once again, this screenshot was taken some time ago, when iPhone 5S was popular and I can see that iPhone 5S here is quite High. Why? Because I’m on position tree. So I don’t want him is extremely high.

Take a look. I’m on position. Tree search volume is extremely fine. Hi so so so position, 3 search volume Pi is at the moment. So traffic index is 1 point to the ti max. If we would be on the first place is to 3.1 and the difference is 1902. So one of the most traffic delivering keyword would be this if I could push this on position.

Alrighty lien position 1 and so what I’m doing I’m sorting this by the IDF and I can see that my my keyword is here you can see that the numbers actually started not to be in order it’s not anymore. 1 2 3 is 1 3 4 6 5 9 2 7 because the prioritization is different if you go with sir.

Each volume and different if you go of tid,

And you can compare this swords placing this together and I know that we have two hours, but there is no chance that I can go into new ones as we already are half an hour away and I’m on 34th slides of 179. So I pretty much need to start pushing forward. I would like to say one thing that there is this a dress that will upload or maybe he’s already uploaded spread.

That you can take this and start playing with this with your own data.

So then what next when you identify keywords that you want to optimize then you start doing optimization and in this area, all good optimization title tag modification strong tag, alt tag image filename, make sure that your images finally names are keywords which so no more 1258 7 B dot jpg rather. You want to add best credit.

Cards for student dot jpg, when it’s relevant, obviously. Or for example, SEO consultant in London when it’s relevant and it’s a photo of some of these doing SEO consultants in London or let’s say you know when you have an iPhone then you want to name this image of iPhone iPhone X or iPhone 9 – 10 dot jpg rather than 1 2 5 6.

A be easy, three dot PNG, additional paragraph with text. Make sure that your page is a long at least 1,000, 1,500 words, long, Heather modifications. So, you know, now, what are the keywords you want to rank? Check H1 H2 H3? There is this keyboard. And if grammatically keyword is not correct, modify this grammar. And user is always first. We know,

Writing for search engine, so cheap homes Lanzarote, what does it mean? Cheap homes. Lancero Lanzarote, it may be means cheap homes to rent in Lanzarote. Yeah. So when we have something like that chip homes in London, chip homes Lanzarote. We know that this is the key word, we want to run, but the sentence will be cheap homes in London. As long as our own internal links with keyword, Rich anchors.

I was just presenting two hours ago how to include increase, internal links with WPA, Auto Linker WordPress. Plugin, if you are using WordPress, if not do this man, won.

When do you use when you start working on SEO? You want quick results, when website have established history in search engine results pages. And when you really need quickly to deliver resin, when you feel that the, the CEO of the company behind your shoulders, looking through your arm, what you really doing. And when the results will be jumping to slap shot, jumping to snapshot and have no mercy.

Now, conclusion of this is that you dealing with cures that already ranked you leveraging quality traffic because you following Google and you, you utilizing multiple URLs. This is very important, utilizing multiple URLs. So that means that, you know, there is many, many, many areas of the website involved and even if one or two areas doesn’t go up, the other one going up and you can always report and say like lesson after too.

Next we’ve been able to improve this is this this this three are we not? We are not yet improved because it’s too competitive but we will get there. You can see that we’ve been able to improve other areas and then your CEO your CMO, your CFO depends who you’re ranking, who you’re reporting to or like, you know, people who are line manager, they are all happy, the confidence is growing into your skill and you also have less

Questions less headache because you already proving that you can deliver.

Part 2 content, snapshot the small version. This is something that I’m doing through the search console, a very quickly and giving access to my search console to data studio, so data Studio can start reading what’s going on in my search console. It’s very simple process. You can just add this and then you can add element, which is called table. And you can pull this data and very important thing,

Is here. I will show you this pen here generally. We have 24,000 160 keywords. You can press right Mouse and you can download them all and you will never be able to do something like that on the search. Console natively there is always like 999 and the rest is not visible here. You can straight away. See what keywords in given period were giving you what Impressions were traffic.

Click to rate and thanks. Thanks. Thanks Willie. You can press the right Mouse x l don’t want this to Excel and do other operations. We have three Matrix here, impression, click to rate and this is pretty much what we need. And what is here, is the only problem is that this is a bit hard. Karthik, you can see the last new K is the website. And, you know, you have plenty of random keywords pointing to plenty of or few random URLs. Now, what we’ll go from

The top to bottom nonsense, we need to group this. We need to make sure that this is a into more kind of structure. So more than ever, what you will help. Us is a pivot eight, if you never been pivoting, then you should start. But first, we need to do a sword. So we doing a sort a minimum, this clever way. We using Excel function, which is or Excel feature, which is called sort by levels.

So, multiple soul.

And I’m sorting by URL. And then immediately after by Impressions, and thanks to that, I will get a very structure has data that I can, then start working, even 30, or even go one more step to Pivot. So, take a look. This is Alan give that I generated for you and you can see how nicely that is going here. Here here here here and yeah, you can see

We have one URL and then impressions are going down than the next URL is coming in persons are going down next. You are next to our next to our. So we sorted by URLs and then immediately by Impressions obviously if you want that was that was quite a little traffic. Those days when I Was preparing this, then you may go with clicks or you can blame this. Even you know, there is a value is confused. And what if scenarios you can use here,

Here in terms of sort and then the last thing I’m doing trigger. So I’m saying if the URL in the B3 in the B3 sell equal the URL, that is above the B tree, so be to then increase counter by one and if that situation does not exist. So you are in V3 would be different to your running, be to. That means that

Of a new subsection and put them on the counter to one and thanks to that we can calculate how many URLs / how many keywords for each URLs. We have in the spreadsheet and we can say, hey, I want to see only up to 10, URLs up to ten keywords per URL. Yeah, so we want to see only let’s say no more than ten keywords per each URL because

Is there is no sense to see hundred keywords per URL because you will be never able to optimize 400 euros. One, a 402 or 20 and then we can perform a pivot table and you can see here nicely that dominant part is URL and then below there are keywords and you have some of Impressions. Some of URL to move this sum of URLs and average URL, click

To right? So you know that find SEO clients is ranking the best. Top best performing a keyword with the top but best performing keywords where how to get us your clients without called Colleen how to find SEO clients, how to get SEO clients as your clients, how to get local SEO clients. And this is very interesting because how to get SEO clients without cold calling at 640 Impressions and 47 clicks. And this article is pretty much about how

How to get clients on SEO, without cold, calling 7.33 click-through rate and how to find SEO clients is much much broader to how to find as your clients, who have co-occurring. Like how to get us your clients without cold. Calling is like a subcategory of how to get a sip client, and you can see that if you going more specific than you will get much more clicks in many cases.

And this is one and here is another structure, SEO snapshot method. This is something that we talking right now about, you can see here nicely that we have here 712 Impressions, 9 clicks, SEO, Snapchat is giving us traffic and the rest is not giving us traffic so probably strong heat to low. We need to work on them or maybe we can use other keywords that are somewhere below top.

Five. And here’s an implementation on a CEO on social media. Dot PL, you can see that it’s taken from saluto and it’s the software I’m using for Polish websites. As some of you may know, I’m billing you. Well, and you can see here that there is a soshim on social media as my competitor and the blue one is social media dot PL and you can see how nicely after optimization. I catch the number of keywords that we are ranking.

So yeah, and he was acquisition content marketing and snapshot in the last area. And you can see that nicely here, you can see how nicely website started growing. And that was the same one of the, with the traffic then see that traffic. Yes, was growing to some point than, was quite kind of flat. And I wanted to mention that we are here, talking, predominantly about organic traffic. So here was quite flat. And then

Here, nicely went up again and yeah, this is how it looks. So you can see the same areas on, on traffic conclusion, use keywords that are already ranking quite well. Leverage quality traffic and play. Go go go. So, use keywords, that already are ranking quite well. Like, in the first example, you know, you are using keywords that are ranking relatively high but not first. So the third one topic research how to do our

Topic research. Well, there is plenty of tools. One of them is buzzsumo. So we have buzzsumo and I wrote massage therapy, just a random key word and take a look. There is lots of results and that contain what massage therapy and the thing is that we can solve this by number of shares in social media. Well, it’s important well because if content is shared often in,

Social media that probably means that this content have some kind of this is crispy enough that people are sharing this. There must be something that make people happy to share it. Why? I quit my massage therapy center is quite controversial, maybe that’s why. And also here is a very, very, very interesting suggestion. I believe, you know, you can sort this by Facebook engagement but this engagement.

Are very often in.

Inflated by the fact that websites are using paid campaigns. That’s why I’m starting by Twitter, or I’m sorting by by other other aspects. But I’m not sucking this by Facebook immediately because that sometimes is misleading. So, here is properties. In, in London, you can see a tech firm by out a property in Silicon London again.

Sorted by Facebook engagement and here is another one which I wanted to, especially focus on the third. One six factors influencing the UK property Market in 2018. And that article was released in December 2017 26th of December. So, five days before end of the year because people already will be looking for things and especially in January, they will be looking for things like

What will be the UK property market like in 2018? Also, because of the fact that is written six Factor influencing the UK property Market in 2018. That’s something this kind of listicles are very catchy for social media. So Facebook engagement, Twitter Shares are quite high. That may not be the best title for a CEO because people will never write six fact. Show me six factors influencing the UK property Market

2018 why six not seven. People are not looking like that. People are people are searching different and people are clicking into different things on social media. That’s very important to say. So my opinion, the title at the top, the title tag could be here, you know, UK property Market in 2018, what should, you know? Yeah. Because UK property Market in 2018, that was definitely a cure during the first half of 2018.

And this is how their article looks like. And what we know that if the December will come, we can we can analyze this article once again and say like okay, based on this article, the let’s try to write article six factors. Influencing the UK property Market in 2021, obviously, we will not be. Does that mean that may not be the same six Factor, but the construction of the article is good enough. That is helping you to replicate the success of the circuit.

The next thing is a gap analysis. As you can see that the content is a mammoth and is a big section so that’s for subsection of content and very shortly. What is gap analysis?

Gap analysis is pretty much like you would, like, to say, show me where I am, and show me what? They are Dane’s competitors. And I’m not. So here, I took a Telegraph and independent, just out of nowhere randomly. And you can see keywords that they are ranking together in Google quickly, but that doesn’t say much to us. We can narrow this and we can say, okay, I would like to know what are the key words.

About Scotland that these two big websites like Telegraph an independent, our ranking top 10 and here is amazing. Example election results, Scotland Scotland, dependence Partners in Scotland best place to live in Scotland. You can see the telegraph for example best place to live in Scotland this ranking composition 10 and independent position seven so you can you can think that okay. If this guy’s wrote this article about best places to live in Scotland.

And you have a portal about Scotland or, you know, you like to write an article for your website, maybe it’s good to consider this keywords, which are here. Again, this is not that much popular keyword but election results in Scotland is very time-sensitive keyword. It will not be forever that popular. So yeah, you can you can use this method to find what are the keywords that I would like to run on based on the situation?

Search engine results Pages another method of this is that we can go and you can say like showing keywords that I that example, use, which is right and not ranking and my competitors are similar to a new school. So the same time in the Google results, you can see competitor, 1, 2 3. And you switch is not ranking. And I blurred this here because you don’t need to know.

Oh, that I’m talking about money Supermarket compared the market and go compare. I’m joking. Obviously, you know, that is not a secret. Everyone have an access to this data because the screenshot, we still taken from sem Raj. So I can see here that I have a situation that

In this table, I can see that there are keywords that contain would mortgage makes all three guys competitors ranking in the top 10 and somehow I am, the ranking and do I see any pattern here? Mortgage, help Morgan calculators mortgage calculate calculus calculator, which mortgage simulator.

Well, I think it’s all about mortgage calculator is very popular keyword, and lots of our company. Lots of competitors of you switch. Those days were creating these tools and you should be snug ranking on this. Probably you should have an had this tool yet so I can exclude everything. What is not grammatically? Correct mortgage calculator. That’s probably not a good keyword but mortgage calculator calculation and so on I can also add

My own keywords from the research that are about mortgage calculator. And then I need to start designing tool and I need to start designing page and this is my brief for Content. Writers, title mortgage calculator calculate your mortgage with company XYZ, actually

Here, we could do this even better because there is a duplication and I’m trying to avoid this duplications mortgage and mortgage, but actually, even here I could write this better. But generally, you know what? What’s going on here? And then we have meta descriptions, you can do you have also learned. So we know that these elements are not too long, not too short, H1, obviously mortgage calculator age to calculate your mortgage lender.

800 words ideal 1000-1500 content type page if you’re using WordPress for example then you know what will be that example article from competitor website and URL. If you have a cluster with tools and obviously, the natural consequence, is that the next step is to create a page, which will be named mortgage – calculator not like mortgage calculator. Calculate your mortgage in, you are nothing like that. URL must be

Teresa and the content writers are writing and we will have this dog. The tactic five key word magic to that’s a part of some ashes. Well you can easily enter a keyword here and see other suggestion. It works a bit like Google AdWords Planner on steroids.

So before we get there, I wanted to mention something cured by internal awareness interest consideration. Conversion attention Advocate that doesn’t resonate with me. I see this that way. The green one is what I need to take care of the, the bottom one is that I don’t need to take care of and if You observe, what people are typing but often people are typing questions. What, how why, when where? And

Is your so-called SEO, search, volume Golden Circle. How is outside and because I have a very, very high demand. So there is a pretty much major city of keywords, which contain how then on the second place. What? And, why is the the smallest one? The Y is very philosophical, don’t know what you rarely saying, like why I should do this, why I should open why I should open a bank account.

You definitely know the answer why you should open. You need to know how to open.

And that is standing in contradiction. You may say to what Simon sinek Golden Circle is, but the there is no contradiction at all. Simon sinek is saying start from why? Because Simon sinek is talking to the entrepreneur future entrepreneur business owners. You need to answer question, why you want to have this business, not how this business will be working, that is not that important, like why? But when you put yourself into shoes,

Of the user of your business, then for the user of your business. How is the most important than what, than y and start from how? And here is an example hap spot, take a look, I analyzed about 1 million keywords out of which 149,000 contain more, how fifty three thousand six hundred contain. What what and why contains 6600 so you can see that how is really really over

We’re ranking with volume key words which contain what? And why?

And here another example, Shopify, Shopify. So we have 1 million 77,000 keywords, how is 90,000? So almost in person what 30,000 and why 2,600?

And now, you can see here research about credit cards questions, how to play, how to pay off credit cards, how to buy Bitcoins with printer how to do cash back credit cards work.

Here’s another one. How to get free chips for double Town casino. That’s actually for gambling. You can see that questions on the top are always with how how many casinos in Las Vegas. How many cousins are in Las Vegas?

This one is actually not a question but out of this you can see that 1212 keyword only are not questions and everything rest contain, how how how, and the last one featured Snippets so featured sleep at position zero so something that some of you may like to be secure your position on top. So take a look.

You must rank high enough. First of all you must drunk high enough to being featured snippet above the organic results. You must ideally be in top 10 organically then the second rule is that keyword must be from answer book, family keywords. So keyboard must generate features infant. And take a look. What is a, what is a smart meter? Or what is smart meter? You can see here, you switch is ranking above organic results and

This is great because click-through rate is going up, you have better. Exposition, you have image and Sonja are much more flash, much more visible. And you can see a smart meter is new kind of gas and electricity meter that can digitally sent meter readings to your energy supplier, sweet simple honest, direct no fluff, no fluff here because you must know that Google is reserving right to place someone or not in this

Future keep it. There is no magic HTML tag or schema markup that you can add a new will be in featured. See. But you just can write answers the way that even Google bot a I will understand. And if googlebot a, I understand what you wrote that probably major T of your customer will understand

Here is another what is jeweled fewer dual-fuel. Simply means that you receive your gas electricity from the same energy supplier rather than is more. Commonly the case from two separate users. Can you could simplify this and you can write dual fuel means. Not simply means you are fluent means that you receive your gas and electricity from the same energy supplier. That’s it, the everything dress everything after that is just additional thing, which is not.

He may be a factor to be or not to be in future simple and you can see that this was taken from the third paragraph. So it’s not always the first paragraph that you can see in features and cut it more like Google is the siding. And if you don’t want how to simplify this text then go to Wikipedia and try to open a simple English and open any page, they’re simple. English is pretty much like English to somebody who

Who just started trying to learn. Maybe after two to three years can read fluently, simple English, but this is only knows all the all the vocabulary yet. But like, kids, eight, nine years old kids, when English is additional language, they shouldn’t have a problem of with, with that text, and we need to remember that googly eye.

Googling means like, wow, but actually I those days is not that powerful yet.

How to find keywords in that fire answer box. Well you can start typing shortbread recipe or Champion leagues group. You can see that generate featured simpad, UK water rates but there are like two ways. And one way here is through some rush, so much luckier anchor, so Summers you can type. can see in this lovely little table that there is

0.48 percent keywords are generating featured, simple, considering 3.7 million keywords, that semrush can find BBC, ranking on 0.40 percent is 17,000. So, you can see this here, that’s a huge amount of keywords. And first, we know that they are ranking there. So we can find out what content to rights to to try to knock them. And this

Is not a problem that this is we see because the fact that BBC is a very old reputable website, that’s one thing but for Featured simple you still can knock even players as big as BBC because BBC is very Broad and you may have very specific, very specific blog. Let’s say a lot like drug fishing. Yeah! Which my my colleague was was really a big fan of like rock fishing is something so narrow.

So specific so Niche that we see will have no chance with you, on featured some pins when to use features impact, when you’re dealing with established website, when you are dealing with industry leader. So you won’t stick to increase traffic but we don’t know what to progress. Go next, for Featured Snippets, especially if manicure to our first.

Conclusion. Refreshing content is always good, even if you will refresh content you will modify here and there and you will not win the division sleep and you don’t a great job because refreshing companies always good answering question and that customer may ask that also very good go to your call center, go to your zendesk, go to your intercom and find what people are asking over and over and try to build Pages, especially if this question.

Fighting tons of boxes and you playing certain game. Again, you’re not going to trick you not doing any black. Have you just trying to fit better into what we will expect. And if it’s about optimization the same old heading in paragraphs, make sure that you have a nicely done heading and paragraphs, and paragraphs should be up to 250 characters because this is the maximum we could find in featured sleep at it.

Judges should be with keyword, Rich Old Tag should be lying to the keyword questions and whatever whatever keyword we want to run, all we know about important elements, page, title, meta description page, URL, H1 H2, H3 H4 p and so on. So so so we have

You have a Direction, but there is no golden golden bullet. There is no golden bullet because this is not how it works. And then finally content expansion, this is additional, this is like supplemental packet. You can see what number and I’m using word deep Roar for this example. And you can see here page Pages, breakdown primary Pages, 200 and then you have

You have other pages, but let’s keep focus on these two hundred primary Pages, which is nineteen percent of overall number of pages. And this are, these are pages. I took from social media PL, and I sort this by length, I sorted this by length. So I know how how many words are on each website,

And with you, what our profiler, I was able to take a data about organic traffic for each of this URL that I have. Yeah. And thanks to God, I could do a vlookup and then I could start doing further operation. So, take a look at the end, I had word count and Google organic sessions. And you can see something very interesting, that some articles are very short and generating a huge amount of traffic.

And the other articles are learned and doesn’t generate that world traffic, or you can see that here you have

Okay, so you have here something interesting, you have an article which have 600 words and the traffic is 3000 and this article but a little more words and the traffic isn’t grounded. For obviously that’s related to the demand but also to ranking so just to clarify which Pages we should start optimizing. I’m calculating something I call. Yes Factor, that’s organic traffic Square divided by

Word count. And yes, factor is here! Take a look. The first is the page, which despite from the fact that we have very little number of words that the traffic is huge, so I can take us assumption. But if I will improve number of words here and this article is about five extensions for Google Chrome for Facebook users, and maybe I can add another 4, but I shouldn’t change this.

Url obviously, then maybe that way. I will increase our increase word count by 300 but I can increase GA organizations by 3000. Yes, we double the number of sessions a month with very little effort for competitions on Facebook. That the second result I had 1293 words and 3100 sessions. So again, we should knowing that we can prioritize.

Is the softness and we can see that for example on the bottom of this table we have articles which despite of being very long they generating very little traffic so thanks to that you should be able to optimize this in very efficient way.

Now, we’re going into off page. So we have off page and I wanted to give you a three tactics. So one of the tactic is brand mentions and links, well, mention and links. And again, the story as always look, Ash, as well as the Polish name, checks are named living in UK. What could go wrong? Always been Lucas, the lesson has a lenses, Alan H and so on and so on some people are thinking that I am Hungarian because of the SS Z.

Like last low, some other people are thinking that I’m French because I’m wearing have some other people are thinking that I am French Hungaria so I’m not. I was born in Poland and I have a checks on in. That’s the thing. So I was about to rename myself to Archibald Smith, but then I realized that Archie was living a hundred years ago and secured already the the first spot Wikipedia. So it would be difficult for me to jump there with my new name and surname, which would be a triple threat.

So instead of that I started going deeper and I said, okay, when you have crazy name and so on and you can start doing brand tracking and there is plenty of tools on the market. I just wanted to mention for talk Walker, brand24 fresh, web Explorer, and wink, wink, Google Alerts that sometimes doesn’t work but are for free and I will show you examples from brand24. So brand24 as a key words, I love that my name and surname.

Spice without space with some Polish characters and so on and so on. And I could see that, I’ve been mentioned a couple of times here and there on Twitter and blogs and news and forums and so on. And what I can do next I created those are the same project for use which and so on and I can do link Reclamation. Take a look. The here is an example of article that mentioned me and you switch your. I was working the past but there were no need

He’s so I could approve these people and say like oh thank you very much for mentioning by the way and the chance that the my name and Son in could be a link to my website. Very often people are okay with this not everybody but definitely a chance is very high, depends how you write your email and you sending this to your to your to someone who have a website and mentioned. You any waiting couple of days and very likely you may have this link to your homepage. Very

None of demise anchors of that, that makes this big safe and obviously, yeah, I would definitely if I would be in your shoes. Whoever is listening grass us right now. I would try to do this test, especially when you’re working for a company. Like, the brand name is a made-up name. Yahoo is a made-up name. I’m not saying that you working for you about. This is a good example, Yahoo zoopla, for example deliver. Ooh.

And so on and so on it’s more difficult to track brand for website, like or cheap holidays or something like that. But that’s another story and then I was shocked like that because I saw even like something like here I was like, oh my gosh, this is in Russian. Yeah, this is in Russian. So I took here and I take it took a closer look. And here, you can see that lukesh sellers name and you switch was written in the Latin alphabet.

That simply means that brand24 catch this. Give me another and I could ask them to go to my website here and everyone was very happy and knowing that and the lesson you can see I had 219, referring domains, that was pretty much how I was doing link building not to to my zealously, UK website, that was before, I had a sealed envelope right now. I have to

And then links and social profiles. So just to clarify, this is not about linking from Facebook to your website because that will not help you that much. But that’s about repointing links from your social media profiles that are pointing to your social media profiles from other websites to your main website. So this is a see a good London when I launch it and you can see here my LinkedIn and then I noticed that my LinkedIn profile as you see have relatively High.

Number of backlinks pointing from outside and my website had zero. So I went to Majestic and I put my order to, I put URL to my LinkedIn and you can see here nicely that

This is it.

So we have URL and we know that to this URL. There was 20, referring, domains and 141 buttons. And I could then see who is linking to my LinkedIn profile and approach these people. And I was like, oh, thank you very much for linking to my LinkedIn profile but maybe by any chance there is a there is a possibility to repoint, this link to my website rather than smiling and I could see that. I myself. I’m doing this. Then site visibility.

Seo in foil, the plra motors and so on and so on. So here is our Motors, the website that is owned by my colleague and good friend, Ali. The stories and that was a LinkedIn. Ning. And then I asked her politely, she could link to my website and she was like, yeah, absolutely fine. So that way I received a link to my head to my website? And here is an Acura anchor example. There was an interview

You and they were linking to my LinkedIn and I asked them to link to my citizens of UK website. And I was like, yeah, we can do this no problem. And you can see us here at London when I started there was zero zero links and then started growing and there was 11 right now. I have hundred something domains making to my website. Mainly because of the father that I am also often mentioned by buy some

Some other websites. And and if they are not thinking, then I am practically approaching them and the same. You can do with Facebook, you can go and check how many links is pointing to your Facebook or to your company, Facebook page, and so on, on Twitter, I have extremely high number. I had 37 thousand links from 164 domains. That’s an extremely high and I wanted to report them all obviously I was not able to report them all, but I could at least see

He who is linking and ask them and part of this week’s, I would retain and here, another Facebook page 175 backlinks and they are coming from Seven domains. Why does it work so? Well, you most in know who links to your social media profiles that’s that’s obvious like very often. That’s our, you know you had a webinar, you had a conference you

Your business partner have another business and so on, it’s easy to switch link from pointing to social media profile to your website. It’s relevant to switch from social media to your website because very often social media and website are talking about the same. It’s organic kind of, and you can save a tremendous amount of time for link building, especially that this is nothing even close to be called a crappy ending.

Now, these days, there is too many crappy link building. I can observe and that harm the upside that cost money, that is wasted. And so on the last part that pages will back into 301. That is something that I was talking at morning. So here is an example that you can see that IBM have a plenty of pages that doesn’t exist. That’s in the First Column like video. Got everywhere doesn’t exist anymore, but there is

I was in 746 domain linking to that page. I don’t know why didn’t the director this? Whether it’s like, when you see that many subdomains and some of them have and some of them don’t have SSL, according to Majestic, then you know, that it will be kind of difficult to convince them to take to take this.

This URLs and her direct them somewhere else somewhere where they are, they have a website if they have a pages that exist, take a look here. Once again, 1746 links domain linking and that is going down so here you have, I don’t know like easily two and a half thousand domains linking to limbo.

If I would join IBM one day, or if I get them to come to us, what media, this is definitely something that you would recommend.

And then technical. As you can see, I had to do something a bit unusual. I went through on page content, then I jumped to off page, and now I’m coming back to technical. So, yeah, that’s all about me.

Pagespeed pagespeed. There is plenty of tools. One of the two that I am a fan of, is GT Matrix. The other one is Google pagespeed inside. It’s an example website, SEO WordPress, when I optimize this, I reached 99%, that’s obviously desktop. So it’s also possible to change for mobiles only see some

Total page size, 200 kilobytes full load time. 11.6 second I was very proud to see that as he London, wasn’t that good. But only 95 and 80, and because it’s more heavy in terms of graphic scripts and so on, so on. But, but yeah, this is, this is something we should really, really think about how to make your website, very fast. And I have a couple of tips, how to make your website very

Fast. So take a look, all this share buttons. Share on Facebook, share on Twitter. Yeah, they remove this. You don’t need this like that’s a waste of time all external scripts. You don’t need every time we have dating websites, there is a whole jar plugged in and I’m like, are using this hot jar. Hometown is a great tool to make your own but very often people forget about the fact that whole jar is still there plugged in and every time someone is open web.

Open Home jar is initiating their own script. No matter we we are using or not and someone is saying like oh it was always like that. So

If you want to make your website faster, you really, really, really need to make sure that you are not using. You are not loading scripts that are completely useless. Facebook pixel. Are you doing campaign? Are you planning on painting in the nearest Future? Yes, fair enough. Keep it. But if you are saying like yeah, today two years ago we were doing some tests and we have the since then seriously, that is love.

You know, even more external script, you don’t need this. Do you really discuss during that much rely on comments on your blog?

Maybe not.

And I will gzip and able gz, make sure that using compression and yeah, that will help you a lot. And then we have a second one, which is technical, which is merge. What does it mean? So, merge sub domain into subfolder. So here is an example block that to blow minded, come / block. So, I had a client, and he was like, very

I have to move block from sub domain to domain domain, but then he said, like, oh let’s get rid of even the subfolder. So he technically to everything. What is here?

And put this.

To the root folder. So, if there was an article about, let’s say, cheap holidays, to Egypt, and it was on block dot So, now it would be / cheap – holiday 5 – 2 – Egypt / and it wasn’t that bad because we have very good results. You can see here first was oscillating, kind of up and down between two thousand Seventeen and eighteen. And then

Stop that.

Skyrocketing almost like the Falcon Falcon rocket. So,

That is a very very easy to implement change here. Another example forum for most on subdomain. We move this to the sub folder and you can see

How nicely that went up? Then started declining but it was still above where

We, I think, I think I will not be able to paint a straight line, but yeah, it was still above where where they were before that migration. And now if we doubled result that shops are in power tools, take a look. That is the revenue nicely drawing. You can easily see what does you started.

To be in a place because of the November, we have like absolutely fantastic result. That was because of the Black Friday, but also because the website was ready was prepared and most was able to to deliver, and you can see the trend line in 2017. The trend line on the revenue is slow of little Decline and then 2018 ground green eyes.

And here is the projection for the next year and then here is another website which is london-based jewellery Indian jewellery gold shop. You can see that algorithm happened here algorithm update and out of 500 qt7, tracking most of them, when able to move massively up taking leadership position from the other website, that was leader.

For a relatively long time.

And here’s another example. That’s also taken from some ranch, how the blue one was our customer so you can see that they went first up here and then

And absolutely immediately. You can see that they were stealing from the biggest competitor who was dominant on the market but not anymore.

And here is one more example. Previous year period. You can see that visibility on searchmetrics is relatively small and this websites are oscillating. And then once the SEO was in the place, you can see here that the website that we were taking care of started skyrocketing than stabilized, but it’s way above where the competitors were. So

Right now is 20 past, 3:00. So we had, we had 60 plus 2,800.

I want the Clayton, this but we had like many minutes and that was the last slide. So we have I believe plenty of time to answer some question and let me connect to the studio Rob. Rob hello, thank you very much for Lucas. Sorry, Maya. Typically when I try to jump in, if it crashes only because umm, hopefully, they can’t hear me. And yeah, we’ll check in with a couple of questions. So, actually classes just dropped one in and say, can you give

Hit or an idea for local listing services like Uber or yet store some Alternatives. Hmm can you repeat the question once again? Oh and can you give a hint or idea for local listing services? Like uber all or yext or some Alternatives? Okay so my idea is that you are going to use generic keywords next to your brand name. So if you have shop with men’s shirts, first we he is inside

Add your Google. My business listing, you should make sure that it’s not cold anymore. ABC, it’s called ABC – men’s shirts London. For example, that is giving him a massive boost in Exposition in Google Maps. Then the second thing is that revi your category. Make sure that you are as many relevant categories as possible and and yeah, I was never using X. I prefer to use Freelancers and

That’s yet another tool which is generating recurring cost, but I had I had good things about the eggs. So, yeah, I robbed if you can, if we can jump into first question because I think, oh, Julie, Julie asked about CTR, but yeah, Julie got this. So, but Anjali, yeah, great stuff. I am century.

He’s also mention another comment say is the key word in the old texts or file name, both both actually Julie. The keyword normal is going to Old talk, but some season, as he owes are also using this in the file name. That’s a good practice.

Great stuff. Oh, she is Rich with Google pagespeed. I often find that desktop score and mobile scored. If a hugely just Google take into account both or does it look at mobile score? More prominently. Google is taking mobile score, more prominently because we are living in mobile first around, and the way how your website is performing on mobile devices, determine how your desktop version will be performed. So you know, major,

Your people right now are using this when it’s about when it’s about internet, right now, I’m sitting in front of the laptop, which could be considered as a stationary, like a desktop computer but that’s only, you know, small amount of traffic and if you will go to your website, you may see that measure to not every but majority of them are getting traffic from mobile devices. That’s why mobile optimization of page PDF so important.

Great stuff but a good question. Very good question. Brilliant. I think there’s if anybody else has any questions feel free to check them into the. Check them into the queue. A thank you Klaus. Is it still worthy to be able to build a PBM or better focus on other strategies for link? So don’t go with PBS to do some experiments and so on and so on. But you know,

I love when someone is saying I will link to you from quality PB ends. There is no such thing like quality PB ends if they are quality. They are not tvn’s. If they have to be honest, there is no quality. So now overall, you know I am the one that is always trying not to go with the solutions because it’s a very short path and you know, I prefer to sleep well at night, not worried that what will happen in Google will give another goddamn update

And my clients will be nowhere. Close to where they were because of the beauty. And

Right stuff. Thank you. I that classically things up there clouds. And any other questions guys, feel free to drop them in now while we wait.

Is it is it worth just explaining pbn a little bit more Lucas for the guys to absolutely for everyone who is with us private blog Network enge? That’s our pbn. So blocks which are mainly created only for the link sale. So let’s say you may want to create a couple of blocks, one about credit cards, one about loans, one about Mobile’s and then try to approach alleged companies who need links

And try to tell them that, oh, you know, for that amount of money can buy from me, a link. So this is against the Google TOS doesn’t work that well,

Sure, thank you.

Great stuff. Cool.

All right guys, if there if there aren’t any other questions we can set you free for the day. If there’s if there’s any other thoughts Lucas or anything you want to add? No I think we will be in touch. We will be sharing this video. Correct me if I’m wrong. Correct it. Yeah actually guys there is a couple of you if you can give a little shout out on social media about this webinar about smarter media about us here. That would be very nice and, you know, we would motivate us to

To make sure that the next week or in two weeks time, we will meet again with something interesting and yeah,

Thanks in advance. Thank you very much guys. Oh I think Klaus has just come in with a question. There are three rumors about backlinking. What do you think? What do you think about? There are rumors that markings doesn’t count anymore. I don’t think this is true, but in still count there, I also agree that Google change the rules of how they treating nofollow. So right now, having a no for a ruling does not necessarily mean that this link does not participate.

In the SEO strategy. But, you know, the whole ecosystem is evolving. And yeah. Yeah, thank you too. Julie, thank you to Julie and speak speak soon. So, yeah. I think that would be the last question and and yeah, I wanted to say once again. Thank you very much, Rob. Thank you for being with us. Thank you, Lucas. I was terrific really insightful session.

Lovely. So see you soon and yeah speak soon, thank you very much guys. Take care, stay safe.

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