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Hello. Thank you very much is the second time I’m here with you guys. It’s a pleasure. I am starting my counter. I have 20 minutes and I need to tell you something, 540 I’m running. I mean right after conference I wanted to stay. But I’m running to the airport because I completely forgot that I have birthday of my wife 30th birthday and I was like I am going to Manchester for a conference sorry babe. And she was like what? And I have a flight to Heathrow and then from Heathrow to France.

We should be like. All right, so SEO. Tactics to implement tonight. I just wanted to show you a couple of tactics. Actually three, I will try to squeeze that. You can just grab and Implement in your day by day work with a CEO. So that’s me. And that’s the tactic number one. So this is a tactic I call the snapshot approach to keyword research and I will show you an example.

‘well, how I’m acting when I for example, would join the new organization, how it was when I join you switch and how I was able to deliver quickly results in terms of organic visibility and organic traffic. So for this, you know, searchmetrics cruising searchmetrics risers hand.

We have a couple of people good who’s using semrush, raise your hand.

Okay good. Who is using Citrix?

Cool. So this you can do, if all these tools I’m using search metrics for this example, more tools you have better because you have wider spectrum and more keywords you can see and obviously this is the screenshot. I don’t know if you can see correctly but that’s our key words that I just pulled from searchmetrics in a sec. Hey, such magic, show me where you switch is ranking right now. Just show and and this is the list and I have lots of keywords. There is a mix and so on.

So long and what I’m doing in the next step is I’m starting to filter so obviously you can export this to excel but you can also use the built-in filter and I’m filtering and I’m saying like, Okay now show me only keywords that are ranking between position 2 and 10 because this is where the traffic is. Some people are saying like if you kill somebody, then you should put their their body on the second page of the Google, because no one is looking there and search volume between 1020 thousand, why 20,000? No.

Oh, more than that. Mainly because if there is too much search volume, that is probably a signal that that are brand names of third-party companies, like orange Vodafone PE, and so on. And so, we really don’t want to rank on this keywords because even if we get some traffic, that’s probably not very relevant traffic. So, II filter this, I will need to step down because I need to see this to read you and you can see that these keywords right now, I’ll try to read the top one is like best Simoni deals loan, but

It iPhone 5s gold and energy comparison, lots of keywords belong to lots of different URLs. So when you start optimization of this using that data, you attracting different keywords pointing to different parts of the website. So if one product is too competitive, there is also other products, other landing pages that maybe after your optimization will go up.

And now the creme de La Creme of this presentation. I believe this is the like simplified click-through rate distribution model organic Richter, a distribution model obviously someone May challenge this and say like Lucas I don’t believe on the position one. There is 18 percent click to rate on organic search and I will agree. But this is only to show the distance between what we call to be on the first position, second, third, and so on, and so on.

So, if you take a closer look, it’s really doesn’t, it really doesn’t matter if you are on position, five, six, seven, eight, nine, it’s almost flat. The click-through rate is almost similar or similar and really that there is no, that much impact on organic traffic, where you need to start fighting for, is this, this is The Sweet Spot.

And now think about this to be on position to and to be on position 1, it’s almost like double traffic, 10 percent versus 18. I know that there are other keywords where it will be 30 percent versus 50 and so on and so on. But this Gap is huge between being on position one or two and I don’t like a quick math. I took a keyword which is called sorry best Simoni deals and business but Simone leaders had something about

About eighteen thousand searches and when I multiply this eighteen thousand searches by The Click through rate, I get 1893 visits when I don’t the same math for position one. I get 3294 visits. And again, it’s not about to have exactly 3294 visits, but it is to, to understand the difference between being first or second.

So I’m using this estimated click to rate on the table and then I can go to Excel and I can build a big table for lots of keywords and try to calculate aggregated metrics which I call Traffic index. So what is traffic index traffic, indexes search volume X CTR, based on position and positions are here. TI Max is the maximum traffic index. So the traffic index for position 1. So we always will be multiplying by a

In person and TI difference. It is where we are now versus where we could be. If we would be first,

And this is my spreadsheet. I have keywords. I have corresponding URLs. Every time we talking about keywords, we need to talk about corresponding URLs. It’s a must

And we have positioned, we have search volume and right now, this spreadsheet been sorted by search volume, but if we will sort this by PDF, so traffic index difference,

The most profit, most lucrative keywords, the best keywords we can rank are completely different than the keywords. You would see sorted by surgical room, so following search volume is not always the best because you may find lots of keywords which are ranking on position, five, six seven and it’s worth to take them and try to push on position 2 or 1.

Now, this is the comparison. Then you can see one part of this table being sorted by surgery on the other one by traffic difference.

And I know that it may be a bit complicated. So I prepared this zealously dot U, k– /, snapshot you can after this presentation go and download this and put your keywords and so on. And so on send me some feedback, ask me questions on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,

And optimization is very simple. Nothing else would be normally doing title tag modification, strong tag Old Tag image file name. So make sure that your images also contain keywords. Don’t go with one two, three, four, five dot jpg. Put their keyword that you want to rank on.

Heather’s modification, H1 H2, H3 internal link with keyword anchor. That is matching keywords we want to run.

When to use this method when you starting working in an organic performance of a new company, when you really are in stress to you feel that the the CMO behind your shoulder saying, like give me the growth, give me the traffic, I always feel like that even if there is nobody behind me is like my approach. It always helps me to work harder for website. We’ve established history in serbs

So again, this is not for a new website that will be for website, which have a bit of History.

And when you need quickly to prove that it’s worth to go with this strategy.

Conclusions dealing with keywords that already ranked. Yes, you taking keywords that already ranked and once again, you can take this key words from search console. The only problem is like, you need to have corresponding URLs, so you probably need to scrape them sis tricks, semrush searchmetrics spyfu. All the software’s will give you this list and more software’s. You have HS then then it’s better for you because you have wider spectrum of data.

Leveraging. Quality traffic? Yes, you leveraging quality traffic because you following Google using multiple URLs? Yes. You’re using multiple URLs different product. If one, two, three products won’t go up, no matter. You have 10 other products. You’ve been ranking? We’ve been working today tomorrow next week and week after something must go up and finally you playing search game? Such engine game. You just following Google as your best friend.

So tactic to is a gap.

I need to check how much time do I have to make anyone upset? Okay, be quick. So Gap, analysis Gap. What is gap? Mind, the gap. I hear this every day in London are underground. Is just to find. Where is

You and your competitor and were what you missing versus your competitor. So

First, some Rush, there is a built domain versus domain. But, however, they also implemented something that is called Gap analysis. Recently. And I just took a first example and I took Telegraph versus independent. So show me keywords that Telegraph and independent together rank in Google co uk in top hundred results. And I’m getting some random key word, Facebook, YouTube Daily Mail and so on.

There is built-in filter so I can narrow this. And I can say, okay now show me only this keywords, that these two guys big fishes ranking on, but only in top, 10, and the keyword needs to contain word Scotland.

I love Scotland. I’m always traveling to Scotland. Once a year, I’m going to Fort William for a pint or seven just to relax going from the mountains. That’s why I wanted to show this example and you can see like election results Scotland, Scotland, Independence, and so on. And so on very important topics. There must be a reason why independent and Telegraph our ranking together in top 10 on these keywords. What does it mean for me?

So, imagine you switch and competitors. I just blew them because I don’t want to make any stress. No one needs to know that who is who is there. But you can imagine. So we have a, at least three big competitors and us. And I don’t and GAP analysis and I can see straight away here, 11900 or 822 keywords are the keywords that three guys.

Our ranking and we are not and this is what the Gap is. This is something probably that should wake me at three o’clock at night and say, like why we unload ranking there, what are these keywords? So I can export this keyword. But again, when I will export them like that, I will get bunch of keywords and I will not know where to start. So, for this example, I just said, okay, now let’s filter dis and show me only keywords.

The contain would mortgage use which is operating on mortgage industry. Competitors are operating in the mortgage industry. So what we missing and I’m getting this mortgage calc mortgage calculation, mortgage calculator gives calculate mortgage simulator. This is drink about probably we need to have a tool, a mortgage calculator tool.

I can exclude keywords that doesn’t make much sense from the grandma perspective and I still will end up with a mortgage calculator, mortgage calculator, mortgage calculator, with estimate mortgage calculator and what I can do, I can go to developers and select guys. All three competitors are running a mortgage calculator, we need to build mortgage calculator because this is industry standard.

And then I can build this table. This is the table that I’m always sending to copywriters. And this is simple table. That contains the most important things like title tag, and I know that the lens is 58 characters. So it won’t exceed what Google suggest meta description less than hundred, sixty characters, H1 H2, length, 800 words don’t go with 300. 400 words Pages, just to saturate search engine results pages,

And content type is Page and then the URL that should be used and and the URL to our competitor and that way, copywriters can sit think about content and they can start writing

33 dealing with answer boxes, anyone rise hand. You know what his answer box?

Okay, we have a couple of people simply answer boxes are the results that you can see in Google, organic results that appear above above of normal standard organic results.

It’s very important to be there very often when you ask when you type a question. Type question kind of query you will see that the answer box appear right below of the PPC and right above the organic. So between organic and people between PVC and organic results. So this is the example. I cannot, I cannot really hear feed that but this is, oh yeah, what is a smart meter? That was the question? I

What is a smart meter?

And you can see here is an answer box from you switch. So you switch is exposed here by Google because Google is thinking that somehow we giving the best answer on this question.

And now what does it mean for us? We can also put us into PC for that keyword. So we have two slots and we will be still in the normal organic results which is here so we can secure three spots.

It’s really, really, really worth to do this.

And the question will be like, okay how to get there? There is no magic. Mark up, the only markup you can use these to opt out. You can say, hey, Google. I don’t want to be in answer boxes. I don’t care about answer boxes, but who would ever like to do this. The only way to get there is to test and I have the my answer, the best I can give you right now it is there must be a very complicated AI behind this which is trying to understand text you writing on your website.

And AI is really, really, really still behind what human brain is. So if you want to simplify as an exercise, you can go to Wikipedia and type London on are other popular term and go to English and then go to simple English. Simple, English is a simplified version of English, which is using the most popular word for, you know, kids who are trying to learn this language and so on. And so on, this is probably how it should be written. No fluff. Very dialect, die.

Language, you know, that way. Google a, I can understand and can place you in this answer. Box above obviously, you still need to rank high on the normal classic organic result. So, because we are referred here, we’ve been able to appear here. If we would be here, 24 30th, no chance to appear in the answer box.

And this is the text that the same text. You can see here is here

This is another one so I want to beat this query because it’s too blurry. But yeah, duel fuel. What is your fewer? So what is your dual fuel is when you paying for your gas and electricity to the same provider? Simple honest direct. And this is how we wrote this. I won’t be able to read this because it’s a bit too blurry but you need to trust me and then you see, you are fewer. This text is taken from this particular.

Again, as if by Magic, no one’s now. Why Google is sided to take third paragraph. Not the first somehow, the artificial intelligence decided that this is the best program that is answering. The best is question.

A couple of elements that may help you use headings, use lists use paragraphs where there is clear clear space between paragraphs use short paragraphs. Remember that in the answer box? You can a maximum appear with 350. 350 letters.

Deeps may help you. We were doing lots of tests but remember that you can appear today and the same day someone else may appear and then another guy can appear. So it’s very Dynamic, it’s not don’t reduce that. When you will be there, then you will be there forever.

Images, all talk should contain a keywords and what I said before, the filename also should contain keywords and

Google is doing lots of tests, lots of like A/B tests. So again, like there must be a way you need to track this semrush actually right now allowed you to track what keywords are appearing in answer box, there is a little Crown next to the keyword so you can either find keywords that fire answer box and you can try to knock down your competitor or you can track your keywords and find which keywords you already ranking in answer boxes.

So page title meta, description, page, URL, H1 H2, H3 tags, and all the old editorial tax. You need to just trying to juggle with them over and over and don’t try to be on one or two or three keywords, try to find 2030 keywords that fired. This the Stag.

And find how to find keywords that fire answer box. So obviously there is like shortbread recipe. That is a very obvious keyword that there will be kind of answer box, but there is lots of keywords that we don’t know if answer box is there or not. So, I prepared an example. This is another keyword Champion League group. You can see that answer box is in the form of table and the table being taken from here. So, the format is completely random,

Depends on the queries and so on and so on, it’s very very powerful and again it’s worth to fight to be there with your website. Now, how to find answer box keywords and there are two methods nice, which is simply go to semrush and pull the data and I have no time to show you this or the a bit 31 just scrape and we will go through this one as the end. I choose for keyword intentionally that definitely. I knew that they were

Fire answer box.

How to bake a cake how to make a pancake how to bake a potato and how to bake a sweet potato. It’s a different sweet potato and potato. I didn’t know that. So now the most important convert keywords into into query into queries that will work. That will open the relevant serp page and it’s very simple just type. Google qk /. Search question, mark Q equal how to bake a sweet potato or how to bake a cake.

And now we’re going to URL, profiler, anyone is using. You’re a profiler good. You can do the same of deep coral and couple of other tools and you need to find the CSS selector that is showing the URL of this answer box. So I have this USS is CSS selector here and this is nothing. But you know what, you see here?

This line, the green line with URL is described here. So you are profiler will open all these URLs that you gave Google UK’s question mark q and so on and so on and if there is this answer box we will get a data in our spreadsheet. So

I don’t.

A simple scrape quick scrape and that’s the original URL and this is the data one and take a look. Every query fired as something that there was something in answer box. If this data one is not empty, that means the answer box is fired. If the data would be empty, that means that the keyword simply doesn’t fire answer box.

And as a proof of the final few slides of my presentation,

Query string how to bake a cake data wikiHow or my gosh to Vicki. How is here, another one for how to make a pancake Food Network? He’s here, Food Network is a bit blurry but you can see answer boxes. They’re finally BBC fired on how to bake a potato BBC, food /, rapid recipes potato and the best. I love this. Take a look how to make a sweet potato and who isn’t answer box? Www and see sweet potato.

Dot-com website. Full about sweet potatoes.

So, when to use answer boxes, when you’re dealing with establish website again, when you’re dealing with industry leader, what does it mean, sometimes year to year is very difficult to achieve like additional growth. You saying like oh my gosh, we are the leader and the country is not made out of rubber. There is only 80 million people living in UK and we are not operating on any other markets, ha, ha, but we have answer boxes and we can deal with answer boxes and I bet if you will put a hundred or two hundred keywords monthly to answer boxes,

Of the year. You will generate massive growth conclusion. Even if you will fail to get, there is always good to refresh a bit content, little tweaks, really matter. And so in question, to customers, you trying to run some queries, that fire answer box and there is lots of questions from customers. That’s good to find answer to right answers. Even if you won’t be there with answer box straight away and you playing search engine game, you’re not trying to cheat. You’re not trying to put some extra Rich snippet. That doesn’t make any sense.

Snow simply if Google don’t like you to rank, they want. So there is like risk-free.

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed and let’s find each other on LinkedIn and Twitter. Thank you very much.

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