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Whether you operate a sole proprietorship or an international corporation, attracting and retaining a passionate client base is vital to your company’s long-term success. While there är many aspects that factor into customer engagement, search engine optimisation like Google is one of the most important. SEO strategy can be a complicated area of marketing, especially since strategies must evolve based on the market and search engine rangordning factors. Working with an expert in the field is an efficient way to ensure your SEO goals and methods are up to date and effective.

I’m Lukasz Zelezny, the top SEO consultant specialist in London.

There is plenty of so-called specialists and SEO experts in London however I am one of few offering experience with over a decade in SEO and social media marketing, including work with some of the largest UK brands. Along with speaking at numerous marketing and SEO conference throughout the year, I offer my SEO consultant services as a freelance SEO consultant specialist in London, UK. I work with each client to determine appropriate SEO goals and develop a customised strategy to reach those milestones. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, I can help.

Why You Need a Freelance SEO Consultant Specialist

In the early days of SEO, most businesses could see results simply by placing entries in online directories and publishing keyword-focused content. As the internet has evolved, SEO has become significantly more complex.

An effective strategy can no longer revolve around keyword stuffing or generic networks of backlinks. Instead, a good SEO campaign must be detailed and personalised for the industry and target audience. Modern SEO must incorporate on-page elements along with off-page links and elements of website design.

Developing a successful SEO strategy takes time and experience, one of the reasons it’s so helpful to hire a freelance professional. Instead of taking your time and energy away from running your company, you can let me use my expertise to improve your site’s search ranking. There are several key aspects to a successful SEO campaign, including:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Discovering how to optimise your site’s interface and content for both people and search engines
  • Researching and improving backlinks, online directory listings, and cross-site promotion
  • Sociala medier
  • Learning why and how other businesses in your industry are succeeding
  • Modifying the behind-the-scenes aspects of your site to improve structure and navigation
  • On-page analysis
  • Learning how to increase your audience and encourage active followers to share your content
  • Off-page analysis
  • Site Architecture

I’ll help you utilise SEO and social media verktyg efficiently to get the results and engagement you want. You can get started right away by checking out some of my resources.

Lukasz Zelezny at UnGagged London

Lukasz Zelezny is the head of organic acquisition at uSwitch.com, a UK-based price comparison website with offices in London. Leading his team, he is responsible for the uSwitch.com brand’s organic visibility, conversion rate, traffic and engagement. Lukasz is a hands-on person, he spends lots of his time keeping up to date with the changes in the technology of online marketing.


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Free SEO and Social Media Marketing Webinar

If you want to step up your SEO game right away, sign up for my free social media webinar. Social media can be an extremely powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and reaching your target audience. However, managing several social media accounts can be time consuming. My webinar will show you how to use social media efficiently in ways that deliver the results you want. This in-depth webinar covers marketing strategies and includes countless practical tips you can employ right away. Here are a few of the topics I cover in this webinar:


marketing webinar icon
  • Social media tools to automate time-consuming tasks
  • Which marketing strategies work best for social media
  • How to select and target your audience
  • Choosing the right type of message for each platform
  • Ways to easily publish content through multiple channels
  • How to quickly build a loyal following that leads to success

My online webinar is the perfect place to start, whether you are new to social media marketing or looking to enhance your current campaign. Simply use the online form to register for a time that fits your schedule.


SEO and Business Blog

Along with my webinar, I publish a regular blog full of help to improve your company’s social media marketing and SEO strategies. Read posts on a wide range of business topics, such as:

  • SEO keyword research tools
  • Creating content for search engines and potential customers
  • Increasing Twitter conversion rates
  • Improving user experience
  • Developing a successful email marketing strategy
  • Choosing the right tools to increase efficiency

As soon as you have a good idea of the factors that are influencing your Google ranking, you can start to mitigate those issues.


Content Creation Help

While it’s true that keyword stuffing will no longer get you the SEO results you want, keywords are still extremely important. When you work with me as your freelance SEO consultant, I can help you understand how best to use keywords in your content to improve your rankings and increase engagement with your target audience. If you want a quick resource to get started, take a look at my blog title generator. The title of your blog post is arguably the most important part. Your brilliant insight on an important topic isn’t very useful if no one reads it. Catchy titles grab readers’ attention and get them to click on your post. A good title can even increase the chances a reader will share your content with his or her own social media network of friends, leading to more exposure for your brand.


Content Creation Icon

Vad are some of the most important aspects of a good blog title? While the exact details will vary based on your company and industry, here are some basic tips:

  • A title should be intriguing without straying too far from the actual topic.
  • A title should give the reader an accurate introduction to the content.
  • An overly long title will be truncated by a search engine.
  • Concise titles generally work well.

It can take time to develop the right title strategy for your content, but my Title and Content Generator is an excellent place to start. I’ve created an easy-to-use tool on my site to help my clients create high-quality content based on a keyword. Simply enter your keyword and the click the Get Ideas button. You’ll see a list of interesting blog titles to get you started.


Additional SEO Tools

My work as a freelance SEO consultant in the UK blends creative content and SEO methods with essential technical understanding. The technical aspects of your website are just as important as the quality of the content and the look and feel of the user interface. For example, understanding HTTP Status Codes can provide key insight into your company’s web presence and help you find and fix any problems that are preventing visitors from accessing your site. You may be familiar with some of the more common codes, such as 404 Not Found or 500 Internal Server Error. Knowing some of the less-common codes can help you make sure your site is functioning properly. Along with my detailed article on HTTP codes and what they mean, you can use my server response code checker to verify your site’s URL.

One of the most important things you can gör for your company is complete a technical SEO revision of your site. Does this sound complicated? The process can seem intimidating, but I offer a SEO audit on my website. Simply enter your URL and keyword to receive your complete SEO audit in seconds. The results of your audit can help you understand your Google ranking and why it can change from day to day. An audit can also alert you to many potential problems, including:

  • An SEO hack
  • Poor-quality content
  • Search engine denial by your host router
  • Ineffective backlinks
  • Incorrect status code

Before you can develop a comprehensive SEO and social media marketing strategy, you need to understand what type of SEO help your site needs. SEO prices can be high because each SEO work consume a lot of time. My technical audit is on affordable pricing models. Will give you a good overview of SEO issues, which I can help you overcome as your freelance SEO consultant – yet expect to pay less than what byrå would charge you.



Technical SEO and Social Media Marketing Materials

DA Focus Icon

Do you want to lära dig more about the technical aspects of SEO so you can better understand how to apply them to your site and business model? I offer a several in-depth resources on the University section of my website.

These guides cover some of the more complex topics of SEO, including keyword research, Klout score, the SEO snapshot method, and industry-specific digital marketing strategies. You can watch detailed video presentations showing exactly how to perform some of these techniques. The transcript is also included, so it’s easy to go back and review the content when you are working on your own site.

For example, my SEO Keyword Research class covers three of the most powerful tools for pulling and analysing keywords: SEMRush, Searchmetrics, and Sistrix. I show you how to use these tools for effective keyword research. Understanding keywords is vital for an effective SEO campaign, and my free class can help you learn how to research keywords for your own domain.


Conferences and Seminars

Part of my work as a freelance SEO consultant involves speaking at SEO conferences and seminars around the world. My presentations cover a wide variety of subjects, including analytics, tools, SEO methods, social media marketing strategies, and other related topics.

I speak at numerous conferences, including Social Day, Digital Marketing World Conference, Global Digital Marketing Summit, and many others. I’m also available to speak at your event or function. If you want to get a better idea of why you should hire me for your conference, you can watch videos of several of my prior speaking engagements, including ICEEFest SEO and CMTV Thought Leader. Then, simply kontakta me to schedule a presentation for your conference or discuss my SEO consultant services.


Everything You Wanted To Know About SEO and Your Consultant

It’s no secret that your company needs SEO help. SEO, when done right, can help get your company get on the path to making tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

Bad SEO, on the other hand, can cripple your content marketing efforts and send your site spiraling to the depths of the search engines. For this reason, it’s important you hire an freelance SEO consultant with a knack for natural search engine optimization and a reputation for success. Use this guide to help you do everything from prepare a list of questions for your prospective freelance SEO consultant to make the final hire.


What To Ask freelance SEO Consultants

One fact that many businesses fail to keep in mind during the consulting process is that they’re the ones doing the hiring. Search engine consultants may possess the know-how, but at the end of the day, they rely on clients’ cash to pay the bills. Treat any consultation as you would an interview and know what to ask freelance SEO consultants before hiring one.


How Do You Plan To Improve My Rankings?

Every reputable source, from Entrepreneur to QuickSprout, suggests asking this question. If an freelance SEO consultant refuses to freely discuss his or her methods, steer clear, warns Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz, one of the most successful internet marketing software companies today. Consultants should be upfront about the strategies they plan to use to drive up a website’s traffic as well as how long they anticipate it to take for efforts to pay off.

A candidate’s proposal should also include measures to weed out potential issues such as broken links and 404s, on-page optimization efforts such as developing web page titles, tags and headers and off-page efforts such as press-releases, email campaigns and guest blogging.


Do You Have References or Referrals?

Entrepreneur suggests asking candidates for information regarding past projects and results. Though you cannot expect an agency to readily hand over its entire client list, a reputable agency should be more than willing to brag about two to three big-name clients for whom it’s done work in the past. Even if the consultant gives you just a company name, you can contact the head of marketing at that firm and ask about their experience with working with the agency. If a firm fails to provide references, take it as a sign that it either failed to deliver for big clients in the past or that it doesn’t have the necessary experience for that level of SEO.


How Do You Measure the Success of an SEO Campaign?

For a consultant to be able to tell how successful his or her efforts are, he or she must track exactly how much traffic is going to your site and from where it comes. To do this effectively, the consultant should know what kinds of keywords searchers use to find your site, how many links come from other sites, how much of your traffic is organic and much more.

Some other questions to ask include “How and how often will we communicate,” “Can you guarantee results,” (run from any firm that says it can) and “What do your fees and payment structures look like?” On the low end, monthly fees range from $251 to $500 and on the high end from $2,501 to $5,000.

What Is Freelance SEO Consulting Services?

For many business owners, it’s difficult to hire a reputable freelance SEO consultant because the job of said consultant is so vague. Moreover, consulting services vary based on individual needs, company size, industry and existing competitors. That said, there are basic services that an SEO consulting agency should provide. So, what is SEO consulting services?

  • Detailed SEO audit
  • Strategy for success
  • Website redesign consultation
  • Sökordsforskning
  • Implementation guidance
  • Monthly in-depth reporting
  • Competitor analysis
  • High quality link building

Both the initial SEO audit and keyword research serve to help the consultant determine how your site currently performs in areas of content, on- and off-site optimization, backlinks, HTML markup, site structure and more. After performing an audit and keyword analysis, the team will develop a plan to improve lacking areas and attain top rankings for common key terms and search queries.

Competitor analysis is also essential in that it allows you to leverage both what other key players are and are not doing well. For instance, you may discover that a konkurrent ranks number one for the most popular key term but does not rank at all for other common keywords and phrases. You can fill the void by optimizing your site with these terms.

Armed with the findings from the audit, keyword research and competitor analysis, your consultant will devise a roadmap for success. The roadmap should take into consideration short- and long-term goals, the former of which will serve as key performance indicators on the way to accomplishing your overall objective.

Finally, SEO consulting services should include implementation. Implementation should involve link building, website redesign (if necessary) and monthly reporting.


What do freelance SEO consultants do?

In the above section, we addressed what services SEO agencies provide. However, each service requires the assistance of several SEO experts, each of which has specific tasks, duties and responsibilities to fulfill.

Take service number one, “Detailed SEO Audit,” for instance. To perform a detailed SEO audit, an freelance SEO consultant must first understand the client’s overreaching objective, brand awareness objectives, industry competitive position, business niche and brand competitive advantage to be able to understand what about the client’s current efforts do and do not work. The consultant must then identify and troubleshoot technical SEO issues.

Some such issues include 404s, pagination, 301/302 redirects, crawl errors, server errors, broken links, duplicate content, slow website speed and countless other issues. Service number two, “Keyword research,” involves identifying new potential keyword targets with low competition but the possibility for high profitability. It also entails researching similar keywords and keyword phrases, keyword mapping and web-page optimization.

Implementation is basically a catch-all for all other tasks and responsibilities that fall to an SEO consultant and his or her team. Below is a list of just a few responsibilities that fall to SEOs and their teams:

Improving the user experience (increase page belastning times, minimizing page abandonment, improving navigability, etc.) Conducting Local SEO marketing campaigns Generating content ideas and overseeing the copywriting, video creation, social media management, etc. to bring those ideas to life


Improving Domain Authority icon
  • Implementing user-friendly E-commerce systems
  • Conducing off-site SEO efforts
  • Ensuring website functionality and completeness
  • Focusing on mobile search

Maintaining the website for quality control, security, domain and hosting status, etc. It’s difficult to completely answer the question “What do SEO consultants do?” as an SEO consultant’s job is never done. Once a plan is put into action, the consultant and his or her team must analyze its effectiveness and make tweaks accordingly.

The advisor must also manage client expectations, regularly communicate with the customer, manage the customer’s budget and play both offense and defense—I.e., identify and communicate new opportunities and let the client know where they’re vulnerable.


How Much Do SEO Consultants Make?

The average salary or hourly kurs of a search engine optimization specialist varies depending on who you ask. Because Moz seems to cover all possible scenarios, we’ll go with Fishkin’s numbers to answer the question of “How much do SEO consultants make?”

First and foremost, let’s take a look at in-house SEOs. Some sample titles, salaries and job roles are as follows:

Director of Search Marketing

$100,000 to $350,000 a year

This person is responsible for developing strategies for large companies. Because this role can either create or lose incredible amounts of wealth, the salary is designed to reflect the risk.

Director of Organic Search

$75,000 to $100,000

This person manages a team of in-house SEO experts and reports to the director of search marketing.

SEO Lead/Guru

$50,000 to $100,000

This person is responsible for running an SEO team at a small to mid-sized organization. He or she has final authority for all SEO activities.

Campaign Manager

$50,000 to $100,000

This person reports to the director but manages a separate team that focuses on building out certain campaigns, such as a content marketing campaign or a keyword mapping campaign.

SEO Specialist

$45,000 to $85,000

This person is the workhorse of any SEO team, as he or she is responsible for keyword research, page optimization, link building, content production, etc.

The roles at an SEO agency look more or less the same as the above. However, agency employees get paid slightly less than their in-house counterparts, mostly because agency employees have to split the profits of their efforts with several people:

SEO Director

$70,000 to $120,000

The salary discrepancy between an agency director and in-house director may have to do with the fact that agency directors carry less risk. However, they are still responsible for overseeing processes, devising strategies, managing teams and providing training.

Search Marketing Consultant

$60,000 to $200,000

These individuals work for SEO agencies but have the talent, skills and oftentimes rykte necessary to manage a client or campaign without outside guidance.

Link Builder

$35,000 to $100,000

Initially, these individuals follow the direction of the SEO director or CEO, but eventually, their knowledge surpasses that of those who oversee them. Eventually, they become so valuable they’re difficult to retain, hence the huge salary range.

Fishkin warns that certain factors can create a wide discrepancy in costs to retain a consultant. Some such factors include experience, reputation, geography and supply and demand.

How To Hire an SEO Consultant?

Hiring someone to handle a process as delicate as search engine optimization is a tough and overwhelming task. ShivarWeb strives to make the process easier on you by outlining a few Do’s and Don’ts for how to hire an SEO consultant:

checked icon

DO identify your budget. You will not find quality SEO consultant services for less than $50 an hour, or $500 a month if you hire a company on retainer. If a company promises you it will help you obtain results for less than $50 a month, don’t bother.

DO identify your budget. You will not find quality SEO consultant services for less than $50 an hour, or $500 a month if you hire a company on retainer. If a company promises you it will help you obtain results for less than $50 a month, don’t bother.

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DO understand pricing structure. Some firms offer to audit your site for a flat fee and identify ways you can improve your SEO. Others offer a partial flat fee for someone to audit your site and provide you with a comprehensive list, the tasks of which you can execute yourself. When you hire someone on retainer, you pay them to work on your behalf for X amount of hours per month. To determine the best pricing structure for your company, assess your in-house talent, resources and expertise.

DO understand pricing structure. Some firms offer to audit your site for a flat fee and identify ways you can improve your SEO. Others offer a partial flat fee for someone to audit your site and provide you with a comprehensive list, the tasks of which you can execute yourself. When you hire someone on retainer, you pay them to work on your behalf for X amount of hours per month. To determine the best pricing structure for your company, assess your in-house talent, resources and expertise.

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DO ask for referrals and specifics. If you’re interested in hiring a particular consultant, ask for a portfolio of results and references. Do not be shy about doing so, as SEO is a huge investment and you need to know that the person you hire has what it takes to advance your marketing objectives.

DO ask for referrals and specifics. If you’re interested in hiring a particular consultant, ask for a portfolio of results and references. Do not be shy about doing so, as SEO is a huge investment and you need to know that the person you hire has what it takes to advance your marketing objectives.

Close icon

DON’T buy a package. Packages may be easy and simple, but rarely do they cater to a company’s exact needs. Some agencies frame their retainers as packages, which is fine for simplicity’s sake, but be sure that the consultant intends to put forth a good deal of customization.

DON’T buy a package. Packages may be easy and simple, but rarely do they cater to a company’s exact needs. Some agencies frame their retainers as packages, which is fine for simplicity’s sake, but be sure that the consultant intends to put forth a good deal of customization.

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DON’T have unrealistic expectations. Truly successful SEO efforts take months to pay off, but even after that amount of time, results are not guaranteed. For starters, search engines’ results are not human-curated—they’re algorithm-centric. If the search engines decide to change their algorithms at any point during your consultant’s efforts, your strategy may fail. The key to success is perseverance and the willingness to work closely with your consultant to aggressively pursue key performance indicators.

DON’T have unrealistic expectations. Truly successful SEO efforts take months to pay off, but even after that amount of time, results are not guaranteed. For starters, search engines’ results are not human-curated—they’re algorithm-centric. If the search engines decide to change their algorithms at any point during your consultant’s efforts, your strategy may fail. The key to success is perseverance and the willingness to work closely with your consultant to aggressively pursue key performance indicators.

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DON’T try to hire cheap. Ask any industry expert, “How do you choose an SEO consultant or agency?” and one answer all will have in common is, “Be willing to make an investment.” Like many professional services, an incredible amount of talent, know-how, research and creativity goes into making search engine optimization efforts a success. When you invest in quality services that have all those attributes and then some, you will see more than your fair share of a monetary return. On the other hand, if you hire low quality, you not only risk losing any money you invest but also, you risk damaging what rankings you have achieved on your own.

DON’T try to hire cheap. Ask any industry expert, “How do you choose an SEO consultant or agency?” and one answer all will have in common is, “Be willing to make an investment.” Like many professional services, an incredible amount of talent, know-how, research and creativity goes into making search engine optimization efforts a success. When you invest in quality services that have all those attributes and then some, you will see more than your fair share of a monetary return. On the other hand, if you hire low quality, you not only risk losing any money you invest but also, you risk damaging what rankings you have achieved on your own.

How Much Does An SEO Consultant Cost?

When marketing budgets are tight, making the right spending choices is vital. An SEO consultant is a worthwhile expenditure, but the price can vary a great deal. There are several things to consider.

How Long Are You Hiring Them For?

Whenever you are hiring someone to do work for you, the duration that you intend to hire them for will have an impact on the terms. In general, the shorter the period that you will be hiring an SEO consultant for, the more you can expect to pay. If you are signing someone on for a long-term arrangement, you don’t need to pay them as much because you are providing them with a reliable source of income.

If you don’t know how long you will need an SEO consultant, you can put them on a retainer, or you can discuss it with them before you hire them.

What Is The Scope Of Your Ambitions?

Experience is invaluable; you can’t possibly put a price on it. You should expect more experienced SEO consultants to cost a lot more than newcomers to the field. However, their experience makes them worth the extra asking price.

As well as looking at how long they have been in the game, you should also have a look at their past work and the kind of websites and businesses that they have worked with. If they have experience with businesses that are closely related to yours, things should go a lot smoother.

What Services Do They Provide?

In addition to any work that you want doing, it is always worth looking at what other services an SEO consultant can provide. Not only might you discover something of value that you hadn’t considered before, but some of those services might be included in the package that you have already paid for.

Are They Worth The Investment?

The short answer is – yes. Many businesses prefer to handle their own SEO, but it takes time to develop proficiency. The only way of reliably doing your own SEO is by hiring an expert to show you the ropes. Given the benefits of good SEO and the ramifications of bad SEO, hiring a consultant is a no-brainer.

The price of an SEO consultant depends on a range of factors. To get a quote for SEO consulting services for your business, schedule a call with us today.


Why Do You Need An Experienced Consultant?

Hiring an SEO consultant might seem like a pointless expense when there are so many free SEO tools online. However, an experienced SEO consultant is a worthwhile investment; here’s why.

Improve Your SEO In A Cost-Efficient Way

SEO is not a problem that you can just throw money at. There are numerous ways that you can pay for a temporary SEO boost, but you can’t just keep doing this forever. You can certainly try, but even if you are successful, you will inevitably end up wasting money and spending more than you need to. On the other hand, spending that money on an experienced SEO consultant means that you can set yourself up for the long term.

It’s a case of, ‘If you give a man a fish, he will eat for the night. But, if you teach a woman how to fish, she will eat every night. And she can sell fish.’

Once you have built your SEO and you can keep it up in the long-term, you can begin to look at ways of monetising that extra traffic. Ultimately, you can make money from an investment in an SEO consultant.

Take Advantage Of Past Experience

It is hard to put a monetary value on past experience. There are no shortcuts here. In order to get a decade of SEO experience under their belt, a consultant has to slug it out for that long. Some lessons can only be learned from experience, often the most important lessons. In the fast-moving of SEO, years of experience means that consultants are ready to move with the shifting landscape.

Hiring an experienced SEO consultant to help you establish your SEO the right way from the very beginning means that a young fledgling business can benefit from the SEO expertise of an experienced consultant.

Develop a Long-Term Sustainable Strategy

Boosting your SEO in the short-term is one thing, but if you want your website to pull in a steady stream of traffic for years to come, you need to have a long-term SEO strategy. An SEO consultant won’t just give your SEO a quick shot in the arm – they will help you to establish the foundations of a strategy that will keep you going.

An SEO consultant won’t just tinker with your website and throw up some SEO-focussed artiklar. A good consultant will sit down with you and walk you through what you need to do in order to put a strategy in place and ensure that it keeps working for you into the future.

Make Good Use Of Data

Every website generates data, the vast majority of which is easily available to you if you know where to look. The most effective SEO strategies are data-driven. An SEO consultant can show you where to find important data and how to use it to further develop your website’s visibility through SEO.

SEO is vital for any website or business with an online presence. There are plenty of free tools available to help you develop your SEO, but these are no good if you don’t know what to do with them. An experienced SEO consultant will more than pay for themselves over time. Schedule a call with us today to discuss how our experienced SEO consultant can help you.

SEO step by step
How SEO Works Step By Step?

For those that have never embarked on it, the SEO process can seem arcane and mysterious. However, it’s actually much simpler than people realise, at least in principle.


Keyword Research

Keywords are king in SEO. While Google is moving towards natural language processing that goes beyond simple keyword analysis, even fully formed queries expressed in plain English will have keywords at their heart. The first stage of any SEO exercise is to identify the keywords that you are optimising for.


First Page Analysis

Once you have identified a target keyword, you then need to take a look at what the current results for it looks like. Simply search for your target keyword and look at the first page of search results. Naturally, it is the competitors nearest the top that you really want to pay attention to.

By identifying the common themes in the content at the very top of the results page, you can get an idea for what you need to add to your own to make it really shine.


Create A Content Plan

Assessing the first page results provides us with a starting point for developing our main piece of content. Now that we know what kind of content associated with our keyword is popular, we can develop something that is tailored for SEO from the ground up.

High-quality content will provide you with potentially limitless organic SEO. Natural organic links from other websites are one of the most effective ways of improving your SEO score. This means your content should be different enough from existing content to justify a potential backlink from some of those existing content creators.


Optimise On-Page SEO

Once you have the copy for your new content ready to go, you then need to give it a couple of finishing touches before you unleash it on the world. First things first, you should add some internal links where you can insert them naturally. Not only will this encourage users to spend more time on your website and explore past content, but it will also prevent those pages from decaying in value in the eyes of Google.


Format Your Content

Many people overlook the importance of formatting content correctly in maximising SEO. Content that isn’t formulated according to best practices will be reducing their SEO score. Not only does Google look for certain formatting characteristics, but it is also mindful of how users react to your content. If it is poorly formatted, users will quickly turn away.


Publish Your Content And Build Links

Once you have checked your content and you are certain that you have finished formatting and optimising it, you are ready to publish. As soon as your content is live, you can start establishing links to it. Put an announcement out on social media and ask your followers to help promote you.

This cycle repeats endlessly for anyone producing SEO-focused content; the work of an SEO specialist is never done. Of course, this is a simplified step by step, and the actual process is quite difficult to do yourself. If you need a professional to walk you through it, contact us today.


How Do I Find An SEO Consultant London?

Managing your SEO is a time-consuming and difficult task, even if you do it for a living. Most businesses will be best served by hiring an SEO consultant to get them set up with SEO and provide an understanding of how to maintain a high SEO score. Here’s how to find the right consultant for your business.

Search Online

What better measure could there be of an SEO consultants’ capabilities than their ability to rank highly in SERPs? In all seriousness, this isn’t a bad way to tell whether someone is serious or not. After all, if they can’t optimise their own website effectively, how are they going to be able to help you manage yours?

With so many SEO businesses out there, lots of great SEO businesses will be nowhere near to the top of general searches like ‘best seo business.’ Instead, you should use more specific searches. For example, if you operate a food delivery business, searching for ‘seo business London food delivery experience’ will bring back SEO businesses that have experience working with food delivery businesses.

Ask For Recommendations

Looking online is a good way of identifying businesses, but you can’t beat the personal touch. Asking for personal recommendations has the benefit of acting as a kind of filter. Any SEO consultant unable to deliver the goods is unlikely to earn a recommendation when you ask for one. When you ask for personal recommendations, you also have the opportunity to asl questions about the business and learn more about them. You can do this online, but not as easily or quickly as you can when you are talking to someone you know.

If multiple people all report good experiences using a particular consultant or agency, then you can be reasonably sure that they are trustworthy. Putting out a call on your social media is always a good way of at least getting a shortlist of names that you can then investigate further and whittle down.

Check Reviews And Reputation

However you go about compiling a list of potential options, once you have a shortlist you then need to start vetting your options. A quick search online should give you an indication of a consultant’s reputation and reliability. You know how reviews work, the more good reviews there are, the better.

You can always dig a little deeper if you want to. If there is a discrepancy, such as a low online rating for a business that comes highly recommended by personal acquaintances, there might be more to the story. If you are unsure, you can always approach businesses and ask them

Have A Peek At Social Media

Whether you are considering hiring an agency or an individual, social media can give you a telling peek into their professional conduct. The way that they interact with fans, as well as the content that they share and the updates that they post, can all help you to decide if a consultant is a good fit for you and your business.

The right SEO consultant can completely transform your marketing strategy and propel your business to new heights. It is worth taking the time to make sure that you find the right consultant for your business. Schedule a call with our expert today to see if we are the right fit for your website or business.

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How Much Money Do SEO Consultants Make?

SEO specialist can be a high-paying role in the right circumstances. But not every SEO consultant is going to command a top-tier salary – there are a number of factors to consider.

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Freelancer Vs. Business

One of the most important factors in determining how much an SEO consultant earns is whether they are operating as an independent freelancer or whether they are working for a larger business. Freelancers can negotiate their own salaries with their clients, whereas an SEO consultant working for a business will have a fixed salary. However, being a freelancer is a risky venture as you will be responsible for finding your own clients. If freelancers cannot find work, then they will not earn money.

The difference in earnings between a freelancer and a salaried worker with comparable experience is not great enough to be a deal-breaker for most people. You should base your decision on the lifestyle you think you are best suited to, and which you think you will perform best under.

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Experience and Portfolio

The amount of experience that an SEO consultant has will determine their value to clients and the salaries that they can command. More experienced consultants can expect more senior positions within businesses, and the corresponding pay rises that come with them. Meanwhile, a freelance SEO consultant with a decade or more experience under their belt is going to look like a very attractive hire for anyone who wants to work with an individual rather than a business.

In addition to the amount of time spent working as an SEO consultant, a portfolio is also important. You can get away with being relatively fresh-faced if you can prove to potential clients that you have some serious talent. If you don’t have a portfolio, then clients have no way of knowing whether you are legit or not. As a result, they aren’t going to be willing to pay you as much.

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Skills and Knowledge

SEO is a diverse field. While there are plenty of well-rounded SEO experts, most SEO professionals will have an area of specialty. The aspects of SEO that you are most knowledgeable of and proficient in can impact the amount of money that you can make as an SEO consultant.

In order to be an effective consultant, you need to know what the best tools are for any client you are faced with. That requires a diverse knowledge of the skills and SEO techniques available.

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Other Revenue Streams

An SEO consultant with a good working knowledge of SEO has plenty of opportunities to make some money on the side. In addition to providing other SEO services, they can write online guides, produce blogs, even give talks and teach other people what they know. The point is: knowledge of SEO is a highly marketable skill, and there are boundless opportunities to make money if you want.

The amount that an SEO consultant can expect to make varies according to a range of factors. But as a general rule, the more experience you have and the bigger your portfolio is, the more money you can make.

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Why Hire An SEO Expert?

With so many guides and online tools available, lots of webmasters are convinced that they can handle their own SEO just fine. But this is a fatal error in many cases. If you want to be sure of SEO success, here’s why you should hire your own SEO expert.

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Save Time

SEO is a time-consuming process, even for small and independent websites. Sure, if you are happy just existing online, you don’t need to worry about SEO. But if you want your website to be visible to people who search for relevant keywords and search terms, you will have to invest time developing your SEO. For amateur webmasters who don’t have any experience, managing the various components of SEO alone can be a very tall order.

An SEO expert will enable you to save time by keeping you pointed in the right direction. Your SEO expert can tell you exactly what to do, as well as how to do it and, most importantly, why you are doing it. After spending enough time with your SEO expert, you will have the confidence to handle most SEO tasks on your own.

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Access To Knowledge And Expertise

It is hard to overstate just how valuable up-to-date SEO knowledge is. With a good working understanding of SEO, it’s possible to take a small and unknown website and at least start it on the journey to becoming something much bigger.

There is a lot more to SEO than many people realise; it is certainly about more than creating content that contains the right keywords. If you want your website’s SEO to truly skyrocket, you need to pay just as much attention to the underlying coding and design of your website as the content that you add to it.

The SEO field also moves incredibly quickly. Google puts out a couple of major updates every year, on average. Keeping up with these changes is hard enough when it’s your job but it is an even bigger ask for amateur webmasters getting to grips with SEO for the first time.

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Operate More Cost Efficiently

If you don’t really know what you are trying to achieve or how to go about it then SEO, and digital marketing in general, can end up costing you significantly more than they need to. In business, you never want to spend more than you have to. If you are willing to invest some money in your SEO, you will be able to achieve better results. However, you don’t want to just throw money at the problem and hope for the best.

Working with an SEO expert will ensure that you are only paying for what you need. Not every SEO technique is suitable for every website and situation. Only an SEO expert can say for sure which techniques you should use and which you should disregard.

Search engine optimisation is an integral part of overseeing a website in 2020; it is too important to get wrong. Hiring an experienced SEO expert like myself means that you can benefit from up-to-date knowledge and the very latest SEO techniques. Contact me today to discuss your SEO needs and how I can help you reach the top of those SERPs.


How long until I see SEO Results?

One of the most common questions that our clients have is how long it will be until they see the results. The answer to this question depends on a couple of things.

A Ranking Increase

SEO has changed a lot over the years, and it continues to evolve today. Old SEO revolved around keywords and favoured content that was often highly artificial to humans but well optimised for bots. Thankfully, search engines have moved away from this paradigm in recent years. Google, in particular, has championed natural language processing that aims to understand searches on a more human level.

If the result that you are waiting to see is an increase in your page ranking, then it is important to understand the nature of SEO today. When things were focused around keywords, marketers would doggedly pursue top-ranking for only one or two keywords at the expense of all others. In some cases, an SEO specialist would dedicate an entire budget to just a few keywords in order to capture key traffic.

But now that search engines are favouring a more context-driven approach, and natural language processing is becoming more common, the goal is to capture traffic from a large volume of natural language searches. In other words, you should be targeting search queries that are raised just as a human would say them instead of artificial keywords and combinations thereof.

An increase in your ranking can take some time. However, it might not be the best metric to use. In fact, we would advise being cautious of rankings.

Don’t Just Consider Rankings

When most people talk about seeing results in the context of SEO, what they are talking about is rising in the rankings. While a higher ranking is a good indicator of a successful SEO campaign, it is not the only measure. Before you begin any SEO campaign, you should set out a series of objectives and how you will measure whether you have achieved them or not. If the goal of your SEO campaign is to bring more traffic to a specific page on your website, the most important metric is the change in the volume of traffic, not your position in the rankings.

Similarly, you can convert traffic without necessarily rising through the rankings. As soon as more people start coming to your website than usual, you will begin to see the results of your SEO campaigns. Do not sit there obsessing over your ranking if you are generating more sales without it changing.

Be Prepared To Wait Months

As soon as your SEO campaign is live, you will theoretically begin to see a bump in your traffic. Most SEO specialists agree that it generally takes around 6 months for a campaign to start showing results, but it can be a year or more before things have played out completely.

You cannot shortcut an SEO campaign, especially if you want it to lay the foundation for a sustainable long-term strategy. But a year is a long time, especially if you aren’t sure whether your campaign is going to pay off or not. That’s why it’s essential that you work with a trustworthy and reputable SEO business like us that ensures the best results. Contact us today to see how we can help get you started with an SEO campaign that will pay off.


Can SEO Really Help a Local Business?

When most people think of SEO, they think of something global. The internet is a big place, after all. But being able to search for local businesses and services is something that many of us rely on frequently. Here’s why local businesses need to care about their SEO just as much as their global competitors.

Find New Customers

Without SEO, your website is going to languish in obscurity, undiscovered, and unloved. You might be able to spread the word about your business by other means and perhaps you will get some curious customers checking your website out as a result. But without SEO, your website is unlikely to show in the results of relevant search queries.

Just as regular SEO ensures that websites are visible to users around the globe, local SEO ensures that websites are visible when users search for local search terms. For example, an online pharmacy wants to appear in searches for things like ‘buy face masks’. Whereas a pharmacy that operates a retail outlet in Hackney will want to also appear when users search for ‘buy face masks in Hackney.’

Local SEO ensures that local consumers can find your business.

Capture Customers With A Need You Can Satisfy

Finding new customers is hard. In fact, most businesses, especially large corporations, operate under the assumption that it is more difficult and expensive to recruit a new customer than to retain an existing one. Local SEO is one of the most cost-effective techniques available to you for ensuring a steady stream of new customers to your business.

Crucially, local SEO lets you connect with customers when they are still in the discovery phase. Put simply, people in the discovery phase are looking for a product, service, or solution to a problem that they have but have yet to decide what they want or from where they want it. This means that these consumers are still open to suggestions. If you can make your business the most appealing, they are likely to choose you.

Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Increasing traffic to your website is always beneficial. Not only can you use your website to make sales and to persuade curious customers to take a chance on you, but there are numerous ways that you can monetise traffic, even if the people that comprise the traffic don’t give you any money. For example, if your website is attracting enough traffic, then you can sell PPC ad space on it and start generating a passive income.

Improve Your Conversion Rates

More traffic to your website also means more opportunities to convert users into paying customers. Ensuring that your website is near to the top of the results when users search for relevant search terms will maximise your conversion opportunities. If you are targeting the right search terms, then the proportion of visitors to your website that are predisposed towards liking your business and products will be higher, and converting them will be a lot easier.

SEO isn’t just for global websites that want to attract visitors from around the world; local businesses can benefit from it too. In fact, a focus on local SEO is essential for any business with a high street presence in 2020.


What About International Strategies?

Just as local SEO is all about improving the visibility of your website to local users, international SEO is all about going global – businesses that want to go global need an international strategy.

What Is International SEO?

International SEO refers to a variety of techniques that websites can utilise to make their content appeal to audiences outside their home nation.

A website that is truly global in nature will have content and options that are tailored to users from around the world. Simply having visitors from different countries will not improve your international SEO standing. Instead, you have to make an effort to optimise your content for other countries.

Why You Need To Go International

For businesses and websites that have an international reach, international SEO includes proper localisation, ensuring that your content is tailored to every market that you serve. For example, part of international SEO would be translating your website into the local language of the other nations that you serve.

Without local SEO, businesses end up foregoing traffic that they could otherwise easily capture. The situation is similar for international SEO. Even a basic attempt at localisation will make your website more appealing to local audiences than a website that is written in a foreign language.

You can toggle the settings on your next Google search to search as if you were located anywhere in the world. By comparing the results pages from around the world, you will see that Google clearly favours content that is localised for each country.

Using An Appropriate Country Code

Choosing the right country code for your website is an important part of international SEO. However, because it seems like such a small and inconsequential decision, many people do not give it the serious consideration that it deserves. In general, you should use the country code most appropriate for where your business is based, and then purchase the domains for other country codes as appropriate.

Note that there are some country codes such as .ly for Libya that has become so widely used for marketing purposes that Google now treats addresses with these suffixes as generic.

Tailor Content For Different Audiences

Just as producing content tailored to local audiences is important to be your local SEO, producing content tailored to the international markets that you would like to serve is also crucial. Localisation will only get you so far; there is no sense in translating your content into another language if it has no relevance to people that speak that language.

If you have a significant number of visitors from a country that you are not familiar with and don’t know how to produce content for, it’s time to do some good old-fashioned market research. You might be surprised by the kind of content that works for some groups of people; it’s not always what you expect.

A truly international business needs international SEO to reach out to multiple markets simultaneously in an effective way. Many of the same principles that apply to local SEO will also help you to develop your international SEO strategy.

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