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What is Fandangoseo

FandangoSEO is a cloud-based tool that makes SEO auditing easy and effortless. With its automated monitoring capabilities users can ensure that their website remains on top of the Google SERPs. It offers a fast SEO crawler log analyzer and competitive analysis tool that allow users to perform comprehensive technical SEO audits. FandangoSEO makes it easy to get started with an easy setup and no credit card required. It also provides data from website crawls log files and integrations allowing users to make the most out of their SEO data. With 293 followers on LinkedIn FandangoSEO is a trusted tool for SEO auditing. Users can sign up for free and even schedule a demo to get a better understanding of how the tool works.

Founded: 2017

Find more: https://www.fandangoseo.com/

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