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What is Seoradar

SEORadar is an SEO Change Monitoring tool that allows website managers such as SEOs CEOs Marketers QA Engineers Product Managers and Webmasters to easily track and compare URL changes and be alerted to critical issues that may be introduced. This tool can help to prevent code changes that can lower search rankings. SEORadar provides users with notifications for when titles change noindex tags appear canonicals break and more than 100 other distinct site changes that can have a serious impact on organic traffic. With SEORadar there is no need to sift through an overwhelming amount of data to check the health of your websites. Using this SEO performance management tool users can be assured of avoiding any unpleasant SEO surprises. With SEORadar website managers have the ability to manage their SEO performance more effectively than ever.

Founded: 2014

Find more: https://www.seoradar.com/


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