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Will this help increase my SEO Rankings?

A proper SEO audit will give you an insight into your website performance. Proper SEO audits will help your website ranked better in search engines. You can follow our given simple guidelines to do an SEO audit and your site would be ranking in no time. This is not too technical and any layman could handle it.

  • Only one version of your site should be browsable and all others should 301 redirect to your site.
  • Check the Google search console for any indexing issues.
  • Check for your brand keyword ranking on google and if you are not on top then go for a social campaign, link building and make sure your site has all social media presence and is enlisted in google business listing.
  • Manually do the ON-PAGE SEO and look that if your site has clickable meta title, optimize meta description, proper permalinks, subheadings H1 H2 H3…
  • Built internal linking in your articles as well as external links to make the content quality better.
  • Check that you don’t have duplicate or thin content as it would cost you lots of traffic.
  • Check your site speed with google page speed insight as site speed is the most important ranking factor in the 2020 google update.
  • Analyze your organic traffic through google analytics and see what page is bringing more traffic and try to make most of it.