The search engines have made a competition out of rankings. To get the traffic, you need to rank in the top 5 of the search results and that is not going to be easy to do with thousands of website owners all trying to get into those top spots.

The way to get the edge over those competitors is to hire a top website optimization consultant. These consultants can update, optimize and improve your website so that you have a better chance of ranking on the first page of the results section.

Getting Ranked Is Very Competitive

Take some time and continue reading to learn more about how these website optimisation consultants can help your business and draw more traffic to your website. There are a lot of good reasons why you should hire one today.

Definition Of Website Optimisation Consultant

Everyone understands the terms website and consultant. That is a person who offers advice on how to build, improve or design your website. It is the term optimization that may cause a little confusion.

The dictionary defines optimization as ‘the act, process, or methodology of making something (such as a design, system, or decision) as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible.

It is the bold words that should interest you the most. A website optimization consultant is a person trying to make your website easier for your visitors to navigate, a more powerful conversion tool, and as perfect as it can be.

That takes special skills which you may not have. Hiring a consultant to help you with your website responsibilities is a key way to get a better ranking and into those coveted top spots.

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What Does A Website Optimisation Consultant Do?

The consultant’s work is a short-term hire, like a gunfighter in the old west, who comes in and solves some website problems for you. They help make your internet future a little brighter and easier because they have solved many of your problems that were holding you back from success.

Their job includes talking to you about your goals and purpose of the website, diagnosing your current situation, and designing strategies to carry you into the future on a better path to success. The consultant may even fix problems. Their duties include but are not limited to:

  1. Plan a website strategy
  2. Create website-specific user personas
  3. Build a clickable prototype or design wireframes
  4. Gather & analyze qualitative & quantitative website data
  5. Improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  6. Help you evaluate if you need a website rebuild
  7. Fix common website errors
  8. Map out the structure of your website with site mapping

The consultant should have expertise in all manners of SEO and other online strategies in order to help you do better when search engines examine your website. They should improve your website content, design, and other details so that your visitors get the solutions they need without a lot of hassle or time-consuming waiting periods that come with slow loading web pages.

Do Web Optimization Consultants Need Long-Term Contracts?

The good news here is that the answer to this question is no. There may be cases where you may want to have the consultant as part of your team or network for the long haul but that is between you and the consultant.

Generally, you may only need the consultant for a short period of time to fix your current issues or plan new strategies. Thus you do not need to sign them to any long-term commitments.

All you may need to offer is a single authorization document that spells out the terms, length of time, and payment fees. There is nothing complicated about these agreements and you can have them come in, do short-term work, and have them go on to their next client.

Since consultants are more like a plug-and-play software you find for computers than a long-term employee. You hire them to do a job and when that job is over, they go on their way. You plug them in, they play, and then they disappear when not needed.

But, you do need an agreement to protect your interests and the consultant’s interests. It would be bad business to hire someone and not have them or you sign an agreement. Not signing some type of agreement is an oversight and could lead to legal troubles later on down the road.

Just make sure the agreement spells out all the details in the correct manner and have both parties sign off on it. That way there is no confusion about duties, authority, and payment.

What Is The Going Rate For A Consultant?

Ultimately, what you will pay will be between you and the consultant and what the two parties will negotiate. Most good consultants have a flat fee for their services or a set of fees for different packages they offer to businesses who need help with their websites.

You just need to look over those packages and decide which one is best suited for your situation. In general, the hourly rate for this work is set between £100 to £200 per hour, depending on the expertise of the consultant, their experience, and so on.

The fee also depends on the level of work that needs to be done. Some consultants have charged up to £100,000 for very top-level and complicated consultancy work. But most consulting firms have cheaper packages they offer.

The key to hiring a consultant at a reasonable payment structure is to look over their plans and packages and see which one will fit your situation and budget. Some consultants will have a wide array of plans set at different fee levels.

Some will be above £500 and others will be below that benchmark. You have to carefully study what is included in each package to make sure the duties cover what you need to be done. This is not a snap decision by any means.

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Website Optimization Consultant

They say that roughly 70% of all website traffic comes through good search engine rankings. You get the traffic if your website lands at or near the top of the search engine results page. To get that ranking you need a website optimization consultant.

Here are 10 reasons why hiring a professional is a smart business:

1. Time

Business owners and managers just do not have the time to handle their regular duties and the time it takes to manage a website. Research is very time-consuming as is putting the content in a coherent format that will attract the attention of your visitors and keep them on the website.

But there are more time-consuming duties involved with having a website. Page analysis, lining strategies, and more all take up a lot of time that you may not have. This is time you need to spend on running your business and working on your website will take you and your business skills away from vital business decisions and problem-solving matters

2. Content

Right now content is still king. The better your content, the better your ranking, the better your conversions, and so on. However, many webmasters are too caught up in making the website look pretty and ignore this vital SEO factor.

Having a pretty website does not do much for your ranking but having great content will. Good content is one of the most important criteria to boost your rankings. But you may not have time to do the research and writing to get that great content. that is where the consultant comes in.

You are paying them for their time and they have it to spend on the research that creates top-quality content. While a pretty website attracts human visitors, having a great-looking web page means nothing to the website crawlers or spiders. They only look at the text on your page.

That text is not pretty and many of those spiders skip ALT text because of the manipulation factor involved. While you will need ALT text, you also need a good professional content writer to make sure you will rank.

3. Expertise

A good website optimisation consultant will know all the criteria search engines use to rank different websites. Those criteria help the search engines decide how useful and important your website is to the general public.

Your experienced consultant should use that knowledge to plan a better strategy for your website and its content. The research, planning, and implementing the right details to meet those search engine expectations is delicate work and the consultant needs to have that expertise.

If you are not strong in this area, you need to hire a website consultant who is. Plus, you need to be comfortable with their level of expertise before you make the commitment and hire him or her.

They also need the expertise to meet the ever-changing requirements and do that quickly. Make sure that they can stay up on the changes and make the right corrections to your website.

4. Long-Term Effect

Along with expertise, your consultant should know what is the best strategy that will bring long-term results. You are not looking just for short-term solutions, but want strategies that will carry you into the future and keep the traffic flowing, long after the consultant has left your services.

Any consultant that promotes PPC or pay-per-click options for anything longer than immediate use is not going to be helpful in the long-term department. PPC is a short-term solution or a supplemental option while your long-term strategies kick in.

You want a consultant that can devise good long-term results that will be a success when their job is done. You want those conversion rates to continue for a long time or you will lose traffic and business if he or she only targets short-term gains.

5. The Rules Are Strict

Search engines are known to be unforgiving and do not allow for trial and error to take place. Your consultant or you has to know which requirements need to be met and you have to get it right the first time or you may be penalized.

If you do your own website content and strategies, you may not recognize bad advice given over the internet. If you follow that bad advice your website may be banned. You are walking a tightrope and if you do not know what you are doing, you will have a lot of problems.

A good consultant can get the requirements right the first time and as you vet the different consultants, you need to find out if they know what they are doing or not. If they advocate the trial and error method, not only will you spend a lot more money than you need to, but that money spent may be wasted as your website gets blocked by the search engines.

Your consultant should know the difference between risky strategies and solid ones that get you ranking without being in danger of being banned.

6. Budget Spending Help

This is a mark of a very good website consultant. They know how to budget and spend that budget so you get the best ROI on every dollar spent. Doesn’t matter the size of the budget, a good consultant knows how to direct your resources to make sure they make the best impact and are spent efficiently.

Trial and error strategies are very costly and are a waste of your resources. You want a consultant who knows the right steps to take making sure you do not waste your money. This can mean the difference between spending and saving thousands of dollars.

A good consultant knows how to keep their eye on the resources to make sure they are not spent fruitlessly.

7. Search Engine Knowledge

If you could rely only on one search engine, then you would not need these ten reasons to hire a consultant. You would also not need to do any research or spend a lot of money, time, or energy creating a great website.

However, there is not only one search engine there. There are quite a few and a good consultant knows which ones are best for your website, target audience, and so on. They also know which ones are not that good for your website, etc.

This is part of their expertise and using it to your full advantage is one key way to drive traffic to your website, content, and products. By targeting the best search engines for your niche and products, you can get better results and more traffic. You can also get a better ranking.

8. Keyword Analysis

Yes, you could do this on your own but it is also a time-consuming task that takes your attention away from your business and its needs. A good website optimisation consultant knows how to do this analysis and they can do it quicker than you.

Plus, they know which keywords will help you avoid additional charges if you buy your ranking on directories. Also, you could hurt your rankings by using the wrong keywords or phrases.

Ranking algorithms are very complex and not something for beginners to play with. In the early days of the internet, it used to be very easy to use keywords. Not anymore as rules change constantly to help filter out bad websites and information

The penalties are not worth the risk thus it makes it a very good idea to hire a consultant who can do excellent keyword research and analysis. The rewards are better and you avoid costly penalties.

9. Fresh Eyes

There is something to be said about getting a fresh set of eyes looking at old problems. They may see something you may have missed or know that you are making a mistake when you do not realize it.

It is beneficial to have a fresh pair of eyes looking at your website and analyzing it. That way you can get new, fresh strategies that will help attract your target audience to your website.

When the consultant is a bit younger, they can bring that younger generation perspective to your efforts helping you reach those younger members of your target audience. Every little bit counts and new ideas can bring in new visitors that convert to paying customers.

A good consultant will bring that fresh perspective as well as knowledge about current and upcoming trends. That is a bonus for you and your website.

10. Return On Investment Or ROI

Everything costs money including website strategies that help you rank high on the list. Advertising costs a lot as well. A good consultant will help you get a better ROI than if you made the effort yourself.

There are different ways to go. You can spend your money on short-term or immediate results or focus your budget on long-term results. A good consultant will know how to spend your budget to maximize the return in the best way possible.

They will know and understand the good and the bad investment opportunities when it comes to ROI options. They should construct a good plan of action to make sure you are not throwing your money away.

The Goal Of Your Website

The ultimate goal of any website is to make money. It does not matter what industry your company is in, your niche and so on, your website is designed to sell products or services so your business makes money.

That is just the starting point for your internet efforts. There are different types of goals that lead to having your visitors spend money on your products and services. You need the right set of goals to convert your visitors into the following categories:

  1. Paying customers
  2. Long or short term readers
  3. Buyers
  4. Subscribers
  5. Contacts

All of these categories will eventually lead to generating sales for your company. This leads you to focus on the second generalized goal of converting visitors to buy or be a part of those categories.

That is where a good website optimization consultant comes in. They should know the business and your goals to create effective strategies that help your website retain visitors and converts them into paying customers.

It will take a little time to vet all the different consultant companies out there but it is time well spent when you see the positive contribution these people make to your business and bottom line.

When you find the right one for your company, make sure you share with them your goals and other key information so that they can get to work and do their job easily. Working together will be one key to your success.

Why Visitors Leave A Website

There are lots of good reasons why your visitors do not convert and move on to your competitors’ websites. Here are a few of those good reasons:

  1. Too much waiting
  2. Out of stock
  3. Poor product presentation
  4. Lack of essential information
  5. Excessively high prices
  6. Overly complicated procedure to follow

A good consultant can help stop this flow and make sure you get better sales and conversions.

Some Final Words

When you are looking for a good website optimization consultant, London has some of the best consulting companies in the world. Our company, SEO.London has been in this business for over 20 years and has created successful strategies and results for our customers from around the globe.

We can do the same for you. All you have to do is either call us on the phone, send us an e-mail or use our contact page to let us know what you need. Check out our different plans or packages and see the difference we can make for you.

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