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It’s not about hey we have a technology. How can we sell this is rather about hey there is a problem to solve, let’s create our, let’s find a technology that will help. So we’re cash, / knee is the head of organic acquisition, you and an expert, SEO consultant and speaker lukash has been crowned as one of the top 50 marketing and advertising influences of our time.

And he joins us. Now, on cloud means TV. Welcome, how are you today? I can’t complain, is great. Weather is great, day is a Friday, I think a perfect day for conference that you have beautifully said, first of all, how can companies best utilize social media platforms to maximize the impact they have on customers? So first of all, you need to answer one. Major question is social media, our social media channels, your part of your marketing strategy or part of your communication strategy, you can see

See that there are big companies like KLM, which is using Twitter, rather, as a communication Channel and other companies which are using Twitter as a marketing channel. I think these days, Facebook is absolutely amazing for a paid campaign because of the granulation of the audience and because of this old-school, classic Roi model which you can Implement is very easy to convince your CMO CFO, CEO to go with Facebook as a part of your marketing strategy.

And if you do this good, if you have a person who is number focus and also another person who is very creative in, this is like win-win Twitter is more tricky because it’s more difficult to measure the impact. But from the communication point is like Priceless. I am a big big fan of Twitter and I could say, like, I’m here because of Twitter partly. Let me mention also linked in this, fantastic for this kind of professional communication. I been in Czech Republic couple of years ago and they gave me this a brilliant

Example of a campaign when they were selling a glasses, quite expensive glasses and what they’ve done, they went on LinkedIn and they were looking for every everybody who is ximo CFO vice, president, president, and so on. They were looking for a profile photos of people who got glasses on the profile of profile photo and then they were approaching them. And they will certainly, you know, I have this product very unique, very selective and granulated campaign, but it was working perfect. And obviously Instagram for a beauty industry for fashion.

Industry Priceless. So I think it’s not should I or but rather why we are not doing this. I would say if the company is not doing a social media as a part of their marketing strategy, that’s kind of a signal that they should definitely start. I completely agree. If you were to digital marketing manager of a startup. What would be the top three strategies that you would Implement first? Okay, first it is like I would say to everybody guys we doing this for money. We doing

This for profit, that’s a bigger problem of startup these days, this kind of culture of venture capital of seeding. Money of crowdfunding makes lots of startups, not thinking about profitability, if we would create a company 20 years ago, the first thing you would ask me, would be, look at how can we make money? How can you make our firm profitable? That’s the first thing. The second thing, make sure that when you’re building your website, you have someone on the side who is telling you how to make this website work for a CEO. Because if

I thought building this having in mind that it must be indexable. It must be seo-friendly. It must be unique content and so on. And so on, that will help you so much rather than going after 2-3 years to rewrite, everything and do this from from scratch. And the third, obviously, this is what I learn reading Apple CEO. Steve Jobs biography. It’s not about, hey, we have a technology. How can we sell this is rather about hey, there is a problem to solve, let’s create a relaxed.

Find a technology that will help people to do this. So solving problems, you’re creating a need, aren’t you? Yeah. Yeah, I agree. You mentioned SEO is part scientist and part artist success comes from digging and digging once you’ve cracked it. How much the process can you? Replicate to achieve the same result? Or is it always back to beginning and I like that past scientist and part artist? That’s correct. The I love working. A, my background is kind of music and like I said last year, I will repeat that. I always wanted to

Smart like like Stephen Hawking, it never worked. But you know, I always wanted to have this kind of feeling of Science and a bit of feeling of art SEO, is giving me this correctly. It’s not really like 0 1. Yes, no binary code. You cannot always with hundred percent accuracy. Answer the question, but you can answer the lots of questions with very high accuracy. And I know from my experience that the best people who are in a COR very often like musicians painters

And so on and so on. So it’s constant digging. Its constant improving yourself but not this super strict science mode and also we are here because as you’re never been fully transparent, that makes us willing to catch up with other CEOs and have a chat whatís working whatís, not working. There is not one Golden Rule. Oh, I know this. Now, I don’t need to learn any more. It’s constantly improving, and improving. And this is fascinating about this industry, I think. Yeah, it really is what exactly

A growth hacking techniques and how can businesses use these to succeed? Is it growth, hacking become a buzzword. And that means that sometimes people are overusing this for me. Growth hacking is like, finding this little bits and Bobs that are very unique and personal for you that nobody probably before was using this. And that works, I will give you one because I like to be very specific, you know, I mentioned that Twitter, I’m very active on Twitter. Every time someone is following me on Twitter. There is a direct message automatically.

Send to this person saying like, hey, thank you very much. By the way, I’m also on LinkedIn because of leveraging, the Twitter audience. I’m also leveraging my LinkedIn audience, my Twitter 50,000 followers, my LinkedIn, 10,000 followers. So, it works. And every day I get 20, 30 more followers on LinkedIn when I have 50 or 60 more followers on Twitter. So that’s just that just an example, you know, and I discovered this because I was digging, digging trying to learn more trying to find right now, I can see that people are copy this.

Tactic which part make me happy. But also partly make me upset because it’s become more competitive. So, again, I need to dive deeper and try to find this little gem. That will be like, oh my gosh, I didn’t know that it works. Let’s try to implement this and, you know, and this is like Neverending Story. I’m going to try it. So, I don’t know. Why do you think London technique is such an essential and important part of the technology ecosystem. Look London. It’s like a San Francisco of Europe. I would say is like a Palo Alto is like Silicon Valley here. We

Have so many brilliant smart people. I’m coming here and I see so many faces that I know that are my friends. And so on, first of all networking, you know, you can meet face-to-face. It’s always better to have this personal contact then, just Tweeting or writing when you when you, when you detaching this kind of personal level of a communication. And obviously, the amount of information you can you can learn is that tremendous here. I’ve been on a couple of nice presentations today. I know that there are

There is a couple of more and I think people need to understand that this should be a part of a culture. You know, I think this is something kind of Posh and we will be very we will keep a lot of nostalgia after 20 30 years thinking like you remember and gagged in 2016 when we’ve been young and you know that’s a part of who we are. And this is a part of our culture is very unique and we should really protect this. Yeah, we really should. Finally. Why?

Why is it so important for you to be involved in the internet marketing Summit and gagged? What do you say to people who weren’t able to attend on Gag this year? But I thinking about coming next year, this is the second time I’m here. And I’m always saying like, you know, I’m from Poland, I came 10 years ago to London and I had 400 pounds in my pocket is I was almost like a Madonna who came to u.s., you know and after 10 years I’m here I’m on the stage and I can share my knowledge and I can share. What I learn. It’s a big honor but also

So it motivates me to work harder and I hope I can also motivate other people who are listening to me there. Who that, that what we doing is worth? I’m always saying, like, you know, there’s nothing more cool than working digital marketing, despite if you are a CEO, social media PVC does the coolest job on the planet these days and and I think it’s nice to be here and share this feeling with other people, your your energy, it’s very contagious. It’s brilliant. It really really is.

And thank you for talking to us today. I will cast. You’ve also got a Twitter account as well. Haven’t you act will guess I look harsh as well as knee? And yeah, and I’m on LinkedIn. So please feel free to send me message. Follow me and yeah, let’s stay in tightening in chat. Thank you very much for your time. And once again is a pleasure and honor to be here. Thank you, very, very much joining us here today, I’m Rachel Downie and this is cloud means TV.

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