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What is Imageengine

ScientiaMobile is a leader in device detection and image optimization solutions offering their customers the most accurate and speedy solutions with enterprise-level support. Since its founding in 2002 ScientiaMobile has been committed to providing their customers with the highest quality device detection products and services. The founders of the company Luca Passani and Steve Kamerman were key contributors to the WURFL open source project which inspired the formation of ScientiaMobile in 2011. Since then ScientiaMobile has been recognized with numerous awards including the 2021 Washington Business Journal #36 Corporate Diversity Index 2020 Best Tech Startup in Reston VA and 2019 Entrepreneur #108 Most Entrepreneurial Business in America. Furthermore the company has made an appearance in the New York Times in 2016.At ScientiaMobile the culture is relaxed and the atmosphere is friendly and collaborative. Employees are encouraged to contribute their own ideas and are rewarded with perks such as snacks weekly breakfast monthly happy hours gym membership and phone/wifi reimbursement. The company is also global with employees located in Norway India Italy and the United States but headquartered in Reston VA. ScientiaMobile is dedicated to providing their customers with the very best device detection and image optimization solutions. Try their services today and experience the power of device detection for yourself.

Founded: 2011

Find more: https://www.scientiamobile.com


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