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How many competitors can you analyse in SEO Audit?

We can analyze multiple competitors in an SEO audit. There are many tools to help you reach your goal as in the digital marketing industry, collecting intel on a competitor’s site is the most essential step. You can analyze multiple competitors in the SEO audit using the SemRush tool. It allows you to see inside the competitor’s strategy, what methods they are adapting for their success, from where they are getting backlinks, for what keywords they are ranking, and how much organic or paid traffic they have. You can use URL profile software to gather all this data.

You should not consider one keyword ranked site as your competitor. Try to broaden your search by expanding your filet and use Ahref site explorer to find competing domains. Ahref batch analysis tool will help you analyze your all competitor’s domains at once. It will give you the following SEO metrics.

  • Organic keywords and their estimate ranking
  • Organic monthly traffic
  • Domain rating
  • Ahref ranking
  • No of referring domains including total do-follow backlinks

You should also check at what rate competitors are gaining new links and try to understand their link building strategy by seeing their link growth in Ahref referring domain graph. Also, try to get ahead of your competitor by spying on their 404 broken links. Then provide an improved version of the content to those domains and ask them to replace dead links with your new working content link. Their loss will become your gain.