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What can I expect from SEO Audit?

The main role of an SEO Audit is to help you develop an SEO strategy to get the results in both the short and long term. It does not matter whether you are looking for an extensive long term SEO strategy or just want to fix a specific error, our SEO Audit will provide you with the resources to keep you ahead of the competition.

In general, our SEO Audit service helps to identify problem areas, measure progress, and develop improved SEO strategies. We use industry-respected research tools and programmes which helps to find opportunities for your website to increase its ranking on various search engines. Our SEO Audit is backed by vast experience and knowledge.

Our SEO Audit includes rigorous keyword selection process. During the audit, 100s of competitive keywords are analysed and are used to promote your website or company on search engines. Using the relevant keywords helps to optimise the website better and helps to reach the target audience. Keywords are also incorporated in content to increase the website traffic and eventually websites ranking on search engines.

SEO Audit also identifies if there are any issues with the websites design, coding, link structures, or with the content. Content plays a major role in SEO strategy. Well optimised content can increase the website traffic and ranking. That is why we also conduct an SEO content audit to identify the content areas that are not as per the standards set by the websites of other leading companies.