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Okay. Hello everyone. This is respond. Gabriella’s from coming today. Co and today we are having a suggest for the quite controversial. Talks show, mr. Lukashenko zelezny.

I will do a short intro about lukesh and then I’ll let him do the talking. That’s the idea. So look, Ash is a keynote speaker, as your consultant and author. He started working in the SEO industry around 20 years ago, when he was living in Poland, every year is actively participating. In 10 to 20 bands, the keynote speaker and he has worked for meet a large companies such as

Home way, home away thousand writer Thomson, Reuters and the digital Property Group I will stay a few a few words to our viewers thank you very much for having me the pleasure and thank you very much for such a nice introduction. I don’t know if there is anything else. I coulda. Maybe only that last six and a half years. I was in a, you switch / zoopla, this is right now, the one company whoever

He’s living in UK probably recognize zoopla, or you switch and end of last year, I decided to move on my own totally. So, as some of you may see in the background, there is a big ventilator because I’m in India, the moment where I am or where I’m still connecting and then traveling a little as some people call this remote errors or digital Nomads. So, yeah, that’s that’s the new chapter for me.

Okay, nice. Nice to hear. So, without I’ve read something recently that you posted, it says that without any doubt. So 100% growth year over year on organic traffic, is something that your website and business deserves to achieve. I would like to ask is this really possible every year and if yes. Can you share a bit of knowledge on this?

So you see that was very short message and thank you very much for mentioning this because I know that people are reading this and the short answer is, no, it’s not possible to grow forever on the person. And I will give you example, and there are some established website, like, surprise price comparison websites, which been for many years in the UK market and only in the UK Market. Because it’s a very, very strong culturally related business.

You cannot replicate this price comparison of say to any other country. And you know, UK is not made out of rubber, it will not be like balloon growing it. If there is a certain number of people, certain demands and songs on. But my post about hundred person grow was mainly dedicated to website and business owners and the companies, which have a website and often form

Any errors they perform quite well but they don’t know about some what I could blockers some little blockers here and there in the organic strategy that can be identified by someone who is in SEO industry and and is you know, SEO consultant or SEO agency, that doesn’t matter. But these people can identify this blockers and that can be various things like

You know, pagespeed is one of the blocker or it can be, you know, let’s say,

The fact that there is a setup which is using sub domains, which I’m personally not a big fan of. So keeping blog on the subdomain and 401 the subdomains. And so on the song was on, so I co people can identify these things, suggest a solution implement or help to implement that solution. And then out of nowhere, booth and person, and I would say like a hundred person is nothing because I know businesses which are on the market for many years.

And we had a conversation and then when we unblock this and I’m speaking way because there is lots of my colleagues which are on the market which are probably doing the same. Then out of nowhere, the business started performing on three, four, five hundred percent growth year over year own organic traffic as well as on inquiries or conversions whatever you want. However you want to call them and whatever type of the businesses.

Okay, so from my understanding, you worked, as it has had of organic acquisition for four different companies for solo. So long. Now, you’ve worked with different in different areas. Like saying, this is a question in the Commerce, in the software, as a service, maybe business in the Consulting lead generation.

Out which one of these areas being fine to be more challenging from an SEO perspective, or they are always

Yeah, I think you know it’s it’s depends on the niche. If you would go with any insurance based business, credit cards banking, anything like that, very old industry established for many, many years and then there is this new fintech player here and there. Despite of the fact that they are fintech, it’s still very difficult to make them take over a big.

Players like big bangs will be forever online, even longer offline, and so on. So from the other side, I like to look on the positive sides and positive aspects. I for many years, I never been that excited to work with e-commerce websites. But in last few years, I’m more more than more than excited to see you know e-commerce website through analytics through search console and you know like there is plenty

Plenty of tools that can be a big game changer. One of the tool, I’m always that they want. I’m recommending to the install to any e-commerce. Website owner, or the person who’s responsible for digital marketing is a key word hero, keyword hero, which is trying to marry data from search console and Mary data with data, from Google analytics and that click together. And then the you

Our can see traffic organic traffic through keywords organic keywords, that was not possible for many years because of not provided, and so on, and so on. And only PC people were able to go that deep and weaving. We SEO. Why like kids in the fog we new URL that performs the best. We have some information from search console but such concern is very limited in terms of Behavioral aspects, like

Bounce rate like time on page and so on and so on. And so then we’ve been juggling two stretches doing some kind of sometimes more or less smart vlookups right now. We have this keyword Heroes of work which I personally use a lot just to understand. Like listen this products are the best, this pages are performing the best and we need to leverage here here and here because this keywords are performing the best, and these keywords are not and so on and so on, so on, so on back,

Bring the owner of the e-commerce platform. Very, very straightforward answers from which we are processing to step 2, 3 4 and 5 and so on, okay? Okay. I want you to ask you, do you also do content, Gap analysis on identifying opportunities in the currently existing traffic, or maybe in the keywords that you’re not ranking for the moment than how do you do.

Yes. So there is plenty of tools right now. Back in the day, I remember I was moving in homeboy. I had this concept that we could do something where even causes Gap analysis. But later, I just created this term and I wanted to understand where my website I was responsible for is not ranking and my competitors are ranking but just to make this data more accurate, I was taking two or three competitors and

It heads to run simultaneously, let’s say between position 1 and 20 cific on the keywords and my website, when I was with, which I was responsible for was not drunk. Now, to do this, we had like a tremendous problems because we wanted to go really deep. And those days were using such methods that was 2010 or 2011, we weren’t doing exports and we are

Trying to do this vlookups on local machines, which was sometimes killing the local machine, and I was just going for a coffee croissants. The nose coming back and then a couple still processing, and then we broke the software with my French colleague, Nicholas which we call the lunik lukesh, Nicholas. And that lunatic was protesting this, we only had to put this exports in the specific format, to the lunik and then run away because

Let me know how it will end up and then Luna was able to tell us Gap analysis. Today is much easier because you have a CM rush for example. Yeah. Or you can you can use plenty of other tools which have a built-in Gap analysis but my main point of Gap analysis is first. If you joining the company or if you joining the agency to serve,

Companies here, ask these people please, your competitor guys. Don’t go through data because we always today car, maybe a little kind of, you know, not the right way they can say like yeah they are but they are not the main one. The mainland are these guys in that guy’s and so on. So on so when you know your competitors then go either through vlookup or either through like a cetacean. Russian third understand, show me keywords that my website I’m responsible to deliver a growth in organic

You go and the same time, these three guys who are my competitors are ranking together. I believe in position 1 and 20 and you will get lots of he towards that potentially relevant to your business. I have a business more working with is a jeweler, very prominent jeweler, in UK. And obviously when we don’t and GAP analysis, we’ve been able to identify that for

Example, there is a no screens as a product is an Indian jewelry type nose, nose piece, and nose starts with diamond. That’s the product that we could potentially bring in the website and we will not only fulfill a bunch of keywords, but we also give customers a battle like huge opportunity to purchase another variety of products, okay. Do your

Would you be willing to share a technique that you’re using that snapped used by in the mainstream? But by most of the guys and you have success with

So I’m doing snapshot something, but I called snapshot and it’s a little complicated, but thankfully, I one afternoon last year I had enough time. So I recorded video and this video is in my on my website as well as in the UK there is section which I called don’t, don’t don’t don’t, please don’t kill me University. I should call this University, maybe guides or something and there is a video which is the

Step by step, what is Snapshot, but generally, you know, in a couple of minutes ago, I hope you have down and GAP is to find opportunities for New Concept snatcher is to utilize the existing content. So, Snapchat is generally that you should Identify two, three, four keywords, per URL that already delivered traffic and think what?

Can I do make this cute perform better rank, higher deliver, better quality of traffic. How can I modify this page pages? That are triggered by these keywords which are ranking on position, 4, 5, 6, 7 8, 9 make the num plus one or maybe two or maybe three. And now this is words where the the the most important part of the system, if you are able to do this on scale on the scale. So if you are able to optimize

10 pages and 30 keywords today or 50 pages and hundreds a day. And you can repeat that over and over and over for next, 20 degrees, no questions, no questions that they grow up will come. And the growth can really, really, really surprised very surprised the owner of the business. I have another client Netherlands, which is a little difficult for me because my touch is very busy.

Frankly Speaking doesn’t exist. I don’t, I don’t even understand the word in that. I am able to help this customer because first of all custom, this customer is one of my favorite customer with a great sense of humor and always open for suggestions. And when I told him about snapshot, he was like, look at us, I have an idea. I will ask some of the students who know topic

Who can help us and who can ride and so on and so forth. So we have a bunch of students who borrow less understand copy and they are able to deliver that’s a page or two or three a week. But my multiply this by number of students by number of days, the overall scale is a massive. It straight away. Like you will see that your chart of visibility chat rooms and such Matrix is growing. Number of keywords that ranking are growing because you’re subtracting the long tail.

And so on and so on. So on. So there is plenty of metrics that pretty much in couple of weeks. We’ll start the, this is one of my favorite techniques. Also, I didn’t call it snapshot, I also included it in the content Gap analysis part, but by analyzing the current current traffic that you have. So yeah, it’s my opinion also that

Got a lot of growth that can be optimized just by reworking your existing content, your existing, your existing Pages for example, but supporting the happy, The Hidden gems, finding hidden gems, like oh my gosh, I didn’t even know that it performs so. Well let’s make this perform better, you know. Yeah. How would you for example.

What kind of strategy would you use for a software as a services company to make them acquire? Their first hundred users? Let’s say there is a software services company that just the lounge. And what kind of strategy would you use from an SEO perspective, digital marketing perspective to help them get their first hundred,

It’s okay. So I think there are two aspects. The first is SEO and SEO can be only part of the strategy and there is something much bigger which is like marketing strategy, or digital strategy, whatever you want to call this. And I will give a couple of advice because I was working with, as suppressor service, plenty of plenty of tools, and I could see how they grow. So I think

You know, there is no doubt that all this kind of buzz around the brand is important. All forms of three webinars, free videos, free courses, and so on zone. So it’s a, is a great is a great way to sell more and more people that there is something like that on the market. Second thing, which is absolutely brilliant. I saw this one from that properly.

Is a communication. So I don’t know if this is still there, but some time ago, hope jar, which is a software for this, couldn’t know which records video of your user, how they navigate through your website. So every operation like every click whatever they move. My mouse cursor. Everything will be recorded as a video with creepy, but very useful, so they don’t add communication. You could

Get even a lifetime access for free if you was able to invite enough users in a certain time and you know, it was working kind of like, maybe a little like MLM, you know, MLM multi-level. And that was working very well. Some guys were really into that and I think that was quite similar to what Dropbox done initially, like hell.

Time you someone will use your referral. You getting lifetime extra space for free. So that’s a good thing. The third thing is that we need to remember that, you know, there is for a service that is giving a solution for a problem, but this problem can be sometimes a very specific problem like brand traction, for example, so it’s good, not to close tightly around the problem, but start writing around and around.

Round and around and around and giving a very good content. Hub spot is very good in this house. What is writing about lots of different aspects of online marketing? Very good articles, from research and songs. And so not only about like, hey, this is my product and this is what we’re doing, and you need to convert and you need to bite you to buy this because if you don’t buy this, then it’s end of the world. No. You know, they are trying to be industry leader and so on and so on. And then finally is like,

The simple SEO strategy. If you have plenty of this content, you can start doing this. Snapshot of Gap. We were talking before, but I think going into a CEO as the only way maybe this will not be enough. One more thing I really believe maybe because I am one of them remembers who are like customer Advisory board or a platform ambassadors. Guys who

Can do additional Bus Around internet, guys, who can show couple of slides about the software that is just entering the market guys who are heavily and doctors guys who are recognized in the industry. I think there is a couple of people who who are quite quite recognize and whenever they will get a tool to test then they are like, oh my God.

School. I will give a shout out on Twitter, I would be shocked or LinkedIn. Let’s catch up every quarter. Maybe I can give you some some feedback, some advices, what else you could Implement in this software and this is how that the platform is grown. Okay, let’s move this on the social aspect of it now, so what’s a social media expert? How do you think that the social signals influence the rankings in?

Do you think there is any correlation at all? Or it’s just

No correlation at all. I don’t like to answer. Pretty sight. Difficult feelings. Yes, own opinion. But unfortunately, I don’t have any hard data in front of myself. So I will go with feelings. In my opinion. There is no correlation between Pairs and drunkenness and I believe that there is no correlation.

Because of two reasons. First, I don’t feel like Google would like to start including signals from third party platform as they are part of algorithm. You never know how long Facebook will be on the market. You know, the history of plenty of social media of websites, like people or encode and I could say, probably 10 more, that doesn’t exist.

Anymore. And the second thing is that, let’s be honest, it’s even easier to gain these factors, the weeks and trying to pretend that sometimes sometimes some people are buying backlinks and trying to make them look natural and so on. So buying shares this days is the simplest thing ever? Buying graduates, buying Glides buying everything is like right now. A virtual

Yahoo you know if Google would take this into the the on the board as a factor then there is also the problem with private and public posts on Facebook. For example, private and public profiles on Twitter and Instagram, in my opinion there is and obviously you know it’s good to make sure that your content

And we’ll have this virality. Aspect will have this kind of nice sweet snack about all people want to share it because I want to talk about Twitter and so on some sorry it’s great. But I wouldn’t say that especially adding this like many people, add this onto Twitter or Facebook that Twitter has practically related from their system. The number of shares. So

You can’t know how many times URL has been has been shared already, so that’s the same may happen to Facebook. I think LinkedIn also did that so you can see the number. So, practically a third party platform, like Google won’t be able to see directly this this information, but there would be a huge amount of queries that they would have to do for all the URLs exist on the web. But what about

They can’t extract. What about the traffic? Do you think traffic has an influence on the rankings? So, if because Google has access all this data, Google analytics, the Chrome browser, they can view and identify a trend when something starts to get to get traction. Also, the queried in the, in the Google search engine might indicate that

Crap. What’s your feeling about the traffic? Influence on the on the rankings?

So this story itself is different, I think a direct traffic can influence your can help you rank a little better in organic again. With social media will be very careful because again you can pump pretty much a tons of irrelevant traffic through Facebook buying some cheap adverbs in the countries that are not very competitive. Like, for example, Laos or to me,

Yeah, we’re click will cost you like 3 4, maybe, 10 p and pump artificially this traffic difficult for me to answer this question because again, like I haven’t read any research and haven’t had time to do anything like that by myself. I could agree that direct traffic can influence direct traffic circles. Someone typed domain name and enter your

Website and that can in some point influence your organic disability but definitely you know the way how people are acting in serbs. So exactly Google what they typing, how often, and how often then they come to your website. That’s definitely a signal and there was a plenty of studies that been showing correlation. So again like, you know, as a fan of social media, especially me.

Lunch. Yeah, LinkedIn for me is like like a holy unicorn of social media is tomorrow, Facebook would turn off the service of be like, yeah, whatever he trained at all these photos of my dinner and cats disappeared. But hey, you know, I have LinkedIn and I have lead turning thing. People approaching metering thing. People chatting to maternity is better than emailing many cases, because there is no spam.

And, and yeah, but I would be very careful to say like laying live traffic from meeting will be in France, in organism, okay? Okay. What’s your, what’s your opinion on the on-page and off-page factors? How do you see them in 2019? Compared to the past to the past years? Is it something changing? Is it the same?

This is very good question so I can see that off page and predominantly. If we talking about backlinks a spear important but somehow it’s maybe not as critical as it was 10 years ago. Yeah. So it’s not like we need people thinking less about going to have 10 links for that keyword on that you

But duck uncooked eggs in that URL. People are thinking more about on page and I think on page is tremendously important right now, especially pagespeed that I mentioned a couple of times today. But because we have all these tools, like, sem rajdeep, troll, or even content King, we can very, very deeply optimize existing pages. I call this culture. You can even sculpture this little link this little problem here there.

They’re here and they’re make this website like super, super, super SEO friendly form on page perspective, that Google will have no problem to Crow. We will see properly optimized images title tags that are not too long, too short, meta descriptions of some not duplicated one, H1 tag, not 5, and then H2 H3 tags and so on. And so, I personally, I’m a fan of on-page optimization. I love, this is better than life.

From me. Now, I love playing with this. And I have you played with the concave SEO on page on page bill yet. Yes, I was. But you know what? It’s probably too early to give them original in December, but I will definitely be happy to share my findings overall. I’m a big fan of on-page optimization and, you know, every time

You’re doing Greek roll and you waiting for an update when they Kroger is finishing and you see this progress is a nice feeling you taking a sip of coffee and just saying like Okay, 92% still three pages, have to load, text to HTML Ratio or you know, not enough text. What we can do can we know index them? They’re fine important than you. Starting to think what can be done and songs on this is really cool.

Okay, since I met you relying, only on yourself, you relying, only on your patient, you’re relying. Only on your time and on your ideas. It’s quite creative. Sometimes rather than, you know, chasing people across internet and you know, trying to do link building of patients on. So however, you know, if you really want, I can give you one way how I’m doing link, building, maybe people will find this important because we talking about on page and he said,

Of page.

Okay, this is a very good brand. You know, when whenever you will find online community vasu, you know, that this is about cognitive SEO. Potentially look, as realistic name is also, this kind of unique combination of Polish name checks are earning whenever I will find true brand tracking software and there is plenty of I don’t that this is potentially or

29.9% about me. So there is crime 24 brand watch talk Walker brand lab, which is also owned by us. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Which I’m also a user by the way. So whenever you see that there is a mention from the blog or from the news website or from any other website did, you know like a Twitter or Facebook social media?

Which we know the links are nofollow. Going through sandwich page, you can always try to approach person who mentioned you and say, like, oh, thank you very much for mentioning by the way. And is there any chance that you could make the this link to me or something like that? And very often people, people willing to do this, obviously I need to mention that you cannot offer anything saying. Like, if you do this, then,

We’ll put you to our newsletter because that would be against Google terms and service terms of service and you may end up in penalty. But I feel it’s absolutely article to say to post something on Twitter and then post fact to approach down and say like you know what, thank you very much for mentioning me. We already tweeted link to your blog on our Twitter and by the way, there is any chance to make a this Brandman Brandenburg.

I am a link to our website would be even more happy and that’s one thing. And the other thing is that very often, there is situation that your brand name, may be especially for personal Brands like mine and the link is going through Twitter or LinkedIn rather than a website rather than get other than to your website and it’s very easy to approach and say, like, you know what, maybe we can do this or that, maybe you can change this link and make this

Pointing to my website brother. Probably. Because every yeah, I think I think we have enough, even if you don’t get in Italy, even even if you don’t get a wink of Greater connection with with the person that mentioned you, because you are top of mind for for that service. It’s like, when you pursue, for example, when we’re using brand fashions for for tracking, the mansions for gum divisive and for brand management that we Outreach in the first hour, when someone publishes something,

Your breakfast, we get almost 100% every fly from from them because they just posted something about you and you contacted contacted them. So yeah it’s a very good. It’s also my opinion. It’s a very good technique to get get more engagement and also maybe create links where they don’t exist. Yeah so since we were talking about tools,

How do you use or have used going to basically endure in the palace for the agencies that you’ve been or on your personal use case is if you can share something with our users? So what using the past? When I was not my way, I think, cognitive SEO and I was using his new Switch. I found that cognitive a CEO is

Able to prepare a very sophisticated analysis of wherever your competitors are, you are and I was using this predominant on the beginning. I was doing some kind of Gap analysis on back so trying to understand where my competitors are getting backlinks from and I am not. So it’s very similar to keyword Gap analysis, except of new keyword Gap, analysis, you going, what keywords are

Look ranking. And they are and in backlinks, you are going what backings they have from which website and I’m not. And that was really, really useful because because yeah, I wasn’t being able to do this in Excel. I wouldn’t be able to do this on local marketing potential. You have a servant and stop jiving with you know, vlookups. So cognitive SEO was one of the most powerful those

Days. And I know that it was very, very shortly as you’ve been awarded by by by some or someone mention that, you know, with the tool that is doing the most sophisticated things because mayor’s ago. But but I agree only with that it was any still is a very sophisticated approach to backlinks, okay, thank you. How do you think the SEO landscape will change in the next 10 years as a

Last question. Oh my gosh, you would ask me. I’m always thinking this is the judge, judge coming. Carlos say that my approach to problems. If you are trying to go forward, take a step back, I’m trying to understand if you ask you this question, 2007 or 2008 without would answer and how much I would be right or wrong but I think it’s okay. It’s very Dynamic but then

From other side, does SEO change that much from 2009, until 2019. Obviously, we have lots of platforms. We have much more skilled people Google didn’t lose the leadership, but overall like, you know, I would say 80% become more or less the same in terms of the concept. So my answer for your question would be that 2029? Well, I will be, oh my gosh.

Don’t want to know how long you will be, but yeah, my daughter will be 10. So let’s go this way. I think that will be still, you know, concept of serbs such an innocent faces. As we know, I think there can be some legal implication about Google realising content from Publishers even as amps or, you know, on the on the

On the snippets on the, on the rich snippets on the features, we pads, whatever, their they are using, you know, right now it’s in some queries, very difficult to go inside to the website, Google is trying to serve everything inside Google and that can be problematic in the future and voice search. I don’t feel again like I shouldn’t say this because I sounds like

Like, you know, like guys who like horses and so I car and said, like, oh only course Transportation cars are too noisy. I have the same approach to voice search. I’m like typing tapping. Yes. Voices definitely know. So I don’t feel like voice search will dramatically change the environment. I remember 2010, when I was sitting in a kitchen of come away and I was talking to my colleague and he was saying, I mean those days

Manager. Right now, my my medical career he was saying like look for job maybe injuries because of the voice search that was 2010. 10 years later. Nothing happened. When you know, I’m still in this, you still in this and plenty of our colleagues. We have you come on Earth during this business, we know more. So I don’t feel like the Ruby dramatic change. I would say there were bees that there will be some changes but the core of that of the the concept will stay the same. Okay,

Okay. And now for a final question, which is out of the content context of SEO, if you would have 100,000 dollars to invest in a business, what business type or what business could invest and start

Oh my God, you know, that $100,000. What kind of business out in your vest? It’s a difficult question, you know, no one ever. You never thinking, like you know what, I am a big fan of website like quora. I wouldn’t say I would create another quarter because that would be completely stupid but creating a niche version of water or something.

Are very specific narrow but still big enough list of recipients, you know, kind of poorer for doctors or Cora for you know the day industry that we need this again. Like I wouldn’t be able to answer but the core of this concept is that Cora? Is that generated by users? So I would initially

Use that money to build a platform to do a basic marketing, but then obviously, I would, I would have this this this kind of trust that on some point user will start taking over that platform and in that industry that will be that will be very very prominent website be keeping, you know for beekeepers I think beekeepers are very abundant online environment. And I always saying that when I will be tired of a CO, I will become a beekeeper.

Because I like bees and I like honey. So maybe a website for beekeepers which will be kind of like a quora and you know that would go worldwide and people who are in the honey, the students start exchanging information, you know, I think there’s a great concept, okay? Okay. Thank you for sharing all this information with with us, it was a pleasure to have you on the going to be a CO dog show and see you next time. Thank you, everyone.

One for the team. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you very, very much for having me. And lots of warm. Greetings to everyone who’s listening guys from very warm India, where I’m at the moment and yeah, reduced cognitive discover your own strategies tactics and be the happiest as here in the industry. Okay. Thank you.

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