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Hello, thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure first time in Leeds, and, you know, I love speaking in UK because I don’t need to fast with planes and no one asking about passport and security. And however, there is a security Zone. I have a couple of techniques and I will, by the way, I was thinking that I have too many slides for retiro. Good job. I just will start my counter because I don’t want to go too.

Long. I have a couple of tactics that you can take to home and your office to your agency and Implement straight away without massive budget without massive effort. My name is Lucas resonate for six and a half years. I was working in you switch, then you should being bought by zoopla. So I’ve been in the produce which and in October last year, my little one Sophie Harper was born and I decided that this is good moment.

Become independent consultant. So my kitchen, my kingdom. So let me let me start the first. There will be five tactics and the first one is Snapshot, one of my favorite tactic, I’m using for my customers and whenever you think about search console, it’s okay. But whenever I’m thinking about search console, I’m always thinking about data Studio. I cannot use search console anymore without the data Studio.

I love apis and I love connecting data Studio to search console. So here is an example. I have my website is a lesson UK and, you know, I’m just giving permission to my data Studio, to get the data. And yeah, I’m confirming that and I can start building a rapport. First of all, I’m excluding all the queries that are empty somehow. Sometimes to API, some queries are empty. We don’t want empty queries. So I will see you.

He only keywords that are really a key words. And I’m getting this very nice, very nice table, which contain pretty much everything I need. So First Column is keywords. The second column corresponding landing pages, then Impressions clicks and click-through rate. And first first tip is, if you will look closer here, then you will see that there is 24,000 keywords, if you using search console without API, without data studio with never be able

To go that far and get that many keywords. Also what is important when I was in use? Which I learned that you know, you speech was like credit cards. Mortgages Broadband mobiles, we hit every product as a separate property in search console. So whenever there was a problem, we could go very quick into granular version of, we could slice our website and then I knew on which floor I should run and talk to what Developers

So I have my Matrix impression clicks, click to rate and I can export this into Excel and the snapshot is ready and then I’m doing a couple of Tricks. So first of all, who is using Excel, raise your hand great, great software and you can use a sword and very sexy sword which is in two stages. So I’m sorting by landing pages and then straight away by Impressions or Mike.

Leaks and I will get this landing pages grouped. And this is creme de La Creme and in GIF. I was working quite hard and you can see

Every URL is group, then impressions are going down and then until they will go into like zero or something like that almost zero, and then, another URL, another URL, another URL, and another URL. And when I have this, I can do the creme de La Creme of excel pivot table. And I’m never thinking about keywords, I’m always thinking rather about URLs and then what keywords are corresponding. So here is the last new K, my my little website.

Let’s find this your clients and I can see here that I have like, how to get a local SEO clients, 1483 Impressions, 0 clicks, so that is definitely a strong signal that something is basically wrong with that landing page, because there are Impressions, there is no clicks and I should start working is different situation here. How to get a CEO clients without cold calling 640? Impression 47 Clips 7.34. Click-through rate is okay. But again, if that you are

Is not ranking first then I can try to push that keyword and if I will start doing this in scale for each URL, let’s say five ten URLs a day. Here is another one SEO. Snapshot method would be talking right now as your snapshot method. Check Azure sky is SEO quick and so on. And so on, I can see as your snapshot already have some clicks 9 Clips in a given data range, but unfortunately that you would wasn’t ranking first. So, again, I can start working the clue is that you doing this.

Scale. So you’re not going to want or five pages going with 10 pages a day. And during the week, that is 50 pages. And during the month, it is like 200 pages and so on and so on and so on. And now this is such a that PL. The domain are very proud of acquiring. I was born in Poland, so I speak Polish as well. And I’ve been able to acquire this, then I had to tell my wife but that’s another story. But generally, you know,

I acquired this and this is a something like is equivalent of sem rush for Polish market, is called Sanu toe. And you can see number of keywords, the blue line from social media, dot DL. And there are like three stages acquisition AKA. I didn’t tell my wife, she was like, what are you talking about this social media people? I was like, I need to tell you something and then yeah. And then I started working on content marketing to prove her that it was a good investment. So you can see that huge number of

Keywords in top 10 are growing and here is my competitor. And then finally, I don’t snap shot. And you can see how number of keywords are going up and I’m trying to be super transparent, super open. So I have a screenshot from Google analytics, organic traffic. Only again, I’m not trying to, you know, to say like oh I have like five million visits a day. No, I have like you know here is a scale up to 10,000 10,000 sessions and each dot is what month. So we can

Can see that this periods are corresponding with the previous chart, acquisition content marketing, and then snapshot,

Conclusions, why are you using this? Because you using keywords that rank already? Well, you leveraging quality traffic using Google as your advisor and you play Google game. So we’re not trying to trick you just asking, hey Google, where I’m ranking right now. If you think that I should rank there then there must be a reason. So let me try to push the Stewart’s up.

The second tactic cured magic to anyone is using the same Rush. Riser hand

Wow. Okay the okay. So I’m going home no very good choice. You want magic to. I love you what. Magic tool with passion and first, let me start from this. There is a key word intent, awarness interest consideration, conversion conversation, and so on. It’s a quite complicated, I’m just splitting this into two areas. The first is this when you trying to attract a primary audience, the audience that not necessarily know about you.

There is when you’re building a Warner’s interest consideration. Conversion retention Advocate, will not be talking here. And when you’re talking about awarness interest consideration from the conversation or conversion, then you always see that there is a pattern, there is lots of this. Why, how what work there is? Lots of questions. We had this with you switch, we were building lots of content around questions that people were asking like, for example, what is economics,

G7 or what is a smart meter. And then we’re saying like this is the answer you’re looking for. And by the way, do you know, you can switch your pro electricity provider? Just polite, you know, not to push it and and when you think about this, then Simon sinek raise your hand. Who knows, Simon sinek? Golden Circle? This is a great example. How you should think when you starting a company, but unfortunately, when you trying to acquire traffic, you need to put yourself into the shoes of a customer.

Intrapreneur, but the customer. So, Simon, sinek. And his great concept is saying start from Y. And then when you will try to flip this and you try to go into content marketing, you will need to start from how. And this is my, what I called SEO, search volume Golden Circle. Now, how is the biggest one and is the most dominant than, what than y? And I had a chat with my friend who’s like, yeah, that makes sense. Why is a bit philosophical is

It was like, yeah, true but I need to prove you somehow. So I was thinking what I can do to prove you, that, that makes sense. And I choose to companies that are absolutely fantastic in content marketing. So we’ll start from how the first company is a HubSpot and I analyzed around 1 million, two hundred thousand keywords and I try to find what keywords contain. How what and why and out of 1 million 90,000 there is

149,000 that contain how this is more than 10%. Then what? Then why if you are billing, yo, you will see that the same pattern applied to other languages. How is the most desired work? And then I wanted to go on another with another example Shopify, you can see that there is a 1 million 77,000 keywords that are not from the group of questions. And then how what and why? And how is again dominant?

Almost 10% of keywords contain world how so knowing that you can go for example organized conference in keyword magic tool. Click question choose your language and you will see here how to organize conference how to come organized conference call meeting. Obviously a bit of you know, logic to be placed a bit of human. Human needs to decide what is relevant? What is not? And I was like preparing

Slides and I was thinking like, if there are any questions that are very popular and keyword difficulty is almost zero and you will not believe what are these keywords this keywords are how to cook broccoli. So if you would like to launch a website and start running very quickly, that is The Sweet Spot, how to cook broccoli.

I don’t know how to monetize this yet, but that’s another story. How do you cook London broil and, and so on. So how to cook broccoli? No. And installing like, plenty plenty ideas. And then I was thinking, like, if someone would come to me and say, like, Lucas, I want to launch price comparison website we like in UK. Yes, are you crazy? No. So okay, let me try to find keywords and I would do with cured magic tool,

And you can see can you calculate get cash back with credit card? 3600 search for him toward difficulty doesn’t exist, how to pay off. Credit card, lots of questions. How how how? So you can see this pattern is here and when you will start here, the intent is very high when someone is asking a question Google, very likely that person want to click. It’s different. You’re like someone is typing Lady. Gaga. For example, there is no intent.

So another one is a brand mentioned and links one of my favorite tactic and a little story. My name is Lucas. My son is a lesson. That’s Polish. Name, checks are name and I’m living in UK. What could go wrong? So, I didn’t since I remember I’m 12 years in. Okay, I’m always zalenski. Insulin is a longish and and so on and so on.

And it’s simple. It’s just lukasz gregorie Lesnar. So you know when I had this problems with my name is sunny, most thinking like I will change this and I will go if this not too ostentatious. So I will go with very crazy name and very concerning and I was thinking to change my name and son into Archibald Smith. And I was about to do this.

But then I noticed that there was an Archibald Smith already in 19th century, Scottish die. You can even see her kind of similarity and somehow his first, with his Wikipedia page, when you type Archibald Smith not by the COS for someone who is Dead 400 years. But then I was like, hold on. When you have this kind of crazy name and so learning, then you can try to track your brand mentions. So, I went back to

Let’s not look at me and I went into some brand tracking software is that are available there. Talk Walker, brand24 fresh herbs web Explorer, Google Alerts, never works, but anyway and now he’s wanting to run 24 and I created a project and I put my name surname with space without space with some typos and so on and so on that project is running since 2004, I have one older one from 2003, the 10. Mm sorry.

2014-2015 is used with the oldest project and every time there is a mention of my name and surname, I am first of all, thinking like okay, there is no other Lucas Allison a and I can see what people are talking, what people are writing and I can approve that person and say, like, hey, thank you very much for mention. Any chance you can make this mention a link. So, if your website, if your brand is not a or cheap holidays, but for example, like zoopla you switch our

Our, for example, Cadbury’s or not twist that will work. So this is called the panel looks like I have some mentions in a given period And I can filter this by Twitter blogs forums news and so on, and so on. And this is one example. There was a podcast, I guess. And I mentioned you switch. And they wrote you, but they didn’t lean. And I had the project there and I had an alert, and I went there. And I was like, guys, thank you very much for hosting this.

By the way, any chance that this usage would come could be yelling. Most of these people will be absolutely fine.

And one day I was like that because I saw this, I was like, what’s going on here? And first means was, like, that must be, like, kind of like spam or something. What is this language? And then I was like, hold on. That must be Russian. I don’t read Russian. You probably know why? But I can speak a little Russian. I have neighbors who are Russians. Sometimes they invited me for a barbecue more. Vodka, we have more flu and I am. But anyway, here is Luke has no with Nazi. Really click with Latin alphabet and you switch as well and run 20.

Catch this and I could go there and say like, oh, thank you very much. What they did. They took my article didn’t ask me translate this to Russian and then put a link to my LinkedIn profile and I could approach and say like listen LinkedIn have enough links linked in length, you know. So maybe you can make this link to my website and this is how I was building My Links. 32,000 links 219, referring domains, not bad. I feel

But then I went into another tactic links and social profiles profiles. So think about this. This is my little baby SEO that London. Another domain I didn’t know, my wife was like, you should buy this domain. This is a good domain was like, okay? Yeah, thank you. So this is my LinkedIn profile and this is my website. And the whole point was to move this links from my LinkedIn profile to my website. Because when I went to Majestic, I saw this 20, domains is linking to my Improv.

That doesn’t give you much benefit if I want to run the higher, then I need to have links to my website. So I started looking what are the website that are linking to my LinkedIn profile and then I started approaching and I sewed up, there is lots of people, I know lots of people that I had interaction before and they are absolutely fine. We don’t care if they linking to LinkedIn. Twitter somehow sometimes, I’m thinking that it’s better not to have LinkedIn and Twitter because all those things will be automatically pointing to your website. So here is one

Example. And here is another example when I had a link to LinkedIn and I approached them this is a I think a key Rancor and they added link to my website and then I started building to a CO London. Here is 11 referring domains right now if you will check, there is 57. So it’s growing every day, every couple of days is growing. I have a least, I have a spreadsheet and I’m doing the same for my customers. And then this is my Facebook to referring domains more than of the world.

Old but then almost like get a heart attack here Twitter 164 domains, I’m doing SEO for Twitter and they not painting link building for free. You know? And I was like, no, no, no link Twitter, we need to, we need to talk. So I started again, repointing that links and then another Facebook profile. Also, seven links. I mean, I don’t have to profiles that I have like fun patient and private providers. So why does it work? Because in mostly know people who are

You linked it to your social media profiles and it will be the same with your company. If you have Twitter for your company that will work. Try to repoint this links. It’s easy to switch link from from social media profiles to your website. Generally it’s relevant because your Twitter LinkedIn and your website. I kind of topically relevant. It’s organic kind of and you can say safe tremendous of time doing this.

And then the fifth one is called merge. So again, another story Madge subdomains into subfolders. Many people is talking about this, but somehow there is some worries. Should we do this should not and so on and so on and I had a client, he came to me, he had a very good website and we’re good blog and I saw that the block is on subdomain and I was like, listen, I think I can very quickly unlock a lot of value. If

We’ll take your block and we’ll move this to subfolder blog and then we will 301 everything and you would like, do you really think like that? I was like, yeah. He was like, you know what? Fuck this. Let’s go crazy. Let’s move all the blog posts to the root folder. Looks like whoa Noble, / block, /, everything to the root folder. I was like that would be difficult to track in Google analytics, I don’t care. We moving this, I was like, okay, so we move this and this is such Patrick’s and one is using such metrics. Raise your

And cool and take a look Boom, the divisibility started skyrocketing. And this is not simply that you moving traffic from one place to another. You building Synergy because your block and your main website are kind of treated as a separate in properties. So you building, massive Synergy and then I had another client who had old website and here, the forums on subdomain. And I was like, listen, let’s move this 2 / 4. Mm /.

He wasn’t that crazy to move this to the root folder. But again, he was here, then the visibility went up went a little down but still the traffic was much, much, much, much higher than before that transition and then finally results. So this is that block dot that I moved into the into the subfolder and and orange and the green dots are

Competitors and I am really looking forward what’s going on here in their office? Like what the fuck is going on?

Why we are not doing, that’s crazy out. But now this is great because I think I can picture and I can say like, I know something, we should talk, so maybe more customers. And that’s pretty much everything what I have for today. Thank you very much, and let’s catch up on Lincoln.

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