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I suffered a drop in ranking. Will you be able to diagnose in SEO Audit Report?

A drop in the ranking of a site is a nightmare for any website owner and a detailed SEO audit can help you out in finding the problem which is causing you major loss of traffic. In the SEO audit, the following points are looked to detect an issue.

  • Is there any algorithm update that you are unaware of? It can be checked through Moz algorithm history.
  • Having a detailed look at which pages are having a drop in traffic. They could be mobile or desktop version traffic loss or any content, category, product, and homepage problems.
  • Looking for any google penalty in the google search console.
  • Are you losing your ranking because of your competitor? Doing a complete analysis of your competitor’s site and check if they have launched new pages on your keywords. You can use the SEMRush tool for competitor analysis.
  • Check that your URLs are indexed in search console data and not any URL is accidentally deindexed by the search engine or you.
  • The next step in an SEO audit is to do a check on your backlinks. Maybe some of your backlinks has been removed or not accessible. Ahref can let us find out the lost backlinks or referring domains that could assist you in finding the reason for lost traffic.