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What is Cognitiveseo

As the leading SEO software tool provider cognitiveSEO\’s unique process of analysis offers unparalleled backlink analysis content audit and rank tracking for every website. Their enthusiastic team has been continuously working on managing and improving the software staying up-to-date with all the latest trends in the digital marketing industry. Their ultimate goal is to offer actionable insight and a 360 degree view of all your marketing related data leveraging unique and cutting-edge systems to process them. It all started in 2010 when cognitiveSEO was created from one passionate individual\’s desire to find a cost-efficient solution that satisfied his professional requirements. Fast forward to 2017 the cognitiveSEO project has grown and now boasts a fully integrated team of software graphic marketing and support specialists with their platform being used by some of the world\’s most renowned digital agencies and SEO professionals. The cognitiveSEO team has a true passion for making an intuitive and easy to use SEO tool. Their ability to understand what users need and what would make them use it more often to solve their marketing problems has been their driving force. They also have a \’NO BS\’ attitude favouring valuable people over empty things and striving to solve real peoples\’ problems with their solutions. At cognitiveSEO they believe that big things can be made with small smart teams. Check out their full story here: http://cognitiveseo.com/about.php and see why they are the go-to SEO software tool provider.

Founded: 2010

Find more: https://cognitiveseo.com

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