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Congratulations Gina, when around from Evil sides environment to Bristol. I’m so excited. I was born in Poland and last 10 years, action, March 2017, it will be 10 years. I mean, UK. So, since the beginning since 2007, I mean like a little wandering around this country, buying some random Trend dreams were random bus trips have been in your billing. Brickyard moving in Hometown in Bristol couple of times. So every time I have a boy,

I need you to stand in front of audience and you pay that makes me super excited and you know it wasn’t easy ten years ago. I can do that as being like my new, she’s pretty pretty on, right? And the nice figure out that school English. I learned from poems, nothing close to a costly that I’m hospitalities. Problem, the same order, so slowly. I was getting there and leave me standing here today. Makes me feel like I didn’t waste and years and I do my exams so mobile

Seo things, you can’t afford to miss Corinth worked for a combined total usage. This is like four years, which is pretty long before a foreigner, coid. But this amazing company right company. Recently, working power involved by supe, so simple. A prime location belong to cpg group and what makes me proud about useful tricks, like life daily.

We started from almost no one in this year and we slowly, slowly progressing. I mean, well, we’ve been progressing this level. Like you shoot, it’s like a marathon rather than Quick Fix and done run away because the CEO is like a Moroccan. Yeah. So I just wanted to tell a bit about what I learned and especially that used, which is operating in so many different Industries, like Insurance, credit cards program.

Mobiles and every industry is different which makes me feel. Sometimes that I am working for a couple of different websites and representing the money together with my team. There’s five people including myself. So let me start

We’ve ever done by the CEO. Let’s be honest. This is us with the killers are saying money to them doing mobile SEO. And then Thursday, I am doing public the CEO of Wednesday, Friday. I mean there’s promise you, there is nothing like mobile, see you doing this? So? Well, you know, you may be surprised, but this is how it is, but if you look in the status, we heard quite successful. And how can I say that? I’m successful. So, then work on the screen show.

This is taken from social instincts anybody’s using such projects. Raise your hand. Yeah, we have a couple of people play and the so-called visibility on desktop. When the green line is the so-called visibility as your visibility on mobiles, search metrics every week is coming Google trying to gather data of all the keywords that each website is ranking in search for his position and

Mixing together with very smart man to plot every week. 1 Dot. And you can clearly see that 6 2015, we doing amazing progress and about go up. We like maybe somewhere and somewhere here and then to the level of almost 200,000 points. It’s fantastic way to measure how you performing against your competitors and that also despite from the fact that it’s not the traffic, it’s also confirmed its correlated with the traffic. Remember that when using this, you need to come party.

Websites which operate in the same industry. So what we do? So this is what we do. We do on page SEO, we’re even more than just your content marketing analytics off page SEO, we do log analysis and more. All these things together. This is how I understand this here today because there is no Force. I love is not like, okay, you guys putting in other things, you guys worked on content but my Aragon is here.

Here. Everything is kind of overlapping these days. So what, you know, how it works? They basis. So if you think about the series, which looks something like that, there is ux, there is PR. There is TPC Jeter is there. There is call center. There is content. So every time you X want to do some changes, they coming down. Our first floor receiving and asking like, oh,

Hey guys. Will that be? All right with asean and they’re like, how long? You cannot put this in here and David, you cannot do this in attacks or you shouldn’t put this in the tops. Let me try and have a discussion and we’re trying to find a solution. He are a very important part because they asking us how to write what to write and even if they have an idea to write about something because it happened prices, went up the prices when now we can have them to structures content.

Better. So search engines will become PPC and ask so many similarities, we can exchange keywords that perform for us. We can take so much data from BBC content. I can only bring to this disk. I don’t need to introduce this because obviously content guys, highly reliant on what we’re giving them we are. For example, checking, when our competition is ranking and where we could run similar to u.s. every change that is going to do.

My job change. They coming down. Then finally come of course. And you might be surprised to see call center, but the call center is amazing source of tremendous, number of informations the people are asked, people want to know, and then we can gather this together. And you can say, okay, so many questions about this area every day we receiving, why don’t you write a guy? Why don’t you like to comment about this? Because often share this vehicle can go up on our

Website and find us and we generate another body.

If you want to see that perspective regarding the products, we had the pro, we have mobile phones. We have an energy. We have an insurance with one. So, despite from the, from the Department’s, I said, there is also displayed by verticals. And to be honest ever vertical, like I said before it is time of self-driven, you need with all objectives with home. Do

Those because you cannot compare insurance with proper version, right? Is different, password is different. The traffic is the fact that the month is different, The Surge one is defending Mobile’s. For example, lots of young people who is looking, what we want to see what’s on the market. When the energy there is more people who know what they’re looking for, they know how to say how sweet, they just want to find a provider who will help them too.

So now I would like to cover pros and cons of responsive design and we have 2017 soon, but I know that there is lots of lots of websites in the industry which are still operating or non non responsive websites or on an adult. So our website works great in public website that works great on desktop and I can show

It is right now our website works great even on the laptop which looks like that. Finally if you want you can go on smartphone and this fully responsive and if you would really like we can even launch this on Smartwatch obviously nobody’s watching them smarter but if you would really like this probably comes so close with a responsive design content.

Management. One admin panel. Everything is smooth links. You can clinks. Links are pointing always the same URL, okay? No matter if someone is using a mobile device or someone is using tablet, finally social shares that was the most annoying thing back in the day, because a lot of people were sharing the mobiles and then I was opening a website on desktop and I should say. So I’m not talking about this right now, but I’m thinking about like me.

Select most like, what am I obviously where we have pros and analytics as well. So no mathematics, which is probably the most important here. So, all the traffic is going to one place and comes. There are cons. I was looking for them quite long but I found a ship yet. So mobile users May sometimes expect something different than the desktop users and this is true. Not always when you see

See, people crammed with your website is mobile. They have the same needs that people have probably website on this. And finally, it’s sometimes challenging to find The Sweet Spot. This balance between you act to make sure that website contains everything that should contain one mobile device as well on on this mobile, couple of very simple things. So you now understand are very often something.

And some people are making this is kind of like a lot of code or something like that. We going not with Device tablet or or, or smartphone. You see this clearly and it’s very simple. You just need to us into header of your website. This Vector, line, Apple, iTunes app, and then ID number of your Apple, and how’d you get this number? It’s it’s super, super easy. That can you

Just need to like I don’t you switch up items and you see. This number is visible, in the URL is, you need to remove the port ID, but the number is the same number. The multi super-sweet about this. Once again, I said that we have different verticals so we can selectively present, different apps on different pages of usage. After it’s a bit as outside of a CEO of speaking of this is worth mentioning

So recently on Twitter, if you have now on mobile devices of this advert and then people who are visiting your profile on Twitter couple so straight from Twitter, download and install you about them. As there is not talks about, I need to be HTTP. I wish to I need to have a website in SSL because then I will be ranking better. That’s that’s bullshit.

Eventually can go down to do something wrong but as a son is important, it’s super important. Now, if you have new website, which is starting which you building just right now from scratch, don’t forget to put this problem solved. Everybody’s happy rather than after a year trying to install SSL and so on especially if using one person is is

Super smooth and super simple. If you always have a lot of URLs that into go to proper process to switch to SSL, because otherwise, it can one go through this process, you might mess up your rankings. So, I said, extended values itself, this is not SLE which is generated in this green sweet, as I’ve been part. Yeah, up there. Now, the body of this is amazing because it influence your conversion. If people trust websites like that,

Making that, that must be expensive. I will take this. This simple not anymore. As long as you office, you can go to semantics or you can go to very resign and by your SSL certificate for couple of hundreds potential more, but you can go to the wedding and it will goes to $69.99 largest. So this recent Indian one,

999. Were you really mean that expense can be justified? Because once again it influence a lot of your conversion, we don’t expect that it will pull your pants up, but one day maybe in the next year or two to five years, maybe something will happen in. There is lots of talks that website which are patterning from customers and jump. Using SSL in Chrome, will be flagged as potentially not a secure or not accept him as well as well go.

This is another thing is, you style and my nose is like I didn’t I didn’t think because this is our Eternal people. And I want to tell you right now this time because this is like the sweetest part of the presentation, I love your style and I never spoke. I don’t understand that much. This is a kind of regime of how we’re dealing with our us or our own content. So you signed in go to the website after presentation of a single now.

You start book guide? Yeah. And there is everything really open. You can read about this. You style is kind of use, which way of dealing with brown and have web site. Looks like and more. So, is this iPad like what makes development design past their happiness and pattern Library? That’s our function of the you style and let me go to this. So first slide is a primary palette. That’s our course, we can use on the website and that’s how to only colors we can use.

So I remember when I went one guy in the Romania, he was showing me fantastic platform to do a t-test. And he’s like, you know what, we could put this button thing and I was like man you style, you know, not even use that. I need to explain everything. So unfortunately there are so comes, but there is no debate about true, that button, the big Airship that button being different color. No. This is the primary product that we need to use and that’s our bottoms. Yeah. So,

Buttons can look this way and only this way. Fine. That’s our chance. That’s the way how we present him chart on our website. And this is one of the most important thing is that you switched on chart. So I don’t more attractive or alarmist. Rather, proactive patronizing, or competent. Confident. For Martin chalky. Also, and between what is concise, rather precise, warm to the touch and sometimes that helps

Don’t try to understand what are the needs of our content, how the content needs to be with five, go to actions. That’s the way how to go to actions are presented from our website. Again, you can see this buttons. I saw a couple of slides ago because that’s how the only buttons we can use.

Now the question is, if I would ask you, which picture is a you style picture, we wouldn’t be that one more time.

Ok. I just noticed that if this one and their answer is to assemble. This is the how that’s our houses that you have in England. Yeah, in Britain. That’s our house is not our usual sitting us because use which is operating on you get Market. We want to present things always so we are using photos of

You pay houses rather than buying photos on the stock market from California and inviting all switching Energy prices in detail. You start Pros consistency across product higher engagement with our pants.

Brandon, the course, logo and same across devices and also same across different products yet because you need to remember that different products cause different development teams and because of your style. They have no problem to come to communicate. They have no problem to design to the Constable ability to find some guns. So, like I said, lady test. We cannot put a ping button and see how it performs. We just cannot use me back.

And that person that’s quite challenging. It’s not like you can go somewhere on the website and say that, you know what, we need you and you to write down about how to switch energy. Because to do this, a person needs to be skilled. Not only the knowledge, not only need to understand the market, not only need to know if he’s writing about credit cards or Insurance, how it works. Are also have to write for you.

Uh, so I just wrote, If we would really like to eat it or in Constantine would be super stretch. The only thing I can do, I can find x x content and content, writers example ways, and then I can try to fight and that’s why I’m always looking relation with everybody because it’s really, really nice. If you can work out, the answer boxes. That’s also very important

This type of room. So what is answered? Looks like like my mobile. What is a smart political? This is the Resolute which appeared smart, beautiful. And that you have a link. Yeah, this is the top. This is called answer box or featured swim back or position 0 that is appearing above the normal organic results. I have another. So when I click here, I went on this.

A patient taking. This Google took a picture here and took a part of the content and presenting this in the sun. There is no way you can force Google to do this. There is no HTML markup. There is only way you can say, will a, I don’t want to be there. It will be pretty naive, not to be because this is super sweet spot. And there is number of rules. We discovered that should be used when you want to rank in the answer box, like one of the major,

Is used, very simple honest. Direct message, try to simplify language, Wikipedia is a great example. If you type one moment you will see that there is an article in English but it’s also a little too simple English that’s for people like me 10 years ago. Yeah real simple English because I might not understand what is hospitality and this other difficult words but you know like you you just need to simplify any if you

If you don’t, what is the smart meter? You can have a smart meter, is a new kind of gas. Electricity meter. Duck conditioner isn’t everything to your energy supplier, almost another thing. The next prices, take a look, you have a temple with an edge prices in Google because this is Google and that was taken from here. So, another things to remember, happiness has images, try

To put in the old text, the keyword that you want to write on and the first of all, to make sure it is that your website spear need to be in the top 10 organic results to appear in the answer box. And the second thing that the keyword needs to trigger our toolbox. Okay? Because not, every keyword is 3 and this answer dogs,

So there are two methods because this is the creme de La Creme of dismantle two methods of getting this keyword list. Using you – how can we list the keywords that will fire? This answer box? So there is a nice moment. Okay. And now I’ll go nice on the top is a car, is a to court some Russian. What is using summer? Semester hand. Wow, okay, that’s good too. And if you type in PPC,

Decide future. And if you go bigger, you can see that other 417 million keywords at summer camp is writing or Point forty. Eight percent is generating or filing featured. Sympathetic a answer box AKA position, 0, simple math, 3,200,000 by 48. Open, 40% is 79760 keywords, pretty impressive so you can and some urgency

What your competitors are ranking and where your keywords already? What are you, what are your keywords that people really want him in our show folks? So there is also not nice. Not that lies on a boat, it’s a beginning. But I was thinking that this is why we are here. I am. I just I just need to share this with me. So I just choose for him. Worked up. They can only keep acting up like a potato. How to make a sweet. Now, we’re converting this into a query.

Looking room that will fire and answered in who had successful who were going to get /search question mark, you people anything the skewer to? Now we’re going to do you want to throw fire? And we loving this URLs into you. Are our provider. Now is the most important part here is the custom scraper and we can type the so called CSS identifier.

Into scraper. So CSS selector. So answer box in the Google has different kind of identification and this is one of the identification. If you go to the HTML code, you will see this. So this is this Gator will pull the URL from here. We demonstrate this. We’ll get originally. What is prayer? So, how to bake a cake you do?

Slide Vicki. How many attendees and answer box? And this is true. Take a look Vicki. How about come? And we have for another application packet forehead work could Network for other one, BBC, how to make a potato. And finally, we think that the PC will be on the same because we potato is a potato now, it’s not, there is an NC sweet potatoes, not come from your website, all about how to bake potatoes, it’s fine.

Answer box with a lovely picture of sweet potatoes and take a look at what makes this keyword by. Because you see, I just choose for keywords and all-fired this answer those, that’s our question that into words, how to do something or where was the. I don’t know that the last conference, you know, this kind of like how where when and so on this on the Stewart’s rather than others will fire this.

Answer the phone. So find, I went inside your box when you’re dealing with established website and we’re dealing with industry leader. You must have no yourself of your CEO of always wanted problem. This is what makes them coz Theta, 1 cm oh. And if you’re already knocking first, this is the way to go if you really want to generate another drop and even if you want appear that even if you won’t be successful. But getting there. It’s still good because you refresh the content.

Trying to be there, you answer a question that comes to my mind us and finally playing Super white have gained with search engine because you’re not trying to trip with a code or some nerve you want Google artificial intelligence to say that that’s a good answer. I will put them rather than the guys who mainly for other stuff which has been using APA Society thinks everybody knows the science but what I wanted to mention

I said before we have so many different verticals and everybody pumped to be here. But sometimes there are trillions program and then those competitors are coming and I like this is not, this is side, not likely. I will try to do my best so you can see also that this cycle is exist on deeper pain, just like, hearing life insurance. That’s all about life insurance. So sometimes you have the situation that you don’t want to have a cycling specific.

Cycling that we see during smart, we will know that Google will give us the ability to put site in there. We put the most commercial Pages there because of that will allow only to denote Bargains, okay? Can you can say, I don’t want this parties, and this page, this link, they appeared in silent, and then we will try to replace this with something else rather than saying, hey, would you put this in? And then if you go to social Soul, there is the symbol

And you can just put a URL that you want to denote, another thing that is very important. Let me just mention this that also influence your conversion rate. So, we see many more of these. We should we vote using this creme de La Creme of chunky. Google, we are in Google years with our news from mobile broadband energy industry. So like I mentioned before we have

Got a copy writers that real nice for writing discontent wash and interesting information and so on so on because of that, we can able to be qualified to go to winners of this team. Didn’t need to remember that. It’s very specific product. Google is not monetizing this, that’s why it looks specific groups. Like for example, you should also not go to action on the pages or the section that is in Google News except potentially some newspapers big newspapers because they know that the news

But sometimes you can see four, tractional Telegraph and they have got to action. That’s a different story. I think because everybody know that in the first place they are newspapers yet. Another thing you can be here really if you really had this new section that is valuable for people if you try to make it fake it until you make it and you know try to create a couple of different accounts which pretend that you have a team of journalists that probably won’t work.

Work. But if you really have a couple of people who are writing every day, it’s were considered to join this part of time, sensitive content. So you can see that, this is another thing. The premise pages, I was showing were known time-sensitive. So this content is working today. Tomorrow, and after year, but sometimes using time system Kentucky rifle. So ideals, first photo goes, there was an update that you can see the techradar also updated, one day ago and my smart 11.

11th 2016. Fresh content still nothing. Finally on page elements using quite quickly. So I said that we are trying to be Unser boxes, this is another example of who is very large supplier and you can answer box firing this straight away short time so I will be skipping this quickly call to action that’s another element.

Finally internet links linking between Pages table which helps user to find what they’re looking for. So who’s my energy supplier? So hot here are the phone numbers and finally infographics pictures, right Heather’s right paragraph. Not too much text related pages with more. So people are not only reading text and close browser. Also going to

Different ages. And finally should improve and the footer. Widget on tank. Also linked to different parts of the website. Tools deep throat, semrush Google search. Console worked, once they’re not very expensive and GT Matrix. Google pagespeed for free and Kingdom. They just optimize your page speed and that’s all. Thank you for watching. Sorry.

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