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Hi, this is day one of a sigma conference. We are here with Lucas zelezny which is the head of organic acquisition at you uk-based price comparison website with offices in London. Thank you for joining us because how has SEO strategy changed over the past couple of years. So recently, we can observe that it’s more about serving quality content, 10 years ago.

Oh you would say like oh more backlinks more backlinks, pretty average quality. Nothing really related right now because of recent updates of Panda and Penguin. So the quality of content and quality of backlinks people, most of them done their homework and they trying to make sure that okay we first of all caring about quality serving what our custom

As really expect trying to get into maybe narrow Niche, but more relevant and then it’s about how to utilize the traffic you have. So before it was like less focus on conversion rate. Let’s focus on the bounce. Rate was more like bringing more traffic right now. It’s like even if we have low traffic, maybe we can convert this better, maybe we can serve better. Maybe we can do some crossovers between products, and so on, and so on, and so on. And I think because of that,

That you can see that we going into this direction. Where is that? Nice blend of conversion rate. Optimization SEO a little of social media. So this is this. Nice. Blend between all those things. What would you suggest to someone completely new to link building? I think, I would suggest to start building a partnership like relation rather like in the normal like a real-life. Avoid all these $10 off.

First which are promising, you results fly-by-night keep focus on social media. Do research in social media, because Twitter, may give you answers on, who is they’re relevant to your product. There is a new platform called buzzsumo. We already mentioned this platform today on the presentations, it’s fantastic. You asking about keyword or topic and you can see who last month last half year last year.

Been sharing this topic so you can build a relation. And then, from this point, you can go into, do you have a website, by the way, maybe we can do something together and then you doing this backlink more like Google these days. Expect another search engine is less focus on buckling itself and more focus into building this kind of relation. And I think it was said today, like, if there are links that your mum, your dad would never click.

Maybe that’s are not the best linked. Maybe you should think once again. What you going to achieve? Thank you and what algorithm updates would you like to see? And 2015, ideally like all my websites? I was ever working will be first, but it will probably not happen. So I hear more and more rumors about more Focus From the search engines on mobile versions.

It’s mobile device device versions, and I think that’s good. Because a lot of companies is right now, keeping more focused mobile version because 50 or more percent of traffic is coming from mobile mobile devices. Just to give you an a picture, there are some social media like Twitter which probably 80 or more percent of traffic is coming from mobile devices. So it’s crucial for them to have a fantastic experience for users who are using mobile version of

Website. And now if search engine can promote these people who’ve been working hard on this mobile versions higher than I think this is fantastic. So I would say everything, what is related to mobile devices? I don’t want to be trivial and don’t say like oh 2015 is a mobile device here because every year is mobile device here. But I think 2015 will be kind of a revolution in how search engines looking at mobile version of your website. That sounds interesting. What’s up?

It’s apart, the great SEO Managers from the rest. What’s, what do you think? I think one Halloween is coming and member of your team are wearing fancy dress of your line manager. So, one of my assistant were fancy dress when he was trying to pretend, he’s me that’s a good indicator that you doing a good job, okay? So I think you need to understand as a good manager that as you can be boring. You need to prepare a nice blend of different tasks because very often you.

Doing this over and over and over and that may keep people very bored. And also I think this is important to have this kind of freedom because from my experience, all the people who are working as yogurt is nice blend of being a little scientist and a little artists, people who I was working with being always liked music musicians aside of the professional activities or painters or poets or something like that. So they are really not that much into the strict purpose.

Rate environment. That’s our people who are wearing hot. Sometimes sometimes wearing some fancy dress but they are very good if they have little of Freedom. So if you get them freedom and if you get them ability to go own way and from the other side they can still report in the liver. Then I think you will need fantastic team and these people will be very happy to work many years. Thank you for that. And last question is SEO in the UK.

Much different from other parts of Europe, the question from my experience, it is like I can observe that right now, the eyes of Europe, is more or less on London, very often you have offer from different parts of Europe and they really focusing on people who have experience in London. London is really about quality, really about delivering this white hat, hundred percent of white hat, SEO and

It’s more and more about that. So all these tricks and quick Solutions which are not really, a typical are going away. And London right now, I believe and whole England, Britain, become this kind of good example, of long-term strategy, using great tools. And also you can observe that lots of Fantastic Tools, been invented in England like Majestic SEO, like buzzsumo and so on and so on. So I would say

I’m very lucky to work there. I’m very lucky to work with these people, but also, I’m very grateful to my line manager, CEO. I’m reporting to that. We understand that this is a long journey long, many years relation, and it will take time, it’s not something that to three weeks job done. It’s constant battle to be better to deliver better content to deliver a better experience. And I think constant learning, because this is also important

If you stop reading what’s out there, then after a few months you may miss. Lots of important things and changes that happen. Thank you very much for joining us. This is Roxanne, has a hurry on behalf of Sigma. Thank you very much.

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