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The views of maybe, maybe volume of your computer is. The mic is own. Yes. So unusual ways to scale up your constant effort and let's start.

My name is Lucas lesney. I am running for a couple of years as he ODed London minikin, like booty consultancy where I'm helping various businesses from UK and not only from UK predominantly sauce. I'm helping with as a consultant. And before I was working in various companies here in London from properties through price, comparison website and couple of others.

So moving forward. The first thing I wanted to mention is a data is everything. And before I was listening to a couple of presentation, as much as I had a time and I can see that everyone really appreciate numbers behind everything. What we are doing but are often on the weekly or monthly presentation. I could hear the feedback from sea level people. They always

Ways looking for numbers numbers defending what we are doing. So, the first, the first thing, the first challenge is that you can probably understand that the tracking keyword performance in organic inorganic. Strategy is quite challenging. I think it's 10 years already since Google implemented SSL and we lost double layer of data, which is about

You words that delivering traffic, we can go to search console but search console is telling about clicks and that's it. We losing information about time on page pages per session, bounce rate, very important revenue. And then we have on the other side, Google analytics, which have everything except of keywords, but there is a solution. And every time I'm working with my clients, I am suggesting them to implement immediately, that solution is called keyword hero.

I don't have any affiliate link with them. So obviously there will be no hreflang to install this what keyword hero does is just mirroring existing profile and creating a version, which is giving you this extra layer of data with keywords. And here, I took a screenshot. I have a CO London and a salon cured hero. That's how it looks. The pricing. They are pricing this in a

It's on the traffic. Yes, 04/08/10 session, 10 550 thousand and two hundred fifty thousand session. What I really like is that these guys are giving you 90 days free trial, 90 days is enough to figure out if you really need this solution or not. If the solution is bringing your valuable extra layer of data that you can action later or not. So when, when this 90 days will pass,

You can, you can easily answer that question and the Beautiful part is here. I just took the screenshot from one of my one of the website. I am managing, and if you look closer, you have the usual suspect. The usual suspect like not provided not provided being provided Yahoo, and sometimes not set. But if you looking on the percentage is 15% to 3%. One person.

V together, maybe maximum twenty percent of the data is lost the rest that I covered. Unfortunately. I had to, that's a real key words, which are telling you, what was the traffic. What was the bounce rate? What was the pages per session time on page and finally Revenue? So me as and consultant, I can get back to my client and say, like listen instead of dealing with this one dream keywords that you want.

To be in top 5, which is books or flowers, and you will never be there because of Amazon and eBay. And a couple of other guys go with the things that, you know, that are performing quite well, go of the things leverage, the things or start creating similar products, leverage, what you already know, based on this, what Aggregates in the Google analytics, very valuable player and especially in Commerce.

An e-commerce but not only so, keyword, Hiroki Word Hero and once again keyword here. Oh, I remember this is my my problem. I always have some anecdotes one anecdote. Is that? I had a client who had e-commerce. Then the covid came. He completely Panic. He closed all the tools except of cured hero, because he forgot. And then after a couple of months, when the situation been much more positive he came

Up to me and he said like oh, I would like to return to a CEO. I think this is a good moment and so on and so on I close all the tools except of keyword here. I was like brilliant. So we have lots of data right now. We can start straight on and that was really really helpful that he didn't kill the keyword hero and we were able to start from that point.

Part 2 keyword research as part of ux. So some of you may know this view this view is taken from sem rush or some rush. And again hypothetical situation. Let's say we are entering into drones industry. Let's say we want our new client. Hypothetically. I just made this completely updates are not my client drones.

It is our client, and we want to leverage content, leverage, reach, increase Revenue, increase performance, especially organic performance. So Summers have this lovely function, that is able to suggest you competitors based on the similarity of keyword sets that you and they are ranking. And very often, there is a huge discrepancy between what your client is thinking.

Out competitors. And what the real competitors are sometimes they client may say like this, this this and you can see that either this website that client chooses competitors are very small or are completely irrelevant. There is no common part. So it's very good. It's a mirage or maybe SEO ranking are able to suggest based on the similarity of keyword set. And you can see here that, of course drawings direct is the big

Blue bubble. And there is lots of keywords, 4.3 thousand keywords, and lots of these keywords are overlapping with competitors, but there are areas where I have Mouse right now outside of the bubble where we are able. I don't know if you can see my mouse cursor, probably not. But you need to trust me that outside of this blue bubble. There are these areas where the yellow pink and green and purple balls are going outside. And

X overlapping between each other. That's our sweet spot. That's our spot where we can come back to our client in that case drones direct and say, like, listen, we don't research. We don't know our homework. We want to make sure that you will consider this A B C D and now I'm going into this ABCD. So for a moment, I wanted to do an off topic. Just to give you a little

Love understanding why I'm going into this kind of Gap analysis and why I'm diving deep and so on and so on. So this is a dude who is playing golf and I know nothing about golf. I know zero about golf. I never been playing golf despite from the fact that golfing is quite popular him in UK, but I know nothing. But if I would like to know something

I would do it Go finger up on a basis. That way I can very quickly, learn. What golfing is about, what keyword, what players or what company is, what websites are there and so on and so on. So on. So what you see here, is this kind of analysis. I don't, as a kind of form of entertainment for myself and that's our keywords with what, why we fought because that's

Question. Very often when people are typing question in Google. The click-through rate is very high. You can see three columns, one is number of competitors that rank cost per click and search volume. I analyzed 35 competitors. The keyword said was 250,000 keywords, so that the CPU and the, the member Ram was really busy to process that data, but finally, at the end of the day, I get a beautiful set and you can see here like

For example, if I would like to start helping a new website to get into the golfing industry, I would know straight away. That what does attract man? Cost no idea what track money is, but I know that this is something important for that industry. What is golf launch monitor? 18 website is ranking on this here. The track man is for p.m. Website is ranking of this cost per click is 061. Someone may ask, why you are you

Cost per click because I also want to measure the car. How caloric keyword is if there is a nonzero cost-per-click. That means that this is yet another strong signal that I would like to secure High positions in organic results because other players other companies are bidding on cost per click. Here. I have questions with how the same number of competitors, CPC and search volume and this is not a coincidence.

Is that how much does a golf simulator cost 17 out of 35 website is ranking on this? Half of the website is ranking on this summer. In top hundred how to build a golf simulator. How much does a skytrak cost and so on and so on and so on? And I have a very nice clear path about what content we are missing, what content we need to write to start competing with the right intent, with the right keywords, and be present.

In front of the right, Right audience.

And here are you NE G the most popular unit G like golf best for driver irons Callaway. So I just want like what does Cal way means? OK. I now I know this is the kind of, that's the kind of company, which is doing some stuff for golfers, fair enough here. I have iron in golf, so I didn't know what iron means until

So this keyword there in the keyword set and so on, and so on that methodology, help me to help people, which are operating in languages. I don't understand. For example, I can do very easily a gap analysis for a French website. I once done for a Russian Cyrillic. I can understand Russian. I cannot read Russian and I remember which was really impressive because the guys showed up, and they've been really first-rate.

Action was like that cure doesn't make any sense. We already ranking on them. And I was like, are you sure you ranking on them? Maybe go and check and they started checking and I've been not ranking on them and they've been really impressed that through the numbers through the math. Not knowing the language. I can still provide a really nice actionable set of data. The funniest thing was Arabic. I didn't understand a single word and is also like from from right to left. So it's like,

Level of difficulty is double but again, even for Arabic that works. So that enough, that's enough of the anecdotes. Let's get back to our drones. And now we're going into what seminars is normally showing and we can see some kind of a data set is just take a dump. It means nothing yet, but it will start start showing some kind of puff in a second. So this is how this information look in the

The Excel. We have three extra column much average in priority much is the number of competitors that simultaneously ranked on these keywords here. Average is average ranking taken from competitors that Rank and priority is nothing else. But aggregated metrics, which is taking on the board average ranking of the competitor cost per click and search volume.

So moving forward obviously right now. What is beautiful? Is that the summer? She's also giving us intent. Maybe it's not the greatest. I know that there were some people who are saying like they don't always agree with this. I actually like very much this intent. It helps me a lot. And what I can see on a straightaway on the top of this table, take a look. I sorted this by match and then immediately By Priority, much is three. Three, three, three, three priorities.

Going down until there is no more, much tree and there is much to and again priority is going down and I can straight away. See holystone HS 720, holystone drone, Jia Xin, HS 720. I'm taking the spreadsheet going to the website owner drums, direct and saying like my dear friend. Holy stone, age is 720 and he's saying like, oh, yeah, we were thinking about this to implement it to start selling this but a bee.

See, for example, but this drone is quite expensive and I we can say, like, okay, nevermind. Your competitors are selling it. Your competitors have it in the inventory. Maybe you should also have, even if people will not buy this one. Maybe they will land on your website because of that keyword and go to other category.

So moving forward, a bit of math much. How many competitors are ranking? A average is the average ranking only the ranking one? So I'm excluding zeros. Whatever. There is a situation that competitor is not ranking and here is this super duper secret formula on the priority, search volume divided by average ranking square plus search volume divided by average, average ranking Square X cost per click. So if cost per click is 0,

Priority will not be zeroed and sometimes people are asking why there is the square because Square looks efficient squirrel. Very scientifical. I don't know. I just put the square because because this is my formula and I can put Square. So moving forward.

We have here, our lovely data set and now let's find a sweet spot. So take a look here. I just used green color. And you see how we stone age as 720. That's one type of a product and it's straight away transactional. And the second one is e oisin are syndrome. There are also like other like best drones drones under £100 mavic menu.

Eight without battery and so on and so on. I just don't this because of you see, you know, I will not be analyzing right now, all the all the keywords there, but you can find very easily. This kind of areas that are relevant, that potentially makes sense to the website of your client and email that you can show your client that, you know, straight away. What is this about? I was doing a research about

Out cars. I never had a diesel until recent. I never know what is at blue. And then I said like guys there is like lots of keywords without the blue. You probably know. What does it mean and I'm like, yeah, this is very important and so on and we talking and we have a conversation and so on and so on and so on.

And you can see here that if you go to Consumer drones there is nothing about how a stone or yachine. So you can say like, hey guys, we should really consider to add this erosion and and Horace tone drones into our drones selection and so on and so on. And so, and maybe also will find some topics about how, how to fly drones, what to remember about when you flying,

Groans, lots of other content marketing, pure content marketing ideas as well. But here, I'm just showing straight away. What product, what potential categories are missing only with the simple analysis of a competitors.

So that was part 2. Now. Let's go to part 3 indexation as a part of ux Google recently introduced a lovely API that we can use to check. What are the URL? What URLs are index? Mode, URLs are not indexed as you know, screaming frog for example, is you already implemented this. So there is really good. Nice way to go with it and start checking what you are.

Index what URLs are not. But I wanted to step back a little from apis because sometimes you may need to do this on a massive scale and I wanted to share with you how to do this. So do an index sites, get organic traffic, obviously, no and very often there. Is this kind of like here is side how to find high volume low competitor, Kia, low competition keywords. This URL was not indexed when I was doing these tests and

Am I doing first of all? When it's about the checking indexation on the scale, then obviously, you can go URL by URL, by URL, through the search console. Or like I said, you can go through API that been recently introduced by Google. But there are some limitations, there are some limitations that unfortunately number of queries per hour, number of queries per day and so on and so on. So let's try to go with

Multiple URLs and where to take these URLs first, I'm taking them always from the site map because they're in the site map. There are URLs that we definitely want to have index and sometimes because of some reasons they may not be in the index. So, here, as this example. I am just showing this classic typical site map of Pimlico plumber' One of the website that I'm always using in this kind of

Presentations. You can see Pimlico plumber's, you can take all these URLs and you know, what are the URLs that they would like to have in index to find. Sitemap is very simple. Always try to search in your sitemap, sitemap XML, sitemap index, XML or take a look in the robots. There is always reference to sitemap in the robots. When we have this, we will perform also crawl and we will check. If there are any other you are.

It's not being in the sitemap that return 200. OK and self canonicalize and our HTML when we will do this. Grow. We will then duplicate and we have like a full picture of all urls. Sometimes it can be 500. Sometimes it paying can be 100. Sometimes it can be 5,000 or 10,000 or 20,000, Euros depends how big the website is the crawl. You can do with couple of software's like on Crow.

Screaming frog. Jet octopus semrush.

And when we done this, two steps we going into step number three, which is usage of SEO. Ranking. SEO ranking, have a really cool feature, cool, really cool built-in tool, which is exactly the dedicated for checking this kind of indexation. And you can put here URL 1, 2 3 4 5, as many as you want. This tool is you paying / /, / /?

Usage, as you can see 0.003 dollars per URL. So the total amount you will be charged for this example. I had like 60 cents and you see choosing the search engine and you checking this. The report then looks like that when I create a lot of pages, I could see that in index. No, no, no. No. No. No. Also, that was before Google invented apis and like I said, for a massive,

See, big websites.

Unfortunately, only cost of usage. This tool can be, can be limiting you this process takes a bit depends of the size, but it can take up to 24 hours. If you have couple of thousand URLs, but at least you know where to put a pressure, the same time. Like, we were talking about keywords, that delivering Revenue, you know, where our URLs that are not indexed and we need to start indexing them. When

Start sending pings to the URLs or asking Google to index through the API through the different API. And here I wanted to mention submit URL, through the, through the indexation API. And this is how I am doing this. I have two accounts. One is like Gene digs up pigs indexer to a p, which two of them have access to the search console on the

Level and thanks to that on the local machine. I'm able to launch python script, which is then starting to pink or just to send every URL that I have in my text file up to 100 euros to the indexation. So rather than going URL by URL through the surgical. So I'm going through this script and I can go through up to 400 euros because I have like two account. And if you are lucky, you can also ask.

Google to lift that limit. This is a very very useful API. If it's about the day indexation of expired URLs as well. So that was part 3 part 4, internal links. So why we talking about internal links? Because of six reason that because the good internal links between Pages, decrease bounce rate, improve cork rollability, increase pages per sessions and

Engagement increase the length of session improve ranking. Saving a lot of time when you doing this right on scale. So we will not be talking about doing this internal links manually. We will be talking about doing this internal links semi-automatic. So for that solution I am using in links in links dotnet. This is the solution which helps me to start inter link between pages on the semi.

Somatic scale. What I need to do. I need to load all the URLs that I want part to participate in this kind of internal linking. And I need to start tagging them with the targeted topic. So, take a look. For example, local SEO, citations. I have here, targeted topic, Yellow Pages Yelp. And when we talking about Google Maps ranking factor, I have factor analysis and Google Maps. You can also see the best performing keywords, and you can see here statistics.

About schema is Commander or not? Because the system is also injecting schema and how many in links. So how many other pages is linking to the given URL in the First Column? And how many times given you an error in the First Column is linking out to other pages in inside your domain. So here is an example, a CO2, London. /, what is Corner Store? Cornerstone content and you can see that I

On this article two sentences, which become links and become links outside to the other pages, on the other hand, wherever there is on my website. Something about content and marketing Avenues, content, duplication and other content. And it's links, content, content, content, content, content, that will be a link to what is Cornerstone content. Aside of this, the system allowed me.

To create our own psyche, automatically this lovely, schema markup, which is FAQ, schema markup, and also the same as. So, here is, for example, you know, the word content calendar is used in the same context as editorial calendar. And for example, SEO in the same context as search engine optimization. And for example, I don't know, like, strategy a strategy management, but what is even better is that

Faq schema markup, when ever Innings, will find some questions like I had in content how to create a Content calendar and there was an answer, then automatically intelligently will cover that part of the text with FAQ, schema markup. And with a little luck, you can get this lovely accordion in the serp. And again, like if you have hundreds of pages, creating manually disconnect.

My markups would be a massive headache. So having a solution like that is a blessing.

How does it look like take a look? Here is a piece of the article and you can see that this word company. Tory is trying to outrun your website, that become a link to other page. So, I'm just showing this because it's not like just one words are linked randomly. It's more like a sentence is linked somewhere somewhere else. The good thing and quite exciting thing. Is that Innings at the moment, aside of English, and

French and Spanish is also supporting Polish language. So, I am right now. Testing. I know that we have some people from Poland, pretty high amount of people from Poland at the moment. Listening to us. So maybe a good to take a trial. And here is how it looks in content in the HTML code. You see this was injected by the

Crypt and most classes Innings. So, you know, which internal links been dropped by the like on the Fly by the little JavaScript code that is inserted, by in the footer of the whole website.

Part 5, semantic optimization of surfers here. Most of my clients really love approach to Surfer SEO and how we are working. How I can give them a nice lovely, direct suggestions through the surface. Co what is worth to mention? Is that very often back in the day? SEO person could say like and now we need to optimize this keyword to this page. And what that really means surface.

Co can very nice way. Human way, bring answer for that questions, and we just need to choose the right keyword with decent search volume already ranking and I'm trying always to go with one keyword per one URL. So I'm trying to cover as much of the website as possible. So this is my data Studio that I am normally plugging in all the search console of my

Clients the green key words are automatically linked automatically colored showing me that that's are very promising keywords with very high. Click to, right? Like here is 14% 11% 12% but the position is not yet won and not yet to. So that means that there is still potential to squeeze even more traffic from that keyword. And when I have this, like here is

Example, I'm going into keyword SEO audit, London, cured that doesn't make much sense, but people are somehow searching. Suo. The London, like SEO. Did Manchester is completely different. It's not different. It's the same. But somehow people like to search as Yoda London has healed in Manchester and then corresponding URL is SEO audit, and you can see that I was in position six. My score was 88 and I started a going into all the discs kind of details that my clients really

Like, I'm just showing this as an example of my website, but for clients who have an internal content team, it's very easy to digest, like for example, title and meta description. Length is the length in the in the limit or not is the page responding in the right time or not is the load time. Okay, or not page structure, doesn't do we have? H-11 H1 element. Do we have enough H2S? Do we have enough words? And

So on and so on, and so on, and so on. So as an exercise, I was going through my, through my website and I was optimizing one page just to have in this example and I really, really like this, my client. Also, I really like this kind of approach when we see semantical link words, like, for example, for SEO audit, or SEO, did London, there will be like a co-lead service or technical SEO or search engine technical SEO, this digital

Marketing, SEO specialist. That's are all these words. You would expect am always explaining this. When you going on the page about holidays to Egypt the world you can expect is definitely like Giza or C or all-inclusive or cheap, flights, that words more or less will be existing on most of the pages about holidays to Egypt.

And when I optimize this I've been on position 6 and then very, very quickly. I've been able to jump on position to and kind of stabilized on pole position to and sometimes people are asking where this screenshot is from. That's a winter. I'm using wind chair with a passion. As my main, main main keyword tracker. The software is doing nothing except of tracking keywords, but is doing

Really nice. The reports are very clean, very sleek and the ux is super Sleek. Super nice. So if you have some time, you may want to go and check the trial version of winter.

And then part 6 is recap. So the first point is track, your organic traffic per keywords with keyword hero. Remember that this is this layer that you are missing point to Gap. Analysis is the most powerful way to learn where your when you are missing traffic. What are your clients wants to grow? You don't need to be an expert.

In almost any industry, sometimes clients are asking all, but have you ever done the SEO for a dentist or have you ever done a CEO for auto auto import export? Doesn't matter, doesn't really matter. Bring, you can have a website in Arabic about traveling to Egypt and you still will be able to bring value.

Able data because of the fact that you know how the math behind the key word is working. Make sure that you know what person the viewers are indexed. And now that is very often blocker, that impact the performance.

Use internal links like a boss. Like we said through the in links and then finally, go with organized. Schema semantic approach with Surfers here. Finally, if you want to learn about gold, statue, Gap analysis, and that would be all, but I have also a hidden part. I have a hidden part. And, you know, when you are doing a CO, then you doing lots of crazy test and I wanted to share with you one of the

But before we will go into details, I wanted to show you two pictures. This is a map quite well compressed about number of pups in UK.

Even on the top. There are pups in the Shetland. On the other hand. We have a maps of churches in Poland. So, even here on the

Measure of each Lana we have churches. And why I'm saying about this. It is because

One day A couple of years ago. I wanted to do some experiments now sitting scratching my head and was thinking what would be the set of keywords set of topics which have a huge amount of search and very little of competitor competition aspect and I was thinking about three minutes and I found that for Polish market, all the religion relay.

That keywords phrases sentences have a huge number of search, but the competitor is almost zero. No one is trying to get there with a CEO. So I was like, brilliant. This is, this is my my place to go. So, when I started, I bought domain crystals that PL, and that domain already had, some backlinks wasn't that expensive. And I was like, okay.

Okay, so now we will start adding lots of lots of lots of keywords and this domain started performing really well.

Very very difficult to monetize but it was giving lots of nice Insight in terms of how what were to go with content and so on and so on. And then I noticed that there is a way to go even Beyond Poland. So, you know, there is a deep L translator, deep L is an AI based translation and there is a pi which can be

Plugged into the plugin for WordPress, which is called translate press, so translate, press and deep. L is able to start on the go to start translating your website to about 15 different languages, including us exotic languages as Hungarian Latvian or Greek. And that's the traffic. I think that's quite nice traffic. I have right now above.

Um, 1500 clicks a day keywords that people are using are absolutely crazy. For example, was Jesus, a Polish was Jesus born in Poland. What is what Jesus was eating and so on and so on and so on. But the number of searches is huge and I can easily secure a high spot and do lots of tests. And when I was testing this, I started adding lots of different.

Languages like, is telekinesis in English. People are writing. Our dream catchers are bad for catalytic. It's are suicidal. Thoughts. A sin is Yoga is seeing dreamcatchers catalog answers, and then I went into deeper. I was like, why I should limit myself to English. Let's go into other languages and you can imagine that that translation of this content maybe isn't perfect but is 9

5% or are almost perfect. Now, the question is, are you able to sacrifice a little of quality for the fact that you can jump over this limitation of languages or you will say this is not perfect. So I will not go into this kind of automatic Solutions. I have at least four clients at the moment where we implemented the solution like dipel and

Deep L and translate press, and they are getting 25% of business from that automatically translated pages. So, if I could show them this after a year, there was no questions about the quality and obviously if you translate English content using deepal to polish or if you are billing you out and you know any other language and you will translate English content to your mother tongue.

Like Russian or Greek or something? You may feel a little that. This is a little a little not quite right, but it's way way better than Google translate. Now. Once again, if you are able to sacrifice this kind of five percent of perfection in to 95% of you know, boosting this then this is this is the way to go and you can see here. I have some Greek key words when I was presenting this last time too. There was one girl, who was Greek

And she was like, yeah, this keyword make sense. You see the dreamcatchers symptoms of Satanism? Pray, this kind of religion phrases, you would normally expect. And then finally, this is how it works. WordPress dipel and translate press plug-in. And then finally you can see here that if you doing in Venice, I'd crystals that PL you can get. For example, here is a translation to the to the Dutch.

And for example, normally when I would see something like that, I would be like someone hacked my website, but obviously that's not the hack that covid. Is that intentionally done because I translated my content into Japanese and now Christians from Japan can type something using Japanese language and they can land on my website. Again. That was just a test. Maybe I will go into other areas. I just need to figure out what that could be.

But the website is growing, the website is generating more and more and more traffic climbing in rankings. And I think this test bring lots of lots of cool insights that I can share with you. And this you can see also like crystals that PL 302 pages indexed in Japanese language and they are quite well ranking when you when whenever I'm trying to search some Japanese keyboards. I'm taking

From the search console. I am able to see my website ranking in top 3 top 5 because there is no competition.

So that was it 42 minutes, and thank you very, very much for having me.

Hey, who cares? Yeah, some of the ways were really unusual. Especially this Christ. Is Christ PL. Well, it's good example. And especially if you I saw that you have the ads like AdSense for monetization. It's working somehow. Yeah, something, the, you know, it's not like a massive, massive money, but at least some, you know, some monetization, I can get back for my server and, and that's it. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I think this is a really a niche and

I would say like, quite good example, how to create a content with low efforts. So that was yeah, example. And we have a question here from Robert Roman. Do you use the rear flank and all technical staff when you rank with PL? TD a TLD? It's mainly about probably the plug-in because the plug-in has to do it. Yes. Yes. Everything is handled by

Late, press is a no-brainer. You're just buying translate press, you're buying deep deep, Alquist for Ninety-Nine a month, plus usage. And in this usage is 20 euro per million characters. Every translated string will be stored in your MySQL. So after first translation, the cost rapidly going down and then you can keep only maybe like 10, 20, 30 Euro, limit a month, just to add some extra time.

Translation, when the new content is coming. Everything else is handled by translate press. It's a little crazy plug in a little sometimes, doing some kind of crazy stuff, like, may not correctly, put internal links and so on. And so on, sometimes you need to put a little Hands-On. But nine of 10 times. It's, it's like you said, you can be one man, band, who can scale up to, like, a massive team.

Team of people. Yeah, the question is from Lena, but I don't think that, you know, the answer because she is asking, like, what kind of translation technology Amazon it's using to translate the product description because to Swedish, they are not really good translated, but do you know something cash about it? I don't know. I know that there is couple of systems right now. I know that the translate press is able to take the Deep.

Api and Google Google Google Translate API, I know that the Microsoft Is providing on API. I think that not if I would be in your shoes, I would go and take the name like the description. Go to the, all the systems, try to translate and see if any translation was exactly what you see on the website. That will be the proof that they using this, or that system.

You can always try to search in in documentation. That should be something. Maybe they even give the API for translation. It's a quite big system. I mean, the Amazon, it's really big one. Yeah. Well, maybe they have the own solution. Okay, and the next question from Anna, few best tips on how to measure relevance of semantic keywords before posting content, especially for foraging languages. So, I am not sure if I understand this question.

Clean name, the fear best tips on how to measure relevance of semantic keywords before posting content, especially for foreign language. Well, foreign language. The problem with foreign language is that when you're translating like I showed, then unfortunately the translation not always contain the keywords that are in the other language. So let me go this way. If you have word that described car, then the translation.

Can be to English, can be car but it can be Auto or it can be vehicle. People, never search vehicle insurance. They are searching car insurance. They will never search auto insurance. And this is where you may start losing, losing potential traffic. This is where this downside of automatic translation over the manual translation in terms of relevance of semantic keywords. Well, if that would be me to answer that question, I think, you know,

Sir for SEO is showing a lot about my case about the relevancy, based on what other competitors are using. And I am not when it's about specific keyword and specific URL to optimize. Yeah, so I don't know if this is answering your question. But if you would like to talk deeper about this topic then obviously I can catch me on LinkedIn.

And I will be more than happy to find the right answers. Yeah. Okay. She's also on the slack. So you can always catch him on this like as well. Okay, so any other yeah, I think Roman also I wanted to conclude yes that you see. This is very funny thing because we have doc Pol domain, which is ranking very, very well on Japanese Greek Google and so on. So so this myth that you

To have right TTL D is not that, you know, not that relevant that all you need to have greed. You know, like this is kind of again. I cannot disclose what clients there are, but if I will, one day, be able to prepare a nice, nice case, study, that would be fantastic. How some of my clients been able to secure very high.

Position because of the fact that they're confident been automatically translated to the other languages. Because this language is one of the barrier that we cannot go outside. And I wanted to mention one more thing. If you would ever try to go with this automatically, translated Puffs, very often companies will say, like, oh, don't go this way. We don't speak Spanish. The only word we can say in French is sacre bleu, you know.

Have the client like that and I was like, listen, this is the problem. Everyone would like to have. If you will really face this problem. You will hire someone who speak French. And also there is another thing I wanted to mention. There is tremendous amount of people on the world that they know English, but somehow they are searching in their own mother tongue. I'm doing this very often. I'm searching in Polish not because I don't know English just because actually, I am in this mood and then I

I will learn somewhere on English website. Does it really mean that I don't speak English? I think I can kind of speak English. I also understand possibly finish. I don't understand what they saying, but I know that this is finished now, but seriously, you know you going into this area because you want to secure key word that people are searching and these people very often speak English very well.

Okay, the last question, I think so because we have 10 minutes to next presentation, according to google documentation. Indexing, API is designed for job. Posting a video broadcast events. Yeah, and the question is, if there is any risk of using this, for the side that are not in that area. I wouldn't say that there is any risk, but I'm really glad Mochi that you mentioned job post. This is very, very good. Very, very well, very well.

Present example, jobs expiring and you quickly want to die index or new job up here, and you quickly want to index. The problem with Google is that Google is really reluctant from people. Deciding what will be, what will not be in the index. They want to reserve that that that, that power being is recently opening and Yahoo, is opening into that people can send and

Kind of remove your are much, much nicer with Google. It's still like even through this API you just giving signal and Google may follow, may not follow, but answering this question. There is no risk using or indexing or day indexing API for other for other areas.

Yeah, I agree. Especially that there is a lot of tools right now on the market which are using this API and so it's not like it was before that only lets say the sco. She people are using the indexation services. But right now you have a lot of plugins for let's say WordPress or some kind of e-commerce system where you can just plug this in and this working in the background for you. So it's say the typical SMB even can use right now. Those plugins.

For sending the information to Google and specially when we know that Google do not really index the pages as they did before. Okay. So if there is no other questions, thank you so much for cash and see you soon. Maybe on slack or somewhere else. I just wanted to say a big, big. Thank you for having me. Thank you for all that in the who've been, with us, for, for all this time. Fantastic event Shah, Baba. And

And yeah, I will be definitely in touch. Okay, so thank you so much. Take a short break, and we are seeing each other in 8 minutes. So, thank you. Bye.

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