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What is Sitebulb

SEOs across the globe have been turning to Sitebulb Website Crawler – an award-winning software tool for website audits. Recognized as the Best Search Software Tool at the 2018 UK Search Awards and the US Search Awards Sitebulb goes beyond the traditional website crawling process. It also audits and processes the data while organizing it in a manner that is useful to SEOs. Sitebulb provides an extensive range of features to assist in the audit process including data visualizations to help understand issues and explain the same to clients Hints that provide pre-processed configuration issues or potential problems interactive Crawl Maps that allow users to visualize website structure custom built exports to provide exactly what is needed to fix issues and powerful URL explorers to help dig into the data. Designed for both Windows and Mac Sitebulb is a desktop program that helps SEOs do more complete and efficient website audits making it the perfect choice for website managers looking to increase their visibility online.

Founded: 2017

Find more: https://sitebulb.com


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