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What is Seozoom

SEOZoom is a highly acclaimed SEO and Web Marketing suite created by an Italian software house in 2015. It has since become one of the most popular and successful SEO tools in the market with over 25 thousand customers in Italy alone and a version available in English for the UK market. The suite is soon to be adapted to other online markets with multilingual platforms.The software offers 40 different tools and innovative features such as the SEO Spider and the Time Machine designed to help larger companies professionals and bloggers to make their SEO activities more strategic and achieve better results on Google. It also has tools to avoid content cannibalization and crawl budget waste tips on seasonal trends an original metric called Zoom Authority and specific tools to identify the search intent of content.The SEO workflow feature is a checklist of the main tasks to manage the optimal SEO workflow while the Covid-19 impact feature helps users to spot search volumes in real-time. On top of that SEOZoom provides a real-time live assistance system active on various channels an online community of dialogue and discussion and a blog filled with cues news and trends.


Find more: https://www.seozoom.it/

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