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What is Plerdy

Plerdy provides an efficient conversion rate optimization tool to help track analyze and convert your visitors into buyers. With Plerdy users gain access to a click heatmap and SEO alerts as well as the ability to create smart pop-up forms without the help of developers. Plerdy\’s Heatmap tool provides users with a comprehensive look at how visitors are interacting with their website. It shows where the most clicks are how far users are scrolling and what elements of the page are popular. This data can be used to identify design flaws and improve the overall usability resulting in a reduction of bounce rate and an increase in conversion rate. Additionally Plerdy offers a smart pop-up form feature. This tool can be used to generate more leads grow a contact base and inform visitors about special offers or other events. Finally Plerdy also offers an SEO checker to monitor various SEO indicators and compare them with previous data. This helps users understand why their website is far from the top search results and can aid in the promotion of the website leading to more visitors and an increase in sales. Try Plerdy\’s conversion rate optimization tool today for free!

Founded: 2017

Find more: https://www.plerdy.com


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